Obama Suggests A 'Robust System Of Testing And Monitoring' İs Needed Before Us Can Ease Current Cor

Obama Suggests A 'Robust System Of Testing And Monitoring' İs Needed Before Us Can Ease Current Cor

Obama suggests a 'robust system of testing and monitoring' is needed before US can ease current coronavirus measures

Former President Barack Obama says it would not be feasible to relax current measures to combat the spread of coronavirus without a 'robust system of testing and monitoring — something we have yet to put in place nationwide.'

4/8/2020 7:20:00 PM

Former President Barack Obama says it would not be feasible to relax current measures to combat the spread of coronavirus without a 'robust system of testing and monitoring — something we have yet to put in place nationwide.'

Former President Barack Obama on Wednesday said it would not be feasible to relax current measures to combat the spread of coronavirus without a 'robust system of testing and monitoring — something we have yet to put in place nationwide.'

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This is how the world ends. This is how the world ends From DanCrenshawTX, to JoeBiden, referring to BarackObama Of course, he wants to destroy the economy Trump helped fix... No one cares what a FORMER President has to say during the administration of a SITTING President. He had his two terms and he seems to have gotten so arrogant that he cant seem to get the hell off the stage after the curtain has come down. He also has very bad manners.

Oh gee like you did in 08? Ah nope Yes we need more advice from the masters of economy like Obama and carter lol Maybe Obama bush and Clinton can speak out about their decisions with china It’s easy to be a Monday morning quarterback!! Oh my! He spoke! Doesn’t change a thing. You did NOTHING while you pretended to be president - you are not important and never have been !! TRUMP2020

The quickest way to have the virus go away is elect a democrat so the media will ignore it. “Have yet” BarackObama Before relaxing public health measures to stop spread, best to also have solid data on medicines currently being tested. Frankly having a vaccine before we return completely to normal also makes sense. Masks, limited activities.

In all due respect, Obama was never a businessman nor physician. He has no degrees in economics nor medical science. He never built any company nor healed any disease. Therefore his suggestions really are just a half baked opinion of a former community organizer. Do us a favor CNN, Take Obama suggestions and stick them were the sun don't shine.

Umm, Obama is the one that deleted the federal database on illegal aliens..... Former is the key word We need the anti body blood test. Period. The Marxist also said “You can keep your doctor you can keep your plan”! LYING SPYING SNAKE!!!!!!!!!! CNN and Obama... a match made in Heaven. Obama’s opinion is garbage.

Former President BarackObama needs to know his role, shut his mouth, and let the current President decide what to do! Yes, use logical and sensible steps. Uhm you already sold US from Iran and China. No, stay quiet Obama. Let the true leader realDonaldTrump do the job. Obama had 8 years to be presidential, it’s a bit late for the narcissistic to show up now.

Hey Double Agent MORON 45 has tried to get rid of all the good stuff Obama did so you know he's not going to listen to anything Obama has to say. Thankfully that dumbass isn’t ruining the country any more! And neither is Hillary! We need President Obama, President Bush and President Carter to say so. Still the wise man

Testing and monitoring. That is unconstiional. You cant just force people to test and monitor then. Yeah, I’m becoming more convinced that this whole thing was planned well in advance, and Hillary was supposed to be in charge of us all losing liberty, livelihood and security... then we would beg her to become Hugo Chavez for the good of us all... thank God we have Trump.

Sing us a song of hope. Don't deliver.... just make sound so smooth and desirable. Stay in Hawaii Sorry but this azzclown isn't the President anymore. We don't need tracking and monitoring, this is America, not Obama's wet dream of a socialist utopia. Exactly right! Keep repeating this, Barack! We need every American to be tested! How can we go forward unless we know where we really stand with regards to this virus which has taken over our lives? We need to test every American ASAP! ❤️🇺🇸👍🏻👍👍🏿👍🏽

Obama giving advice ? This is a president who ignored the Swine flu and never did a damn thing to protect US citzens. And now he speaks up? Obama needs to shut up. He was a complete failure on the SwineFlu pandemic The CNN-Obama nexus. Screams 'check the back door!' as they climb through the window to steal you blind

SumArtem He is absolutely correct. It’s just common sense. Fortunately, he is irrelevant. That’s what a total pos communist America hater would suggest. Statements like these will Keep Dems away from the White House for decades. Thank God!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 craftychick17 Make this blow up. Show Trump how a REAL president handles crisis.

Obama did not restock the national emergency supply after H1N1 so his opinion is garbage. He the reason everything we needed was depleted he can go set down !! CNN fake news , fake people 👎🏻 Don’t need his advice. We have a President that loves America!! History shows how Obama sold our country out from under us!!!! Along with covering up for Hillary 👿🔥

Why in earth would we listen to a man who lied throughout his entire political career? He allowed 17,000people die before he lifted a finger to prevent American deaths!! FearMongering staterunmedia The H1N1 genius has Spoken. You did such a swell job I do believe we will pass on your recommendations, people have to eat, the fatalities to this virus are not adding up. Car accident victim test positive for Wuhan Virus dies from loss of blood. Death Certificate Wuhan Virus

Oh crap. Now Trump & Trumpers will do the opposite just to be Anti- Obama.🙄 Pure evil. Thank you for speaking up!! We need your kind of leadership Mr. President. The last good one we had... His health insurance company handlers must be getting nervous if they are trotting this guy out again. Tell us Barak how did your administration handle H1N1? 12,000 dead? Your in no position to cast stones I will stand by realDonaldTrump no matter what Go away😷

Ok BarackObama 😭😭😭 We need Presidents Obama, Bush and Carter to speak up, our institutions are being torn down, they are raiding the federal government without any checks and our way of life is severely threatened. You guys can no longer hold your tongues UniversalHealthcare it shall not come to pass We all know you are used my the devil to accomplish that devilish heart desires

How many Americans died from SARS What did he do Just as slow as Biden in his comments. Well, he's right. Our entire catastrophe is the direct result of realDonaldTrump's incompetence and gross negligence. Know why we didn't go through all this with SARS, MERS, or H1N1? Because we had competent leadership who listened to the experts and followed the plan.

This is the historical trajectory of the collision party, and scientific evidence in 2020 can confirm this. Regardless of whether past history exists during the term of a political party in the United States, these things happen to happen during the term of this party The operative word being, “former”.

This from the man who totally failed the people during our last pandemic. Shut up and stop trying to be relevant. Fool Dear Mr President please stay out of this cause you know whatever you suggest President Trump will do the opposite 🙏 The ACA was a failure BarackObama millions hurt we need MedicareForAll Hellosomebody

“When I am done, it will be as if you were never here”! VauGeHa13 Hong Kong let up on social restrictions - COVID has come roaring back. Who needs THAT? 0 video brest cleavage video of OBAMA'S man wife's brest. None! This is the full CSI Investigation into OBAMA'S fraud. OBAMA ran the country with a fake birth certificate while locking immigrant kids in cages for 8 years Full vid

England BS messing with our election as the British spy/russian hoax smollett works 4 OBAMA JFK's 1961 banking conspiracy speech. Full vid ☝️ I'm doing this bc a President who was shot in the face by his own driver asked me to He and the American public are so lucky this didn’t happen on his watch. He couldn’t even roll out the website for Obama care.

Uhh, no. It was Dr. Carroll who said that, and Obama tweeted the article! LOL He is echoing the Trump C-V task force. Where’s the Test Kits? Enter the technocrats. Save yourselves and do the opposite of whatever Obama recommends 1SnoozyQ We need a shadow executive government. Trump is disabled, unable and unwilling. He’s malicious, vindictive, self serving, corrupt, and criminal. Trump can and never will help. Form a shadow executive cabinet that can plan and implement. Please.

Surely, anyone who possesses a reasonable measure of intelligence has been speaking this soundbyte to their Working Group's Section Chief since day one. Shut up! No one cares about your opinion. Go away Obama and take your side kick Biden with you. Obama continues to be a better man than Donald Trump will ever be. No contest.

Oooh the Almighty has spoken!! Bow down all ye little sheep! Who would believe him,once a liar always a liar Listen to the calm voice of reason🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Then why didn't he do something after depleting all the supplies during the H1N1 debacle that nobody said anything about.. Thanks for replenishing the million or so N95 you used during 2009 H1N1.. oh wait you never did replace those...

People are saying you were the reason Darth Trump was elected.. How is that mike drop working for you now? Whatever SethAbramson Yep, meanwhile with hardly any testing at all Trumpolini is tweeting 'FLATTENING THE CURVE!' at all of us. Time for DEMs to start screaming test, test, test at every opportunity. You know the GOPers would be doing this like they did with the emails and Benghazi.

Ah so now you jumped in with critics. I wouldn’t listen to you. You did horribly with SARS and thousands died before you even did something. You have no room to say anything. Just stay at home and watch the pro handle it. neeratanden So now we can rest assured that this won't happen. The current administration's policy would be to do the exact opposite. And in a few months, when we have even larger outbreaks, the administration will say 'who knew it was going to come back.'

BarackObama please don’t make intelligent suggestions. You do know by now that the insecure realDonaldTrump will do the opposite right ? His ego gets in the way every single time. inept Incompetence ResignNowTrump TrumpIsTheWORSTPresidentEVER neeratanden Knowledge and strong leadership advice from the last great American President...

What, he’s an expert on this now? Give me a break 🙄 Like a social credit score, facial recognition and biometric scans like they do in China? Please come back BarackObama even if its just until November. America needs you and your leadership🙏🙏 realDonaldTrump is a maniac. Don't you tell Biden what to do

The President has declared NATIONAL EMERGENCY. It is 'up' to the individual states to find a NATIONAL SOLUTION. WednesdayWisdom VoiceOfReason CaringCommunity ObamaWasBetterAtEverything Obamacare EvidenceBasedDecisionMaking ListenToExperts This is the man who waited for 6 months before doing anything about h1n1. Why pay attention to him?

SethAbramson I am with him. I have probably trusted any Pres. as much as I did when Pres. Obama was in office. He is a man of real integrity Biden will lose he is senile crying grief stricken with no plan Control Every demonic plan surrounding the pandemic will be expose by the blood of Jesus Christ. Medicine also

It also wouldn't be feasible to allow our economy to crumble, though many on the left are hoping for just that. Please give 45 some advice! We miss you tremendously 😢😢😢 ...and the alt. Right will object because it’s like globalism when, in fact, it’s to prevent and protect. Noise! First common sense solution I’ve heard. Yet, at least in the MSM, Leadership with common sense.

Citizens of the world, you shall peace, justice, an end to all the wars and quarrels. The reappearance of Son of Man (Imam Mahdi) and Jesus is near; an end for a new glorious beginning ThePromisedSaviour I miss you BarackObama. Please come back if Biden wins Agree! The option to lessen restrictions should never be considered until we have enough medical supplies and resources, including medical personnel, to care for a vast majority of the population. We are currently nowhere near prepared for a massive peak in critical cases.

Michelle Obama is a dude. That’s what Germany did... realDonaldTrump thinks he has won the football game yet is at his own one yard line down 10,000 deaths and with 20 seconds on the clock. Keep that in mind, we are not even at the one yard line when it comes to testing per capita in the US.

Former Fox executives indicted in US FIFA corruption probeThe US prosecutors accused two former executives of 21st Century Fox Inc for paying millions of bribes to FIFA in exchange for lucrative rights to football matches.

U.S. Prosecutors Charge Former Fox Sports Executives in FIFA Bribery CaseTwo former Fox Sports executives have been charged with participating in an alleged scheme to pay millions of dollars in bribes to soccer officials in exchange for broadcasting rights. Is there an organization on this planet more dirty than FIFA? I mean really, there are mafias that would kill for this kinda play. Well you should expect that from a FOXes. The tone is set at the top. I wonder if this is what US AG Barr went to talk about with Murdoch last fall when Barr was in NY to be briefed by the USDA for SDNY on Fruman and Parnas impending arrest.

Obama touts Elizabeth Warren's coronavirus recovery proposalsBarack Obama today offered high praise for Elizabeth Warren, endorsing the senator's extensive framework for how to jump-start the economy once the coronavirus pandemic recedes Aka steal Bernie's plans, get some billionaire money, and pretend you're Native American. 👍 He obviously doesn't live in Massachusetts or he would know Sen. Warren has done nothing for the people of our Commonwealth. She should be president

Michelle Obama Says John Krasinski’s 'Hamilton' Reunion Made Her 'Smile'MichelleObama im glad she’s happy but you know finally addressing YOUR mistakes would make A LOT of people happy so please make a statement regarding 5SOS and BTS please BillboardRecalculate BillboardAddThe10k billboardspeakup MichelleObama I Wonder why Obama identifies with Hamilton and not Jefferson? I identify with Jefferson, FDR or Bill Clinton, but mostly resemble Lafayette. MichelleObama Please answer us! billboardspeakup billboardspeakup billboardspeakup billboardspeakup billboardspeakup billboardcounthe10k

Malia Obama 'Caught Up' In Harvard Admissions Scandal?Was Barack and Michelle Obama’s “wild child” Malia caught up in the college admissions scandal last year? Gossip Cop investigated the claims. Say it ain’t so..! They wouldn’t tell truth if she was. They think their entitled, stinking demorats.

Michelle Obama Makes Rare Political Statement Criticizing Wisconsin for Holding Primary VoteFormer First Lady Michelle Obama gave rare input on current politics Tuesday, tweeting that the U.S. needs to “do better to ensure voting is safe… Oh really the irrelevant Michael oops Michelle Trump is the one who made it political not Michelle. She pointed out the lack of humanity in the State of Wisconsin. God help them when their population falls ill Who really cares what she thinks. Is this news. No.