George Floyd Statue: Nypd İnvestigating Vandalism Of Statue İn Brooklyn As A Hate Crime - Cnn

George Floyd Statue: Nypd İnvestigating Vandalism Of Statue İn Brooklyn As A Hate Crime - Cnn

NYPD investigating vandalism of the George Floyd statue in Brooklyn as a hate crime

A statue of George Floyd that was unveiled in New York on Juneteenth by Floyd's brother was vandalized early Thursday morning and police are investigating the incident as a hate crime, a law enforcement official told CNN.

6/25/2021 12:20:00 PM

A statue of George Floyd that was unveiled in New York on Juneteenth by Floyd's brother was vandalized early Thursday morning and police are investigating the incident as a hate crime, a law enforcement official told CNN.

A statue of George Floyd that was unveiled in New York on Juneteenth by Floyd's brother was vandalized early Thursday morning and police are investigating the incident as a hate crime, a law enforcement official told CNN.

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no one cares. It wasn't vandalism it was 'mindful re-calibration' Free Palestyna,from Poland But, it’s what it was. 美国人都把他当爹贡起来吧,可笑 All the protestors (BLM) last year vandalized all those cites. Maybe they should look into that and reimburse all those small business owners who lost money with all damages and looting!!

It’s now a hate crime to demonstrate against the celebration of a convicted brutal thieving drug addict monster 🙅🏽‍♀️ This is not a good thing to watch regardless of anything Meanwhile thousands of covid illegals are storming the southern border Good, that statue needs to be removed for racism. Why is it in NY. He did not live there

What to expect at Derek Chauvin's sentencing for the murder of George FloydFormer Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin will learn his prison sentence Friday for the murder of George Floyd, a killing that sparked international protests over the treatment of Black Americans by law enforcement. You can be assured that it will be the lightest sentence absolutely possible. LifeForChauvin He was doing his job

In the words of SpeakerPelosi, I don’t care that much about statues. Was all the other statues a hate crime too? It's a white statue and they made It black! I think he would have wanted that TBH ! What's your problem !) It appears all statues are fair game. No surprise. It’s the way it is now. Peacefully done no doubt. I was against tearing the statues down last summer, and I’m against it now. But it seems to be ok to do. Smh

A statue for a drug dealing black criminal that raped a 14 year old. Joe Biden’s America Doesn’t take chauvin out of jail for 22 years. 😂😂😂 Defacing George Washington Statues are ok with the Left, defacing this career criminals statue is a crime? Heads is tails and tails is heads. Those badass Good let it continue!

When you claim the 'murder' of a black guy is racism but an unveiled statue of said black guy is white isn't racism 🤣😂😂

Trump Reportedly Wanted Military To ‘Beat The F**k’ Out Of George Floyd Protesters'Just shoot them,' the ex-president repeatedly demanded, according to a new book. What an amazing American. These tell all books need more proof. They have been saying all this crap but we have nothing to jail him on or sink his image for his base. He belongs in jail. Stop with the books. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ criminals can have statues 😂 OVER THE TOP! Nice culture switch. Destroy Columbus monuments and build some for criminalist George Floyd. Poor, stupid USA I don't like people vandalizing Statues. Whether they are confederate generals or petty criminals. Is this the only violent criminal who is being glorified or are there others too

Viva justice How is this considered a hate crime. I mean statues have been being vandalizing destroyed for the past dozen years now. The United States is facing alot of division currently no wonder China is slowly but steadily by passing them. If you don’t charge people that spray paint trains and bridges as hate crimes then you can’t do it here cause it’s just a statue of a criminal

Were t they just colouring it in? Why’s he white as a statue 😂😂

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It is quite a frightening statue. 'Make a martyr out of a common man' GeorgeFloyd This is disgusting. In what kind of world does a man like this deserve a statue? 🤮 do ya mean fentanyl george who was a felon. Criminal To erect a statue of a criminal? Ridiculous! Floyd was no hero. he made the best banana sandwiches

but peaceful protest is ok isnt it

EXPLAINER: What to know as Chauvin sentenced in Floyd deathFormer Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin faces sentencing Friday in the death of George Floyd, with a judge weighing a prison term experts say could be as much as 30 years. Here’s what to know ahead of the hearing. Chauvin should get the maximum sentence. The judge has an imperative to make an example of him to deter other cops from abusing their power when dealing with civilians... Hes guilty, but under no circumstances do I advocate for the death penalty. I would even consider this is a murder where parole should be reasonably considered after time served, assuming the guilty party demonstrates change. zunran There can be NO compromises by the judge when sentencing Chauvin for the murder of GeorgeFloyd! Chauvin didn’t give Floyd’s life a second thought even while children were standing by & watching! 30 years without any chance of an early parole is the right thing to do!

What about the statues blm and Antifa vandalized⁉️⁉️⁉️🖕🖕🖕 Meanwhile… If this statue was funded by public funds some would object to the use of the word “pray”. Just saying. Bruh, it's a damn statue, sad to see some people can't sleep knowing it exists... I could understand this if he was a law abiding citizen who was at the wrong place, at the wrong time, but this wasn’t the case, aside from this, I agree what happened to him was DEAD WRONG, but this is wrong, not deserving.

Why does this criminal have a statute? He is a hero? He wasn’t a career criminal drug head? He didn’t hold a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach? Was he actually committing a crime and on drugs the day he died?DON’T GET ME WRONG HE WAS MURDERED BY A BAD COP!100%! But hero? Statue?

Paul George memes, jokes erupt after crucial free throw missesThe L.A. Clippers lost 104-103 in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals against the Phoenix Suns after George missed the chance to seal the game. I feel bad for Yg_Trece if he made one they would have at least been in overtime. Rough night.

How can you hate crime a block of wood? Dems honor criminal druggies. We should put George Floyd on the $20 bill. Vandalizing statues of white leaders by blm is also hate crime then. Just like George those leaders were not good people, I understand. Let's tear it down its racist remember. What did u expect to happen? Where is the petition to tear it down when will the protest start because it offends White ppl? All the others were torn down, vandalized or moved because they offended poc. This is prob just the beginning of what it going to happen to that POS statue

Ways of humans - while you are alive and need help you are ignored, after you die they say good thngs about you! he is a victim, I get that. but he was a criminal what do you expect to learn from him?

George Rosenthal's Malibu estateThe 180-acre compound includes a 12,000-square-foot home, three guesthouses, two pools and a 10,000-vine vineyard. One word compound 🤪 thanks

Do you think the cops will find the cops who did this? A statue of a person who has CRIMINAL records Cancel culture… take it down. But hey, if your erecting statues of rapists, why not Bill Cosby. George who? I honor and respect good people regardless of race or religion. I do not honor felons with a 4 page rap sheet. BLM, how's the black on black crime working for ya? LGBTQ, you be happy to be you and I'll be happy being me. How hard is that? Biden sure unified America.

Great... WAKE UP AMERICA 🇺🇸 Well expected. George Floyd was a drug addict criminal. Straight up. He didn't deserve to die. But he wasn't Jesse Jackson or Martin Luther king Police are slow. Folks already have the license plate and faces of the three culprits. But why the statue is white can't it be black 🤔

Aren’t we supposed to be tearing down statues anyway? How is it possible together there are no security cameras on a statue like that at a time like this?

Silently waiting for statue to show Derek kneeling on George Floyd (my crack head hero) Is the statue to honor the man or commemorate the tragedy? George Floyd statues vandalized in Brooklyn and New Jersey ahead of Derek Chauvin sentencing . Offensive statue that glorifies drug addiction and pornography. It must go.

How’s that a hate crime when 100’s of statues were destroyed all last year. Hate crime? Maybe they hate the statue not the person. Just a thought Wish he was still with us but a statue? Never thought I would see the day we celebrate criminals, but everyday is different now. No need for that statue he is a criminal remove

Help me understand why the Statue went to NY?

Stupidity is the worst scourge. Ever. 😒👎🏼 Its wasn't vandalism it was a peaceful protest like last year. Statue of criminals are ok I guess Good rate it down it’s pure racist and offensive I mean it now Honor a druggie His lawyer said Chauvin's mind had been full of what ifs. What if he didn't volunteer for work that day or what if he didn't answer that call. But not a single 1 of those what ifs was 'What if I took my knee off his neck after it was apparent I was murdering him'! FULL SENTENCE!!

Awful, spread love not hate guys. I was told this was the voice of the unheard last summer Statues of victims? If that’s the case what about Rodney King and hundreds of others? Let’s save the statue building for real Black heroes. He is no hero although its sad what happened to him. And It’s vandalism not a hate crime🤦🏽‍♀️

Just imagine, waking up and you’re that angry about this memorial. And we want to act like there isn’t a problem America? Humans really suck right now.

Remember when antifa and the Dems rioted and vandalized cities Yea they never got in trouble!! Oh but the Dems can take down and vandalize all of the other statues and not get in trouble! Why would people idolize a career criminal? Yes, he was the victim of police brutality/systematic racism. But he did nothing to improve anything. He made it worse. Can’t people renew their respect and love for Martin Luther King instead?

My heart goes out to Mr. Floyd's family for suffering this insult. I pray they'll place their grief in the Lord's hands and let Him comfort them. Isn’t that interesting… are you sure it ain’t just ‘people do what they do?’ Maybe ask SpeakerPelosi Why are people so concerned about the color of another person's skin? We all bleed red, eat, crap and stuff like the next person. Some just burn easier or need extra moisturizer. But why is that anyone else's concern? I enjoy several different cultures period.

Who even approved of that shit That statue is disrespectful to Black Americans who have actually built & fought for this country. He doesn’t deserve a statue! Yes his death was his death was horrific but he was not a hero! This was a man that had a criminal record and put a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach!

Why is he white? Lol the irony Where’s the Street security 🤷🏿 you put up art that controversial people are going to react positively and negatively unfortunately... sad half America knows who did it and ain’t saying nothing

Do they still wonder why they can't get ahead in life? George Floyd = career criminal. He would have approved....LOL! I agree how he died was murder but to have made a statue it’s absurd. He was a criminal after all. 😕 Good. What's next, a statue of Ted Bundy? so statues of white people can be vandalized but statues of black people cant

Folks need to wake up, it’s simple the elite thrive from division, they gain while the average person of any color or faith is set against each other! False idol worship Yeah all the Neo Nazis in NYC that go to chill in Flatbush. This story smells real fishy. This is Jussie Smollett levels of plausibility.

They need to put cameras on that location. Need to root out the racists one by one. BLM mistook it for a white statue of historic importance 🤣

Good. Only country where we erect statues of criminal because of the circumstances in which they died and hide behind the vail of racism and social justice. How ignorant. I saw it coming I do not believe he should have died but come on people he was a criminal....multiple times over. Stop acting like he was a saint.

Could black ppl not have found a martyr who is innocent, without a criminal record? There must be one? Tucker Carlson slams CDC for downplaying vaccine risk on young people Shekel1117 I said it the day they unveiled it - it was just a matter of time until someone vandalizes it! How that can be... Hate and racism it is the worst quality of humans beings.

Took long enough….

Great news…… A hate crime?!! That's preposterous. Reason will prevail shameful and so sad 😢 Who could’ve seen this coming? 🥴 It was bound to happen People that have been tearing down statues the past year: How could people do this!! haha Crazy how Democrats celebrate the life of a criminal. Like nobody was waiting for THAT to happen... 'Nuff said!!!...

Is this the guy that pointed a gun at a pregnant woman's unborn baby whilst they robbed her house? No me extraña, que cansinos con el tema

Really...HA. It will be a hate crime until they find a black man did it. There are surveillance cameras in the public places. We will catch the culprit. I pray you find those hoodlums and justice must be prevailed