Officials set up a mobile center at a Missouri fair to boost vaccinations. No one showed up.

The disappointing turnout comes amid a rise in Covid-19 cases driven by the delta variant, local health officials said.

8/1/2021 3:31:00 AM

After no one showed up to a mobile Covid-19 vaccination center at a Missouri fair, health officials say they were disappointed.

The disappointing turnout comes amid a rise in Covid-19 cases driven by the delta variant, local health officials said.

.After spending two days at the fair, workers at the mobile vaccination site did not vaccinate a single person."It's disappointing,"Nick Kohlberg of the St. Charles County Health Department told NBC affiliate KSDK of St. Louis.Kohlberg and other local health officials hoped the annual fair would help boost vaccinations amid an increase in Covid-19 cases, driven by the highly contagious delta variant.

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A total of569,796 Covid-19 caseshave been confirmed in Missouri as of Saturday. At least 13,193 of the positive cases were reported in the last 7 days. Only 41 percent of the state's population is fully vaccinated.Officials have said the delta variant is believed to be responsible for much of the spread in the state, particularly in the southwestern and northern regions as well as in rural areas.

Less than a quarter of the population in several rural counties in Missouri are fully vaccinated, according to. With 45 percent of the population fully vaccinated, St. Charles County, where the fair was hosted, is the county with the largest percentage of residents who have received both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

However, the St. Charles County Health Department said823 confirmed Covid-19 cases have been reported over the past two weeks, which is more than double the number of cases previously reported."Every single vaccination counts at this time," Sara Evers, the acting director of the St. Charles County Health Department, told KSDK.

said the department will continue to"do our best to reach as many people as we can." Read more: NBC News »

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Imagine all those vaccine doses “going to waste”, while so many low-resourced countries are still struggling to get adequate supplies... “None of us are safe until all of us are safe”. It's Missouri. 'Nuf said. Have an acquaintance with a couple whose husband is a follower of TFG. His brother is also a MAGA. Now MAGA brother is in ICU with Delta virus…..not looking good.

More stories of regret coming soon. I think everyone that wants one has gotten it. Time to move on with our lives 😂😂😂😂 What is wrong with people Natural selection

Covid-19: Furlough 'kick in teeth' for firms and 'Covid jab scammers nearly got me'Five things you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic this Saturday.

Put up a “free hydroxycloroquine” sign Covid is '''FIXING STUPID'''!! The “show me” state — COVID19nsw DeltaVariant coronavirus about to show them What ideology could cause people to choose it over self preservation? I'm all for trumps base not getting vaccinated, let the delta variant do its job eliminating them. Only 1.9% vaccinated are getting sick while 99% unvaccinated are dying. I call that a WIN WIN that usa will be a BLUE NATION

BECAUSE NO ONE FUCKING CARES ANYMORE. WRAP THIS SHIT UP. tốt. hoà đồng, chân thành CVS in Florida is now limiting the vaccine they have on hand to online made appointments only. No walk ins. People who want vaccine being turned away. That's Missouri for you! 😑 What a waste

People Are Getting COVID-19 Vaccines In Disguise To Avoid Backlash, Says Missouri DoctorDr. Priscilla Frase revealed the efforts some are making to avoid angering their vaccine-hesitant family and friends. good luck completely deceptive headline i'm not gonna bother reading the article we know it's already BS from the start I believe it

Maybe they were already dead? We had mobile center dotted around the country, for the under 20 & thousand & thousand turned up. So proud two be Irish.🇮🇪🇮🇪 Typical American Darwin Obvious question, but was it advertised? Bur to go to a fair isn’t it mandatory to already be vaccinated? Asking for a friend

They were too busy eating fried corn dogs and funnel cakes because the ‘VaCcInEs ArE uNsAfe’… I am growing wearing of all the time, effort and money being spent on people who haven’t the sense to come in from the rain. If anti-vaxxers don’t care about their health,why should we? Why United States doesn’t Send the vaccine to another countries ?

Florida's unexpected COVID-19 Delta surge could be prolonged: Infection expertFlorida health officials said that while they expected an uptick in coronavirus metrics over the summer, none predicted the Delta surge to be as significant as it has been across the state. Changes in the death rate is all that matters. All else is political propaganda. Delta was significant in india and uk and now in decline. Read article in ny times about it today. Cases arent deaths. Why get vaccine if you can still catch/spread it and have to follow same vaccine mandates as un vaccinated? Im never getting it.

How many doses were thrown out? Stop hoarding the supplies,plenty of people in Asia and Africa want to get vaccinated but can’t. Living in Kansas I thought everyone in Missouri was disappointed So disappointing. But you've got to make it fun, it's the state fair.! You got to meet people where they are at. Glad they were there. At this point we've got to figure out what motivates people. We can take this experience & learn from it. How do we reach them? We can't give up!

Disappointed at the very least. I'm from Illinois but I think that is sad, disgraceful and disgusting. No matter where it was. MaskUpAndVaxUp ✊🏻😷✊🏾 Vaccinated people are now the super spreading hosts😂. They must be forced into exile to protect us organic humans. 😂😂🇺🇸 Observe that the increase in cases started along our southern border. Did illegal migrants bring the delta variant? Investigate!!!!!

So are those of us who would have gotten it; those of us who have children waiting to get it; those of us who can’t medically get; those of us who don’t have it where we live yet. Yeah, we’re all very disappointed in these people. give em free pizzas

New Research Shines Light On How Covid-19 Can Damage The BrainResearch from the Alzheimer’s Association annual conference shows that Covid-19 can lead to cognitive issues—but many questions still remain. thanks How many people will Heart and Retweet this without even reading it?!?!? THE VAST MAJORITY!

Pandemic over Don't travel to Missouri Maybe they were all in the hospital I feel like I’m going crazy. Can I at least get a booster then? In Missouri the vaccination rate is the same as the literacy rate. ☹️ Stupid acts have stupid consequences! Good Guess everyone in Missouri is vaxed ! Either that or the ones who haven’t been are sufficiently brainwashed by the anti vax folks.

If COVID-19 is anywhere, it is potentially everywhere. COVID-19 vaccines will save many lives.

New Research Shines Light On How Covid-19 Can Damage The BrainResearch from the Alzheimer’s Association annual conference shows that Covid-19 can lead to cognitive issues—but many questions still remain. This isn't good 🙁 horrible

Everyone thinks it bad now:Wait 10 more days after all of these huge fairs..Mega Events..And Vacations and then see how it goes when schools TRY to open.The Republican Party and the Qs will bring death to this country..Nazi style. A message from a COVID19 patient for those unwilling to vaccinate If you do not understand Castilian Spanish, get someone to translate it From ElSalvador

Natural selection will have its way We should give people two more weeks and then ship all the remaining vaccine to countries that need it that aren’t filled with entitled idiots. Deny insurance to non-vaxxers. feel bad for those understaffed nurses and doctors Perhaps maybe they didn’t get covid the first yr. so what’s the chance of them getting it now. Just asking

greg_doucette 😂🤣 Gee, I wonder why. There are people in the world who would move heaven and earth to get a jab. Shame on anyone in the G7 who refuses! Maybe you've reached the limit of gullible people who can't remember all the harm done by science! It took five years for the connection between thalidomide taken by pregnant women and the impact on their children to be made.

Opinion: COVID-19 — but not the vaccine — is a risk for male fertilityOPINION: There is no evidence the vaccine harms a man’s reproductive system. But ignoring the vaccine and contracting COVID-19 very well could, Ranjith Ramasamy writes. My people don't trust it especially coming from a democrat president. Remember it was democrats that forced sterilization on my people founded the klan forced segregation. Yes we still vote mostly democrat because a lot are addicted to the racist social programs that keep Women unwed and rewarding bad behavior Mannn yall trying every strategy in the book for ppl to take the shot.

Unfortunately there are some scared people in Missouri. Scared of Covid but also scared that others will see them get the vaccine. 🤦🏾‍♀️ Of course not. This is the same state where people are getting vaccinated in disguise. No surprise though! Everyone that wanted one got one 🔥 It's all fun and games until the disco burns down 😒

Did they tell anyone? There are no public service announcements in the NY NJ CT PA MD area! I haven’t seen any watching Olympics Tell people where and when, use Emergency Broadcast System if you need to. What are expectations! CDCgov ABCWorldNews CNN FoxNews Let them die.