Omicron was in Europe long before travel bans on southern Africa

Omicron was in Europe long before travel bans on southern Africa

World, Covid-19: Omicron Was İn Europe Before Southern Africa Travel Bans - Cnn

12/2/2021 8:31:00 AM

Omicron was in Europe long before travel bans on southern Africa

Covid-19 vaccines helped to prevent tens of thousands of deaths among seniors in the US between January and May of this year. Despite their widespread availability and efficacy, many people are refusing a shot.

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If non vaccinated people can't travel... and ONLY vaccinated people can ride a plane... who are spreading the new variants worldwide? 🤔 Lol If true , then this sort of defeats the logic that variants will necessarily emerge from low vaccination regions I can't be the only one who thought of this Because its all fake

So Biden is a racist for putting in place travel restrictions from an African nation, right? That’s how it works? Really I feel laugh the news may Europe nation's populations equality of Africans..... aarien Who cares? Mild symptom based on data out of South Africa. Well it's about time the world apologised to South Africa

And it’s already in America… smh

How Europe Triggered An Energy Crisis, And Now Is Paying Dearly For ItAt the heart of Europe's bad bet was the belief of many gas buyers that they could do better in the spot market than they could if bound to long-term, fixed contracts, some of them take-or-pay.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesNice Guaranteed it's also already in the US and may be contributing to the current surge as seen in states like Michigan. The Netherlands owes South Africa an enormous apology!

Border closures won't do much to stop Omicron, expert says, and could be counterproductivePresident Biden’s decision late last week to ban travel from eight southern African countries is unlikely to curb the spread of the Omicron coronavirus variant, an epidemiologist warns, and could even be counterproductive. Well duh!

UN: Travel bans on African states over Omicron are 'ineffective'Officials in South Africa have said they are being punished for identifying a strain and sharing crucial science and health information.

‘New Normal’: U.S. Travelers Are Not Panicking Over OmicronWhile Americans in general are more worried about Omicron than Delta, it's not impacting travel plans

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices& let’s add masks 😷 - does not completely stop spread - asks ppl to sacrifice for greater good - makes ppl resentful, feel isolated, depressed - has economic impact Condemned (but putting in place travel restrictions,while still allowing US citizens not to test is crazy )