NYPD bulldozes nearly 100 illegal motorbikes and ATVs - CNN Video

New York City leaders demolished close to 100 motorbikes and ATVs, sending a message they are cracking down on dangerous, illegal vehicles.

6/22/2022 11:01:00 PM

New York City leaders have demolished close to 100 motorbikes and ATVs, sending a message they are cracking down on dangerous, illegal vehicles

New York City leaders demolished close to 100 motorbikes and ATVs, sending a message they are cracking down on dangerous, illegal vehicles.

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Land of the commies, home of the slaves. When the state can cofiscate private property without due process and then destroy that property you no longer have citizens you have state owned slaves. To stand by and allow your property to be taken is unthinkable. Correct decision to demolish the illegal bikes creating Nuisance in the neighborhood.

Idiocy from the top as usual. Bikes of any kind are step closer to reducing emissions. Safety of principles vs Safety of a planets life span. The OTT safety police drive straight past the threshold of compromise I wonder how much it cost to fuel that big bulldozer for a weak display like that. The mayor is burning people’s tax dollars needlessly NYC

This is one of the stupidest things I've ever seen these ATVs could be donated to different Department of Natural Resources police and emergency service people for use in state and national parks they need to get around remote areas these are the vehicles that to it But the environment ! Bulldozer seems to be the new weapon for governments all around the world to show their power 😂😂😂😂

Don’t bother putting them up for auction. NYC is an imploding mess. Can we do the same with guns? Hell yeah

NYPD crushes 92 dirt bikes, ATVs and other seized motorbikesThe bikes are made for off-road use and are not street-legal, but they generate numerous complaints from New York drivers and pedestrians. Enjoying the fact that a lot of thugs will be without their illegal bikes

😮dam what a waste. Give them to Florida. No doubt about it, the Bulldozer is TheVehicleOfTheYear2022: bulldozes its way to the top - in many dimensions! He looks like Dr dre though and I’m from Birmingham plus i care so much about NY So much confusion ikr Why tf will you crush all those expensive dirt bikes😂🤦🏼‍♀️

Well, that was a waste. God damned unresourceful people. Waste of money ! They could have auctioned vehicles and put the proceeds towards a good cause … they’re just showing off … NYC out of touch politicians with their overdramatized political theater, needlessly destroying vehicles that could be helpful somewhere in the world, completely unaware that normal humans don't just destroy things and laugh.

Depends Orrr you could auction them off and donate the proceeds or something but you do you pigs ridiculous, what is he a white stetson hat cowboy now officially ? Donate to other countries you rats !

Nearly 100 years later, a family remembers an illegal abortion that ended in tragedyWith abortion access in jeopardy, advocates worry about a return to dangerous underground procedures. A family matriarch died in one such procedure generations ago. Her family is still grieving. My great grandfather was killed in a accident in a coal mine. It hasn’t had any influence on my views on the use of fossil fuels. This is reminiscent of prohibition. Did it it STOP drinking, nope. Now it moves into the dark corridors where it should never go.

hahahahaha but why people ride ATV in the downtown at the first place? 😆😭 Tourists do not like ATVs pulling wheelies on the streets. That is all. La_Pollice NYCMayor Can you imagine how helpful these would be in Africa. These can save lives in last mile rural health transport and we can also retrofit them into electric bikes. Next time pls offer them nft_mobility we will collect

This is a pathetic show of power and a waste of resources. They should be ashamed. 浪費公帑 CNN! write about hindus suffering in kashmir. Hindus are being targetting by fanatic muslims supported muslim terrorists. Write about hindus suffering in Pakistan and bangladesh where temples are demolished. do not be a hypocrite and biased.

How about 'demolishing' a few million guns..... myogiadityanath Please remove thela and other stuff from footpath. Focus on quality of life. Never happen in aotearoa newzealand - waaaaaay to soft and afraid of upsetting people

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Now do guns. Could they sell them and make some money to pay for stuff Wouldn’t mind if chicagosmayor could get these off of Archer Avenue a.k.a. Cruisin’ Avenue. In India this is how houses of dissenters are demolished. Do same with the guns collected This is political theater and grandstanding. And a whole lot of useless destruction.

New York ‘Yogi’ 😄😄😄 MaharashtraPoliticalCrisis They should’ve kept the riders in their seats to really feel the event 😩 What a blatant waste. Could have been used by the military

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destroy private property NYC is this really the best use of time, energy and photo ops to make the city more safe? Wasteful and sad. Must be nice to be so entitled that you ruin perfectly good vehicles, repair, make legal and give away to poor. Hire some people, train them in repair, mechanics. Do something good out of this instead of destruction to make a point.

Haha. Only in USA. Uh sell them and take care of the homeless. Donate. Dumb Ouch. Now do guns Just stupid Now they are trying to increase productivity! This is stupidity. Wouldn't it be better if they sold it or gifted it to Africa?

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Now thts wht u call a Bulldozer. Bulldozer driver is having the time of his life This is why we cant have nice things Stupidity Gotta be something better you could do with them Should do the same with fire arms. CNN360 浪费可耻 Ok, now do guns 🙂 sell or donate this is wasteful

NYC destroys nearly 100 ‘destructive’ and ‘dangerous’ dirt bikesMayor Eric Adams saying he’s determined to eradicate the menacing vehicles from local streets. what about the dangerous and destructive criminals? *priorities Glad NY has their priorities straight.

Cracking down on dangerous atvs, this is a priority for nyc leadership? Why aren’t they cracking down on crime? Why aren’t they cracking down on illegal drug use? people still wonder why nyc is going down the tubes? NYC leadership needs to get their priorities straight Should be guns , way more dangerous 😡

What's wring with you, anerican people!? Maybe they should put this much effort into rounding up the criminals and nut jobs running rampant in that shithole!! This is ridiculous, the Gvt trying to show a strongarm over its people? Copaganda This is so, so stupid What a waste. We are such a wasteful country sometimes. US Government is hands down most wasteful entity in the worlD

Guns don't kill people, scooters do.

Should have shipped to poor countries where they need that for transportation Seems like a pretty huge waste of taxpayer money, when they could have been auctioned off.... Atvs kill 2x many people as ARs per year Como que se me ocurre algo, Nonsense: just destruction. What about reusing? Help those who didn’t have a vehicle

This needs tohappen in Cleveland! Watch. as amazing bulldozer stunt driver 'Bubba da Crusher' Biggins attempts to jump his dozer over 500 motorcycles! Glad to see them destroyed. It's ridiculous to watch how idiots carelessly operate those dangerous vehicles. Good job NYC Yes, it’s the motorbikes and ATVs that are dangerous. Just look all those school shootings done by motorbikes and ATVs…great prioritisation. What has happened to this once great country…

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What a hero BTW... 🤣 Thry really aren't planning on doing anything important are they... Now do guns Yup that will do great There it is: the stupidest thing I have seen today. 🏆 Why, why, why destroy these for a photo op rather than selling them on the open market outside of NY and use the money for schools, the homeless, or any of a thousand other worthy causes…? I’m not a huge fan of them either, but not every state shares NY’s opinion. Be smart🤦‍♂️SMDH

How are they illegal? Does it mean they're illegal to ride on streets? If so, the bikes and ATV's don't know that. y a donde llevan esa basura? al patio trasero de Mexico o guatemala?mmm🤔 Only mildly wasteful. So stupid...

So not impressed with this. but if they were AR15's I would love to see this video in every city nationwide. But dirtbikes ---Offerup them in the rest of the country, Sell them like the DEA Does to the cars they confiscate. Lo que no pueden entender, lo destruyen. There must've been a better way to recycle that bikes.

Stupid, send those to Ukraine! 🇺🇦 And guns Wow. Seriously, let's focus on real issues that our elected officials should be making laws for instead of wasting time on crap like this. Examples: prescription drug costs, affordable housing, affordable education for all, drug addiction intervention instead of jail time. Etc...

Cracking down on those damn illegal mopeds. Get fucked What a waste, JFC! They could have been donated to Ukraine. Stupid. They could have sold them in other states where we still have some freedom.

A display of lust for brutality and violence. How is this different demolition of illegal structures in Zimbabwe particularly Harare? USEmbZim TimoOlkkonen cohsunshinecity HarareResidents ZLHRLawyers crisiscoalition zimlive What a waste. Sell them Auction them off, and put the funds to good use. Looks like the destruction of some green vehicles

PhalaPhalaFarmGate PhalaPhalaFarm phalaphala RamaphosaMustGo CR17BankStatements CR17BankStatements Glencore W H Y ? Many people in the city need these vehicles and don't have them. Sell them for spares. This is just a tv/video opportunity. Seems like selling or donating these would have made sense.

It's just the state protecting you from yourself.

I mean cool visual... But I bet Ukraine could have put those to use. But they will let felons go without bail