NYPD Retiree Charged In Capitol Cop Attack Shocked He's Jailed With 'Inner-City' Inmates

New York police veteran Thomas Webster is unhappy with his 'dormitory' detention, his lawyer reportedly said.

4/12/2021 10:10:00 PM

New York police veteran Thomas Webster is unhappy with his 'dormitory' detention, his lawyer reportedly said.

New York police veteran Thomas Webster is unhappy with his 'dormitory' detention, his lawyer reportedly said.

, his attorney insisted, according to Law & Crime.But a prosecutor said then that videos showed Webster “clear as day” with gritted teeth and a “look of pure rage” as he was “attacking a police officer ...Before he was arrested, Webster had a “sparkling” record with the NYPD, the attorney argued, according to Weiner. If he’s not released, Webster would like to be moved to a facility in upstate New York, the lawyer reportedly said.

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Lawyer for Tommy Webster, retired NYPD cop accused of beating an MPD officer with flagpole on, says his client is in a "dormitory setting" with people serving time for "inner-city crimes" - "for a middle aged guy whose never been arrested before this has been a shock for him"

— Rachel Weiner (@rachelweinerwp)Webster has a "sparkling record" with the NYPD which led to "the lofty assignment of protecting the mayor," attorney says - but if he won't be released he wants him moved back to jail in upstate New York headtopics.com

— Rachel Weiner (@rachelweinerwp)Twitter critics had some observations. Some noted that the term “inner city” was racist MAGA-speak for people of color. Few had sympathy for Webster.I'm really tired of reading all these insurrectionist sob stories.

They attacked our country. What did they think was going to happen?— Jeff Sites for Congress (@Sites4Congress)April 9, 2021That inner-city crimes thing, is that like a black or POC thing? So he thinks he's being treated like a black person or POC and is shocked that a white guy like him is being held accountable for his actions? Do I have that right?

— Patricia Thomas (@Pathom3333)You know what else was a shock? Cops that went to work on the sixth & never made it back home without dying or being beaten within an inch of their lives.— Diane Lees 💉🗽🌴😷 (@dtheavenger)

Boo hoo. Don't attack our country and beat a metropolitan police officer with a flag pole. These crimes are worse than "inner city crimes". It was an attack on our country!!!— SikhPeace (@SatPavanKaur)April 9, 2021Maybe he should have thought of the potential consequences of beating a police officer before doing so? headtopics.com

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Also: "inner city crimes" is an obvious euphemism for "Black people arrested for selling drugs"... which are less serious crimes than what he's accused of doing.— Pé (@4everNeverTrump)"Inner city crimes" is really bad code for "he's sharing space with black people."

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