Ohio Redistricting Commission’s Republicans ask Supreme Court to punt decisions on gerrymandered maps past 2022 elections

Republicans asked the court for a ruling by Feb. 11 or to let them stand through the general election.

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1/28/2022 10:14:00 PM

Republicans on the Ohio Redistricting Commission asked the state supreme court to issue a ruling on their newly drawn legislative districts by the middle of February – or potentially stay any decision until after the 2022 general election.

Republicans asked the court for a ruling by Feb. 11 or to let them stand through the general election.

ByIn a court filing billed as from the full commission, asked the court for the expedited ruling by Feb. 11 given the rapidly approaching Feb. 2 filing deadline for legislative candidates. Regardless of when a ruling comes, they also said the new maps passed without support from the two Democrats on the commission were constitutionally compliant and should be implemented for the required four years.

, according to the Ohio Capital Journal.“And though the primary date—May 3, 2022—may seem far away now, we must remember that Ohio no longer has just an Election Day,” the commission said. “It is more accurate to describe May 3, 2022, as the day that voting in the primary election ends.”

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and I can only assume that the Ohio SC told them to fvkk off? These Republicans could've drawn fair maps...but then they wouldn't be Republicans, would they? Nope. Ohio is overwhelmingly a Republican State. Deal with it.

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