Obama called Trump a 'fascist' during phone call, Sen. Kaine says in new Clinton film

The Va. lawmaker is heard discussing the conversation in 2016 in 'Hillary,' an upcoming documentary.


NEW: 'President Obama called me last night and said, 'Tim, remember, this is no time to be a purist. You've got to keep a fascist out of the White House,'' Sen. Kaine says in a video clip featured in a new documentary about Hillary Clinton.

The Va. lawmaker is heard discussing the conversation in 2016 in 'Hillary,' an upcoming documentary.

Terms of Service The clip appears in an episode of"Hillary," a four-part documentary series that will be available on Hulu on March 6. The docuseries, which premieres at the Sundance Film Festival on Saturday evening at a screening attended by the former first lady, chronicles her early life, rise to national prominence and political career. NBC News was given access to the series earlier this week. Nanette Burstein, an who directed"Hillary," confirmed in an email that the clip of Kaine was recorded by a camera team hired by the Clinton campaign. The exact date and location of the conversation are not clear. Obama's description of Trump as a fascist — as recalled by Kaine — amounts to a far sharper attack on his successor than he has offered in public settings. In a speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, Obama said"homegrown demagogues" were among the political forces that threaten American values — a comment some interpreted as a veiled swipe at the Republican presidential nominee . Hillary Clinton and 2016 Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine attend together a campaign rally in Miami on July 23, 2016. Alexander Tamargo / WireImage Obama's communications director declined to comment when contacted by NBC News on Friday. Kaine's office and Clinton's spokesman did not respond to requests for comment. The former president has rarely directly attacked Trump since leaving office. He has criticized some of Trump's policy decisions, such as the Read more: NBC News

Takes a ☪️ trash POC Fascist like the one from Kenya 🇰🇪, you know 44 who was THE biggest anti-American POTUS ever to point fingers and make allegations...like the pot calling the kettle black‼️ Turns out he was 100% right. 1. Obama was Brennan's & Saudi Arabia puppet. it was Saudi Arabia who installed Obama in the Oval Office. Saudi Arabia paid Obama's tuition at Harvard & Columbia Univ. (VERY expensive) Saudi Arabia paid Obama political campaign.

President Trump is a free market Capitalist believing in little government interference while it's Obama who is the Facist and believes in government control of everything with the dictator at the top pulling all the strings !!! Fascist: fake Russian collusion, fake impeachment, millions of dollars of taxpayer money to keep a man from exposing an actual fraud who occupied the WH for 8 years.

And he was right. ObMa was calling Clinton as Fascists. She was also a Racist. mremmulp Alinsky master. Why are you even reporting this now!? nbcnews stop helping GOP poison American brains. ONE SIDE lies, as a policy, on everything from if it's raining to whether the President and his men said what THEY SAID AT LIVE PRESS CONFERENCES. Stop treating their words equally, and stop being used to normalize lies.

GOP Sen. John Thune: 'neither side wants any kind of closed session' - Trump impeachment trial latestHow much has President Trump stonewalled Congress? No other president who faced impeachment took the “extreme step” of stopping witnesses, argued Rep. Zoe Lofgren, one of the House impeachment managers. He spent his whole fighting courts, while committing crimes. He exercised his rights and dems are HEATED Hmmmm what?

That doesn't sound like something Obama would say. You haven't heard what my family/friends R's, Independents & Dems who voted for R's, not Trump have said before 2016 up until they left SenateGOP HouseGOP before the midterms, in Nov & still do. Let's face it, R's are doing the same behind closed doors, cowards.

I’d say he has rightly called him more than that. I certainly have and everything I have said is proving true. Thankfully, no fascist won the presidential election in 2016, so Tim did his job. Baseless personal attacks are not news Good Yeah trump is the fascist not Obama The funny thing is Obama was right, Trump is a fascist that's why Mitch McConnell is afraid of the truth because he has to listen to his dictator.. Donald J. Trump

Iowa Voters in Obama-Trump County ‘Open-minded’ About 2020 ElectionHoward County, Iowa voted by more than 20 percentage points for Obama in 2012 and more than 20 percentage points for Trump in 2016. WSJ’s John McCormick sat down with a group of the county’s voters to discuss their outlook on the 2020 election. Need much more of this in the “news.” Pretty even handed. Listening. Not telling people what to think. Definitely worth a listen. This county’s voters sound really wishy-washy.

Well... he is. Textbook. 🤷🏻‍♂️ “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power” ― Benito Mussolini More here: Oh, Jesus...and the circus continues... Well, he wasn't wrong. If the shoe fits... It's the only thing the Fascist ever studied. A chip off of the old block.

He was spot on and now we have a fascist in the Whitehouse. Greatest President ever!!! thank you POTUS Guess he should have been a better president and none of this would have happened Guess that means no democrats in the WH

Obama paintings from National Portrait Gallery will go on a five-city tourSmithsonian says the celebrated portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama will come to Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Atlanta and Houston. 😂😂😂 HAhahahahahaha!!!!

Truth hurts! Obama & Hillary were 100% right. gop is enabling, supporting destruction of the Constitution. GOP should be all in for testimony if they are supporting an INNOCENT DONALD J. TRUMP. But since not allowing gop Senators are violating Oath Of Office & trump's GUILT. Trump is a fascist. Easy to see

Water is wet. Barry Call me ?🧐🧐 Obama is laying low because he had government agencies spying on trump campaign and he tried to interfere with election. Someone needs to bring him down. Obama is not President and I don't think a woman should be president. Surely not a Clinton Well he is... so? Is that why he helped obtain an illegal FISA warrant?

Name one policy that the Trump Administration has enacted and explain how it is “fascist”. I’ll wait. Not a fascist he’s many things but not that ... Obama needs to learn the definition

Opinion | Would Democrats Impeach Obama?From WSJopinion: Hypocrisy is common in Washington, but impeachment is bringing out more than its fair share, writes KarlRove opinion KarlRove The Democrats agreed with impeaching Clinton opinion KarlRove how did that swap draining work out for everybody? opinion KarlRove Yes

Yes, so much better to have a 'Community Organizer' in the White House..... . No witness equals Impeaching Donald Trump again. 9 days before the election. NancyPelosi AdamSchiff Obama ImpeachTrumpAgain ImpeachTrumpAgain ImpeachTrumpAgain ImpeachTrumpAgain ImpeachTrumpAgain WitnessesAndDocuments FBR

When you can't beat someone, call them names. ~Democrats 'let's illegally wiretap him then hope we don't get caught.' Liberals and their name calling. They know the trigger words to get their base all in a frenzy Once again, BarackObama is correct 💯🙌 Well, he’s not wrong. Obama nearly ruined the USA. Trump saved it. Trump belongs on Mt. Rushmore.

The man who had his IRS target conservative groups, so they could not take part in the election? The guy who droned and American citizen because he knew the media would not give a crap? Well I guess he has the most experience of what a fascist really is.

Comic Unknowingly Tells Malia Obama To 'Shut The F**k Up' During SetPete Holmes said on 'Conan' that Barack Obama's daughter kept whispering in the front row of his stand-up act, but he didn't know until later it was her. Hahaha, nice joke! “Unknowingly”. Whyte supremacist.

Sounds like a coup to me Obama knew. Ha! Obama epitomized 'fascist'. TARP and Obamacsre, both unlawfully rammed through, one overturned, the other never questioned because Obama didnt appoint a Comptroller of the US to challenge it. He was 100% correct. He should have added incompetent, self-serving narcissist as well.

🤷‍♀️ Nonsense Corruption runs deep in Congress both sides. Dems have hurt America. WalkAwayFromDemocrats

Michelle Obama Has a TV Show Coming to InstagramThe six-episode series starts this month!

Kenya Believe obama called FakeCatholic Tim Kaine (D-VA) for anything other then to bring his golf clubs around to put in his limo? irrelevant virginia This was in 2016. Obama was 100% accurate. Start of the 3rd coup. These people won't stop. I didn't know he felt that way about Hillary. 🤣 Hillary Clinton - still not our President TrueStory

That is only part of his resume...sadly... He told the truth. So? PBO was correct. Obama was illegally spying on Trump when this phone call with Kaine occurred but Trump is the fascist. Seems odd he just remembers now 3 years later.

WE GOT DONALD TRUMP, HE BARELY WON, I MEAN 1/3 OF THE POPULATION. BUT HOW WE GOT HIM WAS BECAUSE OF HOW OBAMA GOVERN. HE ONLY CATERED TO SPECIFIC GROUP OR RACE. NO ONE ELSE. THAT'S NOT HOW YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO GOVERN. OBAMA IS A VERY DISHONEST PERSON. VERY DISHONEST PERSON. And then Obama told Kaine.......”to give you a hand I instructed the FBI and CIA to illegally spy on Trump’s campaign, and Hillary bought a dossier with a bunch of lies in it. So we should be good”

What a surprise. Hussein wants POTUS gone. I wonder why. Traitor And Mr President you are so right!!! 👍 MSNBC and Obama still the best of buddies Economy is booming! Unemployment claims lowest in 50 yrs, lowest black & Hispanic unemployment (Obama never achieve in 8 yrs, only took 3 yrs for POTUS )3.9 million off food stamps! Trump2020 🇺🇸

Man who tells the truth. How refreshing. And look where we are today. Trump is a fascist So? It's true.

He didn’t lie. We see that now. Lol, meanwhile dems are taxing or criminalizing speech. I ask, who are the fascists? eg Now it becomes clear why Obama sent the FBI and the CIA after Trump If President Trump was a fascist, nobody on Twitter whining about him every day would be here. Will never vote democrat again after these last few years. I voted for Hillary in 2016. Never again. They will destroy any innocent man, woman or child for power.

BarackObama got it right, then. So what about now? Obama needs to stop being a purist about not speaking ill of the current President and get out there on the stump and fight for democracy. We need fire and brimstone Obama now, not Professor Obama or both sides of the isle Obama Spoiler alert: Tim failed. hillaryisnotpresident 😂😂😂

Yeah. Trust Kaine. Not.

If it looks like a duck..... Does anyone know when the times up and Obama's records will be unsealed? What a joke!!!! A fascist that wants the American people to keep their guns, lower their taxes and protect them at all costs. No oppression or suppression here!!! You published this 8 hrs ago . Unfollowing. Fix your bot .

And he was right!!!! Obama was right. Documentary or horror street? Eight years of Willy and another eight of BO were nearly more than our nation could take. It baffles me how any American can't see the Evil Democrats have been doing. Child trafficking, money laundering, war for profits, taking your rights away, giving illegal immegrants more rights then citizens, and so much more.

Obama's boss soros has those qualities...since ww2 in hungaria..

Sounds like Tim is the same person that we thought he was! A crooked jerk! He is one of those politicians that forgets the real reason America is now great! Translation we have committed so many crimes we are fucked if he gets into WH Why is Obama being brought up? Racism got worse when he was in office.

He told the truth. No one cares what Obama says or thinks. Who cares? Nobody is watching this crap. I’m just hear to remind y’all of that. Trump Trump2020 Trump2020NowMoreThanEver TrumpLandslideVictory2020

and wasn't he so right I hope the documentary shows what a crazy narcissist Hillary really is. Announcer: He was right says a community organizer. Man I miss having a president that could speak in complete sentences and also wasn't an admitted unpunished sexual predator. Gotta love him for being factually honest

Well he wasn’t wrong!

He is a fascist and so are his cult. InSpiteOfTrump Unfortunately, in late-summer 2016, when Obama should have informed American voters that Trump was compromised by Russia he declined. If Obama felt that strongly, he should have drone striked him. The left has taken a very powerful word and cheapened it by labeling anyone who doesnt agree with them, with it. Has 0 meaning left to it.

He was so right. Go away in your flowered portrayal of yourself. You squandered the opportunity of a life time! “Rising tides”? Why would Obama call that douche bag about Trump Oh Yeah he did not want to play veep to Clinton-zilla. Like being the virgin at Satanic Ritual slaying NOT GOOD!! Did you ask for the proof? Does Senator Kaine have any recordings of the call? Then, it could be just a made-up or fabricated conspiracy theory?

I know, after 3 years of hearing a President speak nothing but lies it almost seems absurd to believe a President actually spoke the truth. Another Democrat all they do is lie. FAKE NEWS FROM THE LEADER IN FAKE NEWS

...and? True that! Fascists illegally spy on the opposing party's campaign. Figures he would misuse fascist. Fascism and nationalism are not the same thing. Also, nationalism is not a bad thing. Nice job O. Forward thinking. And? Your point? This is no time to be a purist: Mike2020 BarackObama Was right. Where's the lie?

As far as I'm concerned, Obama is just another mistake we as a country made; that's irrelevant today. highly doubt President Obama is calling Tim Kaine 😆 We all know Obama has always been slime! Clinton Foundation under his administration got rich as did so many others. Why was Ukraine a top donor to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary was his Secretary of State? They will let Biden take the fall to save themselves.

I have never before agreed with Obama. But I am impressed. I'm pretty sure about 200 million people in this country have called him that and then some. Except Hillary is proven to be a fascist 🤬 And in case you don’t, we have a plan... And he’s right.

💯 And he was right. But did you listen? Apparently you like white nationalist fascist. I think you are in the wrong party. 💩 IF this call did happen, Obama deserves more credit for spot on. Obama knew exactly what he was talking about. OMG! it must be true then Inciting a coup? Isn’t that treason or sedition?

Fake news is so angry 😡

Well, Trump is a fascist. Obama is a Kenyan Muslim Obama didnt do enough for trans children while in office Things that never happened for 1000 Alex.. Well he ain’t wrong! And we’ve got to keep a bunch of them from returning to the Senate too! Booty call! Accurate The anti Trump bias was rampant in his administration.

You guys are posting this an awful lot. Yes, he is a fascist. No, it should have no impact on the 2020 election because the 2020 election is not about Obama. He wasn't wrong. the guy that weaponized the IRS and used Intel agencies to spy on his political opponents....comical He launched the birther movement against Obama and pushed people to believe he was a 'Muslim' to get people to think he was a terrorist.... and all while insulting every decision he made while he makes the same ones but does them worse.

Obama preyed on the insecure and made them feel good about being on food stamps Blah blah blah.... daily hate Trump horse hockey Always tell the Truth Obama also said Trump would never be elected. Obama did nothing for this country!

Trump is patriotic. Here is the national anthem: He it! Fascist? LOL. It’s this trite but smug certainty that the victor is evil, spread from the top, incessantly, with gleeful disdain for voters, that has poisoned the public sqr & denied the elected Pres a fair chance. It will, indeed, help ensure his reelection. Dems are shameless!

Obama: NBC News: Was that suppose to be a compliment or an insult . But at least’ Trump got things done ‘and made life better for the American people . However that the Democrats failed to do ? Obama is right Calling it as we all see it! The irony is clinton want to set on the same chair where bill is having a blowjob..

Obama. We have elections and the global socialists lost in 2016 and will get smashed in 2020 unless they take out Trump. They know it. So frigging funny that this weak ass former POTUS is resorting to name calling. The looney left has lost its mind. It's afterdark and the fascist are coming out of the woodwork.

Was he wrong ? No president obama was exactly right about FacistTrump They thought that creepy weirdo was going to keep Trump out of the white house? Wut President Obama knows what he’s talking about. I miss the calm and dignity. Attention GOP Senators: You are now representing 18% of Americans who feel no witnesses or documents should be allowed. That is all. FairTrial

Because Trump is one But the fascist is already out of the WH. You are not POTUS anymore remember? Oh...Good Grief....I'm sure with the backward Americans in today's climate Obama will be a hero.....Geezzzz. How far we have devolved. Well, he is a fascist... if you go by the definition. He's not wrong!

Obama was correct once again. obama taking about himself! Obama calling it like it is. So we have timkaine to thank for this shitshow? Wonderful. What did Lindsay Graham say? He was correct! Guess what ....realDonaldTrump is a fascist Why is this news? Every Democrat falsely labels Trump a fascist. Mr. GDP 1.5! We now know just how stupid BHO really is and just how little he accomplished while President.

Visionary, leader, integrity... What a great president. And now, a prophet neigh a fortune teller!

If Trump called Obama a fascist at one of his campaign rallies, every red hat in the house would be so hard they could fly their confederate flags on it Funny thing is Kaine is the fascist Wow! Does not matter what Obama called him then. Why do you guys in media just dig up some old stuff and what purpose does it serve?

Obama ought to feel ashamed of himself. Trump has done more for our country in 3 years than Obama did in 8 years. It has now been proven that Obama spied on the Trump campaign. Since he gets a pension he can be recalled and retroactively impeached!! President Obama is right. It was the irrational quest for ideological purity that helped put Trump in the WH. It's reappeared with a vengeance. If it continues, Trump will remain in power. 2 words - Supreme Court

Good God...the projection Hoax: a humourous or malicious deception. This is not a hoax. The attempt to find truth and facts has never and will never be a hoax. Nothing that pertains to our National interests and dependency is a hoax. Calling what our country is going thru is a hoax Well, he wasn't wrong, in fact he may have been profetic...just like Hilary,...they knew, no one listened...but Putin wanted Trump, so we got Trump...America will always get what Putin wants for us as long as a RePUTINkin is in the WH

Understand what was stated. Previous one did no call Trump a fascist. From this tweet I understood that this nation has to remove a fascist/communist out of the OVAL OFFICE... The hand has been revealed too many times..

Obama is an irrelelevant coward. Bet he wouldn’t say that to POTUS’ face. Does it matter? Trump's followers do not know what if means anyway Pretty rich from the guy who tapped AP reporters’ phones, siced the IRS on his political opponents and sold guns to the Mexican cartels. The Dem Party is delusional and a danger to this nation.

Fascist is correct.....Donald Trump is Hitler like.... I don’t believe Obama said this! If he did shame on him, whatever respect I had for him would be gone! LOL, from FailedObamaLegacy Someone should not fell for FailedObamaIranBribe a line to Kerry’s pockets! Wow

🤷‍♂️ well? Uhhhh....Trump is a fascist. some high road they keep claiming smh He wasn't lying. 🤷‍♀️IMissObama 'An 'extremely credible source' has called my office and told me that BarackObama's birth certificate is a fraud.' --Trump Kaine made that up & its stupid. His son though IS a fascist arrested as an ANTIFA thug

And he was right on the spot! Truth 'Why doesn't he show his birth certificate? There's something on that birth certificate that he doesn't like.' --Trump

Time has proven that true! Liberals need to learn new words. You keep trying to make the only two you know do too much work. Remember, these are the GOP senators that blocked election security legislation hours after Mueller warns of Russian interference Never happened. He is. He is a fascist!!! Well he wasn't wrong! I don't care what many say, that man and his family were really good for America.

Name calling is the cheapest form of criticism, and cheapest form of so called journalism. It cheapens journalism. This is called agenda driven reporting very unprofessional, not really an argument, it’s adolescent. How many 14 year olds work for you. As he should have.

Good. Trump IS a fascist. Why is this breaking news? He's right. Trump already has camps for wrong kind of people where little kids die. Yes. Because the guy who kills hundreds of civilians from a country he is are not at war with? Is, someone you should listen too.. Guess that explains the lengths he went to have him removed, from Spygate to Shampeachment.

NO KIDDING !!!!!!!!!!!! Obama was right Obama was a racist who hated the police yes and?

I don't believe this bs The President calling next President 'fascist:? Sen Kaine is just lost his mind Obama is 100% RIGHT He was right. Not wronf Obama is the fascist... So? Tens of millions of us think Trump is a fascist. Why wouldn’t Obama agree? And I stand in agreement. Not because of idolatry, not because I'm left or right. Independent here. But because of righteousnes, awareness,and truths. I'm not going to believe bacon ain't pork just because Fred that lives in that glass house says so. Truth Matters!

How is this news? Yea, cause Obama was acting like a king for 8 years. Phone and pen. That explains Obama's rationale behind his spying on Trump's campaign.

And!!!! So your point is they’ve known for ever, before he was elected . sad Where's the lie? Obama was the most corrupt president ever. The truth will come out soon. Obama knew. Yup.....he's 💯 right!!!! 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 very awkward moment in time Obama was horrible for the working-class. So, his opinion is 🚽 Why is this a story? Trump is a fascist is obvious to anyone who is paying attention.

Obama is right. Trump is a facist. To no end for the democrats, trying everything, something new everyday it’s to bad so many good Americans actually fall for this shit And this is just a showing of what made Pelossi and hipocrite, she now very well how the politics are made and how they acts even by her hand, she did and does just like Trump, and worst too, ask Ukranian president about her, Bidem and Obama too, and is just one case

I recognized the signs long before the election. MissingPundit “President Obama called the Washington Monument ‘tall.’” Well he is. So? That’s rich coming from a druggie. Not surprising coming from a black nationalist Marxist.

Obama calling it like he sees it... A joker is a joker! Voters chose a wild card... The card thinks it's a king... We all know it's just a joker! 🙄🤥 And we did If the shoe fits.... Trumpty Dumpty had a great fall. Now he will take it out on us all. Since when is calling tree a tree, news?!?!?! Well he is a fascist so there ya go.

FOCUS ON TRUMP. He is a National Security Risk. LevParnasAudio He is a fascist

Obama. Was. Right. GOPCoverup ObamaKnewEverything There Obama goes again projecting himself onto the president! We already know that you Democrats are a bunch of projectors and I’m not talking about the film kind!🤷‍♀️ Sounds like he was right again TheFlying_Camel Obama not the sharpest knife in the drawer..

If the shoe fits lace that bioch up and wear it! Wowww.. President Obama is a real psychic. Amazing ! He really knew. Congress would not pass PARIS CLIMATE AGREEMENT so Obama did it via EXECUTIVE ORDER. US Taxpayers required to PAY $75 BILLION/YR. DEMOCRATS have very effectively been LAUNDERING money paid to the UN & FOREIGN COUNTRIES for years.

And your point is? BarackObama was right! I would more than fascist !!!🤬🤬🤬

and he did. They lost. What a misleading headline. This is just red meat for MAGAts to continue their ridiculous deep state coup narrative. Accurate term, obviously So how did that work out? The people said FU Obama! MalashiMcFadden need ur help! President Obama knew. Trump is a Fascist. He was talking about Putin.

oh Funny that's what we said about Hillary when Obama tried to endorse her for the win......Obama failed at that too.

Obama has ways been a good human, a wonderful president, and a real man ! Unlike the child occupying the WH right now. He was absolutely right!! Interesting well ya, it's the truth Yes I am a Independent, I voted for Donald Trump, but I am siding with the Democrat's, Donald Trump should be Impeached, and Removed from office. oh did I repeat myself Sorry.

It appears that President Obama doesn’t understand what the word “fascist” actually means. The problem with that is ? So, is this why he spied on Trump's campaign? Where is the lie? Does this mean you liked or appreciated my art Trump? i am flattered that it made you feel something! 🐉🐥 Obama was a brittle, petty little pr**k.

Ok. Where's the lie? i don't understand this; why would obama tell kaine to not be a purist 4 more years! Trump2020 Propaganda Well that worked out didn't it Gosh, is it just me, or is President Obama right EVERY time? Keep Sanders out? He’s not wrong And what?

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