On the brink of recession: Can Bitcoin survive its first global economic crisis?

What happens when Bitcoin meets a major economic recession for the first time?

6/23/2022 11:20:00 AM

What happens when Bitcoin meets a major economic recession for the first time?

Bitcoin has not seen a single full-blown recession in its lifetime but analysts see it surviving one after suffering more blows.

The statement followedthat agreed that the Fed would raise benchmark rates by another 75 bps in July and will follow it up with a 0.5% increase in September.That adds more downside potential to an already-declining crypto market,notedInforma Global Markets, a London-based financial intelligence firm, saying that it would not bottom out until the Fed subsides its"aggressive approach to monetary policy."

But a U-turn on hawkish policies seems unlikely in the near term given the central bank's 2% inflation target. Interestingly, the gap between the Fed's fund rates and the consumer price index (CPI) is now the largest on record.Fed funds rate versus inflation. Source: Ecoinometrics

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bitcoinwallah Froginutoken 🐸X100🐸X1000🐸 We will see it for the first time Well, it was designed to be money because what we use as money and how, causes recession. The real question is do you have any BTC? Because wat are you going to do when the USD goes to zero? Bitcoin was a response to the 2008 global recession. It introduced a new way to transact without depending on trust of third-parties, such as banks, particularly failing banks that were nevertheless bailed out by government at the expense of the public.

So I always wondered what bitcoin would do in such a situation. I don't expect anything good. The whole show is still ahead. This doesn't mean that you need to sell off all assets, but I wouldn't advise buying anything other than usdt now. It’s goes down to 9-10K and we buy it it's not the first time lmao, I've seen bitcoin fluctuate more than that, also literally the whole world is gone broke. I hate how some people will try to fud the whole market, just buy some BIT and hold if you're that afraid, join a DAO, listen and engage in a community