Madison Bell: Ohio Teen İs Found Safe, Sheriff Says - Cnn

Madison Bell: Ohio Teen İs Found Safe, Sheriff Says - Cnn

Ohio teen Madison Bell is found safe, sheriff says

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5/23/2020 9:15:00 PM

An Ohio woman missing since Sunday has been found. The Highland County sheriff says she left on her own free will.

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Hello!!! how are you doing? One of 400 000 missing kids in US ( EVERY year) was found. And of course she just wanted to escape. How about we talk about all those kids who were too young to plan escape or were never found? MissingChildrensDay onemissingchildistoomany Phew! 🙏 Child trauma lack of attention so she got it now. If a next missing appears, can be serious. This could be a test case!

Хм,я задумалась Can you please take her name and picture off the website? She didn’t do anything wrong, she’s not under arrest, and now the entire country knows who she is. 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼 Melissa, let your mother or someone know where you are going! We don’t have time for this! Too much is going on! Glad you’re safe.

EITMonline I knew she left to bang some dude Yay! So thankful! LivePD Lmao missing white girl goes on a walk. Next. Pandemic gonna make you wanna go anywhere outside Why is this news? Grown ass woman bounces and didnt tell her parents. Now shame her for wasting resources🥴 Ain’t nothing wrong with wanting to get away but a simple message could’ve prevented this

Wasted a lot of resources .... Waste of parents and loved ones worrying and waste of police time and money looking for her. I'm surprised your covering this story CNN. I thought you didn't do feel good white people stories Thank God! Awesome - she was just featured on OfficialLivePD last night! It's ohio, could you blame her?

That’s not considered missing! I leave on my own free will all the time without letting anyone know. Relatable.

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An Ohio health agency told minorities to avoid masks with 'gang symbolism.' It's apologized.An Ohio county health department is apologizing after receiving backlash over its mask guidance, which told minorities not to wear face coverings with 'gang symbolism.” 1.3 million Americans that voted for Trump just found out they are not black According to Joe Biden New York State Department of Health: only employers can enforce the mask suggestion, and even then employees can refuse for health reasons. Yeah and when the gangs attack the bitching public who do they run too the cops. Face masks should not have symbols of hate, gangs or other violent symbolism. Hammer and cyckle, swatzika, burning cross and do not belong on a mask! ,

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