Obama urges Americans to continue social distancing despite Trump's wishes to reopen economy

Obama Urges Americans To Continue Social Distancing Despite Trump's Wishes To Reopen Economy - Cnnp

Former President Obama is urging Americans to continue social distancing in an effort to stem the spread of coronavirus, a noticeable difference in tone from his successor, who has publicly suggested opening up the nation in two weeks to boost the economy.

Obama Urges Americans To Continue Social Distancing Despite Trump's Wishes To Reopen Economy - Cnnp


Former President Obama is urging Americans to continue social distancing in an effort to stem the spread of coronavirus, a noticeable difference in tone from his successor, who has publicly suggested opening up the nation in two weeks to boost the economy.

Former President Barack Obama on Wednesday urged Americans to continue social distancing in an effort to stem the spread of coronavirus, a noticeable difference in tone from his successor, who has publicly suggested opening up the nation in two weeks to boost the economy.

Washington (CNN) In a tweet, Obama shared a news story about overwhelmed health care workers in New York hospitals helping coronavirus patients and said,"another reason to maintain social distancing policies at least until we have comprehensive testing in place. Not just for our sake—for theirs.""These are the burdens our medical heroes already face in NYC. It's only going to get harder across the country," Obama wrote. Listen to the CNN Coronavirus: Fact vs. Fiction podcast with chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta here.Obama has tweeted encouraging messages during the outbreak, though he's not directly criticized the Trump administration's response to it. Obama has urged Americans to protect themselves and others from coronavirus by taking"common sense precautions" like hand-washing and staying home if sick. He also thanked health care professionals who are fighting the coronavirus outbreak, saying in a tweet last week,"They're giving everything."Read More"May we all model our own behavior on their selflessness and sacrifice as we help each other through this," he said.On Tuesday, Trump said he wants to ease social distancing measures in order for the country to be"opened up and just raring to go by Easter." Health experts have cautioned against easing the guidelines to boost the economy as the number of confirmed cases continues to rise in the US.Coronavirus task force targets the youths"I give it two weeks," Trump said during a Fox News virtual town hall, suggesting he was ready to phase out his 15-day self-isolating guidelines when they expire."I guess by Monday or Tuesday, it's about two weeks. We will assess at that time and give it more time if we need a little more time. We have to open this country up."The Trump administration has been criticized for its response to the virus and lack of testing kits. Trump has sought to blame his predecessor for slowing down new diagnostic testing but there's no evidence to support that claim.CNN's Kevin Liptak contributed to this report. Read more: CNN

Boosting the economy is understandable, but fighting the virus is more important, and stopping the spread. WendellPierce WendellPierce We would like to invite you back on BBC HARDtalk to talk coronavirus. It would be via Skype. Please contact me pascale.puthodbbc.co.uk. All we need now is your voice and wisdom... God bless America

He's an actual leader. Obama is irrelevant . I wanna know what president Washington thought about all this. Thank you. We need to hear this from someone we can trust! unclelukereal1 Said CNN. Obama didn't say much when Swine Flu infected 57 million Americans, killed 17,000 in 2009-2010. (Look IT up) Now we have the Wuhan Virus, lets blame it all on Trump. Trump had the economy rolling, watch him put it back on track...'quickly'. EffectivePOTUS

Is it even news anymore that Trump is a total dick and Obama isn't? We need you in office! Your successor is a nightmare! It’s time to come back and fix this disaster. Folk him Trumps got this

Criticized For His Coronavirus Response, Trump Returns To The ‘Blame Obama’ StandbyThe president has been in office for three years and two months, but still blames his predecessor for his own administration’s lagging response to the co... I guess Trump did not make America great again after all. That's because his predecessor SUCKED! TRUMP2020 VOTERED BUILDTHEWALL Like a a diaper baby...

Thank you for speaking to all of us! You are needed💙 Thank you Denounce MichaelRapaport We want you back. Why the continued fake news rhetoric in a time when this country needs to come together? Voters will remember and our voices will be heard again... Trump mulls coronavirus quarantine on New York, New Jersey, Connecticut

Mr.president Obama should go on national tv and let America know how serious this virus is O bum o bum ☺😅 ochoboyd Here’s the problem, a lot of people aren’t. Empty words from Nobama as usual. We’re sick of your bias fake news all the time , especially now when there is a crises of this magnitude with loss of lives. How about knocking off the political weaponiziing of everything?

We didn’t listen to you crap when in office so just shut it now Typical CNN Trump said possibly some parts of the country could begin getting back to normal. It’s not set in stone.

DJ D-Nice Was Nervous to Play for Michelle Obama at Club QuarantineDJ D-Nice has been hosting virtual dance parties at his club quarantine on Instagram, and Michelle Obama, Jennifer Lopez, Drake and more stars have all digitally dropped by

Is this the guy that never prepared the USA for a COVID-19 COVID19 pandemic crisis? did he used a teleprompter or without and studder his ass off America needs BarackObama to be a leader again, he has the unique ability to bring calm in hard situations. He is honest and truthful. He can better help America as the voice of reason and integrity. He can lead the response for America through alliances and teamwork.

Obama wasn't the greatest, but he was fifty times better than Donald Chump Trump has not said stop doing social distancing. With a country this big should the whole country adopt the same measures regardless of virus threat, size, population density, hospital capacity, etc.. each city, county, and state need to figure it out! fakenews

We don't care about what Obama is saying. I understand one thing, your VP is going to be the conduit that sends you to jail. Barr and Durham are digging it up. O'Biden will roll to spare his family jail. Tell it to the Mayor and Governor of NY they are still in there world finding how they can attack Trump and gain political mileage.

No one cares what he has to say just like Joe biden too He is not responsible for the country any more.

Michelle Obama Fills In Ellen DeGeneres On Her Family's Self-Isolation RoutineThe Obamas are watching Netflix and appreciating family time. Nice that ya'll can afford to enjoy anything right now. Must feel great Oh right they are both chums of George Bush!

realDonaldTrump is not telling people to stop practicing social distancing. Such DISHONEST “reporting”EnemyOfThePeople We are !! We are staying away from him!!!! How many times you going to tweet this!!! Go AWAY!! You are going down with the rest of them, so don't EVEN think you have a free pass! We’ve been practicing social distancing from him since 2016 !! Maybe he could do his part and keep his distance from us as well moving forward

Cnn reposts this twice a day. Such blatant lies!!! Trump encourages distancing too!! And he said MAYBE we can try to restart the country sections at a time by Easter! He’s trying to give Americans hope. Something CNN is incapable of. I wish Obama would distance himself far away from our beautiful country with his bs. MakeAmericaGreatAgain NoThanksObama Takeyourhubbyandgoaway ObamaforGitmo

We know you worship obama, but even this statement sucks..The real President, the President who is leading our nation right now President Trump said that HE WOULD LIKE TO GET THIS NATION OPENED UP BY EASTER, WE WILL HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE.....STOP LYING CNN So sad CNN to see you living in the past especially when the Obama Administration proposed severe cuts to: Obama's budget cuts in 2012 to the public health preparedness budget and 2014 CDC cuts led to some of the shortages.

Michelle Obama reveals how she's keeping busy amid the coronavirus outbreakThe former first lady spoke to Ellen DeGeneres about how she and husband Barack are 'doing a lot of Netflix and chilling.' Yesterday’s woman...obsolete Who cares Shouldn’t she be quarantined

Do not forget that this individual prevented the completion of the Coronavirus vaccine, and that more the 17,000 people died during the flu outbreak under his administration.... Like the man says, Obama leading from behind. I’m guessing he said that thinking it would ease people’s fear. You CNN are purposely trying to freak people out. For your own agenda.

Oh look fake news CNN attacking Trump again. Oh wait you don’t have journalist y’all only employ activist. Keep up your lies and fake news you’ll just be a has been He's using his brain and isn't concerned about 'hey look at me'. Trump needs to realize that the gray matter in his skull is for more than taking up space. It wouldn't hurt if he got over himself too. Just saying.

I really miss him STOP STIRRING THE POT!!! Says the guy that left our borders wide open during the H1N1 pandemic that killed 14,400 Americans.

Obama logs on amid the coronavirus pandemicFormer President Obama is making use of his large social media platforms to address the coronavirus and posting like never before since leaving the presidency. Great people always remain great people - in good times and in bad! Since Biden can't read a 30 second PR release? His poor swine flu response killed a lot of Americans. He golfed while they suffered and died.

Gaslighting. He wants the economy to collapse Será que, se ele ainda fosse presidente, ele manteiga o mesmo discurso? Bye, Felicia. Yeah because Obama doesn’t need to worry about the depression right now which could be worse That's because he was an intelligent and excellent President and Leader.... Y’all are an embarrassment

Obama logs on amid the coronavirus pandemicFormer President Barack Obama is making use of his large social media platforms to address the coronavirus and posting like never before since leaving the presidency Always my President. Run again. Send him to China or Iran where he belongs!!!

The REAL president of US Now this is a real leader. This is You can’t help yourselves, can you! Seriously Obama still doesn’t get how our economy works A more important and factual difference from his successor is the fact that he sold us out. Ran around the world embarrassing the country, and kneeling for everyone. His successor is putting America first and kicking any ass that gets in the way... 🇺🇸

FORMER. That is ALL you need to tweet. How much did the dems pay you for that? Loser cnn. LittleLyingPropagandist Still kissing his ass after all these years. CNN is All non essential employees. Why don't you do a great service to your country and shelter in place. Or volunteer at a variety of places and opportunities to give back to the community. Instead you push fear, lies and divide.

Really show me where Trump say that we should stop the pratice of social distancing? Locking yourself into your home Is isolating yourself social distancing is limiting contat with the virus. Can you work without touching others I can. Can you work with protective measures I can! Bet if buddy was in office right now everyone would listen

Enjoying the dank of Plato's cave that CNN is trying to keep from collapsing? Open your eyes and find the exit people. The news media is the DNC. How is this not obvious? Never has it been easier to see reality. The exit to your cave is to the right. Thank you president Obama! Finally some sane advice from an adult in the room!!!!

GOOD TO HEAR FROM OUR PRESIDENT BARAK O’BAMA AGAIN. GIVES AMERICA HOPE FOR THE FUTURE. THANK YOU MR. PRESIDENT !! CNN coverage is idiotic. We’re still distancing and we will still be distancing. Yes in the future we will open it up we have to even according to Governor Cuomo You put out biased garbage like this and then cry when people say they no longer trust the media.

I don't care about what Hussein has to say. Your Hero is no longer in Office! You truly are FAKENEWSCNN I totally agree! Listen to the Drs, not a lying, narcissistic sociopath whose only concern is he's not being cheered on by his cronies. I'm sure he's having much w/drawals right now. Stay safe USA = StayAtHomeAndStaySafe

Trump is also preaching social distancing you nitwits... Tell it like it is. He said he would like for the country to open up by Easter. He said we will reevaluate at that time. Stop trying to inflame tensions for political gain. you really miss him don't you? you couldn't cover for him enough...lavishing your praise on him every chance you got.

BarackObama is for the people and realDonaldTrump is for money 💴⚠️

For 13 years the DOH said more ventilators are needed. 8 of those were under Obama and Joe Biden. They didnt do a damn thing. Fuck him too. Wish you were still president 🙂 PRESIDENT Obama is everything president Trump is not. Barak Obama, as a son, a husband, a father and a man is far more than Trump ever thought of being! God bless Barak Obama and his family! 💙🙏🏻💙

CNN is the enemy of the state! IF ONLY WE HAD YOU AT THE WHITE HOUSE SO MANY PEOPLE WOULD NOT HAVE TO DIE. I Obama aka bath house barry shut your yap...you had 8 years...step aside and let a REAL man run the country and you and michael go on a cruise CNN ,you’re fake news Its physical distancing not social distancing.

Liers... he said he was ' hoping or Love too.' Doesn't mean it will..you need to he shut down for lies..and twisting words.. too bad the sleepers cant seam to awake up of they did you be out of a JOB

Who cares what he says BarackObama Teleprompter guy was all show and no go. Did you not watch President Trumps press release? Pretty sure that is what the administration has the whole country doing. You people are something else 🤮 Obama bombed more countries than any other president in history. From a distance of course. The healthy way.

Obama failed at handling the H1N1 virus! He depleted the CDC funds and moved on to play another round of golf! This was never reported by CNN, because they only support a liberal agenda! Amazing Oh yes! Obama will encourage people to do anything to make POTUS fail. Why didn’t Obama shut down the whole country during the H1N1 pandemic? H1N1 infected and killed far more people.

No one cares what Obama says. He sold us out to China. Now mention how many x his administration was warned about pandemics while he cit CDC budget GO AWAY OBAMA.. 12000 American died in 2009 before you did anything. I dont remember your travel ban or shutting the country down to save lives like Trump Trump has never eliminated social distancing in his discussions. Trump is correct. The economy needs to be protected as it provides the financial backbone for families thru jobs. Trump clearly states it would be a controlled opening.

Yeah but Obama is sane and decent WhoDat Social distancing is important...but i don’t need this guy urging me to do jack. I sucked it up while he was in the Oval despite the fact that I disagreed with most of his politics. Prefer not to see or hear him at all. Btw, what a jerk for dissing his guy Joe. TrueColors

I'll listen to Obama, the man who DIDN'T stare directly at a solar eclipse. CNN IS FINISHED CNN ARE PROPAGANDISTS CNN SHOULD BE BANNED BanCNN 日本の検査数が少ないのは もともと検査できる件数が少なすぎることが原因の一つであると考えられます。 2週間前のデータですが日本全体で1日のコロナの検査可能件数が7000件弱。 東京は125件。 地方でも1日100件位です。 検査可能件数を増やさないと大変なことになります。

God, you people from CNN are evil. As if you all didn't hear what President Trump said today...he said health & safety first then the economy. Stop the damn disinformation campaign against President Trump, there has to be at least a campaign finance law, all you do is lie. Please listen to a very smart man.💕

Obviously the right call. Do Americans read biology books? CNN what if you stop the fake news and work together with this country And another LIE. POTUS said they would look at the data next week. Three alternatives: continue the closure of cities like New York. Open up some portions of cities not seriously effected. Open up other areas to business. In all cases POTUS indicated social distancing.

You just can't get that taste out of your mouth, huh? FORMER president. IDGAF

Barry wants economy to fail like it did the whole 8 yrs the turd was in , plus you’ve posted this 10 times, i am yawning .. OBAMA SHOULD KNOW.. AFTER HIS 2009 VIRUS FAILURE . Is this Mr. Obama’s TV CM? Since covid-19 crisis is too overwhelming, no we can’t😅 Yeah that's the same guy that in 2009 H1M1 pandemic let 60 million become infected, 400000 hospitalized and 15000 dead before he did anything.

オバマの時代は本当に酷かった。世界はテロリストに支配されかけていた。 he’s basically still our president BarackObama please address the nation! We need your reassuring wisdom and voice! Yer the greatest BarackObama unlike our piece of shit realDonaldTrump I was a better president. Look good my friend

The only way we can StaySafe is Social_Distancing Countries with confirmed cases of the coronavirus 👇 CoronavirusPandemic COVID19 Obama got us into this mess [Infiltration instead of Invasion] Obama iscavtruebleader and statesman! I doubt that the virus truly came from the lab of US army and is been used to increase people’s goodwill to Trump through leading people to fight against the epidemic.

Heroes forever CNN can be really biased at times. oh but trump knows better, he's a medical expert, the united states should be open by easter. Thank you for being reasonable and listening to medical advice! Cutie-pie News Network.

Yes but by Monday it will be down to zero! Doh! Damn we miss this man! Sane, competent, ya know a President. When will Obama and the idiots at CNN realise Obama is a past tense and his words don't matter? Oh Blah! You should be used to him by now! No lover of bores/boars but at least he keeps on trying to talk you up! Let's just get past the virus and then you can vote him out!

ChrisCuomo Obama Care is the reason for fewer Hospitals, Obamacare doesn't like Doctor owned hospitals and with all the new Medicare patients on O Care doctors and hospitals have had to cut back on resources because of the government's lower reimbursement rates. is simply trying to drive traffic, as the station is now completely irrelevant

So does Trump. You people on the left don’t listen. Obama is irrelevant. social distancing is stupid people are going to start commiting suicide. ChrisCuomo Most of us will do what our governors suggest. Trump does not decide when the virus will end. Hope he enjoys the service at his empty church on Easter Sunday!

billpeduto Who cares what Obama thinks. He left the CDC without equipment when he was president. Why is he talking?! Let O-BAMA sweep in and save us all 😂. He had is chance and made nothing of it. The Man....Mr.Obama,you ARE MISSED sir!... Any of the goverment officials , including the President, hasn’t change the message about social distancing. You are fake news !

Oh please, would you just plain stop with the fake news! What you're saying is positively ludicrous!!!, and fake, too. ChrisCuomo Thank God Obama is out, he could give a sh*t about Americans and their health!! And he proved it many times. That’s why economy sucked under Obama and food stamps jumped through the roof and borders were wide open! If he was still president pandemic would be off charts because of all those people flooding boarders.

Nobody cares what he has to say. ..worst president AllResistNews , MSNBC ABC CBS NBC NPR. Our Country is facing a once in a century crisis with a self serving moronic pathological liar at the helm. Please consider streaming a weekly hour of Clinton, Bush, Obama speaking to Americans honestly and how best to survive this travesty.

AllResistNews Oh....do we miss this man!!😥😥😥 AllResistNews How have we fallen so far so fast from this amazing man? Oh I know. A racist orange blob Of course...he's a retired millionaire Thank you. Please continue being a leader. In fact be our Virtual Leader. Obama = Intelligent and then there is trump... a English saying something about a person ‘s intelligence it goes “thick as to short planks” he fits perfectly..🤨

realDonaldTrump President Trump emphasized continuing social distancing. Unlike you in the liberal media, the President knows we also have to keep our country moving. Millions of Americans are again being financially ruined, may lose their homes, but you don't care. A REAL president, a REAL leader. He has a brain and didn't murder one of his followers with bogus medical advice

cryMore Umm, he’s not in charge any more No

Shush. We don't care. MoveAlong GetALife GoFish ChrisCuomo OMG, you are absolutely in love with BarackObama. Past President who cares about human life🙏.The President today, who cares only about money! Sad, what's going to happen in U.S .This Virus is REAL! So why you letting the DNC buy your vote so they can avoid taxes to spoil their kids while working people struggle to support theirs? Rather than a democratic revolution of Grass Roots Change that boosts the middle class so the rich can't take advantage of workers?

He is still a crook. President Trump said we wanted American back to work by Easter. Maybe fake news CNN and their empty headed so call experts would stop dragging their feet we could get this done Sure do miss this gentleman with his smarts and grace!!! Obama also said: - laws are optional - arrest is voluntary - White people are responsible when a a Black man shoots 13 police.

More fake news. Thanks CNN.

The American people should rise and overthrow the lives of the rich, the rich, the poor and the poor I wish he was President again. He is no longer President, or did CNN forget? You are always looking to sow division! He loves this pandemic crashing the economy. He wants people out of work permanently and so does Schulosi. The longer this goes on the more likely small businesses will shutter. They have many reasons to stall and disrupt aid to small businesses.

A disgraceful media. Stop double standards US people! U guys will blame Trump for whatever he does. Let say Trump pause all the economic activity for longer and cause a higher employment rate. Will u guys blame Trump for that? How hilarious u guys are! President Obama, Thank You for speaking up! We miss your common sense and leadership.? The current resident of the White House is looking for a power play to allure just enough to die so he can suspend elections and take total control of our government!

Christ h1n1 president

The headline alone is laughable. When did Trump tell people to stop social distancing? Liars!!!!!! realDonaldTrump has urged social distancing and care for the aged!!!!!! Why are you so bent on antagonizing, ridiculing and fighting realDonaldTrump every step of the way! At least it’s a crisis, STOP IT!!!!!

CNN can’t report the truth cause they have lied soooo much they don’t know what the truth is. I don’t think trump said he’s going to by Easter. Think it was like. It would be good to start getting back working by Easter. Like it would be nice if I won lottery Yes Americans.. PLEASE continue with your isolation at home and just ignore StupididiotMoronInChief realDonaldTrump instructions! He WILL NOT SAVE YOU! He don’t care about YOU and how many dies. He only care about the numbers from the Stock Market!

大統領英明!👍 Trumps urges social distancing while giving everyone hope that things will get better there fixed it for you You maybe right let’s listen to the guy who warns us about global warming yet buys a $13m home 3 feet above sea level It's nice to see that CNN is offering consistently bad journalism, even in times of trouble.


I wish you were still president. The deceitful one that we have in there now is literally killing people. No one cares what he says! We need Obama to practice social distancing back to his Kenyan home. Everyone is...🙄 A president capable of speaking in full sentences would be reassuring right now. If Obama had been preparing the Country for a disaster instead of politicking, we would have all the medical necessities we need to fight this virus.

Obama waited until millions of American had been infected with H1N1 before he even bothered to declare an emergency. By that time more than 20,000 had been hospitalized and over 1000 had Died. Spare us you praise of the emperor with no clothes. Nobody asked now gfy Together, we can screw up Nov. 2020...somehow, someway!

Ask him why he didn't replace the 100 million masks.

billpeduto Nothing but respect for my President. This is so misleading as always. The president has spoken Gross The house,senate and the no win obama told the Americans Snowden was a criminal and everyone bought the bullshit lie! They can run intelligence operations against CNN see how you feel and these operations can destroy everyone in CNN,see how you feel about obama then!

It’s just not about this economy it’s about people losing jobs children not being able to learn people having it hard coping with self isolation yes now we all should be social distancing but a timetable is needed to be hopeful for is all realDonaldTrump giving us Hope Well as long as POTUS44 MichelleObama social distance themselves from us we will be fine. No need to bring these muslims back into the spotlight. ChineseWuhanVirus anyone?

Swine Flu And of course FakeNewsCNN sides with the loser community organizer.

Obama. Worst president in American history. Trump 2020 When has Trump said not to continue social distancing? FakeNews Please save us, it has been a nightmare since you left us. We are literally watching Trump destroy the American citizens and everything great about America. He is so full of SH-T. ChrisCuomo Chris Cuomo is a bought soul

ChrisCuomo You people have a SICK Spirit only Jesus can cure. Obama is part of the problem. He and China caused this. Hear hear One of the best President's ever USA CITIZENSHIP READ THIS ChrisCuomo CNN must be democrat run i hope he does open the US in 2 weeks and stands by it , we need a new single superpower in the world and guess who that will be.

Fxxx u CNN fake news Looser CarrieSweet2017 I love President Obama. CNN = Communist News Network! I think everyone is urging social distancing what makes him so special What a genius. See he has no problem not working since he gets 100s thousands a year from GOV and all of his speaking/book money. Plus he does social distancing for security everyday. Go away.

Obama grande uomo . Lui é stato un gran presidente. Il suo successore fa paura CNN=Fake News Yessss that’s my president

Only healthy humans can boost an economy so the people's health should be the number 1 priority. No need to rush. It’s gonna take a surgeon to remove CNN’s lips from Obama’s a$$. Many leaders will only tell the truth when they retire! After allowing gay and abortion in a country that have the inscription 'In God We Trust' on their legal thunder. Obama, God have mercy on you.

CNN left wing propaganda machine putting out false information once again! Don’t be deceived the Trump Administration has been promoting social distancing 24/7 for weeks! Obama ..head of the snake Thank you for your words. Our country needs. Please continue to advise. Our present leadership is in serious decline.

Wow, he agrees with Trump on this issue. Glad we can all agree on this point. It's difficult to do when your greedy boss makes you go to work in this nightmare pandemic. ChrisCuomo USA is built on God but when islamist terrorist religious begot sympathisers Barack husenni Obama and do nothing Democrats and crooked corrupt double agents and useful idiots signed gay law where pigs in human form sleep with their fellow men. ..

A global task force is needed. Gordan Brown, Obama or other eminent personalities with intellectual capabilities needed at this difficult time. Include exbankers and people like Bill Gates, who inspire confidence. BarackObama OfficeGSBrown nytimes BBCNews coronavirus we dont need this loser to tell us what we need to do, we have a great president Trump for that and that idiot obama not in the white house thank GOD

idk about you but im gonna listen to this guy Devil himself ChrisCuomo WHO CARES WHO CARES WHO CARES what Barak Obama thinks. He’s not the president & he hardly got anything done while in office anyway! ChrisCuomo Obama cares, unlike the man sitting in the Oval Office right now! Social distancing is the only way to prevent this thing from getting worse. It worries me every day that I go to work, a lot of people there just don't care. Sad, but true. Isolation is the safest choice now.

BarackObama why doesn't he convinced Bernie Sanders to concede and support Joe Biden ChrisCuomo 'In a tweet, Obama shared a news story about overwhelmed health care workers in New York hospitals helping coronavirus patients &said, 'another reason to maintain social distancing policies at least until we have comprehensive testing in place. Not just for our sake—for theirs.'


The Truth About Our Government | David Wilcock & George Carlin via YouTube ChrisCuomo Where is Bush? He needs to join forces with Obama to illustrate this is Not About Politics. wncsteph There *is* a way,however tricky, to do both. A VOICE OF REASON ! From Dawn till dusk we see the lost. From morning till light it,s alright. The warm glow a friend in need. The Sorrow fleeting for some heavens greeting. Just pinning my thoughts on the Corvid19 beating some seem to be weeping. My heart is with you.

Orange man bad, but Obama good. Orange man not know science. Obama know many genders and life begins when paying taxes. Obama good with H1N1. No death, no contamination. Obama good with international. Iran happy. North Korea happy. War stopped. Nobel prize! Miss Obama. Sad. So deceiving. Trump spoke about the aspiration to re-open parts of the country to reboot the economy in the future.....not for people to ignore social distancing requirements STILL in place now.

It wasn't until over 1000 had died before Obama alerted the country that H1N1 was serious.

Y’all still complaining. Didn’t change shit. Took 6 months to react to H1N1. Didn’t prepare the medical surplus is evident why we don’t have enough ventilators and masks. Thank Trump for changing up the outdated pandemic task force to react in record time. The shear volume of fake news coming from this title is incredible.

You mean Obama, the guy that allowed many thousand to die from H1 N1? Did very little for months even with The brilliant Joe Biden by his side. billpeduto billpeduto ChrisCuomo billpeduto We miss you President Obama.

billpeduto Obama hates American success; so of course he’s going to say and do whatever he can to cause our recession and economic failure. People are realizing his historic failures and that he’s just an actor. billpeduto billpeduto And if I do get called back to work, what are my choices? billpeduto

That’s the difference of a socialist and a business man !! realDonaldTrump billpeduto billpeduto

Ugh to have a real president right now!!!!!!!!! Miss the leadership of BarackObama! billpeduto CNN is such a liberal outlet. Propping up Obama...never seizing to amaze. This is why their ratings continue to tank. billpeduto Can he also do the press conferences? You need to take a look at how Obama mishandled his chance to save lives. He procrastinated.

billpeduto ChrisCuomo I miss you, Mr. President. billpeduto ChrisCuomo yeah ok taking advise from hussien is out of the Question imo

billpeduto I trust him a lot more than the guy currently living in the WH. I see he came out of his spider hole. billpeduto Fake news CNN billpeduto billpeduto jorgealarcon_lu billpeduto billpeduto

Our President has finally returned billpeduto Like comparing apples to oranges or genius to an orange Mississippi, I'm begging you people down there. Take heed. 所以中国正在兑现他的诺言,也在一步一步实现他对世界人民的承诺! The peeps at CNN are morons. That is all. Actually our great president is telling everyone the same thing chandelis do they actually pay you to write this garbage?

我想说,人类共同的敌人是,病毒,是,自私,是那些欺骗民众,误导民众别有用心的人,他们想利用病毒赚一大笔钱,还有那些国家的管理者们,他们想利用病毒遮盖他们的无能,他们指责所有中国人,这并不明智! Wrong, CNN. President Trump urges social distancing. Are misinformation, lies and political propaganda basically all that you are made up of?

More Instd getting re elected second time Sant_patil GirishKulkarni7 Good predication US economy back on track Easter Sunday Yeah ok. Here’s our government practicing social distancing during the vote tonight. Hypocrisy runs rampant in all areas of this country. Our Country needs to get back to work as soon as possible ! Democrats want this shut down to continue forever ! Look at the B.S. they spread in the media every day ! This virus is being used by Democrats to trash Trump ! Trump is doing a good job as POTUS ! Obama is irrelevant !

Wait. Trump said don't social distance? Two weeks from now is not today, dumbasses. Lockdown the Country for atleast two weeks, I think, that will be the best solution for now. Sooner or later, this will have to be done. Then why not now? If you delay, it seems, it gonna be worse only. One for the people, one for the economy

Obama: 1) H1N1 2) Ventilator shortage He is not a shining example of solid leadership. Zero left the bathhouse long enough to catch up on the coronavirus situation?

Ya see right there? Now that's a leader. Black America thought you were going to lead them to the promised Land. What went wrong. This from the bastard that did nothing for 6 months during thr Swine Flue...22,000,000 contagions; over 10,000 Americans dead! Another lie by Is the ocean water rising at Martha’s Vineyard?

fuck the economy Last I checked Obama was no longer president. Trump also didn't wait till 4000 died before declaring an emergency. How do your reporters walk around without a backbone Or do they just slither?

Obama Care!! ChefCaseyT Real leaders will always lead. BarackObama is just that and realDonaldTrump is anything but a leader. He is just a narcissistic habitual liar Obama and trump are both senior socialist intelligence personnel trained by the Communist Party of China. This is a picture Obama took with his comrades during the Chinese civil war.

Obama was afraid to run against trump in 2016, so why would anyone listen to him CNN still riding the “D” The President said he would like to see the nation opening up by Easter. If this were Obama you were reporting on instead of Trump, you would have Obama walking on water by now. You guys are garbage reporting.

You’ve outdone yourself this time . You’re cheering Obama for saying to continue social distancing... Trump is literally saying the same thing, and to continue social distancing practices after the economy reopens around Easter. There should be no “despite” in the headline We’re trying to practice it but his ass won’t go away!

60 million infected and about 15k Americans died from H1N1 during his presidency while the Obama admin did nothing. When there will be no people then what would you do of economy thus your first priority ought to save the folks of us not economy

Obama please comeback! Go sit down, you’re no longer the president! Ask Obama and Biden why they didn't leave us with enough masks for our hospital workers after H1N1? I would rather have those masks than his advise. The president sees a total collapse if some don't get back to business...it's a HOPE, dummies. You'll never get it and in the long run, it's men like him that survive. Enjoy your hysteria.

We need him back!!! Can you imagine him handling this situation?! I would feel much better and confiden. Nothing Trump says is reassuring. Still on Obama’s D I see if you could tell the truth just once a day you might get some of your viewers back. Yes cuz we need a leader. Why doesnt he social distance yourself from America like he did as President ..he made billions w his wearing down Americas military for a take over . He allied himself w China and sent Iran 150 billion to decimate Israel and the USA. Then God elected Pres .Trump

Wow,maybe Obama should've been this engaged I. 2009 when H1N1 virus hit the US. He would've saved the 17000 or so deaths because of him waiting 6 months to act. Oh well, he gets it now that he's on the sideline.

Thanks for not replacing all those masks used when you were being the WORST President ever. Your failures continue to hurt AMERICA BarackObama Sure, he now has no responsibility or accountability to ensure the economy doesn’t fall off the cliff into a depression for many years to come b/c of a virus Opening up the country doesn’t mean eliminating SocialDistancing What in the world is the LooserInChief Obama and CNN smoking 🚬?

Oh gosh isn’t he the best!! Worst President in history. Along with worst news channel.... don’t believe a word u say cause all u do is bash our president Well - he’s welcome to do whatever he wants. He’s a private citizen now. You are sooo right 💪🙏🙋‍♀️❤️ Because the deep state and global elite want to kill our economy and destroy this country. ChineseCommunistParty talking points via CNN

We trust realDonaldTrump We don't need any advice from a failed, fraudulent President. Republicans can resume normal activity and attend Trump rallies after Easter according to Trump? The rest of us will continue to follow safe and sane behavior. Urges? President Obama needs to make videos to run in prime time telling people what to do.

Worst president ever! Fightuntilwin. BarackObama. Thank you Mr.Obama. Please keep encouraging our nation to be careful. Please advise the people to stop being reckless. We should avoid the mistakes happened in Italy. Hey cnn your bias is showing... might try a little harder. WTF is wrong with having a target date

Is Obummer gonna pay the rent and put food on the table? And Patriots are urging indictment, arrest, trial by 12 for treason and conspiracy to commit treason, ultimately, ending with his...... Does anyone really care what this used car salesman has to say? Please come back! coronavirus Because Obama has a BRAIN!!!

President hasn’t said he was going to advise people to stop practice social distancing. Nor does Obama criticize his strategies here. Possible to have people return to work and follow CDC guidelines. either doesn’t read their own articles or purposefully misleading public. Yes sir i will 😊👍

I wish he was here and doing a job of a president. TrumpMadness Obama is Fraud.. its not going to work I disagree, it sounds just like Trump. The words just sound better to coming out of his mouth. You’re biased, it doesn’t matter what Trump says or does. H1N1....enough said. Obama can sit this one out. Millions infected, 12,000 died before he did anything.

nxvim Most of the sheeple on this thread have no idea what that hash tag is referring too. TheGreatAwakening pureevil AprilDRyan Thank you Mr President Obama was a fraudster. What happen to the stock pile of N95? Hello CNN....WE are now saying PHYSICAL distancing NOT social distancing. It’s far more accurate in this digital age. Come on you, get with it!

Well sure thats easy if you live on a 15 million dollar 30 acre estate on Marthas Vineyard. Plllllleeeentyyy of space for social distancing. Spot the difference!!!

valerileist Thank you President Obama Yes, we can😃 It’s easy to criticize from the sidelines. Obama should sit down.. What did Obama do about H1N1.....oh right nothing I agree with President Obama to keep isolating and distancing to stop spreading the Covid-19... Nobody cares what you think Obama go back on vacation.

Basically always just do the opposite of Trump or what he says to do...the best logic to making sure you are probably on the path to doing what’s right Just what did Obama do in 2009 during the virus? He didn't call an emergency till 1,000 Americans were dead. Unless you are in a sterile bubble you are going to face the virus sooner or later. You are fake news CNN.

This is a real president..highly resprct Mr Obama. Stay safe CNN is always lying and acting as a spokesman for Democratic Party.shame on you! O brother cnn Mr Barrack Obama should go and rest in one dark corner with his useless eye service and hypocrisy. Obama should shut the f**k up and leave this to realDonaldTrump to deal with this !

Yes HaHa Wondered when CNN would roll him out. You couldn't make it up. الان اصبحنا نعلم ان cnn توجهها ديمقراطي بحت. One president shows genuine concern about public health & the well-being of others, one only cares about money. Obama the divider stays true to colors. Deep State Greedy Green and Yellow-cake Red.

KEEP AMERICA GREAT Fwd: realDonaldTrump Re: Your Douchebaggery Posted by the media megaphone of the Democrats and the primary anti-Trump fake news MSM opinion channel. “This is cnn” Sounds better when James Earl Jones says it though. Lol Even Trump's allies are asking WTF he's trying to do. who asked him moveon

AprilDRyan Listen to A President not the current 'president'. Obama wanting to keep the country shut down to tank the economy. Color me NOT surprised. Obama was playing Gold during H1N1 while 12,000 americans died 🐂💩 The POTUS has urging Americans to continue social distancing in an effort to stem the spread of coronavirus, while he has said he would like to see the country open up by Easter that does not mean he wants people out. FakeNewsMedia

The hilltop fortress town that cut itself off from the world -- and coronavirus

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The whole country should be under stay-at-home orders, Fauci says

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New York governor says virus is spreading like 'slow-moving hurricane' across US. More than 6,000 are dead

Coronavirus live updates: Cases top 1 million globally - CNN

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The hilltop fortress town that cut itself off from the world -- and coronavirus The coronavirus pandemic is making Earth shake less April 2 coronavirus news - CNN The whole country should be under stay-at-home orders, Fauci says How to sanitize your groceries New York governor says virus is spreading like 'slow-moving hurricane' across US. More than 6,000 are dead Coronavirus live updates: Cases top 1 million globally - CNN In one month, coronavirus has gone from a China epidemic to a global crisis Trump's 'Chinese Virus' rhetoric part of a long U.S. tradition of scapegoating The owner of the New England Patriots used the team's plane to bring hundreds of thousands of masks from China China's early coronavirus victory lap, misleading data hurting global response Kang Daniel Had To Step Away From The Stage To Remember Why He Loved It