NYPD Scanner Broadcasts Calls to Shoot, Run Over Protesters

NYPD Scanner Broadcasts Calls to Shoot, Run Over Protesters

6/3/2020 12:12:00 AM

NYPD Scanner Broadcasts Calls to Shoot, Run Over Protesters

The citywide police scanner in New York broadcast calls Monday night urging cops to shoot and run over protesters, and the NYPD says it's investigating the matter.

NY'S FINESTNYPD officers allegedly urged police to shoot and run over protesters -- at least that's what was heard over the citywide police scanner ... but the question now is whether those words came from a cop or someone who stole a radio.As protesters marched toward the 77th Precinct in Brooklyn, you could hear someone on the scanner calling in to describe the scene before another voice urges cops to,"Shoot those motherf*****s."

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Later in the evening, the scanner picked up what sounded like officers saying they were surrounded by protesters near the intersection of Albany and Dean Streets in Crown Heights. A voice on the scanner responds,"Run them over."Obviously, the scanner broadcasts are beyond alarming IF they really came from police officers. NYPD tells us ... they're aware of the comments and are looking into it.

TMZ independently found the radio transmissions on a website that records police scanners -- so the audio is legit. However, law enforcement sources tell us ... during this latest wave of civil unrest, police radios have gone missing, and there is a possibility the transmissions on the scanner did not originate from police.

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lancereddick This is fake lmao tmz you’re actually making it worse lmao. This is from a group of white supremacists in like 2014-16 I forget lancereddick Big if true BilldeBlasio NYCMayor NYCMayorsOffice NYGovCuomo andrewcuomo NYPDShea nypd DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS! We need accountability and reform and it starts with you.

But it’s only a few bad apples?!? LAPD orders on the radio “you should not be driving past anyone. Stop where you are & take someone into custody“ Even though LA announced you can be coming from work. How is that ensuring public safety?! PLEASE REPORT This is Effed Up, on so many levels!!!!!! All of u saying “good, shoot em” are embarrassing. To wish harm on ur own fellow Americans 🤯. This is why other countries dnt like the USA. bunch of selfish ppl only care about what effects u personally

Omg!!!!! Wtf?!?! Sounds like something one of these guys would do. Take a guess. WhiteLivesMatter BlueLivesMatter They’re not protestors, they’re rioters I keep forgetting how racist this site is, thanks for the reminder! I’m out Stolen radios ... that’s y u hear some of these transmissions Stop Maybe those who criticize the police want no police enforcement and let people do what they want. I wonder what they would then say when their house is robbed and burned

realDonaldTrump dbongino cnnbrk sounds about right why not Finally Wake me when this is debunked. So will the Mayor address this or will he says the famous quote: investigate is pending Keep in mind he's the one giving orders 👀 Finally Shoot first ask questions later.... Trump is not in control of the NYPD, De Blasio and Cuomo have made that abundantly clear.

Did we expect anything different Only one man can save us! Woah 😨😱United States of America is on gangster level now. Lives are no longer that important. Quite unfortunate. Will be praying for the country 🙏 Good make america great again by running over people Now ya know... This is why they kneel... Any questions ?!?

Smh!!!!! Good! Finally! Outrages !!! 🤦🏽‍♂️ I ❤️ N.Y.C., how we as an outsider coming from L.A... I can cut the tension with a knife of the social and economic inequalities here. Lastly, the spirit of the “un-franchised” is palpable and intoxicating ✊🏽 The orders come from the top by police radio commands, not a “few bad apples.” The “possibility” that it did not come from NYPD is either a weak defense, because how would other cops not catch that there’s an infiltration, or an embarrassing security breach.

wheres the story on david dorn his life mattered What a pathetic sick world we live in. So freaking sad.☹️ NYGovCuomo just making sure you see/hear this Sunset Blvd near vine . All hail Hitler! Wtf? OPERATION F*CK AROUND AND FIND OUT - ENGAGED 😲 Stop posting emotion-provoking stories we need momentum news , real feed that is moving in the direction of positive change

Disgusting Their radios were stolen. It happened multiple times. If you heard it it’s very obvious. It happened in Manhattan and the Bronx. Sounds like a bogus clip to me. People download a scanner app and listen. Cops don't talk like that. They use codes and shit. Wake up and quit buying everything the media sells you

Good run em over The scary part of this is dude saying ‘don’t put that over the air’ like what do y’all say that’s not on air FASCIST COPS Temptations312 Police have become the enemy. Good. About time! I thought they were kneeling? Now,...? Ya, sure radios were stolen. There aren't arent any POS cops out there...

You deserve every fucking lawsuit you get for this. Property damage, loss of life. You have a nice civil suit coming your way TwitterSafety take this down But let’s go ahead and post it before we know for sure who said it and how they got a radio. Way to go dumbasses. They got their radio stolen. Check your facts before you help incite violence

People still defending the NYPD 🤡 torchdoc Sorry ass site. Time to unfollow. But yet y’all wanna defend these animals 🐷 Fu** all of them 🖕 Some of yal should just admit you're racist And this right here is the f**king problem. Even with everything that has happened....just sad Way to get attention with that headline. We all know people don’t read the articles. Rumor starter

GOOD LUCK GETTING RE-ELECTED NYPD has lost its mind. NYCMayor DISAPPOINTING NYCMayor NYGovCuomo DISGUSTING. FIX THIS OR RESIGN You are no longer a viable news sourceu lie and show fake film you’ll be the cause of what will come in this country! Peaceful protests !? Cops are dying trying to defend people and their property let me just say GGFed!!!

This is the definition of journalism, reporting what is happening whether we like it or not, people need to know what’s going on Stop! These people are not protesters they are rioters who are looting and burning our city! CNN NYCPBA NBCNews Everyone needs to go home be safe That’s f up they shouldn’t say that what’s wrong with America these days

And they wonder why the attacks are increasing. It could have been anybody at this point. NewYorkStateAG Good !!! The NYPD has to DEFEND THEMSELVES!! Shoot those criminals !! Fake. NYPD has been abandoned by NY and it's state officials. Fire the Chief for ordering that. They never did it to the White Protesters arms and the ones for opening up. Shows the Hatred and hypocritical views for Black people. In the mean time White people are looting and starting the Riots.

I don’t buy this for one minute. First of all, you don’t have a long conversation on the radio. It’s all brief communications, and they know everyone is listening. I don’t hear any 10 codes—big giveaway to its lack of authenticity. Beyond that—where’s the full clip? Not! Finally! NYPDnews NYPDShea NYPDChiefofDept NYPDChiefPatrol NYPDDetectives NYPDCT WTF are you pigs doing?

Bitch NYGovCuomo NYCMayor you hear this right!!! You guys need to stop 🛑 I'm okay with this actually. They killed a retired 77 year old black man. Beat down a black man and his wife trying to defend their store. Pulled a black man out of his car and started beating on him. Lit a building on fire with kids in it. Fuck em!

What’s different we are not bad just black is that a crime? Good!! I hope they do it! Yes, unruly animals need to be shot. Isn’t that what happens in zoos? ✊🏾✊🏼✊🏻✊ Wtf they said “shoot those motherfucker” *Rioters* Fixed it for you. Just like they cover up corruption this will go away 😒😒 You mean the rioters, the thugs ... yes of course. And by the way, get your facts straight ... The caption is an out right lie. Can't wait until you are sued and put out of business. HarveyLevinTMZ

People please get off the streets and let the cops do there job. I doubt this period this is a lie!! Sounds like a solid plan 🤷 😳😡 Not protestors the rioting scum bags. And I’m fine with that, we don’t need those assholes Well......... Oh my god In NY you gotta do what you gotta do. The mayor NYCMayor hasn’t taken control and scream for him to resign are now rampant.

Maybe this is why u hacks How many times you going to post this same shit smh .. tmz you guys are the worst! 👎🏼 Imagine what doesn't make it over the air These are the type of cops that steal from drug dealers and sell drugs themselves and force women to have sex with them. Dirty cops, there are many like them in NY

FACT FIRST🤔 TMZ sucks. Washed up. Paid off. Good. Twitter about to have the badge numbers by tomorrow... watch ! You trying to kill those you swore to protect and serve? That oath obviously means nothing. caught the pigs Crookedcops 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 Please run them over About time! Doubtful it says that. and? Sounds fake tbh but who tf knows

This shit is not gonna go away anytime soon. Quit posting BS Shoot or run over? Doing both seems excessive. Crimes. Crimes they WILL be prosecuted for. NYCMayor care to do something or do you want to remain useless? It’s all clickbait until officer involved shootings happen just blocks away.. ChrisCuomo that’s why your interview was bullshit

Cuz this doesn’t seem fake at all 😂🤦‍♀️ Jesus Christ. This is the worst one I’ve heard so far Didn't TMZ made a misleading headlines about Kim Jong Un's death and it turns out it didn't happen? hoaxeye MMASupremacy 👀👇 MMASupremacy 👀👇 MMASupremacy 👀👇 So is it a cop or not ? Police do their jobs very well. If a drugged up bad guy gets killed every now and then (black, white, hispanic, or other) and the police go home to their families unharmed, then I say IT WAS A GOOD DAY FOR AMERICA.

NYPDShea NYGovCuomo Who is saying this is okay? GiaPaige Arm yourselves and don’t take it anymore GiaPaige The state has failed. Fight back and defend yourselves. Might want to post a correction to this. Here is the same “shoot them” but the start has different audio showing that was altered. Also post the sight that “records police scanners” bet it’s not credible & the various versions shows that.

Ravengregory NYGovCuomo BilldeBlasio You have to add fuel to the fire right? Take this down! It’s false 😡 Coukd be anyone with a radio who can break into frequwncy. Basic disinfo style commies ... Lots of folks in media included fall for it. 🐂💩 WHY TF r u trying to get ppl hurt? Go scan LA police calls, there's A LOT going on there ya all ain't reporting.

As they should FBI NewYorkFBI 🤷🏻‍♂️stayhomestaysafe Dear George Floyd, Free America Calexit RacismInAmerica FreeAmerica GeorgeFloydMurder THETOPICisCOOL Exactly why people are protesting and will continue! I hope so. The road is for vehicles not for people to congregate.... If I were in my car there I wouldn't stop... no way!!

So, TMZ is saying that there were reports of officers saying they were surrounded by protestors, possibly rioters, and someone said “run them over”, and that’s a problem? Who is going to just sit there and wait to be devoured and possibly killed by a mob? You? is slippin boycottTMZ ACAB Why wouldn’t they if they r committing a crime? This has nothing to do with the act we are all trying to fix. They are scumbags stealing. Don’t steal and you won’t get shot at. Pretty simple. And now let’s focus on equality.

JustinCase_x13 They seem nice Thats a terrorist order against Americans Hell yeah ! NYPD NYPDnews NYPDShea NYCMayor Thepeacefulprotesters are thepolices sisters brothers mom's dads uncle's friends etc not the enemy. Makes sense to target violentprotesters,since thosearent realprotesters,butnevertarget thepeacefulones w/out many warnings to clearout etc,there a saneway👍&crazyway👎to handlethis

Whatever it takes to rid these scumbags from our tax bills! The police job description is to serve&protect the public👍, not try &incite global riots w/lynching during a pandemic👎,police should know,theyhave more in common w/the peaceful protesters,than they do Trump or 🐘s,who only care about super rich,not the police or ave🇺🇸s on⬅️&➡️

Why are you blocking the way of real hard working Americans that have jobs trying to get home GET OUT OF THE STREET People have jobs While you wait on another Stimulus check And you just destroyed where I shop and eat Good! Doesn't seem legal, to me. Not in the handbook. And if it is? Even more concerning.

Run by Democrats. 😳😳😳 Fake news ParissAthena Just stop creating more hate & fear Tmz why do you do this dum shit... Way to throw flame on the fires TMZ. Why dont you figure out who said it before posting this shit. Fake. Protesters ImSoBriccCity Killer Cops! Fix your headline if ya’ll aren’t 100% sure it’s LEO’s saying that

Repost repost repost macktology101 fbi ya don't say.. Fake news. Someone disband NYPD. What a fucking joke and embarrassment. whether the comments were said by actual cops or someone who stole the radios, the guy who said 'dont say that over the air' is exactly what people are protesting. Acab I’m running over anyone thats in my way wtf

Fore fake new from TMZ Pass around It hurts when you're worst fear is CONFIRMED! DumpTrump DonTheCon TrumpDictatorship

NYPD commissioner 'troubled' by video of cop cars driving into protestersNYPD Commissioner Shea tells TODAYShow he was “troubled” by the video of two NYPD vehicles driving into a crowd of protesters, but said it was a “very difficult situation” for police. TODAYshow difficult because they weren't sure what speed to go? ... TODAYshow Why are police allowed to react out of instinct, yet normal civilians are suppose to be a paragon of calm? TODAYshow Bull shit

NYPD Cruisers Drive Into Protesters in Brooklyn in Third Night of DemonstrationsDozens of people were arrested as thousands took part in protests across the city over the death of George Floyd. Police Officers (a lot injured, burnt down Police cars) are humans too, their NO Protest their terrorist mobs And so the cops turn into just another mob. ‘Accelerated in to crowd’ aka nudged forward to try and get through whilst being mobbed. Get bent.

Videos of NYPD conduct during George Floyd protests under investigation, mayor saysSeveral incidents caught on video showing NYPD officers during recent demonstrations -- including one showing an officer who apparently drew his gun amid protesters, a police vehicle moving into a crowd and an officer pushing a woman -- are under investigation, according to the mayor of New York. “A police vehicle moving into a crowd” is CNN for running people over, right? i am asking americans is the policeman in jail? so what is wrong with you? you better open your mind and to play with your enemies plots 😬Неизвестный открывает огонь по двум сотрудникам службы безопасности возле одного из федеральных зданий в американском Окланде.

NYPD Sergeant Struck By Car in Bronx During DisturbancesAn NYPD officer was hit by a car and propelled in the air during disturbances early Tuesday morning in the Bronx. That looked nasty. Disturbances?! We call them riots here. You guys are familiar with that term. and?

NYPD Opens Probe Into Officers Who Drove Police Cars Into ProtestersThe New York City Police Department opened an investigation into officers who accelerated their police cars into protesters blocking their way, Mayor Bill de Blasio said. How about the scumbags who set them on fire let them protest What about hitting clubbing whomever is in reach. It’s Gang beatings. They punch, kick, hit, tase, beat, shoot whomever they want and get away with it. That is not “policing” and IS the very reason the whole country is rioting! Watch video: The police were trying to escape a dangerous situation where 'protesters' (rioters) were putting their lives in danger. Case closed.

District attorney to investigate alleged assault of WSJ reporter by NYPD officers during protestsThe Manhattan District Attorney's Office is investigating the alleged assault of a Wall Street Journal reporter covering the George Floyd protests by members of the New York Police Department, a spokesman for the office tells CNN. Please help me! My name is Lin donglong, an employee of China telecom fuzhou branch. Company manager huang fei (communist party of China) organized the leadership of the gang of evil forces brutal persecution: surveillance location, insult,abuse, framed to take nude photos of me 打压新闻自由 It'll be interesting to see if the WSJ still supports Trump's rhetoric after this...