Officer Shoots Armed Wisconsin Student - Cnn

Officer Shoots Armed Wisconsin Student - Cnn

Officer shoots armed Wisconsin student

An officer shot an armed 17-year-old in a high school classroom in Waukesha, Wisconsin, a Milwaukee suburb, police say

12/2/2019 11:07:00 PM

An officer shot an armed 17-year-old in a high school classroom in Waukesha, Wisconsin, a Milwaukee suburb, police say

An officer on Monday shot an armed 17 year old at a high school classroom in Waukesha, Wisconsin, a Milwaukee suburb, police said.

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It means that the good deeds of a person is recognised only after his/ her death. But let’s not do anything about gun violence because ‘we the people’ care more about the witch hunt narrative you keep pushing. Are we doing a drug test on the shooters. Drop them and save the taxpayers some money. Its sad how this shit is normal now

no shade without shadows Stop making this about what color the kid was. It’s sad all the way around. We need more mental health awareness. Oh hey, another school shooting, today in Oshkosh, Wi. The parents of these attempted shooters should be charged with attempted murder. Gun control isn’t working, so maybe charging the parents might wake up people and say this is unacceptable

did the dude do anything tho why didn’t he just take him into custody Thank God for the student who reported it and the our wonderful POLICE DEPT who stopped it! bravery Liberals always use these incidents as an opportunity to promote their anti-gun agenda. Everyone else uses them to tell liberals to stop raising your children and a spoiled little pissants and they will not grab guns to solve their perceived problems.

The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Lives saved! Read “Why Meadow died” That’s a good deal. Saving lives from others. Let me guess stupid cnn thanks other wise. CNN part of the problem and Americans get it That's getting out of hand. An armed person could fire at least 3 shots with a pistol before an average bypasser would get ready to react to the situation from the moment they hear the first shot. It’s just simple delay in reflexes and nervous system. As a father I’m concerned.

Go ahead and kill minors and then justify why your aim sucks People... learn to communicate. Learn to listen. Because other people get upset when nobody hears them Hope he was shot dead! Can't stand 17 years old idiots. Not sure what is happeneing with all these teens wanting to kill their peers. Perhaps parents and reachers shouls look inwadrds ro why these kids conduct themselves rhe way they do. These kids need to be taught respect, compassion and proper morals towards each other.

ryanjaeger15 and you want to move back to Milwaukee Who, what, when, where, why. I learned in 9th Grade that's journalism. You're 'reporting' isn't on a 9th grade level. All schools should be made to be hard targets. Just more teenage violence spawns more violence Freedom USA, Gunshooting everyday Good Psycho kids

Thankful for the student who reported it and for the resource office that ran to the scene. Lives were saved, unlike Parkland where the resource officer hid. Fuuuckkk Just a normal day in America Good job 👍🏻 Watch CNN will make the police officer the bad guy for shooting a kid who pointed a gun at him and ignored several requests to remove his hands from his pockets

He was an armed man with a gun not a scjool shooter 😂 Every gun requires a person to operate... this isn’t a good thing... even if the kid deserved the shot... the cop is older and could have neutralized the child with a weapon using non lethal means... rubber bullets or sand bag rounds from a riot gun.

Another one POTUS Omg Was this the same 17 year old child that shot first at the officer? If it is, why didn't you call say that in your headline? Misleading may be the answer. Was an 11 year veteran? Was he fired ? Thank you, officer! 1 block away from the slenderman stabbing from Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser.

Even the playing field these dip shits chicken out... School shooting and reauthorization of the patriot act? Wow what a week! So a 17 year old had a gun in school and was shot by an officer and you're all complaining? Should the officer have let him shoot a couple students first? There you go, a good guy with a gun saves the day again. You gotta love our police, for protecting us.

Vote Blue and remove current Cult and stop this insanity! Otherwise known as another day In America Gun ownership is more important than life itself. Trump and his Cult has to go. This is unacceptable. Trump is not smart enough to get this done. Clean out Moscow Mitch people and it will be changed. Trumo and Moscow Mitch bit h are on Russia's payroll.

Onward, wisgop Wonder what the russian gop will say And that's America Pounce and Trump country and probably Trump supporter . Hope other kids are safe . Thank you Ho hum... Monday in America the kid was armed? We just live in a war zone basically of our own creation. Lovely. MassacreMitch realDonaldTrump have warn blood on their hands. BlueWave2020 Take out the trash.

and here we go again. 🤬 Same Story, Different Day Deserve So an armed Resource Officer prevented a mass shooting by taking out the threat? Something about your headline tries to say otherwise. I wonder why Oh, Jesus. Why is this now an everyday occurrence? Strategy of Fear - Jan Theuninck, 2001 Inside the Class Room Are you kidding me Who hire these thug and give them badges ?

Taken in alive. That tells you what colour he is. Good guy with a gun wins every time! This is America Revise the gun policies... Wonder what the kid 'looks like' if you catch my drift Police should shoot to kill Baby pop 1 Good! Thank goodness a student had the foresight to tell someone. Let’s not make this about guns but applaud the child who saw something, said something, and probably saved lives.

At 17 the kid obviously wouldn't have been prevented from from buying gun thru gun law changes. Old enough to know doing wrong, sorry but depending on how all plays out is the consequence of kid's actions. Another week, another school shooting. Hopefully the Scotus debate today takes into account all of the nation's school children in their gun debate, and doesn't cave to NRA lobbying.

Oh look, an cop in a school who did his job. Good guy stops school shooting! ✊✊✊🌊 what has happen to parents an being responsible for your actions This is why every student needs to be screened everyday before entering a school No gun No school shooter period John Scotti founder safe schools charity

Student With Gun Is Shot at by Officer in Wisconsin High School, Official SaysAn officer at a high school in Waukesha, Wisconsin, opened fire at a student inside the school who had a gun and did not comply with an order, a district official said on Monday Hmmm This is disgusting. Our police are too quick to fire on children now? Why a kid have a gun in school? This is not issue in china🇨🇳

Gunshots exchanged between student and school officer in Wisconsin, school officials sayThe student reportedly brought the gun to school. The suspect is in custody and the building is secure, according to the Waukesha Police Department.

Police: Airman shot himself after being shot by officerPolice say an airman from a Texas Air Force base shot himself in the head and died after an officer shot him during an armed confrontation

School resource officer exchanges gunfire with suspected student shooter at Wisconsin high schoolUPDATE: A suspected student gunman and a school resource officer at a Wisconsin high school exchanged gunfire Monday morning before the suspect was taken into custody, according to officials. Lives saved Some do get away, dont they. tylerdmetcalf19 An armed school officer shot back at an armed high school student, potentially stopping a mass shooting, should be the headline. NBC intentionally confusing headline here.

After deadly shooting, classes resume at Saugus High School: 'Take care of each other'The Santa Clarita campus reopened nearly three weeks after two students were killed in a shooting on the campus quad. 'ORGANIZACIONES' Y 'MULTITUDES'MARCHAN'CON LIDERES EN 'PRIMAVERA'Y LOS DEJARAN SOLOS,EN TIEMPOS 'TORMENTOSOS EJEMPLOS HUSSEIN,GADAFI,LULA,CORREA, ,EVO,ELEMENTAL LO PRIORITARIO EN UNA REVOLUCIÓN,ES LA IDEOLOGÍA EN TIEMPOS 'TORMENTOSOS'LA CONCIENCIA LES DICTARÍA,'PATRIA O MUERTE'RT Sending love and thoughts. 🙏❤️🙏❤️ Sending love and praying that all continue to be brave despite it all. ❤️

Student in custody after shooting at Milwaukee-area schoolA school resource officer shot an armed male student in a classroom at a suburban Milwaukee high school, a police chief says. The 17-year-old suspect is in custody and no one else was injured. This happens way too often. Thank goodness no other students were injured. Les policiers 🚔 ont fait du très bon travail 'resource officer' that 'officer' should have ZERO contact with students and should only be on the grounds or in the admin offices. when there is on emergency that 'officer' is nothing more than a profiler, an armed threat, and usually an unscreened and unvetted racist.