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NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio will enter the 2020 presidential race: NBC News

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio will enter the 2020 presidential race: NBC News


NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio will enter the 2020 presidential race: NBC News

The president's gambit is backed up by a solid stock market and an economy that gives him the leeway to keep pressing his case.

De Blasio, 58, has faced more resistance to his presidential aspirations – including from his

De Blasio's announcement came shortly before the first of the Democratic primary debates in June and July. The Democratic National Committee says that a maximum of 20 candidates will be able to qualify for those debates, based on polls and donor numbers. With so many candidates already tentatively cleared to participate, de Blasio may face an uphill battle trying to secure a spot on the stage.

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Sorry, you're out of touch! Good. The idiots need another fool to join the team. He will probably pick AOC for his running mate. LOL BilldeBlasio Damn the Dems keep bringing the nuts out of the woods. Like a bunch of rabid squirrels. Hilarious. Trump will beat these folks in record fashion. Can’t wait to see the doctored polls leading up to this one. Science at its best! Bahahaha

He has ruined NYC, now he wants to do the same to the U.S. The “Nnuckleheads” in NYC will probably vote for him again. Hahahahaha The Dems are just making it easier for Trump to be re-elected. The infighting and bashing that is going to take place for the next year plus is going to completely fracture the base, and as each one tries to go further left wing, the more the moderates will be disenfranchised.

Very sick communist leanings, take his citizenship. He can totally win....let's go One more clown joining the circus.

A Mayor Walks Into Trump Tower. A Circus Follows.Bill de Blasio’s news conference felt like a campaign event, as he fought to be heard over hecklers with a “worst mayor ever” sign and the songs of Tony Bennett. MAGA nycful mayorful billful deful blasioful appearedwise inside trumpful towerful on mondayful for a newsful conferenceful that borewis... The Democratic Party has plenty of good candidates. DeBlasio brings nothing unique to the table, and he's rude to boot.

Another one bites the dust Give list o persons who are not in running, it will make it simpler.From all accounts , iyt seems everyone who is someone or nobody is in race to nowhere 👎🏽 Another delusional politician Worsties Wrong dirección dems Flintstones! Meet the Flintstones I never watched the debates but I will now. It should be like SNL. That Democrat Convention should be a shit shown. Loss count 23 candidates? 😆


Bill De Blasio Warns Eric Trump Will 'Pay The Price' For His 'Polluting Buildings'New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is battling Eric Trump over his real estate company's 'dirty' buildings that are non-compliant with the city's Green New Deal. De Blasio was literally heckled all day by his own constituents. He is a joke of a mayor. Very good. . NoDirtyBuildings 25thAmendmentNow FreedomFromReligion ClimateActionNow GreenNewDeal NoDemRift Holy s ! What next the grandkids!! This is why all the Trump are refusing to testify !! It’s just shows Trump supporters just how far democrats are willing to go ! Anything they can dig up !!

Sad 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝 It’s absolutely no fun doing the job I was elected to do. That’s a joke right? Another loser. Who would vote for this guy? Another sign the Republicans will win back the House and increase numbers in Senate. BilldeBlasio AOC another clown show utopian. The Green Deal should be written on toilet paper

Wow, a guy that is destroying NY City can try for a higher level? Too bad. O.M.G. 🤣

De Blasio for President? ‘Nah’Can Mayor Bill de Blasio persuade the country’s voters that he should be commander in chief when he hasn’t exactly convinced New Yorkers? Gosh no. New York can hardly handle him as is. Ask Hillary? Consider the bright side...if he won, he wouldn’t t be NYC Mayor

não sabe sequer receber 1 presidente? LMAO. Welcome to the race, Comrade! I am not completely sure what the scam is running for President. Maybe it is the fund raising and the ability to keep the funds not spent, maybe it’s the increase name recognition that creates earning potential later- but something is making losers like this guy run

Oh dear Same guy that brought 125k Amazon jobs to NYC? Should do well w/economy platform. What a jerk Why not? If you can ruin it here, you can ruin it anywhere. YOLO 🤘

Rudy Giuliani jumps to Eric Trump's defense in spat with New York mayorPresident Donald Trump ’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani attacked the record of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio as he clashed with Eric Trump over emissions fines. Well, not so much jump as “waddle” Keep it up Rudi you will drop him in it

Breaking News: First Dem running for Prez who will flameout of race in a major, embarrassing manner determined 😴 Empty suit Won’t even make the debate stage Idiot, waste of time & $ 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 Narcissism at its finest. Democrats are an insanely lost party!! No true leader to bring this country together!!

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Which Trendy Spot Should You Dine At In NYC?I promise they're all delicious! Can you list all of the possible answers? I’m going to nyc soon and need to know! Tysm 😚

Who? 😹 What an arrogant joke of a man. Seriously? Too funny You’ve gotta be kidding me. This guy is a JOKE! Is there any hope for the DNC.... go ahead. I’ll wait. What a joke. Bill DeBlasio is an embarrassment to any political party. How silly. What an ego lol

Here's how to watch presidential candidate Andrew Yang's 'Humanity First' #YangGang rally in NYC'You’ve probably heard this: There’s an Asian man running for president, and he wants to give everyone $1,000 a month,” Yang has said at recent rallies. I'm beginning to think running for president is just the latest way to get more Instagram followers. Thank you. Andrew Yang's message is v important. Lots of policies backed by data, grassroots support. YangGang Yang2020

Hahahahahahahagagagagahahahaharetchahahaerphahaha... 🤢🤮 and you thought the option in the last election were bad 😂 talk about ego. How many people is that now? It’s getting nuts. Dont worry copsoffice only turn their backs when record reflex operational capacity unions alumni relevant circumstance opinionmatters make run for office expertisematter asit around potus sum other chapter 'our' people have superpowers as clearly shown dail9

Lol 👎🏻 y tho He will finish 25th in a field of 23. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Trump properties face $2.1 million annual fines for building emissions equivalent to 5,800 cars, De Blasio Says'President Trump—you’re on notice. Your polluting buildings are part of the problem. Cut your emissions or pay the price,' Mayor Bill de Blasio said. What ! Just Trump properties ? Will he be able to pay the fines? Didn’t his EPA guy give him an exemption from all that

.Bill de Blasio's wife can't account for $850m given to mental health project | Daily Mail Online hope there's some money left for the Dem candidate to run against Trump after 20+ candidates soak the base for a year. The candidate no one wants in a race he has no chance of being even in the running to make the debates. He's the definition of mediocrity.

Why Democratic Candidates entering the debate site. Why? Hopefully running for president of Venezuela and wins so he gets the hell out of NY for good deBlasio4 presidentVenezuela Just about the dumbest, most selfish thing he could do right now. He's sure as hell not going to win, but he will waste a lot of time in Iowa and Wisconsin when there's a major housing crisis in the city that he's supposed to be the mayor of.


Denver’s Flaming Skull Mayor Announces Plans To Decriminalize Magic MushroomsThe Onion brings you all of the latest news, stories, photos, videos and more from America's finest news source. nottheonion i had no idea nick cage was the mayor of Denver... the more you know... The plan succeeded

* Will enter at 0% Another Democrat is now entering the race. Actually, I am not sure he could defeat Rep Ocasio-Cortez when she runs for re-election in 2020. The clown gets bigger; this guy is one big joke. DOA... Comrade Warren Wilhelm thinks the 20 candidates are not communist enough. Oh goodness spare us

He should run as an independent... Make room in the Democratic Party clown car for the biggest clown of all.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg asks for help diversifying his baseMayor Pete Buttigieg's is trying to solve his self-described diversity issue early in the presidential campaign. Sure Are you just wait until this time to ask for diversity? You must did since long time ago, to show your truly care for minority group, now it is a bit too late or too fake?! I don’t think he has a base

LOL! 😆 😂 Cottage cheese. Has he suffered a psychotic break from reality? I have to admit that I admire the optimism. This is hilarious, LOL Why? 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Where is the dislike button?

Manchester’s mayor uses new powers to tackle homelessnessManchester's mayor has set up a fund to raise money for the city's rough sleepers, to which he donates 15% of his £110,000 salary Shelters are available, this kind of article is just left wing nonsense. I thought there were a lot more homeless individuals than 123.

Douche... africaupdates Lol. Trump will brush off all of you HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (wait.... really?) Who is going to vote for this piece of S••T Seems impossible he could be that tone deaf. Bahahahaha!! So he can do to the entire Country what he’s done to NYC, ruin it?! No thanks!!

Odds makers are trying to see if a number less than zero is legal for his chance at being President

Austin mayor defies call to pull out of Iftar dinner with Ilhan OmarAustin Mayor Steve Adler is set to attend an Iftar dinner in his city with U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, but a top Texas official is urging him to no-show over Omar's alleged anti-Semitic remarks. IlhanMN Will she dine with her husband/brother though? IlhanMN He should host her at a Jewish restaurant IlhanMN Some are so ignorant based on the massive amounts of propaganda being used against IlhanMN. The damaging part is that it is preventing some from knowing the young politician, and getting a first hand knowledge of where she stand on issues.

Why and when is this circus of every Dem jumping into the presidential race gonna end! Dems have to put their forces behind one candidate and not sound like disgruntled fools Another one?Trump will crush him. Another nut for the pile. shitshow2020 😂😂 this is becoming a complete Gong Show de Blasio is a whack job.

Best excuse I’ve ever had to get rid of my tv’s.... Lmfao what a dope Dead on arrival but it will be fun to watch him be exposed as a giant fool

What planet But why? GREAT! We have seen what terrible things he has done for NYC, cant wait to see how he can destroy America! What's the point of this, seriously? He knows he has no chance, but I love it. I hope he makes it to the debate stage Loooooser BilldeBlasio maga Enough white men in their 70s.

Please. Stay home. hahahaha If you thought John Blutarskys GPA was low in Animal House wait until you see DeBlasios poll numbers...

Yeah because the garbage strewn streets and crises level homelessness needs to be spread around the country, oh goody! What a joke Mayor de Blasio has two chances to win. None and Impossible. A failed Mayor like NYCMayor NYCMayorsOffice ? No business joining this race. He's destroyed quality of life in NYC took New York downhill quickly. He can't find his way out of a paper bag! A nice way to ensure a smooth re-election for MAGA2020 _hublette ro_fro

Is he drunk? He's probably thinking....wait until they hear all of my great ideas like raising the minimum wage and banning horse carriages. Why? He’s a horrible mayor This fool’s entry will go nowhere. Is he going to implement his failed policies in NYC throughout the US? No thanks

Why bother? Ewww I love it. More fodder for the progressive morons to eat one another! Lol Delusional Loser with a capital L. Disgrace and disgusting but why? Idiot

LOL 🤡 The Dems are eating their own. Nobody cares lol

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