Obama: 'I want you to know that you matter'

'I want to speak directly to the young men and women of color in this country,' former President Obama says.

6/4/2020 1:43:00 AM

WATCH: 'I want to speak directly to the young men and women of color in this country,' former President Obama says. 'I want you to know that you matter. I want you to know that your lives matter. That your dreams matter.'

'I want to speak directly to the young men and women of color in this country,' former President Obama says.

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Are you moving to Chicago? What a racist BarackObama is!! He wants to speak to the young men and women 'of color?' Are you kidding me What about speaking to ALL young people? This is why his administration was such a failure, he spoke only to certain groups. It was so good to see the back of his head!!

No one cares what the village idiot has to say. JuddApatow It’s all bugger here down in earth”... uh, do we wanna learn even more about ourselves? I mean current events-wise, youth $educes, age produces & life accelerated for individuals live to 80 but not Congo or Haiti meanwhile humanity crawls forward...& the band played on.

This old white guy thinks Obama ( not perfect ) but the best President in my life time is MISSING THE BOAT😡❗️ Don't tell HUMANBEINGS they matter❗️ Kick the living shit out of ANYONE who says Otherwise🔥🔥😡❗️ Hope & Change my ass! ❤😍 Hope and Change was a LIE - Obama and that racist JoeBiden had 8yrs and failed WalkAwayFromDemocrats YouAintBlack

I highly recommend this video. The Vagueness that Radiates from his Words is Shattering to say the least. penndragonArt 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 thank God you are saying something that makes sense. Thank you for that. You always made sense. Love and miss you and your family PleaseThink1776 This is the way A real president speaks..

richob72 I miss him so much ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏻✊🏽✊🏼 Amazing Obama Beautiful! I wish he had gone a little farther and told protesters to go home, live out their dreams, stop being afraid. Too many people want them to think cops are out to get them. There is no evidence this is true. If we all play by the rules we can live together in safety.

Obama should have asked for a national review of the police. He had the highest office in this land and did nothing to improve the lives of Black Americans. He was too busy trying NOT to be black. He is equally as guilty as playing black people as white people. weesiekay Stop praising this bum, he’s being outted as the most corrupt president ever. If you don’t believe it, start watching the hearings next week and learn.

Too bad he didn’t feel that way when he could have actually done something for the citizens of color. I forgot how a great leader can really lift up a country with great words of encouragement, miss that. Then why didn’t you do ANYTHING when you were president' Obama refuses to use the dacist phrase Black Lives Matter!

He was and still is the biggest divider in the world Cc realDonaldTrump who needs to see what a real POTUS acts like OBAMA, WHO DID NOTHING FOR THE BLACK COMMUNITY IN 8 YEARS IN OFFICE. IS NOW WANTING TO DO SOMETHING FROM HIS 20 MILLION DOLLAR ESTATE, No, we need less vitue-signaling, pandering and race-baiting, and more action. We had 8 years of Obama doing that. WE need leaders who actually make things happen.

Who said their lives don’t matter in the first place? Wake up Obamagate is real, Obama is corrupt 🍊(45)..is the REAL ENEMY of the ppl! 🍊 is to BLAME 4 ALL of the DESTRUCTION/CRISES in this country! 🍊 CAUSED the SPREAD OF CORONA, RACISM, looting etc)! REMEMBER Election Day Nov 2020 (IF this country still exists in NOV.). FOCUS ALL of your energy /efforts on THE ENEMY .. 🍊!

ObamaWasBetterAtEverything TrumpOut2020MoreThanEver VoteBlue2020 Biden2020Landslide This guy is ready to kneel, bow, lick, grovel, whatever you need, might even let you behead him if you get him some good crystal. Nobody heard him because they’re ratings are 0.0. What about all the lives in Iraq, Afganistan, Libya etc etc etc... did they matter?

A Great white shark has killed a surfer in South Wales, Australia... SharkAttack Why didn’t they matter when he was in office? Leadership 👆🏽 we went from class to ass. We were blessed to have you as our president for 8 years. Thank you. Remember Benghazi. Note to Barry Soetoro: STOP referring to folk of medium & dark complexions as a ' color'!🙄 Humans have a ' skintone' not a freaking color!🙄 WORDS MATTER- they are the foundations of thoughts!😏

Eight years in office. What has BarackObama done? Why would people of colour think they’re dreams don’t matter? Criminal Most have no idea who he is. I hope my 3 years old granddaughter live to witness America live up to it’s promise, especially given the fact that my parents (whom are alive) and I were born into Jim Crow Law and Civil Rights/Voting Rights did not exist. My parents and I might not witness it, but I can hope.

Every one matters these racist and divisive comments by some one who had 'four African Americans murdered under his administration' It was OK then to tear-gas protesters and wrong to encourage protest Why do Dems think that they can cover up their wrongs by accusing other of same And you did soooo little about it?

Nobody listens to people hidden in their houses afraid going out WHO set to resume hydroxychloroquine trial So looks like President Trump is Right Please listen to President Obama. He is a wise, intelligent and compassionate man who is a strong leader in our Country. Trust, Believe, and Learn from our strong leaders. Live by their example and together we will all become EQUAL AND UNITED.

How about the white young women and men? Good thing he said 'in this country' because we know too well what he does to children of colour in other countries. I miss having a real president like him. Not the shit spewing demagogue we have now. Why would this man choose the code name renegade? Look into it

What matters for american & european politicians is politics and political positions others such as freedom and human rights issues are all talks...! floyed washingtonpost CNN When they were toddlers, you bailed the banks out and let yhe banks forclose on their parents homes. You then made the decision not to charge a single banker. (Except the small Chinese bank of course). Everything for the rich taken from the poor and middle class.

Only those of young people of colour, of course, all others have white privilege! They matter.. except to other young “poc” killing each other at disproportionately high rates. I keep hearing that all lives to matter until black lives matter. Let me know when black lives matter to other black people. Other than when it’s politically convenient.

Only difference between Hussein here and realDonaldTrump is They both are slick bullshit artists with huge egos. Different styles but master bullshit artists. Hussein still thinks he's relevant. How did his endorsement help Hillary? 8 years and he now has ideas. Think Says the int'l terror financier and deporter in chief.

I MISS HIM! And what has Obama ever done for the men and woman of colour during his 8 years as president? Absolutely nothing! Blah. Blah. Blah. ALL politicians are liars. He’s just another one, as far as I’m concerned. I just can’t believe in anything or anyone anymore. What’s the point? Please watch these videos. There really is evil in this world And

Do the young black men who get murdered daily in Chicago matter? Odd you were the community organizer and you never gave a damn about them « However, I just forgot I was black too and forgot to do anything about it when I was POTUS for 8 years... » So all the white male and female protesters are irrelevant or what?

The last president in American History! We miss you so much! Oh puleaze 🙉 This is just “thoughts and prayers”. We need action. We need to defund the police. Almost like he wasn’t president for 8 years. 8 years of failure Does his happy ass tell them to stop looting, burning etc 'unless you live in Flint or Fergusson or were part of the Occupy movements or trying to stop pipelines on native land or...'

Did I miss the part where he condemned the looting and burning of our cities? What is this 'of color bullshit'? MSNBC is really calling Black americans coloreds. We just didn't matter to Obama. Maybe they should’ve mattered more during your eight years in office Shame msnbc for only covering Obama’s portion. This was unique opportunity during difficult times to show real people/process in action trying to fix these issues. Instead chucktodd pontificated/regurgitated for ratings instead of being part of tsolution.

People should never trust appear just talks. Deceit is seen on General Flynn case. All that appears is not true. Why honest Kid Snowdon is stuck up in Moscow. Killing occured in Democrats governed state. Arson loot everywhere and abuse to Trump. Politics? You never cared before. And the media doesn't care if they take away your lives or your dreams as long as it increases their ad Revenue. Do you get it? Media is not your friend!!!

We need you Mr. President, now more than ever. President Obama's leadership is what we need Brilliant, eloquent, inspiring, hopeful and positive. BarackObama when did he walk among his own? at the Chicago church with Rev. J & the hate USA chants he walked proudly That's what a leader sounds like. Not some whiny complaining coward making threats against his own people.

I hope they're listening in Chicago. Sad Obama Biden had 8 years during those 8 years: Travon, Garner, Ferguson, Grey, Louis Gates, Dylan Roof massacre, Dallas Sniper, I'm sure there's more. Remember who was in office during these not Trump. Who did media blame when Obama called Protester's Thugs. Pathetic.

My message to all the protesters Look look. An actual president. What a concept. The fact that Obama sabotaged Senator Sanders clearly shows that as always his words are lies.

President Obama Discusses Policing and Protests in Town Hall: Change Will 'Require Everyone’s Participation'Obama praised the protests, saying it 'makes me feel optimistic and like this country is going to get better.' ADD: Not spying/wiretapping&not unleashing IRS on political opponents that’s modus operandi of corrupt,godless,lawless 3rdWorld dictators. Yes sir.

Biden, Obama take steps to fill glaring leadership vacuumOver the last 24 hours, Barack Obama and Joe Biden practically took turns trying to fill the nation's leadership vacuum. MaddowBlog what the fuck? is that it? fuck these guys MaddowBlog NYGovCuomo 2020 MaddowBlog Haha too funny he ain’t president no more.

Barack Obama Weighs In on How To Bring About Real Change After George Floyd’s DeathBarack Obama Weighs In on How To Bring About Real Change After George Floyd's Death! (via JustJared) JustJared You had 8 years and did nothing. NOTHING. Shut up, pretender. JustJared JustJared He was president for 8 years. Now he wants to bring change.

Barack Obama to Livestream Talk About Police-Brutality ProtestsBarack Obama will be doing a live stream via his website to talk about police brutality protests Vomit time.. no thanks YAY Will Mr Obama be acknowledging the looting and killing of officers by radical agitators?

Barack Obama to make first on-screen comments on George FloydFormer President Obama to make his first on-screen comments about the killing of George Floyd while in police custody and subsequent unrest. Can't wait to hear what he accomplished. YES! Leadership! President Obama is my president. Chanting for change is not good enough. Demand specific changes in the law!

Obama to discuss George Floyd death and policing in virtual town hall WednesdayFormer President Barack Obama plans to address in a virtual town hall Wednesday night the death of George Floyd, stressing the importance of 'ensuring that this moment becomes one for real change' and that the protests around the country lead to new policies, according to an Obama aide. Please remove “Former” from the headline. These moments didn’t qualify I suppose Will he also take questions on Obamagate? Please do your job.