Officials: PG&E equipment sparked deadly California wildfire

BREAKING: California fire investigators say Pacific Gas & Electric power lines caused wildfire that killed 85 people last year.


BREAKING: California fire investigators say Pacific Gas & Electric power lines caused wildfire that killed 85 people last year.

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Pacific Gas & Electric Corp. power lines caused a fire that killed 85 people — the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in state history, California fire officials said...

Cal Fire said the transmission lines owned and operated by the San Francisco-based utility sparked the Nov. 8 fire in the Pulga area that nearly destroyed Paradise.

Lynsey Paulo, a spokeswoman for PG&E, did not immediately comment.

Lynsey Paulo, a spokeswoman for PG&E, did not immediately comment.

The utility has previously acknowledged that the Caribou-Palermo transmission line lost power right before the fire and was later found to be damaged.

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Needs to be taken over by the state of CA and damages paid to those who lost loved ones and their homes and pets. They've BEEN killing people with impunity for decades through their ecoterrorism and failures to maintain their equipment. They blew up San Bruno Caused wildfires throughout CA And have you seen the Erin Brockovich movie? This is THAT same company that caused cancer deaths.

If a drunk slammed into a big rig that blew-up and killed 85 people on the freeway, that drunk would be charged with manslaughter - at a minimum. Since 'corporations are people', why aren't PG&E corp.executives held equally responsible for these 85 avoidable deaths? | CampFire But climate change tho?

samtripoli Tragedy happens, people die from cancer every day, kids die from basically eradicated diseases in 3rd world countries, a tick from a walk or a pet could kill you unknowingly. It doesn't make it less tragic but people are not guaranteed a life without tragedy or loss. It wasn’t because they didn’t “rake” the forests?

I smell lawsuits galore. I will translate...'We are putting blame on PG&E to cover up direct energy weapons..PG&E will get sued but we will let them raise rates to cover the losses.' californiafires samtripoli Claimants get settlements. Customers get rate hikes. And not a soul will be arrested

PG&E proposes court order for CEO, board to tour town destroyed by wildfirePG&E Corp on Monday submitted a proposed order to a U.S. District Court judge th... tour town? : A day late.........🙄 👏👏 👏

Thought it was global warming .. Doesn’t surprise me it’s PG&E. SenatorRomney said corporations are people. Well PG&E committed involuntary manslaughter killing 85 people - the kind that bleed & breathe. This is punishable by imprisonment. How do we lock up this person PG&E? Not new info; come on man Good so it is not Trump.

👀 samtripoli How has one company been responsible for so much disaster and continues to function? The homeowners insurance company's have their numbers ready. Sue CA for what was paid out. Billions. So it wasn’t Billy Joel? 🤔 ReadingEagle So it wasn’t climate change after all?

California Wildfires Insurance Claims Topped $12 BillionThe figure released by Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara covers the fire that largely destroyed the town of Paradise and two Southern California blazes. If only we’d swept up all our forest floors in timw... Alas. Wait... didn’t POTUS rename it to “Pleasure” when he was there ? WOW~~~~~~~

Yet, more governments are urging people to purchase electric vehicles. How will the power companies supply enough energy to charge those vehicles? California can't meet the current demands for power. So, not raking the forest was not the issue? Huh.. DEW. Agenda 21. People are awake. Get ready for price hike. Thanks Gov Brown.

Hell SDG&E did the same thing and was lobbying PUC to side with them and force rate-payers to pay for THEIR NEGLIGENCE - Sacramento is clueless to the corruption & neglect in our state - SICK! SanDiego PGE4Me nice job, Douche bags. The best part? You'll wind up raising our rates to subsidize your negligence that resulted in a terrible loss of life, wildlife, property and land. 🖕🏻

Oh so not the made up climatechange Gov Moonbeam and GavinNewsom we’re pitching? KING5Seattle 😮😡😮😡😮😡😮😮😮

Insurance claims from November’s deadly California fires top $12 billionInsurance claims have topped $12 billion for the November wildfires in California, making them the most expensive in state history. If you have State Farm Homeowners be ready to fight like a gangster for every penny. Only if the Consumer Protection Agency actually did their job.

The people that live there know it was DEW. Not to worry. Jerry Brown signed legislation that allows PG&E to raise their rates in order to pay off lawsuits over the fire. In other words he let them put the bill on the ratepayers insteadvof insurance company’s. Typical California “progressive” move. Screw the rate payers

No, it was climate change. We must have a Special Prosecutor NOW to unearth this fraud! Oh,? but the shot power transformers were no problem right? Remember? At the spot of ignition. freespeechtv Let the lawsuits begin! Nothing is going to happen Turn off all power. Make them use hand water pumps and park the electric cars

I'll bet PGE4Me also say in some backroom court deals they're not really responsible. I'll be nobody rich who makes money making decisions that cut cost for company & increase risk that taxpayers subsidize goes to jail. We need government of/by/for ThePeople. WhyWeHaveTrump I thought this was Trumps fault? 🤔

Teachers posed with noose at California school, sparking outrage among some parentsA photo of 4 elementary school educators in Southern California smiling as they pose with a rope fashioned into a noose has led to their and the school principal's suspension. I have no idea All should be Fired This is 2019. Are these people nuts? Who’s educating the educators

ANTHONYBLOGAN Satellite? Wait, not raking wasn’t the cause? Right Now hold them accountable! And here I thought Bill Nye's torch caused it. Greed Ban power! whaat? why would they fire the investigators? mr_jettlife we all knew ... but are they gonna get bought out though If California would take care of their lands and not leave them so dry and unclear, we wouldn’t have this issue hardly ever.

U.S. officials: Iran official OK'd attacks on U.S. militaryThree U.S. officials say that intelligence revealed Iran told some proxies and surrogates they could go after American military targets in the region. Lol. Where is the proof? why wouldn't they? Iran was, by all inspection results, complying with the deal they made with the United States. We reneged on the deal, and trump started punishing them anyway. We have proven, through trump, that America is not to be trusted. John Bolton & that Dick, Cheney insisted that there were WMD in Iraq. How’d that work out?

Lawsuits galore! Everyone that lost property family, animals, livelihoods etc should sue the hell out of P G &E! I seem to recall reading that Climate Changers successfully sued California to stop them from clearing out many fire breaks. What did they THINK would happen? Hello? Reality is a thing. I kid you not.

😮 Have warrants been issued fpr the CEO's and maintenance management company ? This is obvious negligent homicide... Really? Well, that’s....shocking. 🙄 PGE wildfire I'll be PGE4Me also say in some backroom court deals that their not really responsible. I'll be nobody rich who makes money making decisions that cut cost for company & increase risk that taxpayers subsidize goes to jail. We need government of/by/for ThePeople. WhyWeHaveTrump

and the legislature and the CPUC let them off the hook. again... Impossible. I'm quite sure it was climate change.

San Francisco police seize equipment of freelance journalist who refused to identify a sourceBryan Carmody obtained a confidential police report about the death of a prominent San Francisco attorney. Only in the mecca place of the regressive left you're *JUST NOW* covering this jezus What's worse? That the police have a valid search warrant, or that a journalist from cnn doesn't understand, or value, why this happened?

So its not bc of global warming? I'm blaming insurance hunters

Teens accused of deadly Colorado school shooting set to be chargedDevon Erickson, 18, and Alec McKinney, 16, who was listed on the court docket by the name Maya Elizabeth McKinney but who identifies as male, were both arrested on suspicion of a single count of first-degree murder and 29 counts of attempted murder immediately after the May 7 shooting spree. The pair Put them away for good. See what democrats do to the young? Liberalism is a mental disorder....they confuse kids with their identity politics.

Buddhist Mobs Target Muslims in Sri Lanka Following Deadly Easter BombingsRampaging mobs from the majority Buddhist population attacked Muslim communities Monday night, police and witnesses said, with new violence plaguing Sri Lanka after deadly church bombings on Easter Sunday that were claimed by Islamic State militants. Them Buddhists/Monks ain’t to be fucked wit.. Thinkng your crypto is sucred on exchance, Only to wake up one morning and see that everything has disappeared somewhere. Do not make same mistake other made, get hardware wallet directly from Ledger I absolutely agree with you🧡

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NHS England, Biogen reach deal on pricey drug for deadly disorderEngland's National Health Service said it had reached a deal to pay for U.S...

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