Once Out Of Office, Trump Faces Significant Legal Jeopardy

The president already is the subject of investigations by New York officials, and he may be implicated by federal authorities as well. As a private citizen, he would no longer enjoy de facto immunity.

11/21/2020 10:07:00 AM

Donald Trump is already the subject of investigations by New York officials — and there's a chance federal authorities may implicate him. One thing is certain: As a private citizen, he'll no longer enjoy de facto immunity.

The president already is the subject of investigations by New York officials, and he may be implicated by federal authorities as well. As a private citizen, he would no longer enjoy de facto immunity.

Potential federal liabilityThe most developed case that could ensnare Trump might be out of the Southern District of New York. It stems from the federal prosecution against Michael Cohen, Trump's onetime personal attorney and fixer.Cohen pleaded guilty to a range of crimes, including arranging illegal hush money payments to keep women silent during the 2016 campaign about extramarital affairs they say they had with Trump before he was president. Trump has denied the allegations.

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Cohen has said he acted at the direction of and in coordination with Trump. Prosecutors, meanwhile, referred to the president in court papers as"Individual 1."Legal Fight Over Trump's Financial Records Grinds On Even As Tax Details Spill Out

It is Justice Department policy that a sitting president cannot be indicted. So although it's possible for a president to break the law before or during his time in office, prosecutors' inability to seek an indictment effectively means he can't be accused, tried or punished while still in office.

Cohen's wrongdoing, which prosecutors tied to Trump without naming him, raises the question as to whether Trump might face charges of his own."Ordinarily, had the target not been a sitting president with immunity, I think 'Individual 1,' as he's referred to, very likely would have been prosecuted along with his aider and abettor, Michael Cohen," Perry said.

Uncharted watersThere could be significant complications to pursuing such a case, however.For one, prosecuting a former president would be politically fraught, particularly in a country as divided as this one. The decision on whether to do so at the federal level will fall to the new administration.

"It comes down to a political calculation," said Kim Wehle, a former federal prosecutor who now teaches at the University of Baltimore School of Law."And the understanding is President-elect Biden has already signaled he doesn't have an appetite for that, which makes sense given he has a lot of political capital that needs to be used on critical issues like the pandemic, like climate change, like the economy."

Giuliani Distances Himself From Ukrainian Sanctioned By U.S. As Russian AgentBiden has indeed signaled his reluctance to pursue a case against his predecessor. In August, Biden said he'd leave the decision to the Justice Department and the attorney general, but he suggested pursuing charges might do more damage than good.

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"I think it is a very, very unusual thing and probably not very — how can I say it? — good for democracy to be talking about prosecuting former presidents," Biden said.There's also the possibility that Trump could attempt to pardon himself before leaving office. The president has asserted he has that power but said in the past he didn't feel he needed to use it because he argues he hasn't broken any law.

An attempt at a self-pardon would be an unprecedented move and could very well face legal challenges.Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. speaks at a news conference in February in New York. His investigation could mean legal problems for Trump after the president is out of office.

Craig Ruttle/APtoggle captionCraig Ruttle/APManhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. speaks at a news conference in February in New York. His investigation could mean legal problems for Trump after the president is out of office.Craig Ruttle/APThe city and state of New York

What is clear about Trump's pardon power, however, is that it does not extend to crimes at the state level. And that could prove problematic for Trump in his former hometown.Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. has an active criminal investigation into Trump and his businesses. The exact contours of the probe are not clear, but court papers suggest he's investigating possible insurance or financial fraud.

"That looks like it's the most likely place where he could have some criminal liability around taxes, for example," Wehle said.Barr Blasts His Own Prosecutors: 'All Power Is Vested In The Attorney General'The case has been tied up for months as Trump fights a grand jury subpoena that Vance issued to the president's personal accounting firm. Vance's office is seeking eight years of Trump's tax returns and financial records.

The president fought the subpoena all the way to the Supreme Court last summer and lost, although the high court left the door open for him to raise other legal challenges.Trump did so, arguing that the subpoena was overly broad and politically motivated. Vance rejected those claims, and lower courts agreed with the district attorney's office. Trump's attorneys are now asking the Supreme Court to block the subpoena.

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Wehle said the patience Vance's team has shown in litigating its subpoena case suggests the probe isn't simply political — a Democratic city official in New York playing to the crowd there."It's hard to imagine that Cyrus Vance would have put this kind of effort into investigating Donald Trump while he was president if he was just going to drop that investigation and anything that could come out of that when he is a private citizen like anyone else," Wehle said.

The Vance case is not the only legal trouble brewing in New York.New York state Attorney General Letitia James at an August press conference. Her office is investigating the practices of the Trump Organization.Kathy Willens/APtoggle captionKathy Willens/AP

New York state Attorney General Letitia James at an August press conference. Her office is investigating the practices of the Trump Organization.Kathy Willens/APThe state attorney general, Letitia James, is conducting a civil investigation into the Trump businesses. James is looking into whether the Trump Organization improperly inflated the value of its assets for loan or insurance purposes, and then deflated the value for tax purposes.

The president's son, Eric Trump, reportedly was deposed under oath last month as part of the probe.While James' investigation is a civil one, it could cross over to the criminal side depending on what investigators uncover.According to Perry, the former New York prosecutor, both of the probes could be relatively straightforward because they are likely based heavily on documents.

One Tough Question For DOJ If Biden Is Elected: Whether To Prosecute Trump"If you're looking at several assets, for example, and different values are attributed to them, one in a tax return and another in a bank loan document, that might be relatively simple," she said."They do seem to be very paper based."

Cohen alleged in congressional testimony that Trump's businesses engaged in such practices.But there are significant challenges in criminal tax cases, Perry said, because returns for a sprawling business can be complicated, and prosecutors have to prove that people involved willfully broke the law.

"To prove that the taxpayer here, Mr. Trump himself, has committed intentional, willful tax fraud can be difficult, and it doesn't necessarily fly off the pages of the tax returns," Perry said."A cooperating witness is always very helpful for that."

It isn't clear whether Cohen or other sometime aides of Trump might be in a position to appear in a criminal case and testify as to the boss's actions or intentions.Sally Yates, Defending DOJ, Says Michael Flynn Talks Neutered U.S. Russia Policy

And Trump's legal jeopardy does not end there.He also faces defamation lawsuits filed by two women who say he sexually assaulted them — allegations he denies. While Trump doesn't face criminal liability in those suits, he does face potential damage to his reputation and financial repercussions.

In all, it adds up to a legally perilous — and potentially expensive — post-presidency."It's a potential avalanche," Wehle said."But this is, again, a man that is very used to using the legal system to his advantage." Read more: NPR »

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NPR has a serious case of TDS as does the rest of the FAKE Stream Media as they should because the Pandora's box that is about to blow wide open is going to expose the filth within the government and compliant media ! The Swamp is deep and wide ! gtconway3d There is the real source of his denials and refusal to accept a clear and overwhelming defeat! Get out.... ByeByeTrump GOPHypocrisy VetsAgainstTrump BidenHarrisLandslide2020 ByeDon TrumpIsUnfitForOffice

Do the same for china russia joe and bag man hunter Thank goodness, made a rule against him and lock him up for many years. Outrageous breaking of the laws by the highest commander in our country. What has become of our democracy. I hope for the sake of the country not, there is no way this bs will be stood for hillary should be in jail!!

Yeah! Get your hands off him liar Wow NPR your negativity abounds. I find your comment appaling and distatsteful. Yeah those stacks of papers they’re always showing! Fake news I stopped donating to fake news and propaganda..... That's why he won't concede the election. no Yesssss Go away Trump and be ready for your hateful fate

DoldineR Thank God ! Justice delayed is Justice denied ! An as it should be. The law is the law and Trump had managed to get away with much. I have heard that these lawsuits about the election are a distraction while he and his minios destroy as much as they can before they leave the WH. Can someone with investigative Jorno check it?

gtconway3d 👏👏👏 who is going to make America great or miserable again? So your promising to continue to harass Trump, why, because you want him to go to jail so you can assure he cant win again in 4 years after the people see what your trying to do to our country. All this crap is due to the Democrats and their non stop hurrassment of a sitting president. I hope the republicans do this to the next democrat president just to give them a taste of their own medicine and if Biden is elected boy they can actually impeach him for real.

gtconway3d Joe Biden can only pardon him from federal crimes, not NY state where they have unsealed indictments. He should pay and so should his kids for all the crimes they have done don’t do the crime if you don’t do the time I will always support our President Trump! I think lus see how this play out you got to remember that he could have put Hillary Clinton in jail but he didn't and she is still running from justice and money talks and bs walk

Based Nah, I think he’ll get away with all of it. A friend and I have a $5 bet. I say he never sees a jail cell and I also bet he throws his kids under the bus if it comes down to it. Bravo Thank you for this very well researched article. No president has ever committed so many crimes while in Office. I pray that America is able to receive justice and that we are able to LOCK HIM UP.

And you want to give all these fucking corrupt democrats in government a pass and not even indict them. Please give me a break! They've done far worse than what you think OUR president has ever done. Wow really? He is our sitting President and for you to show your nastiness with a story like this? Shame on you NOR!

And we all know that is the real reason he is attempting to stay in an office that he is so very unqualified to hold, 0 respect for the republicans who have enabled him for four years! YES!!! He MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!!! Lol I see so many ppl that can’t accept shit You mean like Biden and his son hunter and really the whole family. Yet half of the Democratic Party should be in jail for treason, please, I’m so tired of the pot calling the kettle black.

Just one more reason to take over America these people are relentless , I guess it’s up to the militia to straighten this mess out. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy..... gtconway3d ByeDon ALL President's commit some type of crime. A NO PRESIDENT has ever or will ever go to jail. Nevertheless it is still true. That’s been the problem, which has nothing to do with being liberal, moderate, or conservative. Truth should be non-partisan. Regardless what we might think, trump is going to be facing legal issues. Period. NPR did not call him a criminal - Truth.

ibeen knew that dampass trampass get what he drdervr Let's look into every single moment of your past and see what pops up DonnaRammerd Who is NPR? Oh right, they are leaning towards to left side. So much for their shit. Anyone cares to explains this? Please expose him and his kids!! His followers need to see him for the criminal he is...

I thought I was giddy for joy when Biden won. If Trump would end up getting arrested, there will be dancing in the streets. Boy, what a Christmas wish. Thank goodness! Biden has to konw how it is to take the heat he needs to get indicted for his son Landry money from Ukraine and China to the Biden Faimly.

So what the racist attorney general in the sothen district of New York is a racist bitch Democratic along with her buddys should go after the crime in the streets but they won't because u can't make a name for yourself going after people being getting kill. JAIL TIME After reading this we should all expect that trump&his GRIFTER kids WILL GET AWAY W EVERYTHING...AGAIN.😤 The COLOSSALLY CORRUPT MOFO won’t be potus ANYMORE but for ”political calculations”Biden(& his DOJ)won’t go after trump? And New York officials sound hesitant too?🤬

gtconway3d Can’t wait to see his face when the RUssian Mob is waiting on the sidewalk as the Secret Service escorts him out of the WH. Putin wants his money and will get it one way or the other. Yes ! He. Should. No. Longer. Have. Immunity. From. The. Law ! Pretty sad that they would even consider going after a man that has done more for this country as president than any other since Regan

The main stream journalist do a lot of research prior to saying or documenting anything About as rediculous a speculation as was displayed during the Russian collusion investigation and beneath a normally responsible if demonstrably liberal in their coverage and editorial stance. God for his thieving ass. He should rot in jail!

“We’re beginning to look like a banana republic,” Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan says on CNN about Trump seeking to overturn the election. “Frankly I’m embarrassed more people aren’t speaking up.” Biden is the criminal and his son and Obama. They are going to jail. Thank Goodness The higher you go the cooler it becomes. He entered the presidential race known that he had been cheating the country for many years. And when he became president, he continued to do the same. This is his own making. You break the law you feel the consequences

Exactly.. that's why the crooked bastard is holding our country HOSTAGE.. gtconway3d Couldn't happen to a more deserving guy! Delusional to detract from Biden’s impending loss of the election. Yea!!!!! Lock him up!!! Talk about fake news where's fact check on this? Hate liberals smug okourgiantakis GOOD....! 🤗

I find it very disturbing that NPR is conjuring up the stories, yet everyone has let the Hunter Biden story simply vanish and no longer is a thought. They'll do anything to silence trump. Anything to keep him from disrupting the plans... Don’t believe this $40 Million tax payer dollars to investigate collusion and Russians and the kitchen sink.... MSMlosers

The hilarious reality here is that if he hadn't run for President just to stave off his creditors, he probably could have weaseled out of those legal troubles. But in an attempt to get a new TV show and get out of hock, he accidentally made himself the biggest target in America. NPR shod be refunded, let them make their own way without gov money!

Of course, he did what he said he would and the left hates the people of this great nation. They won't stop until all is destroyed. Lock his honkey ass up. Arrest him on Jan. 20th, arrest all of them including melania and ivanka If he did it , he should answer for it !! Trump has done a lot of underhanded things , Money doesn’t cover everything, it catches up and bites you . Love is what covers , one thing that it appears he lacks

AbigailA1972 He is going to have to flee the country and take his whole pathetic family with him. Trump will become a criminal refugee in Florida where Gov. Desantis will refuse extradition request to NYS. gtconway3d Yes pleeeeeeeeeeease He deserves everything awaiting him. You wanna play gangster enjoy the entire experience LOCK HIM UP!

Take him down. Take himall the way down. That would provide a lot of emotional satisfaction to a lot of people. Could not stomach his hubris much longer. Nobody is above the law! Good! gtconway3d Why do you think he's clawing to the presidency? He knows his goose is cooked. Why do you print rumor when you should be news! Dry up

Liars Can’t wait till all these democrats start going to prison. Hope so. Hope so 'If it is what you say it is, I love it!' Lock him up lock him up lock him up AND his kids too and Pompeo and Pence and Barr AWWH HELL LOCK UP HIS WHOLE ADMINISTRATION They cheated in 2016, they thought they’ve been cheated too. In their mind they think they’ve cheated, because that what they do. What goes around comes around.

gtconway3d LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP! Grinkles7 Now for the good news NY Attorney General Letitia James has 67 indictments on Trump ready to be unsealed on January 21st. Let's hope he doesn't litigate his way around this.. that's how he's lived his entire business life gtconway3d Hope karma finally gets him

Handcuffs should be waiting in the wings at the Inauguration! gtconway3d This orange blight needs to answer for his transgressions- he is a disgrace & it is the only way to save the ones who are ingrained in the misinformation that has been trump Your organization is another arm used by the Globalist Technocrats to try and brainwash Americans. American politics is DEEPLY corrupt, is run by a small handful of gazillionairs that hate freedom, they hate having to pay people a living wage, and they hate the working class

Gotta get ready to put those cuffs on straight away This is why this grifter is so desperate to hang on to The Presidency. Now let's talk about to whom he owes those personally gauranteed loans to. Who could it be? Will he wake up with a horses head in his bed someday? How much can I love this? gtconway3d Yes yes yes

He's a crook. There will be dozens of best sellers once he's finished. .LockHimUp NeverTrump gtconway3d Lock Him Up! gtconway3d That is the main reason why he is trying to overturn the election JulieZebrak Why do you think he is fighting so hard for a job he never wanted? He faces a ton of court cases and debts being due. Both civil and criminal, he will spend the rest of his pathetic life in court and possibly prison. Good Riddance, now can we change the news to something else?

LauraTalbott This makes me so happy. gtconway3d realDonaldTrump gtconway3d WeLoveObama MostAdmiredMan TrumpSucks ❤️🇺🇸🌍 “Outside the US, BarackObama recently displaced Bill Gates as the world’s most admired man, which is handy as Obama is married to the world’s most admired woman.” gtconway3d It's clear he should spend the rest of his life in prison.

gtconway3d I’ll bring the popcorn! gtconway3d Sounds like Scotland wants a piece of him too. For moneylaundering. gtconway3d Lmao JennaEllisEsq gtconway3d 58 days. JulieZebrak Me eagerly watching every single moment of what is to come for Trump & Co. Trump should face charges of a mass murderer, his failure to act on advice by Health Officials, mask not made mandatory in crowded places and on public transport, faking Covid-19 to walk away 3 days later to let people believe of being no more dangerous than ordinary influenza

gtconway3d If he goes to jail the Secret service has to go with him? gtconway3d And his Spawn too gtconway3d I'm only half joking here; I wouldn't be at all surprised if upon leaving office Donald Trump immediately announces his 2024 candidacy, then sends his lawyers to court to argue that a presidential *candidate can't be indicted either. Obviously it won't work. But he'll try it.

gtconway3d Lock Him Up Lock Him Up Lock Him Up gtconway3d A part of the reasoning behind the grotesque, unAmerican horsing around with the transition during this deadly pandemic. gtconway3d Trump's New Nickname is 'SKIP'...Covid briefings, empathy, truth, Equality, TAXES, Masks, Science, Medical expertise, LEADERSHIP, Democracy, CONSTITUTION, Voting rights, WINNING,

Hillary Clinton destroyed evidence, nothing. Biden took money for political favors, nothing. Obama used the govt as a political tool, nothing. Schiff lied on TV for 3 years, nothing, etc. Clear this has nothing to do with Trump but everything to do with hating 70 mil Patriots. gtconway3d gtconway3d LOCK HIM UP

gtconway3d This is going to the ultimate test of American judicial system to hold him accountable for any crimes he committed. gtconway3d Good, he is a crook! TrumpCrimeFamily TrumpCrimeFamilyForPrison TrumpCrimesCommission gtconway3d Looking forward to watching this crime syndicate get chopped down like a fucking tree.

gtconway3d Well deserved. gtconway3d Won’t have the DOJ as his private law firm either. gtconway3d President Biden should ignore anything that happens to him. If by chance he is convicted the American people should vote on if he goes to prison. Let’s show him that voting does work. gtconway3d Good. gtconway3d Go get him.

gtconway3d I can't wait. This traitor needs to be made an example of to discourage the next want to be dictator. gtconway3d realDonaldTrump or maybe you can buy Little Jeff island... and hole up there? gtconway3d gtconway3d He should not have enjoyed that at all. It should be de jure. No one, even the president, should be above the law. I hope this will be addressed in the future, next time a (any) president might shoot someone down Fifth Avenue.

gtconway3d Yayyyy! gtconway3d Motive for overturning an election gtconway3d Hence the reason he's trying desperately to stay in office w/the equivalent of a Get Out of Jail Free card. Once he's no longer prez, the card is null and void and he'll face multiple prosecutions. gtconway3d This is why potus is jamming the courts with bogus lawsuits.

Obammy enjoys defacto immunity even today .. gtconway3d Federal authorities did implicate him in multiple felonies. It is paginated page 11, otherwise 13. gtconway3d He's like a rabid dog that's got its back up against the wall 'Lock him up!' gtconway3d LockHimUp gtconway3d No immunity for Don the Con!

gtconway3d An answer to prayer, waiting for Mr. Vance! gtconway3d Warm fuzzy feeling... gtconway3d This would be just so sweet..esp if the gavel was taken out of McConnell's hands.. gtconway3d Amen to that! gtconway3d Given that Biden has already said he will not offer Trump a pardon, and the SDNY and NYAG are ready and waiting, I look forward, with great anticipation, to watching the upcoming 'trials' (and tribulations)—and further bankruptcies—of the Orange Oaf …

There may not be a person in the world who has worse ‘Sunday scaries’ than realDonaldTrump gtconway3d You crazy as hell gtconway3d LockHimUp realDonaldTrump the only place the Trumps belong is jail. gtconway3d His millions of followers and sycophants give him immunity. Its called power. Ironic, no?

Lol 😎😉 the Global world is watching.! Putin has it all planned out. Trump and his brood will escape all criminal charges . He (Trump) will orchestrate Ivanka.s bid for the Presidency in 2024. The spineless Republican hierarchy will toe the line. SCARY. gtconway3d gtconway3d He will flee Country and seek asylum to avoid US Courts and Justice, and will tweet and run media empire from there.

gtconway3d I smell prison very soon for BoneSpurs and children right along side of BoneSpurs already numerous convicted cronies Lock him up!! gtconway3d He deserves to go to jail. 🤬🤬 gtconway3d No president should have defacto immunity. ESPECIALLY if they've committed criminal acts. 'No man is above the law.'

gtconway3d What if his face is carved onto Mount Rushmore? Won't that save him? gtconway3d He is NOT ABOVE THE LAW ! gtconway3d I dont agree he has friends in the justice/court system. He will get away with just about everything. This is why he's fighting so hard to stay. He wants to destroy evidence staffers say, but more, he wants the immunity of the WH. Not the job. The immunity.

SamWangPhD TV network? Running again in 2024? Rubbish! He’s going to prison, praise Jesus. gtconway3d Does a former president still get secret service protection in prison? Asking for a friend 🤔 gtconway3d How could over 70 million people vote for this guy!! gtconway3d This is the cherry on top of an already delicious cake. TrumpForPrison2021

gtconway3d Lock him up gtconway3d I have asserted for quite some time that this is his entire motivation for his fight to retain the office of the Presidency. HusbandLauri He knows. SamWangPhD May I just say - what a f'd up real estate mobster wish I never had to know this much about an immoral criminal character I'm ready for the restoration of decency truth and integrity in our WH

gtconway3d THIS is what he’s fighting for... He is exposed legally and will be indicted once out of office . He knows. TrumpIsACriminal stowns1981 Please let this be a secret before he does something crazy that will put this country into disaster!!! gtconway3d Thank you Bob Mueller . He left bread crumbs .

It doesn’t mean shit, baring in mind this guy made bail gtconway3d Start ironing the jumpsuit. gtconway3d May his twilight years be spent in a dark cell. gtconway3d Hurrah!! gtconway3d And again, time to take a look at South Korea how to deal with currupt ex-presidents SpiroAgnewGhost He loves to go to court........so enjoy!

gtconway3d gtconway3d I'm tired of hearing this is 'OJ in the Bronco' news absurdity... this is 'OJ in the Bronco on a Nascar track' news absurdity! I believe in the SDNY! That’s all folks gtconway3d stop reminding him! he's really gonna burn down everything even more! gtconway3d He shouldn’t ‘enjoy’ immunity just because he’s the President. It’s ridiculous.

gtconway3d he can pardon himself isn't it? If Nixon could, so could he. Nixon was told he could but got pardon from Ford. gtconway3d Maybe JoeBiden will pardon him? Naaaa, just joking 🙃 gtconway3d Man it would be so good to get to say 'LOCK HIM UP' gtconway3d The only way for this country to rid ourselves of Trump and his ignorant followers is to prosecute him for all his crimes and send him and his crime family to jail. Then maybe there will be peace in this country again.

gtconway3d LOCK HIM UP!! gtconway3d Can’t wait for him to face the music! gtconway3d I really don't care do U? gtconway3d Can't forget possible sealed indictments tied to Mueller's investigation that were passed to a Federal Judge to hold until the 2020 election proved whether or not Trump would be able to escape by winning a second term.

gtconway3d NO ONE SHOULD BE ABOVE THE LAW WETHER IT BE THE LEADER OF A COUNTRY OR AN EX LEADER OF A COUNTRY. IF YOU CAN BREAK THE LAW, YOU CAN DO THE TIME gtconway3d gtconway3d HumanGarbage gtconway3d I heard journalist? OMG. They’re the absolute threat to our national security, and jeopardize your kids, and there children’s children future and way of life. They threaten everything over 600,000 men fought and die for! FREEDOM!

gtconway3d Good...it’s about time he’s held accountable gtconway3d gtconway3d Do you think he likes those pretty trees? Or, in general, trees? therealchelcy This man, his family, his followers, & his cabinet must be prosecuted. The crimes that they committed were overt/heinous — & we must teach public officials that govt is not a place to crime or to waste public money. Hey FBI and SDNYnews — Please uphold the RuleofLaw !

gtconway3d This is the exact reason he is fighting to stay in office! This is the only reason! TrumpIsACriminal gtconway3d Oh god please let this be true 😫 Couldn’t wait for this👀🇺🇸 gtconway3d Trump is scared because he knows the DoJ in a new Administration can provide the NY prosecutors the subpoenaed tax records he has been blocking. DoTheCrimeDoTheTime NYAGIsWaitingForJanuary20

gtconway3d gtconway3d No one should be above the law. Not even a president. gtconway3d No human being in American history deserves to spend the rest of their life in constant litigation and/or prison, quite like Donnie. Karma’s a muthafucka. gtconway3d I hope they're waiting with handcuffs when realDonaldTrump walks out of the White House for the last time.

gtconway3d May he retched butt go to prison. There he'll be treated like everyone else, hopefully. He'll not get specialized medical treatment, special meals or separate living quarters. gtconway3d I hear people saying to appease Trump's sycophants we should not prosecute him. I say B. S. we keep letting guilty republican administrations who commit crimes. I say to end that practice or they will keep breaking the law.

gtconway3d Can’t believe these media sites anymore... TomArnold Plus Scotland wants him. Hopefully it won't end there. He needs to do time. gtconway3d goops thought you said the fatso immunity gtconway3d News Flash: remember SDNY tackling Cohen? Bannon? Mana fort? Gates? Guess who’s Person 1? DJT. Then Manhattan DA, then NYS AG on civil charges but not ruling out criminal. And that’s just old stuff. New stuff bound to come + VA, MD and...

BTW, all the 'lawyers' here making ridiculous statements should return to your basement immediately, you are jeopardizing your health and that of your fellow socialist party- Good God.. WMDs are aplenty in the liberal ideological spectrum- WhineyManicDemocrats gtconway3d Trump needs to go to prison for many reasons!!!

Trump will never serve time, even if indicted and tried. All he will need is one juror to acquit him. Even in New York there are plenty of Trump supporters, and his defense will make sure at least one juror is pro-Trump. gtconway3d Tic tic SpiroAgnewGhost gtconway3d It couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

gtconway3d FANTASTIC! Lock Him Up! gtconway3d WhiteHouse GOP SpiroAgnewGhost 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 gtconway3d Terrified, He is dreading civilian life with its Sword(s) of Damocles various prosecutions/investigations hanging over his head...Trump Steaks™ stand a better chance of surviving than Donald and The Trump Family Grifters, featuring Jared Kushner posDC ouster.

gtconway3d They damn well better implicate him - DefundNPR now- As a taxpayer, whom used to listen to NPR quite often, it has become the voice of the radical leftist anti American party- It is time realDonaldTrump issue an EO that cuts all funding to this antifa terrorists public radio station- No more means no more-

gtconway3d I feel like he’s d re-Encarnación of Teflon Don. Trump is even more crooked. He will never serve time nor his kids. SAD. gtconway3d Can’t wait to watch this show! gtconway3d Cannot happen soon enough gtconway3d This is everything! LOCK HIM UP!! realDonaldTrump MELANIATRUMP DonaldJTrumpJr IvankaTrump EricTrump TiffanyATrump

gtconway3d Or get to have his legal bills paid for with campaign funds. gtconway3d And if he pardons himself for federal crimes, he will be admitting guilt. gtconway3d He’s desperate to stay in the Safe House. gtconway3d Siberia might be too warm. That’s why he’s fighting as hard as he is. GameOver... but he thinks we dumb and won’t hold him accountable. Prez Biden will focus on COVID while his best will focus on the ConDon

gtconway3d He also has to worry about a few radical groups he's betrayed... The Kurd's, Yemeni's, Palestinians, Isis, the Iranians to name a few. gtconway3d 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 gtconway3d He likely will drag out any and all cases until he dies. gtconway3d realDonaldTrump IvankaTrump EricTrump DonaldJTrumpJr Enjoy the days while you can....

gtconway3d Sometimes when I am feeling blue about our current situation, I like to reflect on Trump Org CFO Weisselberg’s immunity deal with federal prosecutors, and the implications for the entire Trump family. That always cheers me up. gtconway3d Lost 30 of 32 election lawsuits... Is tRump going to use the same lawyers to keep him from going to jail...?

gtconway3d His decades of crimes, abusing women, his illiteracy, filthy mouth, racism were known long before 2016 elections. GREEDY media decided to ignore everything, to give him free 24/7 airtime. We could have great leader HillaryClinton 'but her emails..' were worse than his crimes. gtconway3d Bottom line - Trump will pay for his horrendous crimes against specific individuals, specific business crimes, crimes against our nation, and international charges as well (remember what happened for trials after WWII). It seems like the chances of him weaseling out of all is 0%

gtconway3d May the games begin... He can use his same legal team to defend himself unless they are in jail... gtconway3d I’m sure this has nothing to do with why he will do anything to remain president gtconway3d For someone who enjoys litigation as much as Trump does, spending his waning years in courtrooms should be a dream come true.

gtconway3d I guess we should pretend as if we didn't know him before he was voted into the highest office. No man is above the law. gtconway3d Why do you think he’s fighting so hard? And that’s why he said at one of his rallies “I may have to leave the country”! Putin get the condo ready! gtconway3d

gtconway3d There’s something wrong with the law when a person has unlimited immunity just because of his job gtconway3d Another wonderful thing about our system versus other countries. In many countries parliamentarians and leaders get lifetime immunity. Another genius of our founders and legal system.

gtconway3d He never should've as president either. As billmaher said, 'Mueller shit the bed.' TrumpIsACriminal TrumpCrimeFamily Prison4Life gtconway3d Couldn't happen to a nicer guy 😅 gtconway3d gtconway3d I’ll take a 4XX orange jumpsuit please! The color will match my face! Inmatetrump LockHimUp Prettyboydon TrumpIsACriminal CovidiotInChief realDonaldTrump

gtconway3d He’s racking up more charges every day too..election tampering is a felony if I’m not mistaken..trying to bribe electors with Dom, hotel rooms and hookers isn’t a good look right now gtconway3d Rejoice America! The being who's most historical betrayal of all Americans will soon be held to justice!

Desperate Congress should change the laws so the president is not above the law while in office. gtconway3d I keep seeing this “There's also the possibility that Trump could attempt to pardon himself before leaving office.” Can he pardon himself for something if he hasn’t been charged yet? gtconway3d He won't be individual 1 much longer

gtconway3d gtconway3d gtconway3d LOCK HIM UP. HES FIRED ! gtconway3d He will also be found guilty of impersonating a President. gtconway3d 🍊🤡🥴🤪 Wont be long - bone Spurs will be acting up Donald will be hobbling around just like his buddy Harvey gtconway3d No immunity for Trump...Oh dear. What a pity. Never mind!

gtconway3d I don't think you can golf in prison! gtconway3d A coordinated disinformation campaign to Undermine our democracy to win in the court of public opinion yet at the same time it tears at the very fabric of our republic our belief in free and fair elections The GOP is enabling the lie facilitating the fantasy of Trumpism

No government official should have full immunity period! gtconway3d realDonaldTrump lock him up! When he is wearing an orange jumpsuit can you tone down his foundation? 🤣🤣 gtconway3d Thank God Do you him what he has done to the country gtconway3d 'Equal protection' NOT! gtconway3d gtconway3d And he's got terrible lawyers😏

gtconway3d Rudy and the Trump. A bromantic story of tilting at windmills and failed hair dye. Coming soon to a court near you. Rated S for SAD!!! gtconway3d Good depends alert in the WH Trump is a traitor. To follow a traitor is treason. About time the federal authorities stepped up. Way over do You will be disappointed and lose your funding, so prepare to close your fake news outlet.

defund NPR. Conservatives/republican taxpayers shouldnt have to see more of thier money funding these political hacka ... and THAT, children, is the true gift of Christmas. The End. But ya'll didnt say a peep when 80,000 ppl die of the flu each year, and thats with a vaccine I think trump is scared to death. He knows what. Will happen when he can't hide behind his position anymore. He will be called out of several crimes and i hope they dont pardon him.

May he get what he deserves for all of the pain and suffering he has and continues to cause to so many people. why don’t we get our elections process cleaned up and secured first. we all know it’s a shit show. What for? Made up little process crimes of course. Favorite anti-democratic tool of the so called democrats.

YES YES YES UES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES Lock him up!! 🤞 Gr82BUs What happens when you make a career out of criminal acts? Be prepared to pay the piper at some point. And don't spare the Federal investigations, even if Pence pardons him, we need the truth about his deceit, graft & profiteering. The MAGAts need to see that he only SAID he helped THEM, when he really just helped himself.

Handcuff and off to jail! Big headline with no substance! Right in the middle the author opined, no inditement is imminent! So there was nothing there to begin with! As far as tax returns are considered, Trump payed tens of millions in advance and most likely will get a substantial return of those funds.

He has no one else to blame SchmattCheryl This is great news! However, in a 5-4 decision, the Court ruled that the President is entitled to absolute immunity from legal liability for civil damages based on his official acts. Can Trump legally invoke a 'Self-Pardon' before getting out? Any lawyers out there?

Then they better arrest all those corrupt democrats. Fry him He’s a crook On Newsmax TV Sidney Powell stated governor Georgia purchased Dominion Software for GA gained from transaction-calling a conspiracy in all states vote was fraudulently counted - this is huge she says she’s got the affidavits the fact the evidence-the witnesses —verify the vote

National public radio is owned by China ! He lost the election and you all still have Trump derangement syndrome. Get on with your lives!!!! You people are sick And to think our hard-earned tax dollars support this trash. 🤣🤣🤣😉 more pathetic BS!!! Like he doesn’t have enough dirt on NY officials to return the favor

He and his family are going to bolt. There are a few congressmen who might want to settle their affairs or bolt. The gig is up. Eat a bag of dics. Now if the cops would go after the GOFP criminals in Congress we would be starting to move back towards a democracy. He better decide quickly if he wants to resign and have Pence pardon him🤔 remember- Pardons are for Criminals! TrumpIsACriminal

Where is Hunters laptop? Fake News loves fake stories about Trump but avoid crimes by democrats He shouldn’t have f*cked with Cuomo. realDonaldTrump LOCK HIM UP ! LOCK HIM UP !! It wouldn’t be more pleasant to see this corrupt in jail suit. Trump won’t be implicated but the traitors that we call politicians can go straight to Gitmo!

If Trump and his family aren't charged for multiple crimes and found guilty for multiple crimes then there is no justice. Bye bye Trump Hopefully serious jail time! A president cannot be indicted is just incredibly wrong! JoeBiden KamalaHarris JoeCunninghamSC AriMelber MSNBC FoxNews Lawrence LadyG MelanieSpell donnabrazile BarackObama If the Trumpelstiltskin’s get pardoned, every child in America is going to demand financial retribution for being reprimanded during their childhood!!!

You're bias hacks. I hope you lose government funds Npr are a bunch of nasty miserable snakes!! DefundNPR it is now a weaponized branch of Democrat party that shows disdain for half the people that pay for the biased business. Simply put it is not a trusted media source as it shows extreme bias. He needs to stop throwing tantrums, suck it up, shake hands 1/20/21 and walk away. I voted for him but he's getting ridiculous 🤔

YES HE WILL JUST LIKE CLINTON AND OBAMA HAS BEEN DOING OTHERWISE THEY SHOULD BE IN PRISON AS WELL Blah blah blah yeah yeah yeah! Eat a dick too bad we can't be dancing in the streets realDonaldTrump TrumpCrimeFamily TrumpIsACriminal DonaldJTrumpJr IvankaTrump EricTrump Nothing burger, as always. This is why he’s desperate to stay in office or create so much anger in his uneducated maga base that law enforcement will let him go easy if he agrees to leave the office. If the media stopped covering him and twitter banned he’d go.

🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Get Biggie Tang! He will get what he deserves the most: 2 terms in prison. What a day that will be. If I live to see it, I can die in peace thereafter. look4goodinppl American people should put a hault to Trup’s mocking behavior and take actions against his failure to comply to his duty to safeguard American security according to the oath he agreed to when becoming president of the greatest nation

I have NO FAITH that Trump or any of his minions will be punished for the irrevocable harm he, his administration, his bootlickers in Congress and string pullers have done. They will not come to justice, yet somehow they will continue to warp society and lay waste to the planet. Pass the popcorn 😁 Makowski5Snarky there will be a line up of criminal cases that will have in JAIL LONG BEFORE 2024 so will the ABC CBSNews CNN NBCNews MSNBC STOP WONDERING WHAT HE WILL DO NEXT? HE WILL BE IN JAIL...FBI, SDNY, EVEN SCOTLAND are lining up their cases against him HIS DAYS ARE DONE!

73 million defensive prepared Americans will defend this Great President id advise against any lunacy if I were them fakenews fakenews trump2020 do you think NPR i will believe this news about the President trump fakenewsNPR fakenews I pray he pays for ALL OF HIS CRIMES,THOSE POOR CHILDREN, THIS STORY Sounds about as Relaible as 'The Russian Hooker Pee Story' You people don't write News, you WRITE ONE SIDED BIAS BULLSHIT. DO THE COUNTRY A FAVOR, AND STICK WITH REPORTING THE NEWS ON SESAME STREET!

Lock him up!! In your dreams If Hillary isn’t in jail then no one is going to jail 🛑 He's a liar & a thief. I hope the bring hell down on him Fact check? trump is a felon Guantanamo party of one... Fake News. More deep state bullshit Bye bye Donnie. What kind of bird doesn’t fly ? JAILBIRD !! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Who is anyone kidding? He’s going to hop on an international plane and never be heard from again

Trump and his administration don’t give a fuck about America Hmm, he spread so much good Karma. Keep believe fake news only thing NY trying to accuse him of is a civil matter if he was to lose the case he would just pay a fine but since this Women been trying to get him for one thing or the other for 15 yrs doubt she has anything on Trump except a severe case of TDS its BS

It's all bullshit. TDS is rampant. The democratic party is crooked as hell Lock Him Up 🗑️ Npr, you are getting as bad as cnn. You are not journalists, you are opinionated. Considering you are government funded and not biased like you should be, I recommend that you be defended. Then see where you can get a real job.

DEMOLEGALISTS WILL HAVE TO WAIT 4 MORE YEARS. He should have jumped on Oboma when he had the chance. Michael_AW77 Hopefully the Scottish will prosecute him as well. There’d be something deliciously theatrical about him being taken down by his ancestral homeland. Put him in jail Michael_AW77 Thats why he is trying to cling on. Governments/politicians should not have any exemption when they face prosecution!

Tick tock Yeah!!!!!!!!! Hope they get him Loooooser I'm coming for you Mr Trump! Hahahahah fake news Biden committed treason. But this is more important? Keep dreaming idiots Lock Trump up and throw away the key!!! Good. No one should have de facto immunity. A girl can dream, can't she? I hope they have the handcuffs ready immediately Biden takes office!

LEGAL votes decide who is President, NOT the media. Joe needs to go to jail Why does the Fake News Media continuously assume that Joe Biden will ascend to the Presidency? They are trying to STEAL this Election for Joe Biden and we have to stop them. Yessss! Proof or it isn't real! PKvideo I listened to an NPR show on the radio yesterday. After not listening for about 5 years. Lunacy. You people have broken brains. How could you have been so weak, to let one President destroy your ability to see?

mariauxpen After reading the comments I find many people who support a rich corrupt man, no matter how president, there are charges against him that are well documented by the New York prosecutor's office. May the full weight of his Karma proceed. 'And it's possible, as a matter of law, that he could be indicted on Jan. 21.'

SDNY waiting on the Trumps until January 20th at midnight Defund NPR. Your Twitter title should read: US ONE-SIDED national news. Which is why he's fighting like hell to overturn the election... Really ...For what crime? I’ve lost faith that this will ever happen but pray something comes of it. I know his followers will never believe he’s done anything wrong but hoping it will rub some of the varnish off him at least and make him rethink running again in 2024. I can’t even bear to think about it

Can’t wait! 🤞 Journalism needs consequences of “private citizens” why do they think they are exempt anyway Private citizen or not, that man isn't gonna be arrested or prosecuted for ANYTHING. He's a rich white man and the justice system works for ppl like him. Cut the sh*t. Just look around. Better get him no more letting grotesque politicians off the hook write book movies this guy the ultimate pos. More than him but we’ll try not to overwork other moronic politicians. Maybe we’ll just take over put them all on welfare. It’s coming 👌

No one is above the law! Time to pay up Take trumps passport, arrest him as he leaves and prosecut him to the fullest extent of the law. I'm going to spend the next four years doxxing NPR We need to end corruption & restore rule of law to heal our nation. He must be investigated if he's got nothing to hide and has done nothing wrong He will not be charged. On the other hand if he is involved in criminal activity or treason he should be held accountable.JoeBiden

Stop lying Stiv93129494 Justice matters Nor will he have the bottomless pockets of the RNC to pay his legal bills I despise tRUMP but you shouldn't be spreading half truths and maybes !! That's as bad as the GOP, FOX news and tRUMP. POST IT WHEN IT'S TRUTH ! KakiMiller1 UNCONDITIONALCONCESSION and then GTFO ! JudgementDay is coming ...

What a crock. NY has been prosecuting him for years. This is not journalism. I cannot wait for DeutscheBank to seize realDonaldTrump’s properties. Especially the Doral property. Florida luxeprogressive JustGetHimOut More importantly, Trump will no longer enjoy de jure immunity. EXACTLY! Because once he leaves the White House, he’s fair game and there’s cuffs and a cell block with their names on them! One for each...him, his children (Jr., Eric and Ivanka) and his son in law (Kushner)!

Sleep well everyone at and know..... That at Thanksgiving dinners everywhere across the nation there will be two topics discussed: Dominion Voting Systems Hammer and Scorecard Sweet Dreams! Love, America Under investigation for what? You put out a loaded statement with out providing any facts. That makes it look more like propaganda than a news report. Biden not legally president elect!

CaroleMyers This MUST go forward d. NO DEALS! BS! I can live with him not going to jail but he should be financially ruined. Nor should he be, IMHO. His judgement should also not be vindictive or politically driven, nor should he be made an example of because of his profile. If Dems overreach it benefits nobody.

He's not fighting to stay in the White House, he's fighting to stay out of the Big House. In January he will he will be defendant not president. Now the family will say that he has a mental health illness so he doesn't go to jail. No, he need to pay for all the crimes that he committed and so many that he is hiding. No more privileges for traitors.

Now the family will say that he has a mental health illness so he doesn't go to jail. No, he need to pay for all the crimes that he committed and so many that he is hiring. No more privileges for traitors. In February La Hayes tribunal for crimes again humanity He Must answer to someone; He’s been fleeing all kinds of investigations/charges his entire life; it’s time he’s held accountable like we Regular Citizens!

He gon get his come up ins! LockHimUp Did the media forget that President Trump is still the US President? 🤔 Can i Watch his makeup melt 300,000 times Lock him up!! Lock it up!! They will all let him walk. No one wants the media to back splash on Biden.. it’s a huge mistake!! Prosecute him. It’s noisy at first but it’s the only way to reestablish law and order

I thought NO ONE was above the law!!! Natedit = 🤮🤮🤮 Do tell! What Crimes has he committed? 🤣🤣🤣 you guys are insane if you think Trump is going anywhere. We’re getting 4 more years of President Trump so suck it up 🤷🏽‍♂️ We are all paying our share of taxes even “illegal immigrants” pay their fare share. Is the most beautiful American duty, that is keeping people food on their tables and safe during this pandemic. THATS OUR OWN MONEY WORKING FOR US. Pay your share!

Investigations are politically driven bs! That's why he's trying to overturn votes. To bad its selective investigation. This is why I understand why the russian people removed the Romanov. Maybe its time for that ti happened here with the ruling class. Never going to happen. If it does, they will have to start with Obama!

I can only hope I always love his prop when he is headed to the oval office. A binder with presidential seal. Very important info in there. - Health care for Americans - Mexico's receipts for building the wall - Hillary's emails - Hunter's lap top info - Law & order DVD - WHO cancelled checks LOCK HIM UP LOCK HIM UP LOCK HIM UP

False! And Scotland THEREALJHOBA He'll just pardon himself. No big deal. Looking forward to this starting :) Why isn’t the FBI and CIA investigating Joe Biden’s involvement with his son’s corrupt business dealings in Ukraine with the corrupt Ukrainian energy company Burisma? Isn’t Joe the “Big Guy”. Didn’t he (Joe) get a 10% cut?

What about Joe Biden’s involvement with his son’s money laundering scheme and the fact that Joe received millions from his son’s company with ties to Chinese and Russian money? Didn’t Joe have the prosecutor fired who was investigating his son’s involvement in Burisma? My husband and I both agree that we have never hated anyone more than trump. He deserves to be prosecuted for treason & all his crimes as do his accomplices. He has hurt our country & had he not lost this election he would have destroyed it completely. No pardon. No forgiveness

Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂 After 4 years of hell I would expect the American people to hold him accountable for all his wrongdoings. Just remember it is not just America but the World he as affected. Let's start with the children with no parents! Human Rights Violations will be a good start! fakenews since he has no immunity. The DOJ are a bunch of fat little piggies who refuse to prosecute. They have no problems going after MarthaStewart yet won't have after Trump

Biden hasn’t even been sworn and he’s been charged with felony bribery by Ukraine o less. Handcuffs, click click Good thing he got re-elected then isn't it! They will be ready to arrest Trump on January 20th at 12:01. He won’t need to worry about attending the inauguration. realDonaldTrump I didn't know it was a crime to lose an election.

It make me upset he still get the benefit of the doubt. While the killing us for nothing. BLM Let the pig rot behind bars And he is very aware of what is in his future.....and his offspring too! He will continue to lie, spit, shake, rant, scream, kick all the way out of the White House. And they all will continue this behaviour when behind bars.....lol

😂🍸 And that explains why he is holding on futily to the his name. Oh lord I hope so!! Deserves it Before you attack President Trump, you should deal with the Clintons and Obama/Biden corruption. Too many longstanding issues. Lock this shit stain up!! Good riddance Donnie!!! Woohoo I love how you say things with such certainty that have zero basis in reality. Implicated in what. And please be specific.

No clemency for Trump He must go to jail until the end of his days Crime can't go unpunished You're certain? On Feb. 01, Trump will still be President and this is why you'll still be FAKE News. Call2DefundNPR 👍👍👍 He’s in for the fight, so he should focus on that. Instead of holding on to office he should be concentrating on building a defense team that might keep him out of jail & it wouldn’t be Rudy if I were him!Personally as a resident of NYS I hope he answers to what ever charges come forth including monies owed to the State of NY

And that is why he is trying so hard to hang onto it They need to ruin his life like he ruined this country Good Perhaps Trump's escort from the Whitehouse will be the FBI.If Trump has any self respect(different than super-ego which he has an over abundance of)he will concede and walk away. He has embarrassed OUR COUNTRY,disgraced the office that he holds, disrespected the Constitution

And everything needs to be ready to arrest him at 2 pm Jan 20. I’m being nice and giving him time to enjoy Biden’s inauguration before he’s arrested. The witch-hunt continues. He should sue for being subjected to the fake Russian collusion investigation. realDonaldTrump agreed that all this is about that

They’ve been after him for 50 yrs. you think he’s worried? Leave the guy alone. How about we try Obama and Hillary for their crimes first The democrats the globalist and the deep state want to make sure no one ever challenges them and works for the American people again . They want to set a example. Whatever

2,000 Americans + dying daily from Covid. realDonaldTrump has now earned the honor of being legitimately called a mass murderer. TrumpMurderer There is a God!!!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏 Good riddance!! He will move to Russia He shouldn't be enjoying it now, nobody is above the law..... NOBODY There is much to be thankful for.

Couldn't happen to a more deserving piece of 💩💩💩💩💩 Hoping he gets some of what he deserves. Our kids need to know what happens when you cheat, lie and steal - even if you’re the “president”. EqualJusticeUnderTheLaw Thoughts and prayers. He should be held accountable for his criminal activities, ex-whatever. No one is above the law. His imprisonment will be applauded by the global community

Tony Bobulinski Nice. Finally talking about the real thing that Donald is worried about He brought the spotlight onto himself. He will soon face the consequences Icarus EngagednEnraged Trump has always been a piece of crap, he is no better now as leader of the MAGA's, then when he wanted Howard stern to feel up Ivanka in the 90's! Horrible father, Horrible President PresJoeBidenThanksYouForYourSUPPORT EXpresTrumpisaloser perlmutations TeaPartyOne1 funder

The rest of the deep state does. Hilliary. Come on For five years we listened to the rantings of a... .... DERANGED D-LISTER Now he’s leaving us with the blood of 250,000 dead Americans on his tiny, orange, chubby little hands thinkng he’s going to start his own TV network!! I say LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP!

Fake news! None won’t. President Trump. Best President ever! Guess we will worry about January 20 2025 Cool, just remember you're poking at all the bears that have the military experience, the weapons and all the ammo. And they don't have to think about which bathroom to pee in... So he’ll be eating lots of these in prison 😂

Yes...there is a very real possibility that every GOP candidate for the next 30 years will have to campaign carrying the millstone of their party enabled a third of US federal judiciary having been appointed by a convicted felon. The RNC failed to protect the republic. Fake news He should resign on final day in office and have Pence pardon him...otherwise years and years of baseless law suites...let’s heal and unite ...remember

Too bad that didn't happen to Obama. What does Obama and Biden face after the highest level of fraud in the US is revealed!! You’ve rerun those 10 times. Trying to redirect us from election fraud?! He’s the principle unnamed codefendant of the actual case Cohen went to jail for. So that’s one case. Sounds like the first of many.

He needs to run to Russia. Leave America, you're done for! “President” Donald Trump Please God This is why he fights. Oh wow there's a mind blower he's only been investigated since the day he walked on the escalator yawning my two-year-old niece could do a better job than you I will not hold my breath... he will get a slap on the wrist, at worse

Fantastic ! lock the lunatic up The powers that be want him destroyed! Make no mistake the swamp will NEVER allow themselves to be this exposed again. Got to be honest, I dont care. What I care about is America's future, not Donald Trump I think we´re all praying for this day to come. But he´s a slippery bastard and will go do whatever it takes to save his skin.

🥱 yawn Yes anything to take away from the upcoming Kraken we get it media we get it we just don’t care anymore He should Everyone with connections to Trump: Biden laptop, FBI reports on WH meetings with Obama, payments from foreign governments funneled to Clinton Foundation and Biden. Yes the new President will be sweating out the weeks and hiring legal staff. Meanwhile, Biden can’t remember shit. Weekend at Bernies, again.

Man, I hope so. No one deserves it more. With all the negativity on Twitter it’s great to read an uplifting article like this. Thank you . Related, if anyone comes across a crowdfunding site with a goal of bringing civil suits against trump, or his enablers, please send my way. Helps explain why he is stalling

And Biden too torpedoprusa Oh, gee, thatcwould be a shame. But... he is very familiar with lawsuits and legal issues, so.... The Donald will be fine. (snickering, sorry) ....his impeached ass should be in jail! TRUMP 2021 I keep saying this MrHoward Law and order Isn’t he packed up & moved out yet? I truly hope justice prevails 🙏

Jump on your private jet and leave this Country and go someplace where there is no extradition. You have paid a high price for trying to do what you thought was best and you deserve peace and time to enjoy your family Shocker! The man is corrupt! Harassment... Karma Good! POTUS Defund “National Propaganda Radio”... The idea that any percentage of funding would come from taxpayers just so you can push a communist agenda is sick.

The Philippines (and other “less powerful countries”) imprisoned their former leaders. Let’s see if the US has the balls to do such. The one think he clearly well aware of is this exact fact 😂 Well that's his own fault for being a shady business man. That's all there is too it. You forget he’s still has the wheel, and will still have control for weeks to come. He’ll kill us all before facing justice.

Good. Lock him up! The nail that sticks out gets hammered down. But he’ll leave the country long before 1/20/2021. WOW, IT COULDN'T HAPPEN TO A BETTER GUY! Lock him up. Shouldn't enjoy it while president either. No person should be above the law Donald Trump is a millionaire and nothing will ever happen he can pay on his way out of everything

Lock him up Lock Him up Lock him up!!! Boy he really did self project a lot! torpedoprusa All State charges... No Federal charges. He will attempt tp Pardon himself of all Federal crimes. Can't on the State charges though 😏 'Already the subject of investigations'? That's a sick joke & low NPR, he has never not been investigated. All you liberals jumped on that bandwagon and blew your so-called news horns for 4 years. You all put on high brow airs while playing one never Trump song after another

45 it’s time to pay the piper,you know you messed up. It is what it is Womp womp no more safe house... . TrumpFears120101202021 Biden takes oath at 12:00 on 20JAN21 Trump is available for arrest ar 12:01 TrumpFears120101202021 . BREAKING NEWS❗ the Trump era is officially OVER❗🎉🎈🎉 🎶🎵Ding dong the witch is dead🎶

If I had just one wish... THIS ☝️ How can prosecuting President Trump, once he's out of office, be 'bad for democracy'? Not doing so sends a clear message to SCOTUS, that they're wrong when they said that no-one is above the law. He knows this. It is the reason he is trying to seize power through a coup d'état and soliciting donations from his base to use for his defenses.

As an American citizen, Trump will enjoy all the civil rights afforded to prisoners in the NY State Penal System The bigger they are, the harder the fall So..republicans defending an unlawful citizen..who just happens to hold the highest position in the land...who'da thunk it!! Speaks volumes.. One thing is certain, they are trying to intimidate him into giving-up and letting Creepy Joe steal this.

About time Must investigate Biden and kamala too I don’t understand why any president has immunity from crimes they committed before being elected. A single tax return that has been being audited for nine years should be a YUGE red flag that something isn’t right That’s why he’s scared out of his wits! And it’ll be Christmas every day a new indictment arrives.

Lol Trump giving off that virgin energy. I hope he is nailed to the ground THIS is the real reason trump is fighting his election loss. It’s ALWAYS about himself. So when bad orange man leaves the office what are you going to report then? Or are you just going to follow him around for the rest of his life?

If it turns out that way! We China r honored to offer a safe house for President Trump and his families!btw he can learn a lesson in term of how to govern the people!🤣🤣🤣 Now be quick about it! Caribintelligen The president does not have de facto immunity. Barr obstructed Justice to avoid prosecuting Trump. If we let our presidents be above the law we lose our republic. Don't be stupid.

Lock him up! So NPR is taking notes from Warren and Sanders? Is it wrong to indulge in a little schadenfreude as Trump gets his just deserts? Not at all…😼 Time for the men in black...sedans to pick him up. It's so hard to take this seriously... Let's keep writing reports looking into this guy until we can find something on him, at the same time let's ignore all the damning evidence coming out on the other guy. NPR, your bias is showing

Wishful thinking Bore off with your fake news! 🥱 Pursuing these cases is absolutely necessary for us to gain trust back in our system and support for the democratic process. And it sure will feel good... And that is why he is fighting. Pathetic really. Anyone hoping for this, hold your breath and the rest of us will call the morgue.

In every article I’ve read on Trump’s legal issues post-presidency, the political problems with prosecuting an ex-president are (correctly) detailed. But, I don’t recall reading anything pointing out the potential consequences of not prosecuting a criminal president. Biden won’t pursue charges and he will discourage states from pressing charges. He will be rewarded for this by being immediately tried for treason re: the 2020 election when Trump is re-elected in 2024

Or even de jure immunity. 2025 New York knows him the best, the longest. It’s appropriate that they prosecute him on behalf of the rest of the country. Hopefully je continues to use Ghouliani at 20K per hour as his only lawyer 👍👍 Why my once favorite radio show has lost its journalist reputation so fast! I’m getting so angry about your one sided election coverage now. As it’s public funded, why do you only cater to the Democrats? Have you got paid off by Georgia Soros, money can buy NPR’s conscience! LOL!

Biden4Prison TRUMP=INNOCENT! NPR=FAKE NEWS MORONS! Bush waged a war based on lies and Obama routinely bombed weddings (and an American citizen) while illegally spying on Americans, but this suddenly warrants a prosecution? And I can't wait! Wonder if he'll try and use the insanity card or commit suicide? Any bets?

CALL /WRITE etc Cyrus Vance Jr and the New York AG Letitia James ....to PROSECUTE that orange 45 to the MAX after Jan 20 2021. 45 needs PRISON time for these COVID deaths he should have prevented. & Rudy Guiliani needs a prison cell next to 45 ! Debwilker This man should never have been allowed to hold a position of power or authority. He is unfit in every way..

NPR will lose any readers it had by half when Trump leaves office...what are they going to do, write stories about Biden? When the boogie man is gone the media will wither and die a quick death LOCK HIM UP 45 needs PRISON TIME (at the very least) for the 4 YEARS of EMOTIONAL ABUSE of AMERICAN (& international) people and for the many DEATHS from COVID-19 (CRIMES against HUMANITY) that he SHOULD have PREVENTED ..along with all the rest of his legal issues!

Const_Overhaul Being investigated? Wake me up when he's indicted. Real_Chatty_Cat Seriously JoeBiden needs to realize that refusing to lock him may calm things a bit in the short term, but this country will never fully heal until his trump is in jail. RipTheBandaidOff He has done a lot of damage to our society. He doesn't apologize for anything he has said or done. He has, without hesitation, insulted and fired many people. Perhaps punishment of sorts will be his only conduit to redemption.

oops..... 😂 'Once out of office...' 😂 I hear his son is a crack head bag man taking money from state-owned players in Ukraine, China and others. WHOOPS! That's the other guy... Awesome.. more entertainment your taxpayer funded and frankly we are tired of you activism against the President of the United States. Disgraceful

Deadman walking.. he know it. Yes. And that’s why he’s behaving like this. He is soooo busted and he thinks he can play brinksmanship and “ get something” that will help him escape unscathed. Run run run Mr Pres Trump. Its time to go. One of the many reasons he's so afraid to lose his position. Other reasons include being an undignified man-child, a fascist, and wannabe tyrant that idolizes Putin and thinks the CCP's actions during the Tiananmen Square Massacre were an admirable show of strength.

A key point is that it appears that all of these cases *pre-date his time in office. So it's not like he'll face 'legal peril' for what he did as 45- that's not what's being pursued. (At least not according to this article.) ⓘ 𝗧𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝗰𝗹𝗮𝗶𝗺 𝗶𝘀 𝗱𝗶𝘀𝗽𝘂𝘁𝗲𝗱 The biggest peril to Trump are not NY or federal prosecutors, but the crime syndicates he owes money to.

NOBODY SHOULD EVER ENJOY DE FACTO IMMUNITY! There's no way in HELL the Founding Fathers of the United States of America intended for the president to be un-fucking-touchable. C'mon. Can we stop acting this way for fuck's sake? We're adults. Look at a thing, and say WTF it is. Can't wait. And his flock of parrots will hear the talking point that any criminal or civil charges are just “politically motivated” rather than motivated by the dozens, possibly hundreds of blatant crimes he has committed and god knows how many we don’t know about.

Orange jumpsuit will match his hair and tan I hope VP understands the consequences of giving 'anyone' a pardon. Pardoning Nixon was the end of Gerald Ford's political career. All Nixon did was crack the foundation of US democracy; Trump INTENDED to rework it to a lifetime dictatorship & kill over a qtr-million people.

Don't charge him with any Federal crimes until after January 20th. Don't give him a chance to pardon himself or resign and have Pence pardon him. You know the grey hair is a psychological strategy to incite compassion for an old person, right? Hmmm 🤔 CallHisBluff Get a life I think not indicting him while he’s still sitting sets a horrible precedent. It incentivizes refusal to leave office in order to avoid facing consequences for corruption. What a vicious cycle.

He is using the awesome power of the office to attempt to protect his pathetic self. A fictional Tom Clancy novel shows him unfit to rule. Racists, protestors, climate change, economy, virus, election, Yassen-class subs on the seas, immigration. He cannot handle all these at once Good. TessaTessapes Can he he appoint VP Pence as president for the sole purpose of pardoning him?

Trump and the boys outside Mar-A-Lago It’s never going to happen. Somewhere, somehow, all serious charges will be called off to avoid the embarrassment of a former US President sitting in prison. America will treat him better than he treated America. I think he might just be screwed. “If it’s what you say it is, I love it.”

Fake News Well, at least he has 4 years to prepare for it. You are irresponsible. Here is the picture of the man who helped rig the machines. Foreign owned machines with ties to Venezuela sharing offices in Toronto with GeorgeSoros offices being closed down and the leadership disappearing who won’t testify. How stupid are your readers

Do you recall what Trump said to do with treasonous wimps? Lock Him Up This is going to the ultimate test of American Experience and its judicial strength to hold him accountable for the crimes he committed. I can’t wait. It is the only thing that will get me through this NE winter! You’ve been saying the same thing for four years.

most any white collar criminal today enjoys “de-facto immunity,” especially former presidents. without providing the larger context of the law and precedent, this is simply histrionics will claim dementia. guaranteed. You went down really low NPR. What happened to you? What for? Saying it doesn’t make it true. Journalists shouldn’t make statements, they should state facts. So, what for exactly?

One can only hope. 😈 DefundNPR No more funds from my taxes!!! Serve him as he moves out of the WH, PLEASE. Or you could just wait at Mar-a-lago’s entrance while wearing a red hat... you know he can’t resist a “fan”. I’d even say you could try at the inauguration but we all know he won’t show up. Trump porn. NPR Griftin

Thank god for that! It’s no wonder he’s scared and hiding in his bunker. Time is running out tho 🤗 Trump will be the first Chosen One to require a pardon. I'm counting on it. Liar, cheater, bigot, disgusting, disrespectful, despicable, egotistical, horrible man. What did I leave out? Lock him up. Is that why he stopped using the hair dye, because he saw what happened to former Illinois governor Blagojevic in prison? Asking for a Schadenfriend.

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