Nypd Officers No Longer Allowed To Search A Vehicle Due To The Smell Of Marijuana Alone, New Memo Says - Cnn

Nypd Officers No Longer Allowed To Search A Vehicle Due To The Smell Of Marijuana Alone, New Memo Says - Cnn

NYPD officers can no longer search a vehicle due to the smell of marijuana alone, new memo says

The smell of burnt and unburnt marijuana alone is no longer cause for New York Police Department officers to search vehicles, according a new NYPD memorandum.

4/1/2021 10:55:00 PM

The smell of burnt and unburnt marijuana alone is no longer cause for New York Police Department officers to search vehicles, according to a new NYPD memorandum

The smell of burnt and unburnt marijuana alone is no longer cause for New York Police Department officers to search vehicles, according a new NYPD memorandum.

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They lost their number one excuse to invade someone's rights. They're like' I smell weed' and you say ,' why of course you do. Is there anything else I can do for you?' It's great. Pretty sure they'll find something else to get people on it probably won't be too hard. DanelleK What? By that logic a smell of alcohol at a stop should not be a reason to ask if drinking. Smelling pot in a car does not imply the possibility of an impaired driver?

Police officers are sworn to uphold the law..Period. Are they really asking policeman to turn a blind eye? Let everyone just drive around high. Sounds like a great idea. Good. Pot crimes are bullshit. kenjeong Soma for the Masses to keep them pacified... openargs new study funded by NYPD: 'crime has a distinct scent, and only cops know it' /s

People justify legalizing recreational marijuana for the money but it actually pose a lot of danger for society hidden or visible. Hope my own state won’t legalize this recreational marijuana. openargs Replacing one pretext for what will inevitably be another pretext. openargs Awesome now ban police raids unless there is a rare warranting high stakes situation.

CA been like this for many years why did NY take to long WIN!!! I bet this will stop them from illegally searching your car /s While I'm not smoker of anything, I believe Stereotyping is wrong & shouldn't be supported at any level of government. Marijuana Not good If I was a heroin dealer in NY, this would be a good way to get my distribution around.

When something is out of control, make it legal. 👀 That’s wrong. Just like looking for alcohol, they can look for weed. Driving under the influence is inclusive of both b How they gonna harass minorities now ? Insane how many people are trying to make the argument that’s it ok to drive high. Kind of scary actually. If weed doesn’t impair you why smoke it ? That’s what I thought

Ok and smell of whiskey or rum? huh.?. If not then it is ok too smoke in your vehicle. But it is still illegal to have a drink in your vehicle. That sounds about wrong. Can't wait for a residents in lib states to complain their streets, hallways, backyards reek of weed. CNN 英文报道: 《美前疾控中心主任认为新冠病毒来自于武汉实验室》 Former CDC director believes virus came from lab in China

So Fake Biased News CNN doesn't want to talk about the border crisis because it doesn't fit your agenda now? It still is in Florida!! 😡 Boy CNN sure is quiet about the black Islamic terrorist that crashed into the capitol and stabbed a police officer to death....Doesn’t fit your BS false narrative!! And you wonder why you’re fake news!!!

Lucky ducks Expect more up to no good, crimes to take place. American polices are the most violent people. 🙁 The FAKE NEWS is causing tremendous damage to our society and they HAVE TO BE HELD RESPONSIBLE Criminals paradise My farts occassionally smell like cannabis. shrinkthinks Jaywalking is going to make a comeback.

NYPD gonna be bored AF now..... Let’s hope they don’t beat the crap out of people to pass the time Marijuana wins American turf. Good news for the potheads Fuck that 'M' word.... It's called Cannabis. See the the racism? They’ll make up something else then. 한국의 민법--시대에 낡은 사기꾼을 조장하는법 친족8촌--안으로 법의 약점을 노리는--윤씨들 방법인듯? 한국인의 본성을 드러내는 법인듯 사기하는 방법은 여러가지--표면상에 드러나는듯 공무원도 저촉사항이 있을듯 --

thats how they catch a lot of serious crims though cause they always find other shit also. Hallelujah! So does this mean if alcohol is detected on someone’s breath they no longer have the right to search the vehicle or ask them to Field field sobriety test Unfortunately, being black/hispanic will still get you harassed by the NYPD

There are videos on youtube of people burning joints in their hands (not smoking) while walking in front of NYPD stations and officers. Thumbing their noses at the LEO's Promoting more illegal activities, that sounds logical 🤔 But it is for the smell of alcohol? So more criminals with guns will roam the streets. Great news. 🙂

no but i would certainly stay close to vehicle to um...wow I have the munchies - to the donut shop! Good news for drug addicts. good luck I'm not against marijuana, but having to deal with cigarette smoke and now marijuana smoke on the street is not delightful in my opinion. Good news for humanity and democracy.

Have all the pot sniffing drug canines been notified ? Why are you not reporting on the black supremacist that killed the capital police officer? So DWI is now good with democrats Good! Where’s the story about the Capitol Hill attack? Why did it disappear all of a sudden from the media? Because it won’t suit the narrative. Woke leftists are disaster to humanity!

Now that's good news.. trust they will come up with another reason.they always do. I'd hope the chilling out effect will mellow down the hectic stressed out lifestyles, thus lowering the demand for alcohol, nicotine, and harder drugs. Fit. Shape up. NY. Drop the taste for that smack and that crank' Lol. Well officers will just make up another reason then.

Yes tell them they looking for some one to pull over so they can shoot or use excessive force and don’t be black black life’s matter So all the opioid dealers just remember to smoke pot and hide the opioids in the trunk Bet your ass operating a vehicle with a darker skin tone is still a felony in their books.

That makes sense.......NOT!! Communist News Network Why not stop gun possession first! What good is gun possession doing for Americans? How bout reporting on the crisis at the border 🖕🖕🖕 Good, all these white police pull over a biPoC and say they smell some weed then u see some shit on the news bout another white supremacist cop killin someone

HISTORY! What immediately comes to mind is that man who was driving under the speed limit for miles and he didn’t see or hear the all the cops following him. It was like a slow-mo OJ news clip. He was found to be under the influence of pot. Nobody got hurt. Overdosing on marijuana is impossible. Yet the allopathic industry put limits on marijuana possession or excise public taxes to fund expensive criminal crusades against possession. Contact tracing who benefits from these expensive crusades deserve attention.

The driver could be smoking pot and all good. Meanwhile no open beers. 🙄 Sad, I remember when NYC was tough on criminals. It’s ashmacdonaldd she stinks I’m calling her mum Seems like a wrong move, because it most definitely was cause to search a vehicle in Dude, Where's My Car?. Just saying. Basically they can't use that lie to assault black men anymore. Not that the brutality is going to cease, just get creative the next time.

42Gnome The smell of alcohol in a vehicle only happens if an open container has spilled or an occupant has been drinking. Transporting booze is not illegal. Transporting pot is not illegal but it will stink up your vehicle. Can't believe people can't grasp the difference. Most of them use cocaine so.. How about we end hypocrisy in AMERICA 🤗

The death of slave states is here. Great news. Everyone knows driving while high doesn’t hurt anybody. Just because you are driving a 2 ton death machine with a impaired mind doesn’t mean it’s ok for police to try to stop u. This is a good day for progress every cop rn But what if the driver isn't wearing a mask? I'm guessing he'd be tazed.

well this is a stupid headline it is now legal there so no they cant search a vehicle for smell stupid to even have this story Smoking Marijuana why still waiting for a paycheck when you can invest$3000 and earn$28k in just one week simple contact with the link below or whatsapp number for more information info + +1 (206) 457‑3653

Cheech & Chong ❤️❤️ Not many smokers kill people like drunks do🙏🙏🙏 There you go coke, heroin, meth dealers, the geniuses have just made it easier to transport your crap. Make your car smell like weed and the have no probable cause to search your car. How the fuck do these people get hired. I mean about time. I think it should be more of testing the individuals ability to function. Not a vehicle search

NYPD has a history of doing what the hell they please. Stoners are way happier now CNN just wants to piss you off so you'll watch their channel do not believe their talk show lies Great news Police brutally in America Never consent to being searched, and never speak to police officers under any circumstances.

In Oklahoma they are allowing people from Texas to cross the border which is the reason for the marijuana tax stamp that Oklahoma has always had on the books and I don’t think they’re using it People if you read the laws marijuana has always been legal for medical purposes you have to read So please drug traffickers and smugglers wear nice clothes get a hair cut and try to be more incognito please for your safety.

Less people will die over a plant sign me up 🆙 God bless anyone brave enough to become police today. Gangsta paradise If the police want to, they will find a reason to pull you over and search your car. If they have no reason I'll make one up. 1.4.2021 မုံရွာ Cops don't care. They'relooking out for themselves. As they should

HA!! We lost the drug war. Change course feds. What a great step Listening to the Joe Rogan interview with former cop: 'Michael Wood Jr' after reading the this news. NYC is going to the crapper thanks to democrat corruption. Wake up America! Show me one city in the US that is ran by democrats and isn’t! Crime is going way up in ALL of them. But CNN won’t tell you that....

Green new deal Unless they're out if blunts What about Hunter ? YESSSSSSSS Every person in the state that's in jail or has been in jail for a minor marijuana charge should be released immediately and/or given immediate reparations Well I mean no one should be driving high or intoxicated What about the smell of alcohol.

What the fuck is unburnt What could possibly go wrong? That’s not stopping Jack shit lol Just show up collect a pay check. No need for action they will only be sued later. oh dear, what will they do now that their tried-and-true method for keeping the jails and prisons full has been ripped out from under their feet? find another reason....

smoke em if ya got em ThePharaohsGoldenParade ThisIsEgypt watch live streaming on YouTube When self-driving cars become standard technology, traffic cops will be obsolete because autonomous cars will never violate any traffic laws. In our driverless future, we can abolish police traffic patrols Nostradamus wrote the word “Phoenix“ 466 years ago

Was it ever, really? Hallelujah Bum RepMattGaetz Sorry, but the smell of burnt marijuana in a car should be cause for a search. I am all for marijuana and recognize the benefits, but people shouldn’t be driving while high or smoking in their cars period. Only thing illegal in NYC is being a Republican. Every thing else is OK.

Fucken geniuses, countries gin to shit n lawmakers keep passing crap like this. Why would they, they have legalized it... Yeah ok! We’ll see how that goes... Bất bình thường tý... ok cho xin zalo Good Meanwhile at the border.... You trust these police? Really?! Free & Expunge ASAP!! Inflation and crime. 2021-2022 will be interesting. Maybe it’ll give us the the big Orange clown back to make it even more miserable.

ITS ABOUT DAMM TIME THAT THE PIGS LEARN THEIR PLACE Lucky dogs. You let out murders but keep drug offenders in prison what a freaking joke They’re going to be hotboxing in Brooklyn! lorettaslaught1 Can someone in NYC still be arrested for selling individual cigarettes? So can we have a open can of beer, liquor bottles.......fantastic

Progress 💪🏽 Let me guess, they'll suddenly be able to smell cocaine. Ignore because nobody cares about a stoned drivers. Short sighted or maybe the writer of the memo was stoned. Public safety takes a back seat a the driver is free to wonder what is happening So how are they gonna find Leroy's gun? Pass the dutchie to the left hand side..

So Impaired Driving is OK in CityofNewYork ! Fucking NYGovCuomo is a moron. No wonder so many are screwed up in their brains today from the pot they smoke, plus the crap from the leftist media, leftist politicians and leftist schools Doesn't 'burnt and unburnt' cover everything? Why not just say 'the smell of marijuana alone...?'

But I'm sure they can if they claim they smelled alcohol, but actually didn't. Haha like the thugs at NYPDnews ever followed ANY rule. They’re just street gangsters. But they will anyway! Marijuana doesn't smell until it burns.🤨 That is so awesome finally !!! Yep if they want to be stupid and ruin their lives let them I guess

MMSAB Make Marijuana a Stand Alone Bill Astagfirullah ☝️Naujubillah...😳 🇺🇸 💀 NYC Gonna have to come up with new creative ways to harrass minorities i guess. No shit , this law is long overdue, road pirates have been flouting their reach too long go arrest real criminals like violent robberies and opioid main suppliers, wait that's hard real work, for a cop who makes 100 grand

No harm, no foul. They'll just do what Pasadena police officers do. They'll say they smell hard liquor and use that excuse Wow, that is one of the worst decisions for a long time Does anyone know how I can get legal weed in NYS. Some clones or seeds too. They should do the same with alcohol then Reading the article while3smoking

I'll bet money they'll be doing that specifially to Black Americans regardless. Marijuana smells rancid. Legalize it and every city will permanently smell like Vegas. So then, why is it that an officer is still allowed to search your vehicle if they smell alcohol? NYPD officers need to do hands off any person of color committing any crime, especially if the officer is white. 2021 is the year of attacks on whites. So if you are a white officer, leave a person of color alone. Don't touch them, let them go, or you'll probably end up in nowin.

Same in Virginia. Even better for me (since I don't use marijuana) they can't pull me over anymore for my legally tinted car windows. The last police officer aggressively U-turned & chased me down like I was a known gang banger just because my car windows are tinted. Wow that’s big Thank God I can finally commute in peace.

Driving under the influence isn’t a crime? digitalsista The new pretext should be ... interesting. Good. Can’t wait to go get blasted in the city this summer That will reduce the unnecessary deaths cozed by police stops, popo be like, what's that you got over there,niggas be like,this,this's some weed n it's good,you don't go high you just maintain 🤩

What about an open container or smell of alcohol? I though driving while high was also considered a DUI? Why incentivize this behavior? deray How long until officers behavior actually changes? Awesome that makes it easier for Communist to take over. A country on drugs is truly easier to take over. Light up bitches!!!

Finally, something good from the Democratic party. A plant should not be illegal. NYPD punching the air RN Uh oh what lie will they use to harass minorities now That’s one way to bring down crime rates, will this mean people incarcerated on possession charges will be released? Why don’t CNN report on the southern border? This would be reporting news that is important to the American people what’s going on.

Coo: I was going to pull over that car but then I got high.🎶🎵 Well. there goes thier budget This is horrible. Now more people will start smoking weed in their cars and not get in trouble. Good news for NY potheads Nice. Back the blue Great let’s just throw the country away I moving back Get ready to smell nothing but weed everywhere NY. Worse part of legalization here in Colorado is that you smell it everywhere downtown. NY will be way worse.

They will always find some other bullshit reason. You got a broken tail light. I saw a suspiciously looking shape in the car, might be a gun. What’s that white powder? Might be cocaine. I smell alcohol, blah blah blah. No accountability is the issue. Any news as to where I can find a real journalist? Shit where was this when I was in Highschool

You know every dime of the tax revenue that this generates is going into Cuomo and his cronies pockets. The smell of burnt marijuana would tell police that the driver is impaired. Pity. When will CNN start focusing on the Southern border crisis instead of the Floyd trial ... it is important, but right now there are so many illegals crossing the border illegally and maybe Biden will start doing something before it is to late and we loose the USA!

Unburnt? 😂😂😂 Boris Johnson hair matters.. I'll bet money they'll be doing that specially to Black Americans regardless. I’m sure nyc cops will totally act right. Every car I’m behind stinks of weed , but they aren’t impaired.... ?WTF ..But try driving with a beer, and see what happens. Sounds like this new law wasn’t thought through.Should have stayed illegal .

deray Like the police will abide by those guidelines. Especially for POC. 'we smelled marijuana' 'Stop resisting' 'I was in fear for my life' 'Our condolences mamma,there will be an investigation of why your son was shot 13 times' Oh no, they'll need another lie so they can stop brown people. Babylon in Blue why is my weed smell such a bother to you Sacajmusic haikuchallenge canabiss CannabisCommunity SkyDaysofBloom

It shouldn't just be New York pd every single police precinct in the nation shouldn't be able to search a vehicle based on the smell of marijuana Even if it means letting an impaired driver loose on the roads? Nypd cops right now 'Driving under the influence of cannabis, smoking while driving and the sale of the drug are still illegal.' How do they test someone under the influence of weed exactly? Eating Doritos while driving?

Wrong. In Vancouver, Canada ,they had lots of problems w/driving while high on mj. This causes loss of life & car crashes because the idiots are trying to drive while high. Increased fines & vehicular cofiscation will need to be employed to make high drivers aware .No weed in car That's massive Now that's out of the way, you guys can just stick to attacking black people and harassing anyone with a Muslim name.

deray Read the article. Read the article. Read the article. Read the article. Read the article. Read the article. Read the article. Read the article. Read the article. Read the article. Read the article. Read the article. Read the article. Read the article. DV2021 Iranians_interview_DV2021 HurryUp

Hello dear start CNN We iraniandvwinners have an announcement to disclose We've been waiting for a year for this point of our lives to have our interviews usembarmenia and USEmbassyTurkey But only 4 fellow Iranians recieved their 2NLs and USEmbassyTurkey hasn't Enforcement is now in the hands of The Office of Cannabis Management will be a separate office inside the New York State Liquor Authority (SLA). It must be noted that SLA was disturbingly heavy handed during Covid-19.

You look high sir. deray UltraWeedHater lost his brother to a marijuana overdose and now this? So - they still pull people over for driving while black. Hi dm me 'I smell weed' is what every cop says when he wants to search a person, vehicle, hotel, apartment, house..... This takes away a tool that many cops abuse in NY (and elsewhere)

Biden needs to sign a bill legalizing marijuana on the federal level... I know if Bernie Sanders was president it would've happened by now...But CNN hosts and Dems decided Sanders wasn't good enough...So the oppression of marijuana users continues... They’ll still do it say one thing to the person they pull over and write down something different. They’ll find an excuse just to cause fuss.

Nah, they’ll just have to come up with different flimsy excuses. Must be nice But I bet they will still search. Gonna have to come up with another pretext now... Ayy. But watch them is it anyway. Not like rules or laws ever stopped them before. Then again... white people around the world breathe a sigh of relief

Hopefully the whole 'public display of marijuana', you know, cops think its in your pocket and can't legally arrest you, so they make you pull it out and *presto* you've broken the law and they can arrest you bullshit, is completely thrown out and ALL prior convictions voided. Maybe they'll also stop planting it on innocent people now too.

Does someone have to go find real criminals now? How about the smell of booze? Can they search because you smell like your drunk but not because you smell high? If they can kill & go free, then why not smoke it as well. Double standard. Back to broken tail light then Do you hear that?! 😏😳 🤔 that’s mean...!? 😟 Yes ! Yes ! Yeeeees !!!😉😏

How about smelling like booze 🥃? 🐖 🐷 🐽 About Time