Maggie Gyllenahaal, Olivia Coleman, The Lost Daughter

Maggie Gyllenahaal, Olivia Coleman

Olivia Colman Leads All-Star Cast for Maggie Gyllenhaal’s Directorial Debut

Olivia Colman Leads All-Star Cast for Maggie Gyllenhaal's Directorial Debut

2/12/2020 6:31:00 PM

Olivia Colman Leads All-Star Cast for Maggie Gyllenhaal's Directorial Debut

For her directorial debut, Maggie Gyllenhaal has tapped Oscar-winner Olivia Colman, Dakota Johnson, Jessie Buckley and Peter Sarsgaard to star in the feature adaptation of “ The Lost Daughter .…

For her directorial debut, Maggie Gyllenhaal has tapped Oscar-winner Olivia Colman, Dakota Johnson, Jessie Buckley and Peter Sarsgaard to star in the feature adaptation of “The Lost Daughter.” Gyllenhaal also penned the script, which is based on the novel by best-selling author Elena Ferrante. “The Lost Daughter” tells the story of a college professor (Colman) [...]

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Love Island's Olivia and Alex Bowen slam series for 'fakery and going downhill'Love Island's Olivia and Alex Bowen slam series for it's fake elements and said it was 'a lot worst' because of the 'savage' elements LOL at OliviaDBuck calling others fake

Here's Olivia Jade's Fictitious Rowing ResumeFederal prosecutors must have decided we needed a lift on this dark and stormy Monday, because they’ve finally released Olivia Jade’s extremely fake rowing résumé. Thanks guys, I needed this.\n I wish she was my fictitious girlfriend She's a woman. So she's a hero. Leave her alone. She’s a spoiled rich kid but she’s not responsible for he parents being entitled cheats

Olivia Jade's Alleged Rowing Resume ReleasedAs the college admissions scandal wages on, an eyebrow-raising document has surfaced: Olivia Jade's alleged rowing resume. Curious what type of consequence did those prestigious universities have for accepting bribes? I haven't read anything about it, were there any repercussions?

The Brazen Confidence of Olivia Jade’s Allegedly Fake Athletic RésuméOlivia Jade's “skill set” included “awareness, organization, direction and steering” Is she proficient on Microsoft Office software? Why the hell is VANITY FAIR printing this crap. Nobody cares.

Olivia Jade’s Alleged Fake Crew Resume ReleasedET has obtained a copy of Olivia Jade's alleged fake athletic resume. Did anyone from the college check the team she allegedly was on, so they could verify if she was or was not on that team? Seems like vetting is not very popular right now, in many, many institutions.

Feds Release Olivia Jade's Rowing Resume in Lori Loughlin CaseThe Feds have released Olivia Jade's resume that was submitted to USC listing her crew accomplishments. losers This seems malicious & unnecessary.