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Ohio State denied request to trademark 'The' for merchandise

Ohio State University loses its fight to trademark the word 'The.'


Ohio State University loses its fight to trademark the word 'The.'

Ohio State University has lost its fight to trademark the word 'The.'

OSU submitted the trademark application last month.

The school requested for it to be put on various items including T-shirts, baseball caps and hats.

Read more: ABC News

🤣😂🤣😂🤣 W 'The' F? WE ARE STILL The OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY 'The' OBNOXIOUS ones were shut down!!! Amen GO BLUE Shocking... PNardell Not the brightest bunch over there, are they? The arrogance is just 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ Good

Ohio State University loses 'the' trademark bid Ohio State University loses bid to trademark 'the' in front of OSU's name. 'The' idiots. Whatever, it will always be THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY. O-H-I-O GoBucks I trademark and...

sasyecat Good i'm going to trademark 'trademark', just to f*ck with everyone. Roll Tide. Good Now will LeBron get to trademark Taco Tuesday? So much for that publicity stunt. How about 'locker room rape?' Race to the courthouse with Penn State? They were idiots to even pursue it. Good from everyone in THE 🌎

Ohio school takes lunch away from boy on his 9th birthday over account balance'We have spoken with our cafeteria staff already about how to handle things, maybe differently,' the school principal said. Simply cruel! What school is this? Ayn Rand Elementary? You'd think one of the teachers would've paid for the child. It was only 9 bucks.. pulte can we get this kid some lunch money... for like the whole year?

As well they should I already trademarked it sorry.

Planned Parenthood Closes Two Ohio Clinics Over Title X ChangesPlanned Parenthood says it's closing two offices in Ohio because of the Trump administration's 'gag rule.' The rule prohibits grantees of the federal Title X program from providing or referring patients for abortion, except in certain cases. (wosunews) wosunews That's awesome news! wosunews The handiwork of the misogynist-in-chief. wosunews Good

As trade war deepens, a state-owned insurer in China helps soften the blowAs the U.S.-China trade war intensifies, an insurance company run by the Chinese...

Democrats face off in Texas where Latinos are making the state a battlegroundDemocrats see Texas Latinos, whose vote grew by 76% in 2018 but who still have millions of unregistered voters, as a key to potentially turning the state blue. Import votes. Saves winning the argument i guess.... Is that why democrats want open borders? 🤔 scumdemocrats will lie cheat steal use the dead the illegal and any other means necessary to spread their destruction. They MUST be stopped at every turn. Blue state=misery. DemocratsHateAmerica DemocratsAreNuts LiberalismIsAMentalDisease LunaticLeft

Opioid firms kept donating to state AGs while negotiating settlementsNEW: Opioid firms kept donating to state AGs while negotiating settlements; as of June, the GOP and Democratic AG associations were still taking six figures from the companies that states are suing. Why not? Take their money then shut them down give the money back So stop making it. It is that simple

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