Office Of Management And Budget Begins Government Shutdown Prep, Just İn Case - Cnnpolitics

Office Of Management And Budget Begins Government Shutdown Prep, Just İn Case - Cnnpolitics

Office of Management and Budget begins government shutdown prep, just in case

Office of Management and Budget begins government shutdown prep, just in case

9/23/2021 7:45:00 PM

Office of Management and Budget begins government shutdown prep, just in case

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Thursday marks seven days before the government is set to run out of money, and by standard procedure, that reminder is going out. In Hill talks, Biden takes down the temperature in push for commitments and an end gameThe House has passed a bill to fund the government until December, but tied that legislation to a provision to address the debt ceiling. That bill does not have the 60 votes to pass the Senate, where Republicans have remained steadfast in their opposition to raising the debt limit. "We are taking every step we can to mitigate the impacts of a potential shutdown on our pandemic response, economic recovery, or other priorities. The fact is, shutdowns are incredibly costly, disruptive and damaging," White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters Thursday."We fully expect Congress to work in a bipartisan fashion to keep our government open, get disaster relief to the Americans who need it, and avoid a catastrophic default, especially as we continue to confront the pandemic and power an economic recovery. In the meantime, prudent management requires that the government plan for the possibility of a lapse in funding," OMB spokesman Abdullah Hasan said in a statement to CNN. Read MoreHere are the key dates to watch:

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Thank you! Broken government, thanks to corruption GOPTraitors Do they know something we don't. I would say yes Hopefully it’s permanent this time Perhaps if members of Congress knew how to balance a checkbook, we WOULDN’T HAVE A SHUTDOWN.

Google Paid Over $2 Billion For NYC Office Building, Amazon And Facebook Also Invested Heavily In Office Space: Is This A Sign That Workers Will Be Told To Return To The Office?The people who run Google, Amazon and Facebook are savvy. They are not spending billions of dollars to have empty buildings. These moves raise questions about the future of work. NO I DON'T THINK SO. I THINK THE TECHNOCRATIC SKUNKS FOUND A GOOD BUSINESS DEAL WITH TAX ABATEMENTS. Well in an era and sectors where skills shortages are at crisis levels , employees can say **** ***! And go and work for an employer offering the optimum home / office employment contract flexibility based on living costs and personal circumstances. Tail is now wagging dog! I hope they spend an equal amount on training workers.

WSJ News Exclusive | Google to Buy New York City Office Building for $2.1 BillionGoogle said it is buying a Manhattan building for $2.1 billion, the most expensive sale of a single U.S. office building since the start of the pandemic Considering the low interest rates today, they probably took out a loan for it and didn't pay a single penny lmao about a short story on the changing pace of life, technology and innovation last the pandemic. The rise of the retail investors taking on Wallstreet at their own game. The SEC, FINRA, and DTCC business ethics of “Friends with Benefits” WallStreet money amc well.. google did very well for thrmselves during the pandemic

CAA Sports Expands in Asia With Singapore Office and HiresCAA Sports, part of entertainment and sports agency Creative Artists Agency, is to open a new office in Singapore and has hired Adrian Staiti to the newly created position of president, APAC. He wi… Yasss our indoneasian queens getting that bag and taking advantage of their Asian Fetish🙏🙏

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Google To Buy Manhattan Office Building For Over $2 BillionGoogle plans to purchase an office building in Manhattan for $2.1 billion, the company said Monday, marking the most expensive purchase of a single office building in the country since the pandemic, and reflective of the tech giant’s bigger plan to expand its office space and bring employees back...

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