Obama To Mayors On Coronavirus: The Biggest Mistake Leaders 'Can Make İn These Situations İs To Mis

Obama To Mayors On Coronavirus: The Biggest Mistake Leaders 'Can Make İn These Situations İs To Mis

Obama to mayors on coronavirus: The biggest mistake leaders 'can make in these situations is to misinform'

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4/10/2020 8:31:00 AM

'Speak the truth. Speak it clearly. Speak it with compassion.' Former President Obama gave some advice to a group of mayors on how to deal with coronavirus concerns, saying that 'the biggest mistake any (of) us can make in these situations is to misinform'

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Don’t he mean READ IT? Didn't Obama administration in 2015 fund the Wuhan Chinese lab that the virus came out of? Said the liar. Why won’t this terrorist just go away? Talk about Obama followers compared to ole Donny boy and sit back and watch him come unhinged graphthat 44thebest BarackObama From President that illegally spied on the Trump campaign.

Obama is is lying to America everything that come out his mouth is a lie LMFAO! obama truth And if you draw a line in the sand, just know that it doesn't mean anything. Evade and deflect and blame others. Remember, any criticism from any quarter can be put on someone else's door step. You just have to look straight at the media and evade, deflect and blame others.

Kinda like Nancy saying come to China town. Biden giving trump hell for suspending travel to China and the gov and mayor of New York telling everyone their state is prepared....come to New York City. Go to broadway. Yet trump catches hell for not acting quick enough. Why is talking? Isn’t he the “former” president?

God! I thought he was dead...wait...that’s Epstein, btw don’t killed himself. The difference between Obama and Trump is that Trump's lies are (more) obvious. The biggest mistake would be listening to this ass clown BarackObama Yeah, like CIA 'Misinform' Obama now preaching. Do as I say NOT as I do! Do it acting as though you are compassion.... Misinformation refers to inaccuracies that stem from error, DEM & their Media are guilt of Disinformation knowingly disseminating misinformation purposefully & intentionally

Obama(s) need to retire from the WH! Totally agree. No special treatment for pols Everyone abides by the same rules & limitations. No sneaking out to the country home or to visit family. Stay home means stay the Hell at home. Going to un-follow CNN. Same news, 200 times a day. Urgghhhh Ya misinform kinda like CNN and company excluding fox cause they really r fair and balanced = Facts 💯🤷‍♂️😎

Obama is all talk. Don't even compare ebola to ChinaVirus. Ebola started in a few isolated, non-travelled countries, not as contagious as CV19, no cover-up by that country like in China and no downplaying it by WHO. Monday morning QB Obama really did nothing. 60M Americans became infected with the H1N1 virus in 2009-10 during that pandemic. Failure.

Truly said .... truth itself is a compassion........ May god bless the world to fight back Covid-19....stay safe every one.....nothing is impt. than ones life....now The truth above all. 👏👏👏👏 Coming from CNN😂😂😂 The overwhelming need for Trump’s resignation is a matter of life over death. The “National State of Emergency” must nationally “state” the urgency for Trump to pack his “baggage” which is “packed” with lies, self-aggrandizement, foolery, and corruption, and get the hell out.

President Obama is the epitome of how an effective leader operates and communicates. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 the biggest source of misinformation touting otherwise 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Irrelevant. ‘If you like your health care, you can keep it’ ... like that Barry? Worst President ever. Obama was the king of misinformation. His biggest mistake was how he increased racial tension and it set up back 40 years.

True Took a global pandemic to bring the US economy back down to the Obama high. Well done...please tell us all how were doing it wrong... Obama worst president in history, he divided this country Here is CNN's Coronavirus expert. Always and forever gives the best, most compassionate advice. Articulate! Why would Obama be reaching out to mayors

But why did he not speak the truth? And why did CNN not question his assertions on Syria, Bengazi, Iran, the ACA, and Lois Learner's IRS? Truth? Like what was 44's chosen Secret Service code name? Want another FunFact? High crimes like treason can be deadly LawyerUp Trying actively to make the economy tank is a totally transparent effort to make his failed policies look better.

Obviously he means Trump. Make no mistake of it. He should’ve given this advice to his Secretary of State “If you like your doctor... you can keep him”. I remember also “the patriot act has got to go. My first 100 days it will be gone”. This man doesn’t speak truth. What would he know about it. Can this professional liar go away already? Noone but his mindless supporters like him.

Obama is America's worst mistake. Due to their direct responsibility, during his rule all terrorist groups in the world have grown and strengthened. Democrats must expel Obama from his political party. History will know how to judge it accordingly. This is laughable coming from a network who keeps late breaking news from its viewers, only showing them what you want them to see, and a network who doesn’t show the virus briefings in their entirety! CNN WOULDN’T KNOW THE TRUTH IF IT BIT YOU IN THE ASS!

truth (Benghazi), clearly (Ben Rhodes and the Iran deal), compassion (Lois Lerner) OBAMA TELL US YOUR LAST NAME!! Yeah CNN the worse thing you can do is misinform, you need to take this advice “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” Wow, wow. So Biden is so mentally weak, Obama is campaigning for him. ManchurianCandidateBiden

Here's the truth. Obama and Biden had no compassion in 2012 and shut down the research on the vaccine for this virus. If only you actually had the 'sense' you now claim to have.... Yes as well as the greatest sin in the world-conspiracy Obama went on national television on spread Russian disinformation.

Blah blah blah no detail Boy this is extremely ironic coming from FAKE NEWS CNN!!! If u like your doctor u can keep him or her As mayors & governors being complaisant or misinformed about this Virus is too dangerous! You might as well start lining your city up with body bags! It’s not about the city’s economic polices, views, or politics! It’s about saving the lives of citizens, and even your own!

If you like your doctor, you can keep it Results for test is vary by person to person, so people have to judge their health issues to make sure if they need emergency medical health care in hospital, test by themselves have lots of confidence to set initial goal to come down (defusing extra charge causes miscellaneous).

If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor! This guy is a load of bullshit When has this guy ever told the truth ? He's a fake. UN self awareness The first arrest for treason will send shockwaves throughout the world. Welcome to Gitmo Mr. Sotero! Does it even register that maybe be knew the plan before it happened? Obama mentioned that a pandemic will happen in five years, how did he know unless he was part of the master plan. Wakeup! Just because someone eloquently speaks doesnt mean he is righteous.

Obama can’t save you 65 million got the swine flu under your leadership. Right? Just asking. That flu killed alot of healthy kids and adults if I remember correctly. 👍🏼 I guess you are allowed to misinform when it is about healthcare. 🥱..... obama/truth SOMEBODY ANYBODY HELP ME TO UNDERSTAND WHY ARE THE PROTESTERS MAKING ALL KIND OF COMMOTION TROUBLE WHEN THEY'RE OUT THERE WITH A MASK ON THEIR FACE SHOWING THAT THEY'RE JUST AS SCARED AS ANYBODY ELSE. KIND OF A mixMESSAGE

Biggest mistake is to trash Constitution. I hate Trump and guns. What does this damn fool know !! BeccaBryan6 Botanical herbal medicine for bronchitis and pneumonia. Great Obama. Thanks so much for your Leadership!!!!! Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!🙏. Obama🎩🎩🎩🌹 🌸🌼🌻⭐️Happy Easter🐣 🐥🐣🐥🐰🐰🐰👍 So basically Trump is one big mistake then because all he spews is lies.

QuiqueGodoy Hablas de Hillary o de Biden? He's no longer the leader and needs to sit back and shut the hell up. F BarackObama He should just shut up already. Wise words from Obama. Gee, whom could he be referring to? “Don’t boo, VOTE!” Sure he wasn’t talking to the media? So just smooth talking will save us?

❤️ Speak the truth Then don’t speak in cnn!!! I believe Trump still plans to gaslight the United States on his coronavirus response, his instinct will be to seek money not reduce deaths of US citizens, And I guarantee he will open the country too soon, costing more deaths The ideas of Bernie Sanders are what North American society needs. The very wealthy don't need much of what they have. So many other aspects of society are in great need. Figure it out!

Obama will not endorse Joe because he knows Joe is a failed candidate. What the DNC will end up doing to Joe will be a travesty. Shame on them. I just wonder how the US had been with this man as a leader, instead of the donkey now leading? PROPAGANDA OUTLET FAKE NEWS HACK LIES OPEN AMERICA OPEN AMERICA VOTE TRUMP VOTE GOP VOTE AMERICA

OPEN AMERICA AMERICA FIRST AMERICANS FIRST VOTE TRUMP VOTE GOP VOTE AMERICA PROPAGANDA Wow......really profound words there Barack...did you come up with that in your sleep? CNN is impressed with that statement. As if we all don’t know these things are important and not just during this crisis. speak WHEN we want it... and we don't want it BUT I want to know just who were these MAYORS that took the time out during this crisis to attend this virtual meeting with a FORMER politician that is today a regular citizen...

🙏🇺🇸❤️🙏 “You can keep your Doctor “ Obama once said Because the clear speak on Benghazi was a text book case of how to misinform. Please, this guy has zero credibility on the issue. Benghazi, Fast and Furious, email servers, IRS-gate. That applies to news media CNN! He never said he never misspoke, so keep your snarky remarks to yourselves, haters! We have all misspoken one time or another.

The days wen America had a president. Tell him to go back to his mansion on the vineyard. He is not the president anymore - thank god!! If you like your doc... you didn’t build that.. everyone will save $2500 per year on your insurance... not a smudge of corruption at the IRS....🙄🙄🙄 Sure ....speak a lot say really nothing and sound and look good ....the Obama way...

He never told the truth in his life Obama might be a fun neighbor but he was a pitiful leader ...like telling people that using a mask would not be helpful? To make sure virus goes on? Good Lord. The hypocrite meter just exploded. GovHowardDean You mean the biggest mistake is to do exactly what realDonaldTrump POTUS WhiteHouse is doing?

America needs a president like Barack Obama - especially at this time. The current administration would do well to implement his ideas expressed here. Lives depend on it. Obama was praised by fake news for Benghazi for selling guns to cartels he misinformed the country more than any president ever Coming from the guy that literally spied on an American citizen running for office.. This guy is the greatest speaking fraud of all time

America will still listen when you lead! ❤️❤️❤️ When will he endorse Joe? What does he know about Joe? Ironically, that’s misinformation. It’s not a “mistake”, it’s deliberate. Until we start framing it correctly, we’re not going to be able to save ourselves. Uncommonly wise words coming from the former president. Also the reason why people don’t tune in to CNN like they used to. And those that DO, don’t regard it like they used to. Rediscover journalism. Rediscover American Exceptionalism.

Trump should see this tweet. In other words, don’t listen to WH circus The Media God speaks! Quarantine diseased and contact persons with cats explains: Did he endorse his VP yet? 🤔 Piss off Some people need to hear this more than others realDonaldTrump The Obozo man Pizza gate is real. Who cares what Obama thinks

This from the president who ignored H1N1 for six months while 62.5M were infected. Nothing he says is sincere, spoken clearly or with compassion. Please stay home and silent. No one believed you then nor do we believe you now. DeepStateActor Obama always had a way with words. God bless him. 😊❤ “Tell the truth” ......seems rich coming from Obama. MF’er lies to us on the daily.

speak the truth. Is that the very same person as seen on th is pedestall? OK then it's clear to me.......One of his 'great' speeches for sure.... Tell him he is the former president. Who? The goal of the side of Darkness is Economic Chaos. They want to introduce you to their Real Boss. In those days, there will be False Prophets. Anyone think SpeakerPelosi observed Ash Wednesday to worship? I think she wanted the Cross on her forehead to aid in her deception.

Trump is incapable of any of this behavior because he’s a narcissist and a liar WorstPresidentInHistory No. Pres. Obama is Lying. That is not the biggest mistake. I hate to say it - But let's face it - Pres. Obama is Lying. If Obama was President Today - CNN would DEFINITELY Be citing President Obama as 'The LIAR in Chief'. With President Obama it would be Lie after Lie after Lie.

La disinformazione è sempre stata nel vostro DNA, siete ameriCani. Thank God...A true voice of reason obama would not take care of the Viruses that came his way! obama was too busy making deals to put money in his POCKETS!! He is a thief! I can't stand this mild language anymore. The 'mistake' to 'misinform'? They've been lying for 5 years, lying about everything. They're lying about a pandemic. They're lying about ending democracy. Wake up.

Covid-19 is the greatest and highest deception to humanity! fake news ابطال دولة الإسلام Remember what real leadership looks like? Trump is a total disaster. His mouth breathing followers should be ashamed. Event201 Then how can the question of 5G be completely dismissed? CoronavirusPandemic That moron is the reason we have PRESIDENT Trump

And he STILL hasn’t endorsed Biden... 🤔 🤔 He had 8yrs and didn’t do anything, guy is a joke Was he talking directly to CNN? It's over, CNN. The only place for the Obamessiah is prison. And the only place for fake news is the dustbin of history. We need unity. Maybe all the news reporters and stations should jump on the truth bandwagon. Then we wouldn't have these lies

If you like your Doctor... you can KEEP your doctor. mannequin severe disease “You can keep your Dr, you can keep your plan”. Lying hypocrite! Wait. His big advice was to tell the truth? Tells yo Mr. Obama that USA have a GREAT president now and he is doing so much better. realDonaldTrump It sounds like he is talking to realDonaldTrump, instead of the mayors. If he’s not, you should be.

Yes its True Yes, like what he did on the Benghazy fiasco. cnn go move to China you and Obama because both are no good Obama is irrelevant The weakest resolve president proven by a lifetime of missing controversial votes as a senator, and reacting when no other options were available as president! Joe Biden is begging for your endorsement, yet you ignore the elephant in the room....

Demand Trump resign as a group Blahblahblah 🙄 The actual theme of this crisis IS misinformation. And Obama is the master of it. If a democrat was President during this virus they’d just blame it on a YouTube video. That’s a joke.. it’s evident his Administration illegally spied on the Trump campaign. Obama has a lot to answer for... too bad the media is so bias

So in other words .... Tell the truth ........ placing a baby in a closet mayors probably gave standing ovati ..... Where was the compassion when senseless operations were continued in midEast etc.? Yeah let’s listen to mr keep your plan, keep your doctor Hey BarackObama , you're right. Speak the truth. VoteBiden2020

Obama is right because fake news media and the Demos have been misleading the people with false information and lies regarding everything including Covid19. People have even lost confidence on Demos because of it. STILL asking... Was Mayor DeBlazio in group of Mayors BO admonished? He should be TRUTH-challenged by media about volume of misinformation about CV-19 needs/projections. Why doesn't he distinguish death counts for FLU, other causes? Is every NYC death since FEB from CV-19? C'MON.

Speaking the truth and Obama should not be in the same sentence ! I stopped reading at “speak the truth” and “Obama” Tell them again Lol lol. This coming from CNN is to funny, obomba just puts over the top. The king of misinformation. Nobody gives a crap about what he says. How he handled N1H1 says it all!

Great words, but just words, by someone who NEVER followed the first three letters. And CNN telling about SpeakTheTruth, it even more weird. FakeObama and FakeCNN, that’s the truth. Misinformation is what we have been given by the experts and the media. Blah blah blah blah Says thenliar in chief Hard to put to words how soothing this is. We don't need this to be sugar coated, lies are not helpful, nor is the drama. We deserve the truth and we can handle it.

such as telling the people you aren't spying on them when you are? well said Mr President According to this ER doctor there might be an FDA drug that helps people with COVID-19. Have you heard about this? Wish he would speak to the media. His biggest crisis was where to get ice cream on Martha’s Vineyard

That advice is also meant for the fake news media that’s always reporting lies to please their paymasters Where is Biden? Cnns choice for 2020 Since Obama hasn't come out and endorsed sleepy Joe, he may be pushing Kamela Harris as the VP. Just for the reason they also know Sleepy Joe has some cognitive issues going on...Just saying..The Democrats are in a World of Hurt right now with all the obstruction, witch hunt,etc.

“You can keep your doctor, and you can keep your plan” - Barack Hussein Obama. bullshit truth ChineseVirus Oh I guess that doesn’t include you can keep your insurance provider with Obama care Why didn’t you air the daily whitehousePressconference yesterday ? Benghazi. Fast&Furious. IRS. IRAN. Syria. Russia collusion... Yes, we want to hear from BarackObama about 'speaking the truth'. CNN is such shi*. Glad that lost viewers, ratings, advertisers, revenue, etc. CNN is such shi*.

BLAH BLAH BLAH ! This is all just common sense that has been out there forever. This is nothing more than a pat on the back. This is trying to make someone look like they made a difference. Hope MSM listening. From the man who lives a lie. And take ACTION! 1. Free proactive MASS testing; 2. Comprehensive contact tracing; 3. SELECTIVE isolation; 4. Enhanced transmission prevention. COVID19 Coronavirus

Sounds of a real President, Barack Obama!!! A youtube video caused Benghazi? Like that? It was cause of a YouTube video Thought I woke up from a nightmare and Obama was still the president Says the grand master at misinformation! USA reports 465,000 cases | more than 17,000 deaths reported Latest updates | cases per million population 👇 Corona COVIDー19

CNN , you are so COMPLETELY false with your 'the president lies' mantra. You only appeal to those who cannot think for themselves. Good guy 🧐🧐 Coming from the President who said you can keep your plan and you can keep your doctor. No thanks! I would rather be informed by President Trump because you were the worst President in American history.

Misinformation has been New York and the Federal response to this point. After this crisis is over, and the administration removed, and the journalists free to investigate what really happened, things are going to be explosive. Give us data and facts not beliefs and estimations. Like 'It was a video that was responsible for 4 Americans getting killed in Benghazi? That kind of truth?

Obama are you going to endorse Sleepy Joe Biden Huh, the worst prez of my lifetime has thoughts contradictory of his actions. Say it again! 🗣 If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor 🙄 You mean like certain tarmac meetings, 'if you like your doctor you can keep him' and Benghazi was caused by a video? THOSE truths?

Obama sounded so compassionate, intelligent and presidential every time HE LIED to the public. Amazing how the sheep want him back because he was a good public speaker! And CNN under reported or ignored every scandal. Says the man who 'informed' Americans that the Benghazi attack was a response to a anti-Muslim video. smdh

And here we have probably the most horrific example of misinforming. Ok, you belong in prison. Obama is a fake and he lied his arse off all the time but the media loved him because he was a black man and gave him a pass. Trump got this under control. CNN the Virus. Get lost leave America. How very ODD that Obama has not come out and endorsed Biden, Obama's VP pick for 2 terms (8 years). Hmm...use you then lose you? NObama!!!

OK, speak of 'speak the truce' We need good global leadership during these tough times, and we need people to stay motivated! I didn’t always agree with BarackObama ideology or methodology, but I have to admit he was a LEADER. And compared to the idiot in the White House now, realDonaldTrump, I pray that ANYONE defeats this autocratic narcissist.

Speak and tell the truth about SPYGATE ….. ! Classy guy: Code to Trump on how to be a trusted leader of people. Obama could give a great speech but in the end he was another corporate shill. I actually believed him in 2008 but he dashed my optimism. Man was playing ping pong with little kids at pizzagate

CNN's Smartest Decision In A LONG TIME via YouTube this is a decision that I can totally get behind. Please don’t let realDonaldTrump and Mike_Pence bully you into spreading misinformation to your viewers. 'Speak the truth' ? 'The biggest mistake any of can make in this situation is to misinform' Take this advice FakeNewsCNN

The truth is that the flu kills far more than coronavirus ever will. So stop freaking out over a virus that has only killed 0.0012% of the world’s population. Hey Obama, How's that Biden thing working for you? You look so enthused to support him. Ha Ha I guess with Obama the virus wouldn’t even there to come to the USA😂😂😂

TrumpBodyCount TrumpBurialPits “If you like your doctor . . . “ I wish this awesome icon were our president ObamaWasBetterAtEverything Is he talking about Benghazi and the video tapes? Speak the truth? You mean like “if you like your plan you can keep it and if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”? Or perhaps “insurance premiums will drop an average of $2500 per family”?

Missing him every day His leadership His compassion His proper way to address us & deal with any situation in a honest composed fashion a REAL leader honesty leadership Obama Something like: “if you like your plan you can keep your plan” “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor”? Hey BarackObama why didn’t you & Creepy Joe restock after the Swine Flu?

Which is all trump and fox do is misinform He must be talking about the covid 19 death counting Buck off oFama Obama good. Orange man bad. Got it! gettingold Shameless Obama still talking nonsense even at this time Yawn. Playing ping pong at pizzagate this man is a child killer You mean like you did with Obamacare? You freaking invented the $10000 deductible “affordable” health plan; you misled America on at least a dozen different parts of that program...and we are still reeling from it today. Hypocrite.

AMEN..THANKS AND WELL SAID...We Were Though In The End The Truth Triumph.. BarackObama that's great why don't you now endorse JoeBiden there's no one else in the race? Obama's advice on the COVID-19 pandemic should be taken seriously. Dealing with this virus should be a slow, wary, step by step process. President Trump and some conservatives are moving forward too fast: they aren't looking all four directions before they cross the street.

hamsoon What was the reason for killing Gaddafi and destroying the entire country 'The ongoing crisis in Libya has so far resulted in tens of thousands of casualties since the onset of violence in early 2011' Obama doesn't know the difference between Wright and wrong, keep your advice.. Obama was the worst President ever!

Warning, masks with the plastic vent only protect the wearer, the vent is there to allow unobstructed exhalation I do think when leaders misinform it’s is because they try to give insight to hope but in this crisis it creates a bigger problem so the honest truth without any sugar coating is necessary hamsoon Truth: 73% Blacks on Welfare created illegitimate Kids who commit half of all murders! The 10% Black population is but they commitsm1/3rd of all Violent Crime. Cities are unsafe and off limits. Jails are overflowing. But Welfare REQUIRES a single mother with no husband

AG Barr, Drug Trafficking, Brennan bashing Trump, AG Durham’s Investigation into Criminal Violations with The Russian Investigation. Durham’s job is to prosecute those who violated law. On FISA the people who abused it will have a lot to answer for. If only he followed his advice michikokakutani ObamaWasBetterAtEverything

Apply that to our country here too He should have told and the Chinese government to “speak the truth,” while he was it. In order to provide Americans with medical equipment such as masks. I use Facebook to communicate with Americans. However, Facebook banned my account and said I was advertising! You newspeople are the worst even with FakeNews.

The slightest false rumors and disguises can put many lives at stake..... 🙌🏼👏🏼 Who cares? We don’t care about anything he says. The Truth? Your Party engaged in a failed coup attempt. Your Party made up the Russian Hoax. Your Party created Sanctuary Cities; Your Party smeared a Sup Ct Justice; Your Party made up an Impeachment; Blocked a Travel Ban. You damaged this country far more than any Virus.

Muhammad, the Messenger of God, said: Say the truth, even if it is bitter. Best Trump impression! Comedian bob dibuono. Rt. Follow👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼😂😂😂😂 It is both surprising and saddening, in the face of sickness and death, people can put politics into this. This should be seen as a wake-up call to humanity that nature can destroy us if she wants. Several thosand dead this time. Next? Several million? Nature is not political.

So what was the truth at Benghazi attack, Obama?

People at The White House: The First Lady Michelle Obama & Dr. Jill BidenWe miss seeing our pals face-to-face, but MichelleObama and DrBiden prove that laughs and wine are all you need 💕 Watch more here: MichelleObama DrBiden The good old days :-( I miss them both. MichelleObama DrBiden 🙄 MichelleObama DrBiden ((VH)) I love you two❤️❤️

New White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany takes heat for past comments on Obama, coronavirusKayleigh McEnany posted several tweets in 2012 about the theories spread by 'birthers,' or those who questioned Obama's birthplace. But she's not a libocrite. This will be another shit show from hell. How is it surprising that any of Trump's friends are blatant Racist Asshats? This is not news.

Michelle Obama Criticized A Very Controversial Supreme Court Decision“We must do better to ensure voting is safe for all voters,” Obama wrote on Twitter, after the Supreme Court allowed in-person voting to continue in Wisconsin. Who cares she is not important.

Sanders had multiple conversations with Obama ahead of decision to end campaignFormer President Barack Obama played an active, albeit private, role in the Democratic presidential primary that effectively ended on Wednesday when Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race. Bernie probably negotiated to get another house. I get a kick out of these never Biden people. They’ll be the first ones complaining if Trump gets re-elected. Obama, joe, hillary and bernie should get the corona

Fact check: Did the Obama administration deplete the federal stockpile of N95 masks?During the presidency of Barack Obama, the national stockpile was seriously taxed as the administration addressed multiple crises over eight years. This is brutal! In the last 40 years America has centered the majority of its concerns around Wall Street interests, period no matter which party was in power. And nothing was done to replenish it to levels needed. You and Obozo are both irresponsible

Trump says he is astounded that Obama has not endorsed BidenPresident Donald Trump on Wednesday questioned why former President Barack Obama has not endorsed Joe Biden, his former vice president and the apparent Democratic presidential nominee I bet he did it with careful thought and used really big words. Don't you worry about it. He gave Bernie some space. As he should. It's coming. Doesn't he have anything else to worry about?