NYC Underground Swingers Party Broken Up By Sheriff's Deputies

These people are so NOT money, and don't even know it.

11/22/2020 10:55:00 PM

NYC Underground Swingers Party Broken Up By Sheriff's Deputies

These people are so NOT money, and don't even know it.

Break Up Underground Swingers Party... No Sex for You!!!11/22/2020 11:41 AM PTNYC SheriffA bunch of free-spirited sex revelers had their good time cut short by cops in the Big Apple -- an interesting contrast to another attempted New York bust gone bad.

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The NYC Sheriff's Office busted in and broke up an underground swingers club early Sunday morning in Queens ... which is said to have been hosting upwards of 80 people -- a big no-no under's new 10-person-or-less rule.NYC SheriffSure enough, there was a rager going down -- music was blasting and people were mingling and sipping on booze, which the Sheriff's Office says was being illegally served. Oh, and there were some people making whoopee too ... all together.

The cops say they found three couples having sex in a small room -- apparently, this swinger joint -- which goes by Caligula, of all names -- has services for that if you're looking to get busy. The Sheriff's Office even snapped a shot of one of those rooms, plus a price sheet going over rates, and what looks like a box of condoms!

NYC SheriffAll in all, two organizers and one patron were charged with misdemeanors -- and the place was cleared out. The NYP reports that the manager was hit with lots of fines ... which amounted to about $16,000 for violating emergency measures issued by the state. The guy reportedly also got dinged for booze infractions.

This is almost a complete 180 from what went down in neighboring Buffalo just the night prior -- when Sheriff's deputies and county health workers tried barging in on a packed business meeting to shut it down, only toget chased offby the mob. Read more: TMZ »

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juliebean88 Them prices though lol not bad Signs of the end time....smh Was Brent there? What’s the problem We just out here trying! It’s free to look!! Hats , pins and more to come. DID YOU ORDER URS YET? 😁😁 JoeSantagato 🤣🤣 They worried about covid.. it's a swingers party, ever heard of STD's? Not only are they not money, they don't even have any common cents. COVIDIOTS

NowPlaying x LilRoyce - ROYCEAVELI5 (Official Mixtape) Hosted By. YMG • So why they didn’t break this up NYGovCuomo violation of Covid code At least I got to live in a free country most of my life.. So besides spreading Covid they were spreading their legs! Wow!! NYGovCuomo waiting for the video! I know you were there.

Niggas can't have fun at all without haters The address please💀💀💀🤣🤣🤣 Thank god I skipped this week. RalphGarman They spreading more than corona 🤣 Don’t want to catch that COVID-69!!!! They probably didn't follow the 6 feet apart rule. Just sayin'. Should have called it a protest..... or a hoetest....

shalomshuli Is the state of New York hiding Jeffrey Epstein and his club? There are still theories he's not dead. How many businesses and billionaires in New York were partners with Jeffrey Epstein... Rules only apply to us commoners. Its like the democrats saying cancel Thanksgiving.. You first! Swingers party.. in a pandemic?!?😷

Thank God for police. Maybe solve a murder next time huh? I was there and I’m pissed Sauna 3333✅✊🏿🤣 Was Cuomo There?