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Ohio House expels former Republican speaker in historic vote

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Members of the Ohio House expelled a defiant Larry Householder, the indicted Republican ex-speaker, in a bipartisan vote Wednesday, invoking their powers to remove a member for the first time in 150 years.

6/16/2021 11:07:00 PM

The Ohio state House has voted to expel former Republican speaker Larry Householder after his indictment in an alleged $60 million federal bribery probe. Householder pleaded not guilty to charges involving a plan to bail out two Ohio nuclear power plants.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Members of the Ohio House expelled a defiant Larry Householder, the indicted Republican ex-speaker, in a bipartisan vote Wednesday, invoking their powers to remove a member for the first time in 150 years.

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Thousands join Budapest Pride march against anti-LGBTQ law

Thousands of Hungarians joined the annual Budapest Pride march on Saturday to support LGBTQ people and protest against a law that limits teaching about homosexuality and transgender issues in schools.

Another Republican expelled from office-2nd in a week. Gee, what a surprise...NOT! There's just something about 'republicans' and 'corruption' that seem to go together I guess. Like ham and cheese. atownsquare $6 million bribery scheme. Wow. They expelled him for disorderly conduct. How about all the other felonious GQPs?

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About damn time...Republican monopoly on power in Ohio has made them rotten to the core. Householder has been evicted Householder seems to be an inept name for this guy. So it takes ~$60 million in grift to get the GOP to do expel one of their own. Not underage sex trafficking, not fomenting a riot, not promoting baseless election fraud. Good to know where they stand - money.


Ohio McDonald's Refuses to Mix Three Slushie Flavors, Wild Brawl Ensues'Have it your way' is Burger King (via toofab) TooFab Always the same crowd But I mean Really Just pick and chose your battles and mox 3 flavors already TooFab Just mix the slushies. It's not that serious TooFab That shit nasty anyway she should have went to 711!

Today’s GOP Now expel Dewine I thought it was Jim Jordan. Hey, AP, is he a former Republican or speaker? So “on brand” for the GrifterGOP . It's very disturbing how the democrat media (CNN, ABC, AP, NPR, WaPo, NYT) are complicit in disinformation & cover up the true origin of COVID. Our press is no longer a legitimate source for honest reporting. They destroyed themselves from within in an effort to take out Trump

Donald Trump plans to hold first post-presidential rallies in Ohio, Florida in coming weeksTrump is expected to stage his first post-presidential rally in the Cleveland area on June 26, and follow up with an event in the Tampa area on July 3, said two aides familiar with the planning. Why? who? prepare for greatly inflated crowd sizes.

Ohio Senate budget includes provision to restrict abortionsThose opposing the amendment contend Republican lawmakers are quietly pushing the pending legislation into the financial spending plan. Supporters say it’s normal for nonbudgetary items to be included in the budget.

Ohio McDonald's fight: Woman became irate after employees rejected drink request, report saysAn Ohio woman is facing two misdemeanor assault charges Wednesday after allegedly attacking McDonalds employees because they wouldn’t mix flavors of a slushy drink together, reports say. She ordered reparations and didnt get them lmfao imagine my shock Millions of news stories and Fox covers a fight at McDonalds.

House Judiciary Committee Will Probe Trump Subpoenas Against Media, Democrats“Congress must make it extraordinarily difficult, if not impossible, for the Department to spy on the Congress or the news media,” said Rep. Jerrold Nadler. this is terrible news

Trump DOJ Subpoenaed Apple for Information on White House Counsel McGahnThe revelation comes as Democrats are calling on former Attorneys General Sessions and Barr to testify on practices of the Trump-era Justice Department. So the DOJ was spying on Trump's *own lawyer*--obviously at Trump's direction. ?!?!?