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Klete Keller, Olympic Gold Medalist

Olympic gold medalist Klete Keller charged for alleged role in Capitol riots

Klete Keller, who won five Olympic swimming medals, including two relay golds, has been charged for his alleged participation in the Capitol riot last week

1/14/2021 2:53:00 AM

Klete Keller , who won five Olympic swimming medals, including two relay golds, has been charged for his alleged participation in the Capitol riot last week

Klete Keller , who won five Olympic swimming medals, including two relay golds, was charged Wednesday for his alleged participation in the Capitol riot last week, according to court documents.

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abdallahcnn Those endorsement opportunities should be coming any day now 🤣🤣🤣😋 Well... now we know what he was packing in that Speedo! A big sack of sedition! abdallahcnn USOlympicHOF whn will he be stripped of his medals? abdallahcnn He needs to lose his medals. He might want to tighten up on that backstroke before he goes to prison.

Wow....... He should be stripped of those medals. Lock Him Up! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻good 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 We need to raise money for all these people for legal cost like blm and antifa got Just because you have god given physical talents doesn’t mean that includes a brain. Strip him of his gold medals before he goes to jail.

Elite! Ummmm not so much sad Kleetus is what you really mean.... The terrorists are everywhere. America is in serious trouble. Keep those arrests coming! Seems like a poor choice, he will most likely lose any or some of his endorsements that he had. He only gets a participant medal now 😳 Lets be real, these folks hav been crying voter fraud because they are confused on how many NON-WHITE folks were able to turn the vote blue... what they really wanna say is that the black vote does not count.. thats what they really mean when these folks cry 'voter fraud

He had lots of competitions before! a life of excitement! . . Maybe he has no more opportunities for excitement now! Misses the good_old_days. therefore, he's started the wrong way to gain a little bit of excitement and adrenaline. But it's Wrong Hope it was worth it What a terrible example of behavior for our children to see by an Olympian! He doesn't represent America as he should.

Man these light ass charges!!! Gtfoh Lock him up Strip him of medals, sadly. But he participated in a seditious act and does not deserve to be awarded athletic accolades. Just what are the charges? Will fake news check into left wing role in protests? Dick head He should be stripped of his metals and any records. Erased from sports history.

Tens of thousands men and women so easily being fooled by one man. They were all bewitched, lost their minds and became Zombies👹 on that day. Their reputation, legacy and legend were all stained and lost when they blindly became violent tresspasser, mobster, rioter, burglar🥷🕵️‍♀️ How shameful! Let me see him swim his way out of this one

Shameful BBCWorld day is not far off when heavily compromised outfits CNN NewYork Times BBC Washington Post get thrashed by the public for spewing venom Maybe he should have kept on swimming in a pool filled with water and not Nazi's... Jerk Alleged ? He Right There ... Take his gold medals back Strip him of the medals.

I guess he didn’t get enough endorphins while swimming. Where’s this hate coming from? To all those saying strip the medals - No. Charge him for offences. Jail is a far better and more suitable punishment. He won't have any FUTURE engagements. No future statues...not that he would in any case. These people never get charged... wait and see

His medals should be revoked, he does not deserve the right to keep his medals. Idiot. LadyJudy5 Man, what a dropoff! Is living with the name Klete punishment enough? 🤔 Strip the medals As for the medals sell them to help pay for the wall. maybe it was the chlorine 🤣 Idiot Klete Keller is an insurgent terrorist, he chose this path bc Trump and associates filled his head with lies. As with thousands of others he was radicalized.

Good, and I hope along with everyone else that participated in this terrorist event, are not only charged with the obvious felonies but every one of them should also be charged with accessory to murder! So much for the 'hero' mythos. I always was suspicious of that whole heroes hooha. It perpetuates a superior being mythology. People are flawed. That's just that.

Psst, not the way to get that adrenaline rush again 😉 Neva heard of em 🙄 You broke in and took what wasn't yours. They should take your title and any metals giving to you. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Stupid These idiots think they will have some glorious mention in history books. All that will be said is an ill fated attempt to over throw the government failed because the participants were too busy taking selfie’s and photo ops and had no idea what to do once they were inside.

Jail. He's a enemy. End lost the fivw medals He will join the exclusive group of fascist athletes.. hope he speaks German so he can understand his fellow members .. and how is his stiff arm salute and does he know the words of Hitler's nazi anthem? Good 闹得有点大了 They look demonized, like devils when they did this, as if possessed

Kletus!! WTF! Rip, and arrest them all Good jobs by law enforcement officials Dumba$$!!! He needs to be stripped of his medals! NOW!