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NYC Replacing Snow Days With Remote Learning

NYC Replacing Snow Days With Remote Learning #WhatDoYouThink?

5/6/2021 12:40:00 AM

NYC Replacing Snow Days With Remote Learning WhatDoYouThink?

New York City education officials have announced that the nation’s largest school district will not be having any snow days in the next school year, and instead will be providing remote learning during severe weather. What do you think?

you“As long as the curriculum includes shoveling driveways and salting sidewalks.”Nina Vasseau, Ship Plank InstallerAdvertisement“So when the fuck is my kid supposed to learn that snow is fun?”Dan Atherton, Systems Analyst“Weekends are also days off that they could spend learning remotely.”

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This honestly isn’t funny 😔 About time, my deprived Colorado kid has had 2 remote snow days already. Lightweights. Not even satire, that quote is a legitimate fucking question And once again, another classic Chevy Chase movie is ruined for modern youth. Cody3point0 Obrigewitch13 when they're out there shoveling it

:( This is true Yeah...no snow days? There has to be a limit to these things - the only thing left is to hope the power goes out too. No snow days is too close to child abuse for me.

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I chuckled, sadly! Remotely, by watching videos

Songs For Shots: Mayor's 'Music Heals' Program Pays Musicians to Perform at NYC Vaccination SitesNew York City residents may be treated to musical performances during their vaccinations, thanks to a new program employing local artists.

NYC still storing COVID-19 victims in refrigerated trucksNEW YORK (AP) — New York City is still using refrigerated trucks to store bodies of coronavirus victims, more than a year after they were first set up as temporary morgues as deaths surged at at the height of the pandemic... In NYC…what’s the rush?…a year IS temporary. Can’t move em cause you’re not Union. JonLemire Why? Keeping them rented out under that premise and actually utilizing them for that purpose are two different things but ok

Bodies of Covid-19 victims are still stored in refrigerated trucks in NYCThe bodies of New York City coronavirus victims are still being stored in refrigerated trailers converted into makeshift morgues during the height of the pandemic one year ago, according to the medical examiner's office why? This is where the real war WAS Ship them to a jerky producer.

AAPI adults have the highest vaccination rate in NYC, but advocates say figure masks wide disparitiesAsian American and Pacific Islanders in NYC have the highest rate of vaccination among adult residents with at least one Covid shot, according to the city's immunization registry. But community advocates say the achievement hides disparities that remain. CNN will nitpick anything to make a sexist, racist, etc headline to get views. It’s just sad now. We’ve created a society where groups don’t want to admit that they aren’t oppressed