NYC could be hit with ‘significant’ snowstorm this weekend

NYC could be hit with 'significant' snow storm this weekend

Metro, Accuweather

1/14/2022 6:01:00 AM

NYC could be hit with 'significant' snow storm this weekend

New York City could face with a bomb cyclone or nor’easter Sunday night, but forecasters say its too early to start preparing for the potential snowstorm.

New York City could be hit with a major bomb cyclone or nor’easter Sunday night, but forecasters say it’s far too early to make a run on bread and milk.A large snowstorm is expected to tear through the Midwest and Southeast, then turn north at the end of the weekend.

The weather system would likely have an impact on the tri-state area, although experts on Wednesday evening cautioned it was too early to make a precise forecast.“A lot can change in the next few days, but given what we’re seeing right now, that’s our thinking — that there certainly will be enough snow at least for a long enough period of time that it will

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