Omicron variant found in 13 passengers tested at Amsterdam airport Friday, Dutch authorities say

Thirteen passengers traveling from South Africa tested positive for the Omicron variant at Amsterdam's airport on Friday, Dutch health authorities say. Follow live updates:

World, Us Announces Travel Restrictions Over New Covid-19 Variant

11/28/2021 4:37:00 PM

Thirteen passengers traveling from South Africa tested positive for the Omicron variant at Amsterdam's airport on Friday, Dutch health authorities say. Follow live updates:

The US, European Union and other major destinations have moved to block flights from African countries following the discovery of an aggressive mutation of the Covid-19 virus. Follow for the latest news updates.

Red Cross workers transport passengers infected with coronavirus returning from South Africa for quarantine at a hotel in Schiphol, Netherlands, on November 27. (Laurens Bosch/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock)Dutch health authorities said that the Omicron variant had been identified in at least 13 people who got tested at Amsterdam Schiphol airport after landing from South Africa on Friday.

Netherlands’ National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) said in apublished Sunday that the variant had been detected through the sequencing of the 61 positive Covid-19 results obtained by local health authorities at the airport on Friday.

It added that the sequencing “had not beenentirely completed” and that it was “possible that the new variant will be found in more test samples.”Astatementposted Saturday by RIVM said that Omicron had been “presumably found” in a number of people tested at the airport on Friday morning.

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A total of 624 passengers from two flights returning from South Africa were tested by GGD Kennemerland (the municipal health service responsible for the Amsterdam Schiphol airport) upon arrival, GGD said Friday.Some context:The Netherlands put in place a flight ban on Friday on several countries of Southern Africa. Flights may continue if they carry Dutch citizens and/or travelers with an EU or Schengen-area passport.

Those citizens can enter the Netherlands with a negative PCR test result taken in the past 24 hours and have to quarantine for 10 days upon arrival, or for five days if they show a negative test result, per anoticefrom the Dutch government’s website.The two flights that landed on Friday morning at Amsterdam Schiphol airport had left South Africa before the flight ban took effect at 12 p.m. Dutch time. Dutch authorities

that “passengers of the flights that were already en route to the Netherlands before the flight ban came into effect will do a PCR test after landing and go into quarantine.”

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Really alarming!! En castellano When will this end , Lord have mercy on your children 🙏🏾 This pandemic will only end when the world wakes up. Yeah, COVID19 is real, but each successive mutation is less virulent than the one before. Easier to catch, but less harmful. The doctors and scientists in Africa have clearly pointed out that the symptoms are mild.

O DEMOCRACY HOW MANY CRIMES ARE COMMITTED IN YOUR NAME? NOMORE 🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹 Israel smartest . Banned all Travel into Israel Putouts pop pop Do you report how many brought that variant to southern Africa Let it go… we know it’s here , we know what options are here for us … stop reporting these type things. Let it go

Shame may the Lord have mercy on us Arrest Fauci. Lies and more lies he is the creator or the virus

The Omicron variant is spreading across Europe with at least 13 cases identified in the NetherlandsAt least 13 people who got tested at Amsterdam Schiphol airport after traveling from South Africa on Friday have tested positive for the Omicron coronavirus variant, Dutch health authorities said on Sunday. Wait, so now the COVID test says which variant you have? I’m call BS! How are they testing for this variant, I wonder 🤔

What about this science Watch 'Vaccine Mandates Expert Panel Highlights' on YouTube a hearing from US SENATOR RON JOHNSON and all vaccine injuries.. don't believe me watch it from the SENATOR'S YouTube channel... its sick and disturbing This is the lead “…at least 61 passengers had tested positive for the virus, with 13 of those cases confirmed to be the Omicron.” How tf these people get cleared to fly?!? CyrilRamaphosa POTUS WHO CDCgov COVIDIOTS

Lol! They've now reduced from 65 to 13? Where did the 52 go to? It is terrible! 😥 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 A reporter visited and Amish community and asked asked one of its residents about the type of impact Covid has made on their community, The Amish resident answered: None whatsoever, we do not own TV’s and we do not watch the news here.

How can one determine it was this particular variant? Regular test sites cannot test for specific variants on the spot. They have to be sent to a lab for extensive testing. So how did results come back so quickly determining it was Omicron? Safe borders lmao darrelbrookskiller But y’all want to be mad President Biden closed the border I’m glad he did. Close it for every country Israel has

WHO names new variant of concern 'omicron,' as scientists advise cautionNEW: WHO names new Covid strain first identified in southern Africa 'omicron' and calls it a 'variant of concern.' NBCNightlyNews Jimmy crack omnicorn and he don’t care Yes. It's just the beginning. Amen

Nah That's particular No one cares! WHERE IS GHISLAINE MAXWELL COVERAGE They shouldn't have been allowed to fly in the first place. Have we learned nothing in 2 years? Ridiculous. Fully vaccinated folks have this! Look up what this name means! Why weren’t they tested before they got in the plane? So shut down travel from this area. Oh wait that’s racist.

Yesterday it was said that 61 tested pos, now 13 with omicron? Please be clear, are you saying out of that 61 there's 13 with omicron? Most of us don't care anymore🤦‍♂️ tired of being used as pawns in a world power grab.

U.S. To Restrict Travel From 8 Countries In Africa Due To New COVID VariantBREAKING: The White House announced that it will begin restricting travel from South Africa and seven other countries on the African continent starting Monday in light of the newly identified omicron variant of the coronavirus. Biden = racist Why wait until Monday? 💩 writing skills. You forgot to mention that South Africa discovered the Omicron strain and now we are being punished for sharing that with the world.

So there is a test already. Great let me see if I can get one. Stop lying. Ummmm😔🤨🧐 So what!! COVIDvariants Omicron is an ominous warning to whole world to awaken to realization that COVID doesn't care where your live, it's your own moral duty & responsibility to get vaccinated if you value your life farzana’s interview

Everyone is starting to calm down and no longer live in fear…. Time to release a “new variant” Drama and blood. Now blame Biden!! Yea! Yea! I believe it was 61 passengers on two flights. this all really is somewhat tiring, different docs have said this covid this variant this variant this variant som docs concernd others say too soon. Sheesh World if ya wana Chance lessening gettn a covid, less severe a covid b maskd and vaccinated.

Biden made a great decision to hold of flyiny from and too.

Will Flight Restrictions Help Prevent New COVID-19 Variant Spread?The World Health Organization has declared omicron a variant of concern. no; it can at best slow it down by a few days. Get ready for those antivaxxers to go bonkers when the experts tell intelligent people to do the right thing.💉

40% or more of people are asymptomatic. They transmitted and never get sick from it. You can not track or stop this covid virus. You have to live with this virus that evolved in homosexual men and jumped to us the normal population. And howmany already walking around in your states They already have test worldwide that can specifically detect the omnicron variant? 🤔

STOP trying to create fear in people. This is less dangerous and a common cold. Scare tactics to encourage vaccination Shame shame. Almost like suicide bombers 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️😳😳😳😳😳😬😬😬😬 scary and selfish. Biggest threat to the economics of world is not corona but Dr. Fauci. Amen. Transit thru to USA affects

New Release, Monday! WZW2 Omicron the sequel Oh no is it a “tragedy” or a “crash”?

The new Omicron variant is a pandemic gut checkThe emergence of the Omicron variant appears to be the strongest reminder yet that the pandemic is not over So now wants to know how Biden can stop the spread of the news Covid variant in the World. Also look again at commercial logo it is exactly the same as OANN Come on people get vaccinated! All you unvaccinated people are causing these deadly variants. The fact that this is a variant of a virus that even western countries are beginning to take seriously says something about how scary this virus is.😱😱😱

This is not a person to represent me or our kids There’s many issues but the media is used for basically nothing to make Americans strong They want personal conversations but none of us can acces use to media as this No, they tested for Covid. The variant testing isn’t automatic! It has to be grown out in a lab.

They use the media to nation of people in a way that’s not good for who Americans should be represented Bollocks🤮

Fauci Says He ‘Wouldn’t Be Surprised’ If Omicron Covid Variant Already In U.S.Fauci speaks out about Omicron variant, likelihood of whether it's reached US Moronic variant, lol. Ignore this fraud

Light cough. Sore muscles. Tiredness. Only Democrats would shut the USA down over these symptoms. Conservative states or die! News reports say the symptoms are mild. Is there any info on how these people are? We need to know if this new variant is more or less deadly. CNN Fake News NoMore Acosta maybe the planes and airports are now the issue?

Kak man! Haha they didn’t test positive for the new virus since cool scare tactics