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Kevin Stitt, Oklahoma Governor

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt announces he has tested positive for coronavirus

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt says he has tested positive for coronavirus

7/15/2020 6:55:00 PM

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt says he has tested positive for coronavirus

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt announced Wednesday that he has coronavirus and said he's the first governor to test positive for it.

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What does this say sbout this man’s judgement and his ability to lead this great State? Oklahomans deserve better! Why allow partisan spin on this critical health issue to continue to cost recovery of both Health and Economy? Vote! Really? Pretty shocked? Really? I guess you listened to fox news and thought it's all a hoax ah?

Feel sorry for you him... following the 🤡 in chief's lead was pretty much setting himself up for this!!!1💯💯🎯👎🏾👎🏾 LOL, what can I say, sorry Congratulations! Now you can have a taste of your own medicine. He’s pretty shocked because he’s pretty damn stupid. Well you asked for it !! No 😷 It couldn't have happened to a more deserving idiot who has done nothing to protect the people of his state. I hope that he had a great time at the rally for the Moronodon. Maybe he will pay for it with his life. Being a Republican idiot can be deadly.

I sure hope he ends up on a ventilator! I’m not shocked. These idiots.. Yet he still won't mandate masks for the people in his state We are not shocked. He’s fine. Looks great. Shocked? Didn't he attend Trump's petri dish of a hate rally a month ago? Holy Stitt that is sooo shocking 🙄 a pretty Stitty thing to happen to him. Hope he gets his Stitt together. 😉

He got a bad dose of Hydroxychloroquine ? My guess is he does not die. Didn't wear a mask. Caught corona virus. pulledaStitt I imagine he was shocked since he told everyone back in March it was a Dem hoax and not to worry about it. The only thing that is shocking is that he is the only governor who has got it so far.

And they 'bark'...'It only happens to the good 'dogs''. I can only hope you didn’t expose your children. Tsh tsh tsh Plot twist: He's lying. Gonna take 2 weeks off and come back healthy, giving all credit to Hydrox. This is Science at its best. Let's learn to listen to science, good people🙏 So, who’s surprised!

Can’t say you weren’t warned. 👌🏼🤗 hope all the ventilators in oklahoma are being used. Karma does not forgive Republicans 🤫 DarwinAwards Thats what he gets for chillin with trump lmaoo I wanna touch Kevin Stitt. good Dude reminds me of an evil villain from the original Star Trek. Coronavirus, la Sicilia (ITALIA) torna a zero contagi. l'Isola tra le regioni che non registrano nuovi contagi.🌈🌈🌈🙏👍

But is it a Republican virus? I think we should be told Can’t make this shit up!!! He got it from Trump during last rally in Oklahoma! Check again. Florida and Texas have clinics reporting 90% positive tests for covid! in mother america, virus president comes to you! So what... Never say that Donald didn't give you anything. TrumpRallyFail

Stand by King Clown Stitt....your going to know what it is like now. Have fun. Great job with the CoronaRally! Fighting the strong sense of schadenfreude. Thoughts and body bags. Ha ha. NOT SURPRISED AT ALL!! TOLD YA SO! realDonaldTrump He was the rally and that’s how he got it!! Stitt appeared at Trump's Covid-palooza super-spreader rally in Tulsa and proclaimed that Oklahoma had successfully reopened due to '25 of his executive orders to slow the spread'.

Now he will take resources to take care of his stupid ass. When those resources could be used on the innocent. And someone may contract the virus caring for him. Instead of fighting for his country, realDonaldTrump, spent most of his time trying to avoid, he is the reason why people are contracting one. TrumpLiesAmericansDie TrumpVirusKILLS TrumpSuperSpeader

Does he feel like an idiot? He should? Wow, it spreads like a virus, imagine that. Covid 19 is a bitch, Covid 19 like people without mask I wish him nothing but the worst. Leading by example....when you don’t wear a mask!! 🦠 Covid is winning Forget about it OPEN UP because DJT says so Why dont they install ionizers in buildings...proven to work on viruses....end of story...

He should free JuliusJones while he thinks about the stupid life choices he’s made.

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt tests positive for coronavirusThe governor of Oklahoma announced Wednesday that he has tested positive for coronavirus, becoming the first governor to publicly announce a positive diagnosis. Low IQ state will damage the country

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