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Olivia Rodrigo's Deja Vu now credits Taylor Swift's Cruel Summer

Now officially an interpolation of the iconic Cruel Summer

8/4/2021 11:12:00 AM

Now officially an interpolation of the iconic Cruel Summer

Taylor and her co-writers Jack Antonoff and St Vincent have been added as writers to the 'Drivers License' follow-up.

AsRolling Stonefirst reported, the track - which served as the much-hyped follow-up to Olivia’s Number 1 debut hit Drivers License - and its metadata have been updated on streaming services Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music. Taylor, Jack and St. Vincent now sit alongside Olivia and her frequent producer Dan Nigro in the credits.

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According toThe new accreditation comes from an interpolation of the melody to “Cruel Summer”, a fan favourite track from Taylor’s 2019Loveralbum, which Olivia herself referenced as a direct inspiration to “Deja Vu.”Most notably, this influence can be felt most keenly in the track’s bridge and outro, where Olivia’s vocals, heavily layered with vocoder, carry a distinct taste of Taylor’s “Cruel Summer” outro, where a similar technique is used.

Neither Olivia or Taylor - or Jack Antonoff and St Vincent - have commented on the change in accreditation, although Taylor’s influence on Olivia has long been recorded.Speaking previously to Rolling Stone, Olivia herself confirmed that Deja Vu’s bridge was inspired by the “yelly vocals” on “Cruel Summer” and that she considers the album track “one of my favourite songs ever.”

Taylor is also credited elsewhere on Olivia’s debut LPSOURon the track “1 step forward, 2 steps back”, which directly samples the melody fromreputation’s closing track “New Years Day.” Read more: i-D »

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