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Official says US, Taliban reach Afghan truce agreement

MUNICH (AP) — A senior U.S.official said Friday the United States and the Taliban have reached a truce agreement that will take effect “very soon” and could lead to withdrawals of American troops...


BREAKING: A senior U.S.official says the United States and the Taliban have reached a truce agreement that will take effect “very soon” and could lead to withdrawals of American troops from Afghanistan .

MUNICH (AP) — A senior U.S.official said Friday the United States and the Taliban have reached a truce agreement that will take effect “very soon” and could lead to withdrawals of American troops...

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo takes questions from reporters during a flight from Andrews Air Force Base, Md., to Germany, Thursday, February 13, 2020. Pompeo on Thursday said he is “outraged” by the U.N.'s publication of a list of companies accused of violating Palestinian human rights by operating in Israel's West Bank settlements. (Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/Pool via AP) MUNICH (AP) — A senior U.S.official said Friday the United States and the Taliban have reached a truce agreement that will take effect “very soon” and could lead to withdrawals of American troops from Afghanistan. The official said the agreement for a seven-day “reduction in violence” to be followed by the start of all-Afghan peace talks within 10 days is “very specific” and covers the entire country including Afghan forces. The developments come as U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Defense Secretary Mark Esper met Friday in Munich with Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani. They spoke on the sidelines of an international security forum in Munich. A truce had been widely anticipated, and President Donald Trump has agreed in principle to the deal, which could lead to the start of significant U.S. troop withdrawals from Afghanistan, according to U.S. officials. The final details were hammered out in recent days by U.S. special envoy for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad and Taliban representatives in Doha, Qatar. Khalilzad was in Munich and attended Pompeo and Esper’s meeting as did Gen. Scott Miller, the commander of the U.S.-led international force in Afghanistan. People familiar with the plan’s outlines say it calls for the successful conclusion of the weeklong truce to be followed within 10 days by the start of all-Afghan negotiations to set the road map for the country’s political future. U.S. officials have brushed aside claims that a Taliban ultimatum forced their hand. And they noted that, despite Trump’s campaign pledge to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan and elsewhere, the Republican president has nixed previous deals that appeared close in response to attacks on U.S. forces. AP NEWS Read more: The Associated Press

Thought we didn’t negotiate with terrorist ? 'Art of the deal' in action: give the Taliban everything they want in exchange for an empty promise to 'reduce' violence. The Taliban isn't even pretending they'll stop engaging in terrorism, just saying they'll do it slightly less often. And Trump thinks that's a great deal.

mausoliam95 We accomplished so much during that quagmire. So we wasted billions of dollars, lost the lives of Americans and thousands of Afghans, to be back where we started? No more regime change wars!!! Oohhhh.... now that were drone striking all the ISIS leaders......all of a sudden the taliban are ready to come to agreement....

Lmao People asking me: where'd you learn to fly that way?...over in afghanistan running drugs for the sea eye 'eh,, treetop flyer.... tough blow for big pharma “CUT AND RUN TREATY” 'As a result of the United States military, Taliban no longer is in existence.' George W. Bush. Springfield, Ohio, September 27, 2004

Perhaps. They’ll need to stand ready though. The chances they’ll honor their word are somewhere around 0%.

Trump says peace deal with Taliban 'very close'US President Donald Trump was not clear if he was talking about the proposed limited pause in hostilities or something broader. My question is why? Americans have tired, so they want to retire now.

WtF I lOvE eNdLESs WaRs NoW? -TDS suffering Leftists. josephbenning Thank you, President Trump. Light at the end of the tunnel? I recall hearing that somewhere in our military past. Perhaps a trend here for US to think about be next invasion. Vietnam lost Korea lost Iraq no result but really lost Afghanistan now negotiating with Taliban. Lost

Another L for the U.S. Smh How much did Donald Dumbass pay them and how quickly will the reneg on the deal, you know like he and N Korea and the love letters but they are firing rockets every other day This is literally the third time this administration has announced a pending peace deal. Can we assume that the US lost the War in Afghanistan?

Trump Triumph GO Ahead

Taliban, Afghan forces clash despite talk of breakthrough in peace dealAfghan defence ministry says an air strike killed a senior Taliban commander in Balkh province. A Taliban spokesman says the insurgents had killed six Afghan military personnel in an attack on a checkpoint in Kunduz province.

Bring em Home You can’t negotiate with terrorist groups,this is exactly what you do not do. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ That is a great game charger I gotta pick up POTUS art of the deal I don’t know how he does his negotiations magic winning About time We can thank GWB for this mess

Trusting the Taliban... USA's longest war. Why? Why negotiate a truce? Just pull out and tell them that they’ll just have to kill themselves from now on... eventually they will. Don’t forget ... Oct 14th 2001 - Bush Rejects Taliban Bin Laden Offer “Taliban leader said Sunday that the Islamic militia would be willing to hand over Osama bin Laden” “President Bush quickly rejected the offer.”

US announces partial Taliban truce amid signs deal is nearThe United States has secured a seven-day reduction in violence in Afghanistan that it hopes will allow it to strike a deal with the Taliban, officials said Thursday. The announcement came a day after Afghan President Ashraf Ghani reported "notable progress" in negotiations with the Islamist Partial truce . . . .

We (Taliban) want peace and a chance to prove that we are not threat to others, and US who invaded Afghanistan now trying to bring peace, thats good for the world. Why should US fight Taliban? What is the point? War with no logic will always be lost. Would be delighted to see peace & love ensue in Afghanistan . . . and no need for our country to suffer further casualties or financial costs there. But my optimism that any agreement with the Taliban can lead to much good . . . is exceedingly low.

MikePompeo Taliban Afghanistan Decades late but still welcome news 18 years of war for nothing. Oh except the heroin. To God's ear! This would be the best news You cant make deals with animals. Cue the rooftop helicopters. This is just so freaking bizarre... Didn’t Trump report this, a few weeks ago?! 👀🤨 Yes, he did...

U.S., Taliban close to agreement that could lead to peace deal, Esper saysThe Pentagon chief made the remarks following two days of meetings with NATO allies in Brussels, where leaders are considering the proposal. Just leave, end Obama and Dubyas war. Cave men are going to cave men. Watch with drones, smoke them from above while they sleep. Yeah like Ho Chi Min. You will look good and they can wait you out. And then they win.

Then why are we increasing military spending? A truce isn't going to change anything that the profit motive obviously perpetuates 🙄 But 9-11? This is what they call “war.” Our taxpayer funded military guarding private mining operations. MSM — tell the TRUTH! Thy will be done Any act that brings peace is welcome. But it should be ensured that this peace is sustainable and long-term if not permanent. A weak deal is more dangerous than no deal! Taliban

Don’t trust them Trump continues to win meanwhile all the dems have is slander and no ideas and their loony followers continue to attack Trump supporters while the media looks the other way Bring our men and women home and let them continue their own civil war. But of course if that happens, the left will call the President a coward. Why didn't the Obama administration make a deal?

There was a time Dems would be applauding this but since ORANGE MAN BAD...

Qantas raises the stakes in pilot pay disputeAustralia's Qantas Airways has urged its pilots to reach agreement on a pay... How much of their £673,000,000 profit would it take to pay the pilots? And the funny thing is, the pilots aren’t asking for any ridiculous gains to do the ridiculous flights. They just want to stop eroding their conditions every 4 years. Scrooge McDuck in management. Shameful. divas

👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 We all need to keep this 'truce agreement' in our prayers - so that many, many lives may be saved; or freed from lost of limb and land. May God bless this opportunity for peace. A truce is more of a win for the Taliban than a truce. They essentially win because we cant afford to keep fighting them. On the other hand there are those who can still serve in pmc's 🤔

Esse acordo é uma bomba DagostiniMM vini_molinari yurikageyama I call bullshit. Won’t last. More lies from Trump. There is no peace deal. There will be no end to the war for another 40-60 years until the US is so decrepit & such a nuisance to the Asian powers that they force the US out of Asia. President Duterte has already started that process

Come on Mr Trump just Agxit Afganistan deal or No Deal and then sit back and enjoy its 2020 if you AGXIT Today current day State of Pakistan &Afghanistan Will alter itself by 2030 with 7 new Nations after a good round of civil strife 900 billion spent on this stupid war in Afghanistan lets get our troops home

I’m pretty certain there’s a Trump tweet about not negotiating w terrorists. You pro-America people can take his side. I’ll be over here waiting to see how this hurts American interest. LarryCampos1950 This might just push Timcast over the edge.

CDC confirms 15th case of coronavirus in the United StatesU.S. officials reported the 15th case of coronavirus in the United States on Thu... Oh helllllll no worries all 15 still alive If that's what the virus looks like it is clearly engineered. I mean look at it. The symmetry.

Well, the result will be the same no matter who pulled us out of there so I guess Trump can take the fallout for the terrorist haven it will become. Liberals claim to be champions of world peace but when trump tries they all complain If they keep it sounds good Of trump said he was gonna expand the war the dems would say why doesn't he want peace but now he says he wants to end these endless wars they say the opposite the liberals you can't win with deranged people

Reminding all you Libs Trump didn’t start this- he did promise to get out, though. It was Obama’s genius to pivot there & away from Iraq Excellent lets get out of there. They have lied to us for years, I don't trust them. I don’t trust the taliban for didley . But I gonna cuz I want the troops home. 🙏 Pull every last one of 30,000 troops out, except for the 29,000 training force

Only took 17 years and hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars for an expansionist empire to accept defeat to guerrilla fighters. Why? Because winning was never the objective. Arms sales and opium fields were. And these jokers are looking to start more wars in the middle east!

The US will decide once boss Israel tells them if they are allowed to leave. DenbrotS I found a 'Problematic' Trollbot on you page. The Trollbot is: EttiYaakov per Report them to Twitter & block them to help rid trollbots on Twitter. Another fiasco to save face. Did you tell them they're aid is gone before or after? Another two-faced bribe.

Essentially the US government under Trump is conceding defeat, cutting and running, dumping all over the THOUSANDS of lives and disabled that have fought to free Afghanistan from the Taliban. The Taliban are a terrorist group and Trump is totally cool giving them power again. sdvicto And I'm supposed to trust anyone in the lieing trump administration. Wrong. Besides WE DON'T NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS.

We making deals with the Taliban like that makes a difference? We created the terrorists and now hand the region over to them. DenbrotS I said it more than once & I'll say it again: it will back fire. And they said Trump couldn’t do. They laughed at him, our base doubted him. Time and time again, POTUS has proven to all the haters and doubters that he will have the last laugh. COsweda you are right every single time 👏👏👏

marypatriott You know what that means don’t you?

DenbrotS This seems highly exaggerated! And in the middle of infrastructure week? It is infrastructure week, right? drawandstrike Never gonna work Thank you mr ambassador and yes potus the most dangerous president in recent history What could possibly go wrong DenbrotS And that 'truce' will last approx. 48 hours.

I thought the Taliban was completely destroyed and defeated? Another lie by Little Donnie. DenbrotS Trump doesn’t just negotiate with terrorists, he surrenders to them. Great news if true and it holds. Israel has agreed to multiple truce agreements with terrorists and look at the results. These are terrorists who believe & it’s written in their book that it is ok to lie to the infidels.

If the Chinese still want their precious metals, they will have to pay the Taliban more. Our troops will no longer secure the highways for Chinese mineral companies. drawandstrike Yes they are terrorist but our presence there has helped no one. Until the Afghan people say enough is enough, no matter what we do, they will keep hating us. Just get out & let them deal w what may or may not come. We did our best.

'Senior U.S. official' = Pompeo on background in case Trump pulls the rug out from under him pompeoresign Yeah they keep blowing up our military but hey let's make peace. Idiotic. Hmmmm... Is Erik Prince involved? We know he wants Afghanistan's mineral riches & defense contracts for his mercenaries to replace US troops...

How did that Obama surge in Afghanistan work out? He just got more guys killed for nothing. drawandstrike I thought Trump was gonna start WW3? He is ending the US involvement in wars!!! Trump2020 drawandstrike Yes!!!!! Actions speak louder than words. Let’s see what they do. Yeah right like that’ll last for a whole minute

da faq MZHemingway But first Attorney General Barr and his Justice Department must agree to never charge any Taliban member ever with any war crimes and just stick to charging Trump supporters.

Senior US officials in this administration are corrupted liars. And I got a bridge in Brooklyn I wanna sell ya So much for not negotiating with terrorists. I’ll believe it when I see it but regardless of which administration it happens under all Americans should want this. The Taliban (ideology) has always been part of the Afghan political scene. The only reason we took out their government in 2001 was because of their support for terrorists who attacked the US. We will see what role they play in the future of Afghanistan and the region.

SnohomishTimes This will end as well as Nixon’s “Peace with honor” agreement with the north Vietnamese. Who gets control of the trillion dollar global poppy trade? Taliban had it nearly eradicated right before the 911 false flag. C_A and DoD won’t give it up without a fight. They’ll blame a school shooting on Taliban.

Look at all the angry leftists who want to leave American troops in Afghanistan nearly 20 years after 9/11. Yeah I must agree, do we really believe they will honor a deal with the country they hate and call infidels.

All these people weren’t bitching when Obama gave Iran 150 bil Don’t negotiate with terrorists. Tell that to the South Vietnamese Don’t forget to tell the 1,000 tribes that are paid by outside forces to attack the Astan Gov and US troops. Oh, and ISIS and the Haqqani Network etc etc etc The GOP lost their mind when Obama worked with Iran. They'd have impeached him for this.

I'll believe it when I see it. 😂🤣😂🤣 😂😂😂 Something tells me this is another unsigned bs claim heckyessica IslamicDeception

🗣 GOOD! LET’S GET TF OUT OF THERE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!! superstar Right.... If it comes from this admin, I automatically assume they are lying to try and manipulate the media cycle. If the Americans leave there will a civil war; if the Americans stay there will be a civil war. Believe it when it happens

Whatever just get the f*** out Barr and Pompeo are in direct competition¡¡!! SpeakerPelosi I see a pattern¡¡!! JK and JB¡¡!! Bannon, Sessions, and Miller¡¡!! amjoyshow can you take advantage of that¿?¿ Uh huh.. Taliban's record on keeping agreements is well known. This is going to turn out to be as good a deal as the one with N. Korea. Think, Syria. Likely we'll leave, Taliban will surge, Afghanistan returns to pre-invasion condition, the Admin. no doubt touts it as a huge win....

celestial_chic Just how stupid and naive are the American officials? This is just a Taliban ploy to deceive the infidel and have free rein to bring back their terror regime. Just an election season dribble of a lie. Not holding my breath. This should have ended a very long time ago. This should have been a priority over a boarder wall. But vanity became the new normal now.

Do not trust any agreement that comes from the Trump administration. He lies constantly and will say anything to prop up his brand. Verify everything. I'll believe it when I see it. Typically during the Trump administration the next thing you'll here is from the Talaban saying we know nothing about a truce.

Yeah, so Russia can take over even more of the Middle East. A BIG freaking deal.... US has been defeated. Another loser from the administration Liars and cheats coming to an agreement.

Lots of women will be murdered. 'Truce' with terrorists! They don't truce they can only be defeated. US terrorists run 20 bombing missions/day in Afghanistan They've no idea who they're bombing nor care In the last 3 months of 2019, 1174 civilians were killed, including a woman who had just given birth and her family Depopulation for resource extraction

Can't trust the Taliban, I remember a prior truce which was nothing more than a way to not keep our guard up and they attacked. And the women of Afghanistan will be abandoned, forgotten, returning to a state of invisibility and degradation...very unfortunate No way this is happening..... So the negotiation was: We will take 18months to withdraw if you don't attack us, otherwise it may take longer. The country is yours just let us leave.

I believe it when the Taliban act like human beings. Until then, they are targets of opportunity Weren’t these the same people who killed 2 servicemen that Trump stopped at Dover on way back from NH rally to honor? So killing our troops get the Taliban a deal, but no trip to Camp David? Let me guess...a 'Phase 1' kind of thing.

Turned over Afghanistan to the Taliban Betcha won't happen. There will be an 'unexpected attack' which will need the US military to stay and 'stabilise' the area further. We've all seen the script enacted many times. Wouldn't have gotten to this if we didn't also start a BS war in Iraq Only negotiations with terrorists is at the end of a gun The only respect force

JonLemire Is this agreement similar to the Israel/Palestine peace plan Trump and Israel brokered without Palestine being involved? Ok, now we have something impeachable REEEEE I don't like this. Wait?! I'm confused. Aren't the Taliban terrorists? Why are we negotiating with terrorists? Are we now supporting the notion that the Taliban is a legit governmental entity in Afghanistan?

Let’s see how long that lasts. MZHemingway Get us out of there... now.

Trump Surrendering; our kids died for nothing and we spent $1 trillion years with nothing to show for it. MZHemingway How ‘bout a twofer: let the Taliban take care of McCabe. All those trillions spent on weapons and they can’t even beat some cave dwellers. Lmao WilliamColvard Any deal made with terrorists is doomed from the start.

Trying to figure out how the press will attack him for this. They hate it when he kills terrorists, we’ll see how this goes I thought we didn’t negotiate with, nvm. I forgot who’s president Did we kiss their feet or just bent over? Well at least some good news today ! Nice! As soon as US troops withdraw, Taliban will be in Kabul in a week.

I feel so much better now that we can trust terrorists again....

Sure, wink 😉 csgazette Bring them home! realDonaldTrump surrenders to the Taliban 😡. Just like he surrendered to KJU of North Korea and of course Putin! Gotta love all the people who complain about us being in an endless war in the Middle East now complaining about getting out. Literal TDS! Timcast And the left REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Translation: Trump pulls US troops out after senate passes war powers resolution Lmao yeah okay 🤣 Money well spent. Press release news.

As soon as that happens the taliban will rule the whole country Along with N Korea?🤔 The 'Taliban' does not exist in a physical form to be negotiated with. They might have struck a deal with a couple of elders but they only speak for themselves, not the movement/belief/resistance. More treasure and lives lost?

Why couldn't they do that in 2001? Is that senior u.s. official one with any integrity? Who is this person? Do not trust the Taliban. This adminstration lies ALL the Time. USA is negotiating with terrorists. Literally. Such is the world we live in today.... Hum to which the Taliban says' see you guys again in 10 to 25 years as will go through this again'

As much as I’m not a trump fan he got this one right only because previous governments could have agreed the same deal with the taliban before invading which could have saved many soldiers. The guy knows they can’t be beaten he is a realist 😂.

JoeConchaTV Here is hoping it holds. I give whatever deal the US have with the Taliban 6-12 months to completely fall apart. The last time we made a truce with the Taliban they turned around and killed Americans with the weapons we gave them. Does he have a very nice letter from the Taliban. Asking for a friend...... (Perhaps it is a valentine's card)

Ok................................. Why does he stand like Mary Catherine Gallagher Thank Trump MZHemingway Bad move. Taliban will never live up to the agreement. All this does is give them time to regroup. Don't believe you. ✌️ ☮️

JonLemire Oh ok shake hands and then send our troops home. It doesn’t work that way princess Pompeo good So surrendering? God help the women and children. Trump doesn't care but there must be some who do. And so, after all these years, all of those young American lives, all those billions of dollars, the Taliban takes over again. And Sharia Law is once again the rule of Afghanistan! Shameful!!!!

He's picked up on that 'must hug myself when I lie', learned that from Trump. I've lost track of all the great things that are going to happen, that have yet to happen, from this administration. Seriously! Poor body language there MZHemingway Taliban 'truce'? In almost 20 yrs., the Taliban holds more area in Afghanistan than they did in 2001. This is not a 'Truce Agreement', it is a document verifying a Taliban Victory and a U.S. loss. Withdraw all, 100% of U.S. troops and be done with it. Death & wounded for nothing!

This just in, when Pompeo gets nervous he puts his hands in his armpits and then smells them like this....

good deal if it happens but not sure how far i would trust taliban The salt in these comments lol Same Taliban who refused to allow music, tv, or radios? Who executed women in public arena (on soccer field) for adultery? We've come full circle, and for what? To put the cruel misogynist Taliban back in control? 2,400 American servicemembers died, 20,000 were wounded in action

Neither side is reliable. Oh the group that kills babies and feeds them to their mothers has made a promise. Fantastic. Gesell61755 Sue.... and tRump said no cuts to Medicare. Potentially great news.... Distraction from real news Cuervo3 Sure glad America defeated the um, Taliban. The USA have greatly bring stability to the country. Hopefully the Afghanistan government will ensure fair elections.

He's literally not made a SINGLE DEAL in 3 years. How do journalists keep falling for this JoeConchaTV Libs: 'Trump is negotiating with terrorists.' Everyone: 'What's your proposal?' Libs: 'I dunno... not that.' Apparently Trump DOES negotiate with terrorists Annnnd Trump just won re-election. Presence of USA military has been over in middle east . USA have to leave this regoin in humiliating way

Even if he were alive, James Gandolfini would never play this toady. Show of hands: who believes anything that this administration says? MZHemingway ...a senior US Official who SHOULD NOT be commenting on these issues until the SOS does & if this is a way of EXITING out of Afghanistan without ANY MORE US Troops killed by roadside bombs & Afghan troops then GREAT!!!

MZHemingway Thank God for Trump! I'm supportive of the agreement with one caveat. We keep our bases that are boarding Iran. MZHemingway Terrible news for the left

So we've suffered more than 2,400 dead & 20,700 wounded troops and spent $760 billion in this 19-year war in Afghanistan only to make a deal with the very terrorists we went there to overthrow. So much winning. The truce is the Taliban can have Afghanistan as long as the stay with in Afghanistan and do not try to attack us ever again and then the US will leave. This is Trump’s idea of a good deal. Again he turns his back on our friends like he did in Syria.

Leaving behind a lasting legacy of shame, broken people and wasted resources Anybody who believes this, I’ve got ocean front property in Arizona for sale. MZHemingway This is excellent news. Will Schumer and Pelosi now be calling for a sixty day delay to peace in Afghanistan. LOL sure MZHemingway Trump winning

Carter_PE And Trump wants an Indian Brigade in Christy_nettles Endless wars must end MZHemingway So.much.winning.

No BlackApril for Afghanistan please. Tmgneff SOFFru1 DanLamothe How many of these temp reductions in violence have we seen this far? How many have actually worked? MZHemingway yes! get out! Not better lead to a withdrawal if we have a truce with the enemy. MZHemingway The standard liberal reaction to good Trump news:

If SecPompeo believes the Taliban will honor any agreement that involves a truce, it proves that he's unfit to hold any governmental position going forward; the Taliban's assurances are as effective as SenatorCollins' beliefs/concerns about trump's lawlessness/recklessness... TearsaSmith So we've stopped ISIS, Al-Qaeda and now the Taliban in a year.

JoeConchaTV Does that have chance of working? MZHemingway Happy for our troops.......what are the details after they leave. MZHemingway How did we lose to the Taliban?

MZHemingway Back out slowly! Facing the Taliban! Weapons Ready! Truce Agreements rarely work! MZHemingway Wonder how the Leftist will twist this to be Trump abusing his power?🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ MZHemingway Winning! It never gets old. And once you’re out? MZHemingway Bring em home! MZHemingway Let’s 🙏🙏🙏

MZHemingway MZHemingway AWESOME!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏 What does that mean for the women and girls in Afganistan? Trump administration duped again

Will someone please report on what’s happening to our troops in Syria. Trump put them in an awful position and left them there. Just like he got North Korea to stop building nuclear weapons? Tired of Winning Yet?!!!! I’m not! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 JonLemire And let ERIC PRINCE and his paid mercenaries to earn money on the back of USA Citizens! they think you all are dumb

I will believe when i see it of course. However, given the fact that the war is a pointless lost cause this was bound to happen sooner or later. The United States was never going to “win” in Afghanistan, we had no clear strategic objective or long term exit strategy. And what about other countries involved there ? How untruthful US can make a deal with untruthful terrorists and leave their allies alone ?

Thank God. But MaxBoot and BillKristol are going to find somewhere else to advocate for war. I feel like we've heard this before...

Bringing troops home!!! Winning I swear this same story (Truce) was announced right before the Iran Bombings. A week later there was another attack against our troops in Afghanistan. We want from USA to leave Afghanistan. We hate USA invade in Afghanistan JonLemire .....and I also believe Elvis, Howard Hughes and Michael Jackson will be arriving at the private terminal at JFK this afternoon.

JonLemire I believe nothing this government says now. Nothing. TrumpLiesMatter Wonder how much money is going to be funneled to the Taliban. From all appearances, this will not be a truce it will be a surrender on our part. Almost guaranteed Trump and his sycophants will claim it as a victory for The Leader.

I call BS! “You have the watches. We have the time “ This is the mentality of our opponent. It’s about time we stop spending our tax $$ in never ending wars. Btw this is election year BS. I wouldn’t be surprised if trump makes a quick stop over in Afghanistan during his trip to India. The agreement reached is something along the lines of get the fuck out of our country and we won’t send your troops home dead. Seems a pretty good deal to me.

I don’t believe a word that comes from anyone in that corrupt administration. They all lie. It’s in their job description now. Right 😂🙄 For the dolts with their 'negotiating with terrorist' many more years do you want US soldiers dying? 5 years, 10 years, 20 years? Another Nobel Peace Prize for Trump.

It’s a 7 day trial. Such a deal would be a victory for the U.S. considering the “nice” people you’re negotiating with! Holy shit Trump finally doing something good. I'm not buying it tbh.. Learning from the Kissinger playbook: “peace is at hand.“ spoiler: it wasn’t. many more coffins need to be ordered? We've heard this before from him and then troops die as the Taliban laughs😡. Will also set off all hell in surrounding countries.

Negotiating with terrorists? I thought that was a big conservative no, no? SecPompeo We dont believe you. You have no credibility left. Resign. What about that...lets see how Fake News attempts to find fault and incite divisiveness ! Cool. Now print how patently ridiculous and completely untrue that claim is. Do your damn jobs and quit posting propaganda

BREAKING: The Trump Adminstration lies 24/7. Bullshit The LeftistLoons are truly insane. Endless wars that cost trillions? No! Nt if we have to 'negotiate with terrorists.' Which is, in and of itself funny, since the definition of terrorism seems to be defined in a very odd way. Honestly, how much weaker can realDonaldTrump be on National Security?! Literally the weakest president I've ever seen in my lifetime! His weakness only puts us in more danger ever day! Wow.

We will be invading Afghanistan again in 5 years as al qaeda takes over the country once again.

ISIS is so happy to be partnering w Taliban when the US pulls out. The Taliban..... Reminds me of the Afghan saying; “you have the watch, we have the time.” Yes!!! Bring our Troops home!!!! I thought we don't negotiate with terrorists. 🤔 Brilliant! Giving the Taliban Afghanistan back after so many Americans shed their blood to free it is unsettling. Especially as the Taliban has American blood on its hands as recently as Dec. & possibly Taliban inspired last Saturday when American troops were killed.

Blah blah blah blah blah Sounds like another surrender. JonLemire Contingent on a permit to build a Trump Hotel in Kabul.

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