Obama İmplores Virginia Democrats To Vote Terry Mcauliffe - Cnnpolitics

Obama İmplores Virginia Democrats To Vote Terry Mcauliffe - Cnnpolitics

Obama implores Virginia Democrats to wake up ahead of governor's race

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10/24/2021 11:30:00 AM

Former President Barack Obama urged voters to shake off their exhaustion with politics during his first in-person foray onto the campaign trail in 2021, telling voters in Virginia 'we can't afford to be tired.'

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He is right and it's showing that Virginia's people are tired of the democratic leaders of that state. Please keep talking. FoxNews BarackObama could have been oneof the greatest President’s ever but instead he brought the country closer to Socialism and divided us back to the days before MLK and is now supporting Biden’s socialist agenda and know Biden was never up for the job. What a failure

I agree with BarackObama cuz this is the whole aim of the republicans. To wear everyone down to suppress the vote 😡 drive down the number of opposing voters so their man can win the election 🙄 WARNING ⚠️ COVID-19 vaccination is the mark of the beast… We can't afford to vote in any more democrats. Empty suit Obama. No we Can’t! 😂

He is right. Democracy is at risk. Democrat Voters are generally Lazy He makes a good point. Maybe we should refurb our democracy so it’s not a constant, uphill fight just to preserve our basic rights? Picking a New Date for Her Ex Boyfriend | Versus 1 😂💔 REACTION!!! via YouTube Go away

Obama hits campaign trail ahead of gubernatorial elections in Virginia, New JerseyWith just over a week to go until the last day of voting in Virginia and New Jersey, former Pres. Barack Obama is joining each state's Democratic nominee for governor on the campaign trail. I wonder if SOPHISTICATED obama care a bit about current issues... INFLATION PORT CRISIS DRUG CRISIS BORDER CRISIS VIOLENCE CRISIS OIL CRISIS CHINA Covid19 crisis 🤡 The fact that it’s not Biden speaks volumes.

Bidenflation We can’t afford to vote Democrat. In other words, I need to spew hope and change or something, because we’re gonna lose the mid-terms. tedcruz Why I love Ted. He tells it straight up and does things the 'every man* wants to do. What a Texan! This is brilliant: Ted Cruz Introduces Legislation To Send Illegal Immigrants To Martha’s Vineyard, Other ‘Democrat-Led Communities’

Exactly!!!👊🏾 Let’s make this the number one trending hashtag: TermLimits I'm an independent and will vote Republican... karlabarajas The enabler on rape! He needs to go along with all the people that swept this under the rug! Are the kids still in cages?

Obama assails 'politics of meanness' as he campaigns in Virginia governor raceFormer President Barack Obama exhorted Virginians to support Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s candidacy for governor, warning of the dire consequences for the state and the country if he were to lose. 🤮🤮🤡🤡🤡🤮🤮 Terry McAuliffe is running for Governor because VA needs 📍Quality Education 📍Affordable, Quality Healthcare 📍Clean Energy Future 📍Every Virginian Deserves Opportunities For Success Let’s makes this historical campaign a success; elect TerryMcAuliffe DemVoice1 wtpBLUE Meanness Allow mobs to loot and destroy local and family economies, to invade and destroy property and arrest the owners protecting it Cause 50 to 60 % increase in fuel, groceries and living Engage thousands of Federal agents to investigate Americans speech and spending over $600

This isn't just another election. This is a major battle in the war between American Democracy and Authoritarian Rule. We are not going to keep playing this game. It’s time for Presidents and the elected to do what we vote them in to do. No one is going to keep Democrats in office if every time they get in they can’t get anything done.

Sycophants wearing two colors want us to ignore how criminals profit from our illness and deaths. The “good cop/bad cop partisan act is stale. Sure we can afford. You know what we can’t afford, a Martha Vineyard house, after you bailed out all the banks The people running are too out if touch and don't care to understand the world...

A Democrat vote is a wasted vote cnn is fake news Barrack is simply supporting a political party. It not necessarily right, it's just politics.

Obama fires up Virginia crowd for governor's race he calls a U.S. 'turning point'Former U.S. President Barack Obama urged Virginians to re-elect Terry McAuliffe as governor at a rally on Saturday, emphasizing the race's significance as an indicator of the country's political direction and a reflection of its values. Fear of Trump 😆 It was exciting to hear President Obama giving a campaign speech. I can see why so many of us flocked to his events, and why he carried, say, even Indiana in 2008. We need more like him!

‘We don’t have time to be tired’: Obama tries to jolt Virginia Dems at McAuliffe rallyBarack Obama came to Richmond on Saturday to charge up tuned-out Democratic voters — and jolt Terry McAuliffe’s campaign for governor Lol We only hope Virginians are listening to reality and ignoring smoke and mirrors.

Obama Sharply Criticizes Youngkin In Virginia's Governor's RaceFormer President Barack Obama is campaigning for Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the closely contested Virginia governor's race. As he should, Youngkin is a hat made of asses for butts. An asshat, if you will. horrible Vote BLUE!

Kamala Harris and Michelle Obama make waves with heartwarming photo togetherMichelle Obama shared a heartwarming picture of her and Kamala Harris to celebrate the vice-president's birthday Oooh - forgot about her. Where’s she been!?!?