October COVID Death Rate In Reddest Tenth Of Nation Six Times Higher Than Bluest: Report

Since May, counties that voted overwhelmingly for Trump tallied nearly triple the death rate of blue state counterparts — due to COVID 'misinformation,' says NPR.

Covıd-19, Trump

12/6/2021 5:33:00 AM

Since May, counties that voted overwhelmingly for Trump tallied nearly triple the death rate of blue state counterparts — due to COVID 'misinformation,' says NPR.

Since May, counties that voted overwhelmingly for Trump tallied nearly triple the death rate of blue state counterparts — due to COVID 'misinformation,' says NPR.

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Define, “Misinformation” please. Wow, y'all arms must be on FIRE from all this reaching you're doing! Blue states have triple the amount of homicides than red states Blue states have triple the amount of sex crimes than red states Blue states have triple the amount of crime in general than red states Smh

Trump 2024 Haha. Biden makes Trump look like a genius. So I wouldn’t remark too hastily on the subject. I would have felt empathy but it ran out. Perfect 👍 Republicans are losing voters! Good way to destroy your voter base. A lot of red voters gone… Culling their own herd. That is such horseshit…. Show the facts!

Counties That Voted Trump Have Much Higher Covid Death Rates, Analysis FindsAn NPR analysis revealed that people living in pro- Trump counties were almost three times as likely to die from the virus Also keep in mind that big cities tend to go blue. Office jobs can often be done from home. Working class jobs, more likely to be trump supporters, kept working. Food processing, retail, construction, truck drivers … and thus more exposure In other news,fire is hot 🔥 Fuck... thats awesome...

LeadglassSlane Yep, thinning the herd... Works for me. They still don’t believe it is a deadly virus AustraliaHasFallen in love with free universal healthcare, no gun massacres & the 5th highest quality of life of any country in the world. Also we've only had 79.68 COVID deaths per mill compared to USA's 2371.66.

AP JusticeOIG 3/6/20-“Trump/Pence & the Nazi leadership directing them intentionally create conflict in order to take control…Trump/Pence are willfully & criminally not acting to prevent the spread of the coronavirus & are downplaying it’s severity just like Xi(China).”-API🌅 🤷🏽‍♂️ pity! This must be the red 'wave'.

The more anti-vaxxers there are, the less anti-vaxxers there will be. I just wish it wasn’t at the expense of exhausted healthcare professionals. Oh well. You want to not get vaccinated bc Tucker Carlson and Trump (who are both vaccinated) told you to, then this is what happens. Sorry not sorry. Regardless of party. This is sad news. Those politicians that spreaded the misinformation should be sued

Omicron May Cause Less Severe Covid-19, Small South African Study FindsA small study found a pattern of milder illness from the Omicron variant than in previous waves of Covid-19. The authors cautioned that it is too early to say for sure if the new strain is less virulent than its predecessors. Really You Do Not Say!

Less people to vote red! And the sheep believe more lies It's sad It's come down to this. Health shouldn't be politicized Oh. Well anyways so I made this spicy garlic bok choy and paired with these delicious udon noodles tonight. Bomb ass dinner. Nice. It would be interesting to redo the census You could do correlation for gun ownership or pickup truck ownership as well. Are they causes of death by Covid too?

There are regional differences in attitudes about a lot of things, politics doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with it. Basic research tells u correlation is not necessarily causation. I saw several people testifying of making so much money with the help of AmeliDavd on Bitcoin option trade and I decided to give a try and now I'm glad now she helped me and my colleagues to make $5000 in one week, thank you for transparency and trust.

Omicron: Last-minute call on Wales Covid pass pub extensionThey may be extended to pubs and restaurants due to the emergence of the Omicron variant.

And it will not matter they will vote for him again Trump was out of office 4months before this study’s stats began. Trump was never anti vax, he did operation warp speed. Analyze all u want but Trump is not a factor here. Works for me And they still support him I am pro-choice for sure! One of the only things Trump’s good at: killing his own supporters.

Dummies Let’s do a map of democrat cities that wanted to defund the police and see how much violent crime went up! Natural selection has targeted the lack of intelligence as a weakness They’re dying to own the libs…literally 🤷‍♀️

Defiant California Parents Send Child With COVID To Elementary School, Trigger OutbreakThe parents 'jeopardized the health and safety of other children, their families and school staff,' said an official. I blame the safe vaccine. 😡 I'd run away if I was that kid. Shit parents are really screwing up this country.

Since they're Trump supporters that is not surprising at all, unfortunately. Would there be any other way to describe these statistics other than Natural Selection? They wanted herd immunity, so they are getting us there by killing themselves off. Trump did prey on gullible voters. So... If you really believe that, shouldn’t you be happy that this is happening?

Oh well. 🤷 They don't even care, why should I? Yeah, no shit. Bannon and Trump couldn’t care less -they are the worst the establishment has to offer posing as antiestablishment heros.

Australia approves Covid vaccine for children aged 5-11Australia on Sunday cleared the first Covid-19 vaccine for children aged five to 11, with the next stage of its vaccine rollout expected to start in early 2022.

I'm ok with that, chose your poison BECAUSE FREEEEEEDOOM The GOP can pass voter restrictions laws, the dems will count on science and truth to turn out the vote. GOP will be about 600,000 less. Win win .. fewer deplorables and fewer GOP voters To those gop red states.. Can't wait to see next electioncycle results, see how many less Republicans vote.

Don`t care ! good DARWIN.

Omicron has not killed anyone says WHO as COVID variant cases rise in U.S.The latest coronavirus strain has been detected in 38 countries so far. In the U.S. there are cases in 11 states. For all those who are new to this working from home Bitcoin trading options Here's a little tip: Get a trusted Bitcoin expert and stick to him Arnoldnike93 Invest and play at similar times each day. Because : In times of chaos, your investment is your anchor to success⚖️ It has mutated into a cold.