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Ohio newspaper calls on Lt. Gov. Jon Husted to apologize for 'Wuhan Virus' tweet

Ohio newspaper calls on Lt. Gov. Jon Husted to apologize for 'Wuhan Virus' tweet

4/4/2021 5:45:00 PM

Ohio newspaper calls on Lt. Gov. Jon Husted to apologize for ' Wuhan Virus ' tweet

'So it appears it was the Wuhan Virus after all?' Husted tweeted on March 26, prompting the editorial board 's response Sunday.

The Plain Dealer,demandedSunday that GOP Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted issue an official apology over a"Wuhan virus" remark he made that stirred"anti-Asian" sentiment.The board's latest op-ed was in response to Husted's March 26 tweet in which he called the coronavirus pandemic the"Wuhan virus," a remark he later claimed was only intended to tie COVID-19 to a Chinese city, not its people. The board said Husted"knows that using weaponized expressions" such as"China virus, Wuhan virus and Kung flu" is wrong, but he did it any way.

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So it appears it was the Wuhan Virus after all?Ex-CDC director says he believes coronavirus originated in Wuhan lab— Jon Husted (@JonHusted)"So it appears it was the Wuhan Virus after all? Ex-CDC director says he believes coronavirus originated in Wuhan lab," Husted tweeted March 26, sharing an

AxiosCNNthat week that he believes the coronavirus"escaped" from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.The editorial board denounced Husted for his remarks and said he should immediately apologize for issuing such a vast stereotypical comment. Read more: Newsweek »

Former FDA chief Scott Gottlieb: Breaking vaccine patent won't solve global shortage

The Biden administration announced last week that it supports waiving intellectual property protections for Covid-19 vaccines in order to address the global shortage. Dr. Scott Gottlieb, member of the boards of Pfizer and biotech company Illumina and former FDA commissioner, joined 'Squawk Box' on Monday to discuss his thoughts on the debate.

Y must we apologize for calling a spade a spade?but it’s okay to label the mutant variants of this after the areas they originated in,laughable.Poor China,liars who set off a world wide pandemic,also been killing us for years through our reduced wages for their manufactured junk. of course wuhanvirus ChinaLiedPeopleDied

JonHusted do not apologize for the truth Before anyone claims liberal media bias, the Plain Dealer is actually a very conservative paper. Well we now know that the Ohio newspaper is filled with garbage reporters That virus is a biological weapon of the Chinese regime, and Wuhan's laboratory is clearly compromised in this affair.

Thousands of people gather for rave in WuhanPeople in Wuhan, where Covid-19 first emerged, lived through more than two months of stringent restrictions during the world's first coronavirus-induced lockdown. Since then the city has been almost completely virus-free. So what, we also have done better than this in kumbh and election rally. Chinese are busy celebrating their festival by trapping the rest of the world badly with the COVID19🙄 Vay be dünyaya yay sonra hicbirsey olmamış gibi normale dönün kim inanır ki plandemi iyi işlemiş

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