Ola And James Jordan, Strictly

Ola And James Jordan, Strictly

Ola and James Jordan excited for Ella's first Strictly: 'She loves dancing'

Ola and James Jordan excited for Ella's first Strictly: 'She loves dancing'

9/17/2021 12:10:00 PM

Ola and James Jordan excited for Ella's first Strictly : 'She loves dancing'

Former Strictly dancers Ola and James Jordan are excited for the new series of Strictly – and little Ella is going to watch too!

All the sequins, luminous tans and fabulous dancing are back darlings, and our favourite pro couple, Ola and James Jordan, will be on hand to give us their views in their weekly column, Strictly Speaking, starting on Sunday.This year, there's a new critic in the Jordan household… 18-month-old Ella Jordan, who is watching Strictly properly for the first time (before mum and dad take her up to bed, that is!).

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"We'll definitely let Ella watch Strictly with us," says James."We'll try and watch it with her and see how it goes. We might have to record it! Ella watched a bit last year, but she wasn't really interested, to be honest - but this year she'll take more notice. She loves dancing." headtopics.com

Despite having seriously cool, famous parents, little Ella is totally unaware that her mum and dad are dancers off the telly."She's got no clue!" laughs James.MORE: Greg Wise reveals Emma Thompson's brilliant reaction to him joining Strictly

Ella is taking after mum and dad with her dancingWe asked Ola and James what their ritual is for watching Strictly – do they have friends over and make it a social occasion?James reveals:"We never watch it with friends because people talk." Ola adds:"People talk and don't take it seriously! We want to hear what all the judges are saying, so we can't be having people talking with us."

Are they in touch with any of the dancers on the show? We have visions of a super-glitzy Strictly WhatsApp group…James says:"I don't know many of them personally because they're so much younger than me, but I know Neil Jones; I've known him for years and years and stay in contact with him. A couple of months ago I went water surfing with him at Thorpe Park. Neil's a lovely guy. We know Janette and Aljaz too."

Former Strictly pros James and Ola JordanAnd Anton du Beke is back judging this year, which is exciting!"Yeah, I'm really happy for him," James tells us."I saw him the other day at a golf event and out of everyone, he deserves it. He's so happy. He's put the time in, hasn't he?" headtopics.com

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We can't wait for Ola and James' weekly Strictly column to start. With 18 seasons of Strictly between them under their belts, the couple knows a thing or two about the show.MORE: Vernon Kay and Tess Daly look no different in 18-year-old wedding photos

Ola and James on StrictlyJames says of their column: "It's about honesty and saying what we see. It's our honest views. There are no celebrities on the show who I know personally, so I have no reason to favour or dislike anyone. I don't know what they're like as people, so I can only go on what I'm seeing on the TV.

"There will definitely be someone who's going to shock us, someone who'll be disappointing, then you're going to have your frontrunners, people in the middle of the pack and a few at the bottom – it's the same every year."Check out Ola and James' first Strictly Speaking column here on Sunday 19 September!

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