Obama urges young black people to 'feel hopeful even as you may feel angry' after George Floyd's death

Former President Obama personally thanked protesters in the streets across the nation following the death of George Floyd, and urged young African Americans to 'feel hopeful even as you may feel angry' because he feels change is coming

6/4/2020 1:08:00 AM

Former President Obama personally thanked protesters in the streets across the nation following the death of George Floyd, and urged young African Americans to 'feel hopeful even as you may feel angry' because he feels change is coming

Former President Barack Obama on Wednesday personally thanked protesters in the streets across the nation following the death of George Floyd, and urged young African Americans to 'feel hopeful even as you may feel angry' because he feels change is coming.

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Can you also tell people to stop stealing from local business. Marxists always exaggerate the contradictions from single incidents to a general social injustice. I heard lots of Black people despise to use George repeatedly. Lots of black folks care more about 'Black Kill Black', even the black president seems did not comprehend the problem.

Hope and what? Crimes of the Obama Biden administration are coming out ! Indictments will follow once the Dourm investigation has concluded!!!👏 Rhetorics and propaganda Yes thank you useful idiots who destroyed cities by looting, rioting and burning them, Obama and his shadow government want to transform America into a Marxist, communist country, if anyone listens to this evil man, then you are for the destruction of America

🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 he is a facist instigator and just go play more golf holding his Peace Prize.... BobRae48 Remember when America had a human being as a president emptysuitpresident BarackObama Obama for some people eyes,they think him didn't changes anything,but at least he's better than Trump. ObamaGate

Change? Like when he was president? All he did was divide America and make race relations worse. Why anyone listens to him is a puzzle. He had eight years and a riot. Don't fall for it Worst thing to ever happen to America ! He is doing nothing to stop the non sense!! He is going to Gitmo. It warmed my heart to see the different hues of Americas African Americans 'I'm Just like you'

What did barackobama during his 8 wasted years? - Called cambridgepd stupid when uber-arrogant HenryLouisGates insulted a cop; incited racial tensions: Ferguson; Trayvon; the WORST economic recd for blacks Game changer from an Obama. Thanking thugs and anarchists running riot through your cities triggered by one mans murder. All credibility for both sides of the argument just went out the window. Good luck USA your going to need it.

Do you guys know Covid19? It was a thing right? Cooking up another coup to delegitimize the voting public again. I can smell it. So not a word about the violence. Not even trying to prevent it! gitmo awaits him. CNNisFakeNews Mmm Obama is wrong as usual. The only change will be that top minority leaders will get richer as more social justice money becomes available. The average black will see very little change

This bozo is a stain on America Wonder why change didn’t come during obamas 8 years in office... Obama has NEVER CONDEMNED ANTIFA VIOLENCE!!! Not once!! F**k, BarackObama promised changed when he was first elected president and all he did was divide the country. He is nothing but a corrupt, lying politician who got rich off the American taxpayer. He did nothing to help the Black community who supported him.

This is the guy who was leader of the free World for 8 years and, for some reason, just couldn’t get anything accomplished as far as racial equality right? Democrats? Black or White, only “care” about racism every 4 years... FBHO. This guy single-handedly did more to divide this nation than any figure in US history.

Don't expect great changes with the kind of protest seen right now. Racial issues in US goes back centuries and cant be easily eradicated thru looting and burning properties. Better go one on one with Trump, address ur successes and failures on this and ease tension Fuck Barry's Riots Yes, his change is a one world order and America not surviving. He hates America.

They still insisted to face problems by urged the cops to suppression protesters instead of apologizing and correcting the situation Thanks - for Looting and Rioting? Sucks he committed treason “Thank you for burning down businesses, now trump looks bad” probably We are this situation today because Obama did not do anything in his 8 years to protect black ppl from racist cops.

Barry is a worthless human being. ObamaGate 8 F*cking years The USA is founded on armed struggling, not protesting. Without enough strength and strong willing to use it, the whole protest will be nothing but only begging the ruling class to show some mercy. How many years have black leaders said the same thing to young black folks with absolutely no results ... ?

Change is overdue. All forms of bigotry and racism symbols should be outlawed as part of any meaningful change. Worst president ever world didn't know peace with him ..horrible person 😪 he didn't use 'thugs' this time? As a person who watched this online like so many others, reminding people to be hopeful despite the unrest was a positive message.

As a man who never held a real job, he loves some looting. He was voted in twice! Race relations got worse while he was in Office he kept telling us we were all racist! Лжец! Боже правый! President for 8 years - why did he not enact the 'changes' when he had the opportunity Only change what is coming for Obama is that he's nice house will be changed an cube in Gitmo.. Obamagate

Are you kidding me, The wonderful Obama had his share of eloquent speeches on racial inequality that resulted in no change; Henry Louis Gate Zimmerman vs Trayvon Martin Kimani Grey Eric Gardner Ferguson Gray Kimini Philando Castile Sylville Smith HIs words of wisdom...amazing. Barry Obama says.... He was in office for eight years what did he do for Chicago and all the African-Americans there that were murdered

Trump is fixing your treasonous destruction of our great nation. You’ll be in prison soon. Everything you did is almost undone. Now the better times come back. MAGA2020 BlueLivesMatters AllLivesMatters TrumpTrain2020 Coming from a president that had 2 term in office and 2 years of majority in both houses and he did absolutely nothing to address this issues.

If only children in the middle east felt comfirtable to go out again without BarackObama murdering them in misguided drone strikes. And in 8 years, he also made no change on the home front. banbadcops4life once fired, never hired Stupid n$$ers Same thing happens in US across all Presidencies including the conducive Obama tenure.

I wish you were President right now. Or at least on the ticket. You are much more polished and professional than Biden. Biden does not look good bashing the President and it doesn’t help to turn this around because Biden’s bashing Trump is negative at a time when we need hopeful Promoting racial hate thanks cnn

This is your hero, the Democrats proudest US President Ret. USMC decorated Gen. MATTIS “COMPARES Trump’s… to ‘NAZI TACTICS’… He TRIES TO DIVIDE US’…” Cops died Business burned to the ground Hundreds of honest people hospitalized Citizens living in fear Yup good job ya bunch of criminals. Angry mob rules

What a real president should be like... Obama was in office for 8 years why did he do nothing for blacks? Blacks suffered more under Obama then any other president! Cornel West traces US unrest to Obama failures: 'Black faces in high places' couldn't deliver ...THIS IS TREASON...INCITING INSURGENTS UNDER THE GUISE OF PROTESTS...

The only thing Obama done for the black community was be black! He is watching the black community burn to the ground and backing the ghost of racism past for president! He’s not for the black community, he proved it in his eight years in office! No jobs or opportunities! In fairness he is used to this insanity in Chicago

THIS man was in d office for 8year still he doz not fix ooooo.....so pls stop dis your madness Obama THANKED them? Beck, loser evil Sounds like coronavirus has disappeared Bs I voted for him twice. Race relations escalated under his leadership. He and joe did nothing about 4/5 shootings. I do agree w his message of hope.

Did he thank the ones who attacked and killed police officers? BarackObama Your daily reminder Obama urges rioters to continue destroying America. Fixed it. Justice need to be done,to stop the killings of black To all Black protesters! They call them black life. Not a single American. Idiot is behind these riots.

Obama: thank you for looting and burning minority-owned businesses. Change is coming, alright: it’s called CivilWar. BarackObama The event was staged people! Along with the coronavirus. Everything crazy happening is because of the election coming up. Don’t trust the Deepstate Democrats, it’s all an evil plan.

You served 8 years as a president. What did you do about this issue? It was a pancake presentation..FLAT. Given by a person who was obviously high on something. The traitor needs to locked up. Systemic racism is such an issue that Obama and Biden, with a democrat congress for 2yrs did nothing about it. No police reform. No prison reform. No policy or law to address “systemic racism”.

Change your own culture first...instead of trying to bend society to meet your low standards. The great Obama While taxpayers pay for secret service to Barack, Michelle & baby sitter the girls Americans r seeing our country destroyed by those Obama wanted to uplift. Easy from ur protected environm in martha's & dc.

Really, so what changes did you bring to African Americans over 8 years as President? Black rioter are fools George was kill by democratic police officers ran by democrats governor and mayor who control the police department NOT THE PRESIDENT!!! The governor and mayor house is where you need to riot!! Don't destroy your own business and community!!! Dumbasses

less black people are killed by police now than when Obama was President. what did Obama do to help racism and racial injustice. ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯ protests2020 riots2020 BlackLivesMatter Had 8 yrs to do something...umm ok Obama’s Kids grew up in The White House. He thanks them for killing all those elderly by spreading the corona virus or what?

He didn't warn them about coronavirus? Guess the virus is gone, Obama wouldn't lie Obamagate a great humanist who loves his people he deserves his Nobel Prize he dedicated his life for the good of America without any discrimination 'the well being of man is his priority' Obviously he was speaking to “young” people... anyone old enough knows he had 8years and DIDNT make ANY changes!!!

It seems so long ago. I lost a great paying job defending the hope and change. I remember thinking, “Fight! Why don’t you say something!” Trump is merely payback for Obama. The System gave us both. The System has to go. Hey Ibama what about the black cops killed during riots you coward. CNN says Black Lives Matter but really it’s who CNN chooses which black lives - Black America CNN Obama CNN liberal media are playing you. You are being played.

You should as previous Presidents do and reserve your opinion. You had your 8 years and what did you do for the black cause? What about the black man who was killed for selling cigarettes on the sidewalk. Nothing you were silent! It is also necessary to investigate whether it is a Democratic Party plot. And it also needs to investigate the police who deliberately killed George Floyd, Perhaps this police officer was bribed to create opportunities for riot demonstrations to discredit President Donald Trump

How about demanding all the $ spent on social programs get to those that need it. It’s consumed by beuarocratic puppets of liberal politicians who approved the funding. Underprivileged underclass are exploited tools of Dem rulers. White guilt and selective black privilege rule. Tell just what the so called first black President (since he is half white) did in his 8 years to better black lives? NOTHING!!!

He's getting million dollar contracts, your families are on food stamps, HOPE! Obama you are a part of the problem with racismYourRacistYouracrimnal I'm so glad he stepped in, not only the situation is so dire but it feels like we're on a rocking boat with no captain, terrifying! Obama, living proof of systemic racism in the USA

obamagate ObamaGate TREASON realDonaldTrump Biden amd BO had 8 years to change race relations in this country Biden has been in office since the early 70’s what has he done besides get rich? Report the truth CNN not one side your liberal side of the news. Cops are dying in our streets some of that blood is on your hands!

Spent 8 years in office - did nothing- racism was still at its peak and African Americans were killed even then - so convinient to come out and give sermons now BarackObama RIPGeorgeFloyd You mean the ‘criminals and thugs’ don’t you Obama? Outrageous that you do not talk about the COPS being gunned down in our streets. Why do you not report black on black murder? You choose to fuel a George Situation. How your news agency is not taken off the air is absurd. Your a domestic Terrorist to this country.

A real true President Was he there for Justine Ruszczyk Damont who was murdered by a black 'cop' Mohamed Noor in Minneapolis in 2017? No, because she was white... RealDeniseWelch He could of done more when he was the most powerful man in the 🌎. He had 8 years to do something for Afro Americans, instead all he did was give em high fives ! DT gave them employment, hope , you can’t ask for more ! Social changes come with hard work , education, and no interference from lazy leftist do nothing parasites ! YES YOU CAN !

The only CHANGE this con artist bought after being 8 years in power was Trump. Shame, an ex President is supporting arson and rioting ? Still kissing ass I see.. To hell with this fraud and his followers whatabouttonytimpa Great President XNickje2003X Some politicians don’t realise they are stirring up racial tension.

He did nothing while in power?!?!? Why would he do anything now? Fuck this nigga to $65,000 for some Hot Dogs? what is appreciated: to break businesses, create public disorder, looting of store, all this is appreciated. Protects is a right as long as the protester does it civically! change is coming - isn't this what Obama said before he became president, before going on to change absolutely nothing?

Funny how easy it is to shift narratives one whole year of false Russian collusion, jumps straight to covid-19 a man made racist virus by the way, 3 months of that bullshit, then jump right into a massive false flag event to create civil unrest in this country!. Well played!. arhuml92 isko tou chup karo bahi

Why didn’t he change anything? IMISSOBAMA and our allies do too Obamagate 🍕👧🏽👧🏼🍕👧🏼👶🏼🍕👶🏼👧🏼🍕🍕 America is bleeding, national monuments are vanadized, businesses are looted and former leader is thanking to them and pointing on November elections. Strange times we live in. ülkeye başkan olduğu dönemde hangi sorunu çözmüş,ya da düzeltmiş acaba kendisi...şimdi sivil hayata geçip konuşmak kolay nasıl olsa

This coming from the man who was there at the birth of Occupy, BLM, Ferguson,and Flint, and did NOTHING. It’s all political theater. vivp7 I would like to know if he has even bothered to reach out to the families that have had loved ones killed during the protests, or to any of the businesses and individuals who have had property destroyed? BlueLivesMatter AllLivesMatters

He need to comeback fr !! I'd like to thank THE WORLD. Nations supporting the U.S. and it's citizens demanding rights for all of us. This is all your fault when your President you didn't do anything for black people Imagine a timeline where our stable genius POtuS grew up watching Mister Rogers on TV...

Why aren’t you reporting on Obama administration being guilty of TREASON? 🐸 Be president again. Change? Like entire cities burned down? I love him F Obama! First politician to mention ‘policing reform’? DemocRATS and CNN are really working hard to hand over the mantle of leadership to China. It will end in tears for Americans. KEEP on burning your cities

a true president 😭 all trump wants is Violence and Twitter Let them do a peaceful protest without riots and the looting. This might cause more harm to em by the police. BlackLivesMatter Protesting is perfectly fine, rioting is not. I don't see how people on both sides have such a hard time grasping this.

Obama is using minorities to promote riots Donald Trump is so incompetent that Obama has basically had to come out of retirement to fill the void... unbelievable .... because change is coming! Potent statement. Is it going to be Republicans Vs Democrats or Race driven? Former President Obama personally thanked protesters in the streets across the nation following the death of George Floyd, and urged young African Americans to 'feel hopeful even as you may feel angry' because he feels change is coming

Health Care Workers Peaceful Protest carlquintanilla Biggest RACIST OF THEM ALL!!!!!!! Roseinstein, Comey, Rice, Clapper, Brannen, Biden and the head of it all, OBAMA. The racist in chief, to go with the worst president(Obama)in US history. I would not list to him at, he need to shut up. Obamagate VirusChines

Lol CNN and all there fake comments You were in the office for 8 years and many police incidents happened to black people, what did you do? Nothing! We will never forget the nuclear deal and the money you handed to Iran regime to destroy many lives and countries in the ME! You are such a liar and hypocrite Obama.

you don’t do anything for eight years expt taking We need to come together and get this hateful man out of office!🙏🏾 we are collecting followers so our voice can be heard! So every individual follower can be heard!!✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻🙏🏾💯 come join the movement!! So we can organize a way to beat the system😤

Thank you Mr President. You are truly miss🥰 Obama, o Presidente negro, saiu e esqueceu de instituir políticas públicas em relação às divergências raciais em seu país. Se fez, não funcionou. Agora vem falar idiotices!! nrem_nrem fxx off Obama you did nothing for the US in 8 years,...absolutely terrible POTUS....go away and let a real POTUS do his job!

I miss him. You mean the “hope & change” HIS 8 YEARS provided?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Oh no, remember the last time we had 'Change' from this guy. Hold on folks, hold on! StewartDynasty Thank you Mr. President. We finally got the chance to ear a real President, a real leader talking!

Says the hope and change liar who promised that we could 'keep our doctor' but instead left millions of Americans without health coverage as nobody could afford it, that sided with thugs to divide the country, that funded terrorists. As always, Barack is on America's enemies side This POS did nothing for blacks or any American.

Is “hope & change” in the form of Jorgensen4POTUS ? Because Biden and Trump are two wings on the same bird. But racism got worse during his term and didn't do shit for 8 years to stop it. Now, miraculously, he got the solution? Of course you Obama did nothing duringyour terms and no CNN you can’t make shit up to say otherwise. Obama you lied to Hispanics promise immigration first term and you lied you had a cake walk to legislation but that was you. You come out cool and calm but you r jeckl hide

This is an ACTUAL Leader!!!! Something Trump would know nothing about!!! Police car number plate was 'Police' The porn actor Floyd and cop actor had worked together, the video behind the incident shows no one filming (Pre-Recorded) the white line on the floor by Floyd face is not there in the other videos either. falseflagfloyd FalseFlag

Im sure David Dorns family, plus the people who have been beaten up, and then all the people who have had their businesses damaged and looted agree 100% with you! Americans were pretty racist voting for this guy... twice He was President for 8 years and nothing changed. LOL Did anyone get to ask Obama what he did about while president for 8 years and the first two he had both conressional branches. The hope and change president. Anyone?

Yet he did absolutely NOTHING for us!! Why didn't he prosecute Wall Street? Why didnt he bailout homeowners? Why didn't he prosecute the Gov of Michigan for poisoning Flint? Why did BarackObama pretend to drink that damn water?! He was the illusion of inclusion. Vote! Democrats can get our country back in Track! The last 3 1/2 years has been a disaster! And it’s getting worse. Little over five months, our country will Shape for the better! Drastically better!! Go vote!

The times they are a-changin🎶 I would like to see him marching with protesters like MLK & preaching peace & verbalizing solutions It was so refreshing to hear his hopeful and motivating words. I miss him. Did he thank them for spreading covid19? Moderates who had their towns burnt down and looted arent voting dem thats for sure

Floyd Family Attorney Calls For Arrest Of Three Police Officers Prior To George Floyd MemorialHe said Floyd was 'tortured' in the final moments of his life. Bangladesh confirms 1st coronavirus death in Rohingya refugee camps It's beyond time to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department and any other PDs with similar issues. If you fire the ENTIRE department, maybe others who stand by and mind their own business will speak up next time. Arrest all involved actively or passively.

Obama to discuss George Floyd death and policing in virtual town hall WednesdayFormer President Barack Obama plans to address in a virtual town hall Wednesday night the death of George Floyd, stressing the importance of 'ensuring that this moment becomes one for real change' and that the protests around the country lead to new policies, according to an Obama aide. Please remove “Former” from the headline. These moments didn’t qualify I suppose Will he also take questions on Obamagate? Please do your job.

Full video: Obama makes first on-camera remarks about George Floyd deathPresident Obama gave his first on-camera statement regarding George Floyd’s death and the subsequent nationwide protests that have followed during a virtual town hall hosted by My Brother's Keeper Alliance. BSNBC is having a jerking off moment. Can Obama also address why he increased the militarization of the police and used them to crack down on BLM, StandingRock , OccupyWallStreet ?

George Clooney Pens Essay Following Death of George FloydGeorge Clooney is encouraging all Americans to vote in order to fight against systematic racism. Give me a good cantidate to vote for then The only good candidate was Bernie but he’s gone so 🤷🏾‍♀️ Apparently it is quiet enough to write over there in England. Must be watching the riots from the safety of another country!! Pip pip George 🤣 maybe you should watch Benny Hill, it's a bit closer to home for you.

Barack Obama to make first on-screen comments on George FloydFormer President Obama to make his first on-screen comments about the killing of George Floyd while in police custody and subsequent unrest. Can't wait to hear what he accomplished. YES! Leadership! President Obama is my president. Chanting for change is not good enough. Demand specific changes in the law!

Obama Will Address George Floyd Protests in Online Town HallThe former president, taking pains not to upstage Joe Biden, plans to echo essays he published recently urging protesters to channel their rage into political action and to embrace police reforms. MULTIVIEW PROTESTS LIVE - USA BLM BLACKLIVESMATTER My President! Ah the good old days when the President had an IQ larger than that of an Orange