Obama's Last-Minute Party Cancelation Could Screw Would-Be Guests

Barack scaling back his birthday event might cost would-be guests.

8/5/2021 10:43:00 AM

Barack scaling back his birthday event might cost would-be guests.

Barack scaling back his birthday event might cost would-be guests.

nixing his epic 60th birthday bash at the last minute is creating a potential nightmare for many out-of-town guests ... who might lose out on major dough.We did some digging around Martha's Vineyard -- where the shindig was supposed to go down -- and as it turns out, a bunch of hotels in the area are not issuing refunds for ObamaFest guests who had rooms booked this weekend.

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The reason, we've learned, is many of these hotels have strict cancelation policies -- especially at the Winnetu Oceanside Resort -- where you had to have canceled by February 1st to get any money back!!! 😩winnetu.comA few of these places -- like The Charlotte Inn and the Vineyard Square Hotel have a 30-day cancelation rule ... so those guests are outta luck too.

Ditto for a hotel called Hob Knob (which can run $800/night), but they'll credit you for a future stay if you cancel within 72 hours. Now, a few ... like the Harbor View ($1,300/night) will let you off clean without fees within a 72-hour cancelation window. headtopics.com

The problem is some of Obama's party crew were arriving Thursday ... so the Wednesday morningchange of plans-- due to the Delta variant COVID-19 surge -- left them out in the cold.Not everyone's screwed though -- we did find a small number of lenient/reasonable hotels that allow cancelations within 48, or even 24 hours.

@hobknobmv/InstagramWe know what you're thinking ... why wouldn't these places all be reasonable, considering the circumstances? It's all about timing -- our MV sources reminded us this is the busiest time of year there, so hoteliers don't tend to give up summer revenue.

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Tmz thinks Obama Guests can't afford to lose $800 dollars. I'm sure Oprah is really mad she isn't getting her $800 dollar refund. I bet all his guests are losing sleep over this like TMZ. 😆🤣 He should cancel it. We are in the middle of a pandemic. His his birthday worth the lives of his guests? Just awful.

It was the right thing to do as he always does. Visit my Facebook account for details Find it thier Pinag mamalake ko yang facebook na yan biruin mo 'real creator god' wig4usc Who gives a shit? He's not scaling back anything, he will just make it harder if not impossible for the media to see who's attending

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