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Olivia Jade Says Cancel Culture Has Made Her Feel Like She Has to 'Walk on Eggshells'

10/26/2021 7:18:00 AM

Olivia Jade Says Cancel Culture Has Made Her Feel Like She Has to 'Walk on Eggshells'

Olivia Jade reflected on how she's changed since the college admissions scandal, saying on her podcast that she's 'scared' of having another incident that 'blows up in my face again.'

Olivia said she also understands "how different of a person I've become because of it—and not entirely in a good way sometimes." She feels like she has "way harder days" or is "way harder on myself" than she was before.

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"I'm so scared of looking up my name and something bad is happening, and I'm the face of it. And it's going to be this big thing that blows up in my face again," Olivia shared.ABC/Maarten de BoerShe said the backlash has made her live her life a little bit differently or even "shut down" altogether.

"You kind of start to believe what people are telling you. Like, you don't deserve a second chance and there is no room for growth," she went on. "You feel like, not to sound super dark, but how do you bounce back then? Because I want to be alive. I still want to grow up." headtopics.com

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She posed for pictures that would be used in this scam & has still not checked her privilege. She needs to accept the fact that people have a negative opinion of her because of her actions. This girl feels entitled, that’s why she’s online whining now. You can't really blame her because She was raised by wealthy parents and lived a pretty luxurious lifestyle. They obviously didn't teach her how things for non wealthy people go. Plus you know a lot more people do this who are wealthy but not well known.

I mean, EVERYONE should be allowed to have feelings. As long as she understands she is extremely privileged, which it sounds like she does, she can't help the way she feels. 🙄👎 Then she should stop talking about it 🙄 then shut up about it lol Is she playing the victim? She's acting like the ppl holding her accountable aren't valid? She's not the victim lmao

Literally no one cares! You lied to get into college and then blamed it all on your mom! You posed for pictures like you were on the rowing teaming knowing full well you were not! You still have not checked your white privilege and it’s very disturbing you are so out of touch.

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Don't say anything stupid and you'll be fine I’m sorry, isn’t she on network tv? This cancel crying from the privileged is gross. Good, watch ya mouth oliviajadee She blames everything but the fact that her family was bribing a college to accept them in and taking up spots from students that shouldve been there but NOPE it's the cancel culture.

Cancel culture or the actions of her family? Cancel culture is the only reason anybody knows her name though 🧐🙄😒 Entitled much? People don’t have to like her. That is exactly how it feels. Fight against them. Don't allow this crazy group to make you feel that way

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I’m over these people using the phrase “cancel culture” to replease “consequences for my own actions!” Cancel culture is what happened to The Chicks! Being destroyed for speaking truth! Having to deal with fall out of doing shitty things isn’t cancel culture! She needs to own her behavior. When she presented herself as an entitled female that get to slide threw life because of her parents and the opinions of other on social. What did she think would happen. Fame is fickle.

Wahhhhhhh! Stay focused on your future. One step at a time, and remember your family is everything. The thing that I find interesting is that she acts like she had nothing to do with what happened. Sooo you had no idea why you were posing for rowing pictures in the gym and then magically got accepted to USC on a rowing team?

We live in a world that demands perfection but leaves no room for growth. It’s sad. Listen stop trying to make us feel bad for Olivia jade, it's never gonna happen Girl, take that up with your parents! Nobody likes a cheater.

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Cancel culture sucks Whe is part of the problem Yawn don't care about this spoiled untalented trashcan Poor her Is walking on eggshells a sport? Who is this child and what is it that she's done that y'all have to announce her thought process every other day? I mean other than her mother doing something bad only for her to get into school and not do school work.

Or just be a decent human being every day. It’s not difficult. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Olivia Jade needs a reality check. Let’s see:your parents ROBBED 2 qualified high school students who worked for 12 years to make straight A’s and did who knows how many extra curricular events to get into USC because you and your sister had NO qualifications to get in.A tragedy.

Cancel culture ≠ Being held accountable for your actions and the actions of those around you. She's just naturally bad person that doesn't want to change

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If only she could just be a good person she might not have to worry!! Uh..thats mommy and daddy's fault good Who are you? Do we really care what you have to say. Hopefully you don’t follow in your moms footsteps. “Olivia Jade Says Getting Caught and Being Held Accountable for Her Actions Has Made Her Feel Less Privileged”

Girl no one has an ounce of sympathy for you and nobody ever will. She’s a sweetheart, what happened is all in the past get on with life and enjoy every moment it’s short. She needs to get away from the spotlight. This article read like she is a victim. Yeah! Tell that to deserving students who lost admission because of her. Of course, second chances are given. But, save the 'I'm a victim' interviews for brunch or dinner with your friends.

The Cancel Culture needs to be Cancel nothing but a bunch of bullies Good.

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Who? The privilege is real I was gonna tweet 'she doesn't actually care'. Then I thought 'I' don't care. Then was gonna switch to 'who cares 🤷🏽‍♂️'. Then decided to erase everything. Now here we are. This. THIS is what I'm going with 🤦🏽‍♂️

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