Officers Fired Over Photos Taken Near Elijah Mcclain's Memorial - Cnn

Officers Fired Over Photos Taken Near Elijah Mcclain's Memorial - Cnn

Officers fired over photos taken near Elijah McClain's memorial

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7/4/2020 4:45:00 AM

Two Aurora, Colorado, police officers involved in taking selfie photographs at the memorial site for Elijah McClain and an officer who failed to alert supervisors about the photos have been fired

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Taking photos- like serial killers getting high off the kill I thought I saw them smile when they learned of his death. A smirk, a triumphant grin-blink and you”ll miss it. Add Slow motion!! They were so giddy and upbeat afterwards theAuroraCartel-they kill sweet people. All 3= So it took for selfies for them to be fired, not an unprovoked killing Elijah McClain for it to happen..... ElijahMcClain

Wow! That's some Bullshit!!! But in 2008, CNN marveled at the landmark when then-Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) visited Rushmore on the campaign trail Some Racist people are waking up Mad at minorities especially blacks just because of A few Words, Black Lives Matter, well they do, Not saying Blacks are better than anyone the message is stop killing us and get along with us. And Just to let you Know I believe White lives Matter

When a grave becomes a tourist attraction i think we can all agree the world has become sick This guy was a good person in every facet yet we protest for George Floyd who was drug addict Who put a gun up to a pregnant woman his life whose life ended how he lived high on meth and violent. The cop also was a POS in that case. Elijah deserves justice and attentions

They should be prosecuted and the local DA FIRED along with any other officials who engaged in the despicable cover up of this kid’s Murder! EndPoliceBrutality Today's Thought on Culture 4 July 2020 The USA celebrates its 244th Independence day from British rule; Independence is one thing, Freedom is another and then there is the ideal of Equality. What would a singular monument look like if it was to represent everyone in America?

Now, when are they being arrested, since they clearly seem to think that what they did was worth celebrating🤬🤬 Wait isn't this where the to the theater mass shooter alive Why are so many cops degenerates Maybe they should of used the “bunny” filter !! The unnecessary accusation that this young man was acting suspicious and subsequent take down that lead to a medication overdose and death is one of the saddest things I have ever seen. These people do not deserve a uniform.

At least the third officer wasn’t a RAT How much hate can be in a persons soul How far back we go with all this black folks being killed? How bout that young lady from army who was just found dead and did membered, she was killed by a black man !!! Nothing more than murders with a gun and a badge. If you're not against it you're for it!

Whatever happened to integrity and respect? Human morals and values? Unbelievable. 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️ This is what happens if you refund Polices BLACK_LIVE_MATTERS minneapolis minneasota newyorkprotests cnn cnnbrk FoxNews If roles were reversed, this would be blasted on every mainstream media channel 24/7 until at least 10 cities were destroyed.

Humm Trophy hunters Do they want a medal for firing them? CHARGE THE MURDERERS This is so sad .The good officers need to weed out the bad ones.😪 Fired for taking photos... Colorado has gone stupid FAKE NEWS!! defundDemocrats Can't these cops be arrested for committing a hate crime? They should lose their police qualifications so they can't be a cop ever again! meanpeoplesuck racistssuck whatswrongwithpeople raisedwrong

Does Maxwell know she is about to commit suicide? Idiots. Sure If only they could do that to the cops who murdered him. fired for what? And someone got fired for not tattletaling on them for doing nothing? Why don't they just fire nukes with world wide destruction and get it over with. Humanity is doomed to start with. At least the ants and roaches will survive the holocaust.

That is so incorrect and disrespectful to do. How hurtful to his family. Now they are on to something. Start firing not just the ones who committed the act but also the ones who knew and didn't tell! What the hell is wrong with people CNN fake news! You are just fake, lying, Un-American political hacks.

So, how will Biden change things? He wants to throw money at the issue and he wrote the laws that target the black community. 🤔 BidenIsARacist TrumpIsARacist BothPartiesSuck Awesome! Now fire the killers. Near or at How often do white people get to do really revolting actions, then say sorry and 'wow were we really wrong to do that'. This is racism at it's best

This. This right here is why this movement can not and must not stop. I hope they are really sorry for what they done. Imagine exposing this as the reason you were fired from the police dept to your family. Well done to the precinct to react correctly to this behaviour Killer KKKops at it again. They will be hired by another department.

I Re-enacted falling off of a three-story building after stepping on some flashing. Everyone I told the story to and showed pictures have never repeated my mistake. Hey isn't that what they said that crazy nazi white supremacist group does? You know the one the soldier sold his squad out to...takes selfies at sites of murders 🤔

God rest Elijah's soul. He tried so hard to explain how he felt and they just jumped him even more. So sad, so very sad. 👓 Keep bringing the evidence we need to completely dismantle law enforcement across this country and build it anew. DefundThePolice That is sooo depraved. And I'm glad their boss, a woman, threw them out. She was furious with them.

WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE They Never cared about us.... this is the main reason why BlueLivesMatters Sick minded people in this world.. CNN lies about hydroxychloroquine tonight any later it's only the start. Kemp I told you incent are punished and the guilty and Abuser go free to continue. They are want to be. Buddy system don't work on Judgement Day.

Excuse me CNN haters of all things American where were you when Democrat endorsed marauders burned & pillaged the country unheeded? You need to clean up your act, get smart or die of lack of are truly pathetic. Where do you pledge your loyalty? CCP, Iran? Maybe use the extra funding the police gets in Human Decency Courses, or take classes in RESPECT cause they obviously lack decency and any self-respect! ACAB

Their twitter page is disabled for comments! Those cowards! We need these cops that killed him charged with MURDER!!!! Compassion are respect for human life are key drivers for an officer. This is why we are having these problems My Grandchildren or forfeit everything in including counties. The buddies can answer in Hell for the Abusers they are. Regions Bank 92% revenue due Monday 11:00 am 6th day of July. Moss embarrassment and Neglect and Hasty you were apart of kidnapping and Aduption Brittany.

Check it out! Do You Want To make 5 stunning animated logo intro videos In 24 hours Contact Me : intro video top logo intro 3d logo animation best logo animation video intro Thank you to the person that had the guts to turn them in. That is one sick group of disturbed animals. How much prison time will they get?

That other one fired was one of the officers that killed ElijahMclain. They sent him the photos and he sent back a laughing text. Beat they ass when you see them Disgusting The fired officers are just the kind of people we want working for hkpolice. If you're willing to relocate, we're hiring! We can practically guarantee you would have the opportunity to brutalized citizens with impunity. hongkong

Take a sec to read about the pix...😣😠 And they will be rehired in a couple of months. Police Union will see to that. If this isn't evil what is? We thank God for giving the World a wonderful gift-you! Fantastic news, now they need to arrest the cops who killed him. They didn’t just take selfies. They re-enacted his murder!!!!! Big difference!!! And laughed about it

Vile POS’s! JusticeForElijahMcClain With the information garnered from news reports it seems the cops involved should be charged with manslaughter in the least. So WAIT a minute! They got fired because of “selfies” but NOT because they’re MURDERERS! Did iRead that correct?🤔🤦🏽‍♂️ Getting fired is not enough. They has to be prosecutions

So can y’all arrest the cops who murdered him! if you go to it gives you a list of CNN's anchors and hosts... only 3 out of 71 are black. 119 correspondents and reporters and less than 10 are black. how do they get away with this racist policy? ironically, it's titled, 'faces of CNN worldwide' I’m so sorry Elijah. These despicable officers should be ashamed of the way they disrespected your memory. May you RIP and may your family remember you with smiles and love. 🙏❤️

Wish I could take a selfy, with them in the back ground, clearing their lockers... Absolutely disturbing & again speaks to the belief that police departments across the country have been infiltrated by hate groups; 1. Salary & benefits 2. FREE weapons 3. Qualified immunity 4. Live Targets 5. Forgiving DAs' FBI needs to begin investigations

Seriously what the fuck is wrong with the current state of police departments? Wow, maybe they should be defunded If this is how cops clean up their public image in a time of scrutiny, they really do need to be defunded. DefundThePolice I am not just how stupid you need to be to think that this was a good idea. On the other hand their stupidity rid the police department of 3 idiots so there is a bit of a win there.

More of our great police officers people are so fond of Deservedly so. I can’t even imagine how deplorable these cops are. The absolute lowest of lows. Seriously? WTF!.... So much hate. Too much hate. 😪 I pray God protects us all!✌🏼 Name names. Doxx them.

'A crime against humanity': Officers fired over photo reenacting Elijah McClain chokehold'We are ashamed, we are sickened, and we are angry,' Aurora, Colorado Interim Police Chief Vanessa Wilson said. The officers may not have committed a crime, but the photographs are 'a crime against humanity and decency,' she added. I want to support police but this type of behavior is ridiculous and has to stop and it is going to. Oh good lord get over it people. America has fallen taking pictures is now a reason to be fired , Civil war at this point is only a matter of time

Three Aurora officers fired for taking photos near Elijah McClain memorial site3 Aurora, Colorado, police officers were fired Friday for taking photos near Elijah McClain's memorial site, the interim police chief says. As they should. Now how about arresting and convicting Elijah’s murderers, too? The lapse in judgement is mind boggling. How many police officers are so messed up? And they are trusted with a deadly weapon?

4 Aurora Police Officers Out After Photo Reenacting Chokehold Of Elijah McClainBREAKING: Two officers involved in the photo were fired, while the third resigned. A fourth who received the picture was fired. He reportedly replied “haha” in a text when sent the photo. They all show you who they really are... one way or the other. Another blow to Trump supporters. No words.

4 Aurora Police Officers Out After Photo Reenacting Chokehold Of Elijah McClain'They don't deserve to wear a badge anymore,' Aurora's interim Police Chief Vanessa Wilson said. work it out The do deserve to wear jail jumpsuits, though. Sad how young they look!

Aurora PD Cops Fired for Mocking Elijah McClain Death in PhotoThe cops who appeared to mock Elijah McClain's death in a chokehold reenactment photo have been fired. As they should. Now how arresting and convicting Elijah’s murderers, too. Good Thirty miles of pedowood

Colorado police officer in troubling photo near Elijah McClain memorial resignsColorado police officer in troubling photo taken near Elijah McClain memorial resigns. I wanted to see the troubling photo. 3 minutes of my life I can never get back. ElijahMcClain defund