Oath Keepers leader and 10 others charged with 'seditious conspiracy'

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Oath Keepers Leader And 10 Others Charged With 'Seditious Conspiracy' - Cnnpolitics

1/13/2022 9:44:00 PM

DOJ charges 11 defendants with seditious conspiracy related to the Capitol attack, including the leader of the Oath Keepers, Stewart Rhodes.

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If these Traitors are found guilty they should get a max sentence.5 cops were killed many lost eyes and have injurys that will keep them from being able to go to their jobs.I thank God we can prosecute these traitors.This is the beginning of cleaning up our country It is very difficult for me using the face mask 😷 when am going out sometimes but i have no choice than to protect myself. My advice is we should all try our best to protect ourselves

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Mo Brooks Is the Jan. 6 Congressman Who Can’t Keep His Mouth ShutBy attempting to prove that his Jan.6 speech was part of his official duties, Rep. Mo Brooks has introduced evidence that his staff spent taxpayer time preparing him with his Jan.6 speech Oops. That is also illegal. Taxpayers probably paid for his body armor too. This….is not helping

🙄 Egbon rugerofficial are you related to this person one way or the other 🧑‍🎤 The Oath Keepers met Lake Placid 😆 Don’t worry about food shortages, gas spikes, supported illegal immigration, illegal drug smuggling, arming terrorists, high inflation, States abandoning, or crime explosions. I’ve seen a President do worse in my 100 years of being alive SAID NO INTELLIGENT U.S. AMERICAN EVER !!

But government employees evolved get a pass. JacobBloom31 The noose tightens. Not too late to get on the winning side Documented Bedfellows of Fascist Cruz!!!!! Yay! Finally, some real action against these organizers. I just hope this all doesn’t end up like the Mueller report that went nowhere. 🙏

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You don’t always need the smoking gun to get to the truth or conviction of those responsible. If enough people give testimony backed up with documents, emails, texts, & others who collaborate testimony. Many folks are in prison who plead n/g & never testified on the own behalf. And then if they end up clearing the charges that you never hear about it in the media though, which is pretty sad because we're going to be hearing about it for a while.

Everyone googling seditious conspiracy right now Turns out it’s illegal to try to violently overthrow the government guys. Who knew? Nutjobs. BREAKING 14A3 ban news, Federal Govt (USAO_DC ?) reportedly filed charges on 10+ J6 1/6/2021 insurrectionist (OathKeepers) with 18 USC § 2384 Seditious Conspiracy, the likely prerequisite for 14A3 banning people forever from government work & elected offices.

But Ray Epps is walking free. They’re not even good at lying or hiding things anymore. Outstanding!!! Is the eyepatch to help him see better below the deck of his pirate ship?

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Jan. 6 committee dismisses Ray Epps conspiracy theory, issues new subpoenasThe House panel said Epps, who was seen trying to egg on protesters ahead of the Jan. 6 riot, told them he was not a federal agent. 'Help me say 'Storm it' without actually saying it.' 'Meanwhile, House committee subpoenaed...Ross Worthington on Tues...From Worthington, a former WH speechwriter, cmte wants deets about role he may have played in crafting Dump's address to crowd of supporters day of the riot.' How did Epps get a invite to the committee? The witch hunt continues. Out of control democrats. Kinda like something from the Bible.

Proving Trump conspired to incite the Jan. 6 insurrection is a tall orderFrom CSTopinion: Three recent lawsuits allege Donald Trump conspired to incite the Capitol riot, but there is a big difference between reckless rhetoric and criminal conspiracy, writes Jacob Sullum.

‘CBS Evening News’ Jan. 6 broadcast sets tongues wagging about Norah O’Donnell’s futureThe anniversary of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot is sparking fresh conspiracy theories — about Norah O’Donnell’s anchor spot at “CBS Evening News,” that is. Referring to CBS News as being in third place is a misnomer. It is in last place, since there are only three major networks. If there were 25 major nets then third place wouldn't be so bad. But being a third-rated network when there are only three nets says it all: last place. 👏👏👏👏👏👏