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NY Times: Trump DOJ investigated House Dems, seized data

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other top Democrats are seeking an investigation after a New York Times report that the Justice Department under President Trump seized the communications data of members of the House Intelligence Committee in 2017 and 2018.

6/11/2021 4:46:00 AM
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other top Democrats are seeking an investigation after a New York Times report that the Justice Department under President Trump seized the communications data of members of the House Intelligence Committee in 2017 and 2018.

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other top Democrats called for an investigation on Thursday after The New York Times reported that the Justice Department under President Donald Trump seized the communications data of members of the House Intelligence Committee.

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Leave the man alone your stuff stinks worse than his. Always blame other for your crimes, nothing new here Hahaha About time. And hurry up I love to hear that go Trump If there is no investigation, the republicans will do it again Pelosi and Schumer are hapless investigators. Cruella Pelosi needs to retire .

America lost its place in the world under the trump corrupt regime, a wannabe ruthless and vindictive dictator. How people associate him with God is what beats my imagination . He was trying to be like Putin. Any investigation or reporting that would cast him in a bad light would be quashed and if he'd had his way, reporters and opposing politicians alike would be jailed or worse, much like Putin.

Time for the nonsense to stop. How about they work on immigration, crime and infrastructure and get over Trump. Nancy when will you announce an independent commission to investigate the 1/6 insurrection?

The Times: Daily news from the L.A. Times“The Times” is a podcast from the Los Angeles Times hosted by columnist Gustavo Arellano along with reporters from our diverse newsroom. Every weekday, our podcast takes listeners beyond the headlines, with our West Coast outlook on the world. News, entertainment, the environment, immigration, MayorOfLA 'Political icon'? Where did you come up with that? MayorOfLA A wise man once said..' If you take a fool who ruined his city and failed at his job, and you place him somewhere else expecting a different outcome, you are a fool trying to catch a breeze in a fishing net ' MayorOfLA Icon? Garcetti is a turd (apologies to turds for the disrespect).

They need to experience Nancy she is scary TeamPelosi Lots of dis-information by the Dems to try and paint a picture to fit the narrative. Russia come to mind. Yes, Yes and YES, we need to investigate and prosecute all the people involved in the previous administration’s corruption. TeamPelosi PLEASE pass a law that prevents a 2x impeached orange, narcissistic conman from being eligible to run for any political position EVER AGAIN?!! Or at least a law that requires taxes (and a mental evaluation) before running? Learn from the norms he destroyed and fix the loopholes.

TeamPelosi tRUMP w E.Prince allegedly tried to create a secret communication channel to Putin during his transition time.He w E.Prince allegedly spied on AFT/Mich for being anti tRUMP. Who's he spying on now?Is tRUMP a crime against humanity? GoldTiePin I'm seek of all these revelations that go nowhere 😷

SpeakerPelosi SenSchumer Frankly, if you're just going to aim to spend tax dollars to investigate & waste our time, but then want to be ALL NICE & BIPARTISAN, YOU are the problem. We SAW everything on TV. HE TWEETED. WE READ. And you want to work w/them? WTH geterdone already Can’t she give it a rest? Her hatred interferes with her ability to do her job! She needs to go! She should be investigated for all the missing billions from the unemployment fund!!!

This is just insane. But not surprising

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So subpoena garland. Subpoena Barr. Subpoena trump and get it going. Sylvaners I wish Democrats knew how to fight back This is nuts... How that whole administration keeps getting away from with hard-core corruption and criminality. bennydiego Steps: 1. Dems call for an investigation. (Done) 2. GOB filibusters Bill. 3. Look Another scandal. 4. Everyone forgets the other scandals. 5. No one faces indictment.

TeamPelosi I appreciate this, I really do, but with all the ongoing investigations into Trump's crimes, some for years, it seems like someone somewhere would be ready to move into the prosecution phase. Charge him already. TeamPelosi Seeking an investigation. Even their use of language is weak AF. How about plan investigation? Or demand an investigation.

All the while Trump is bitching and complaining about spygate and the fallacy of Obama spying on his campaign, he was actually committing a real spygate against Democrats. Politics and politicians should be like what they say about good film directors: if they are good, you do not see the directing. With that comparison, we have some of the worst politicians in world history in our government.

MaddowBlog How about not seeking one and actually doing one? Whoever leads that investigation is someone with the power to press charges, otherwise is going to be nothing but political theater.

White House drops Trump orders trying to ban TikTok, WeChatThe White House has dropped Trump-era executive orders that attempted to ban the popular apps TikTok and WeChat and will conduct its own review aimed at identifying national security risks with software applications tied to China, officials said Wednesday. A new executive order directs the Commerce Department to undertake what officials describe as an “evidence-based” analysis of transactions involving apps that are manufactured or supplied or controlled by China. Officials are particularly concerned about apps that collect users' persona data or have connections to Chinese military or intelligence activities.

Get’ em!! Another waste of time. I can probably pick out each Republican, in this posting, by those that want all this corruption kept hidden and allowed. We have to clean house first. They will just lie. Through threats from the Crime Syndicate. MaddowBlog One thing seems clear. If CriminalTrump was accusing someone of anything, including 'witch hunt' or fraud Trump was already doing it. Supported by MoscowMitch & GOP

Does “seeking” ever become “initiating” these days? And do investigations ever rise above the level of performance art to actually deliver consequences? Good lord Nancy. Can you stop? You’re never going to win you old vampire. The sun is up. Back to your dark space The DNC controlled MSM is doing a decent job of suppressing the Hunter Biden n word story. Clearly, they understand who they really work for. We don't need crap like this interfering with the VP agenda. Well Done,

What does it matter if there's no strength or integrity to do a FKN thing about it other than talk? Stop talking and start prosecuting MaddowBlog Can we make trump and his trolls accountable and be made to explain their actions !!!they should be put to shame !!

White House drops Trump orders trying to ban TikTok, WeChatWASHINGTON (AP) — The White House has dropped Trump-era executive orders that attempted to ban the popular apps TikTok and WeChat and will conduct its own review aimed at identifying national security risks with software applications tied to China, officials said Wednesday. And the hacking from other countries continues Dancing videos live! OF course, you did not think that Biden would go against China who has given MILLIONS to the Biden Crime Family

Yea investigate the investigation. 🙄 Why are members of the House Intelligence Committees learning intel from the New York Times? Sick of investigation Wow, that’s a reminiscent of when the Obama administration spied on its opponents. And when the Biden administration is probably currently spying on its opponents.

outrageous74 They cant manage to investigate Jan 6, one of the most insidious days in our nation’s history! Do you really think this will go anywhere? StuckInNeutral 🙄😒 Totalitarianism 101 So many investigations, no results, no accountability. He was paranoid. Was there anything to his ‘deep state’? ap SpeakerPelosi RepJerryNadler This is why the Democrats should’ve created in-depth investigation of Trump abuses & created legislation that would ‘plug the gaping holes’ in safeguards that Trump bypassed.

Biden White House Drops Trump Orders Trying To Ban TikTok, WeChatThe administration will conduct its own review of potential security risks posed by apps tied to China. Later This Year China Hacks Into Everyones Shit ! Rightly or wrongly, Trump's banning of the apps GUARANTEED they wouldn't pose a risk in the suggested context. Unbanning them ... sure, maybe they still won't pose a risk ... but whilst unbanned that risk, however small, is still there. Trump will have the last laugh. Most welcome precious people

Time to get some phone records of JohnCornyn and SenatorCollins, AG Merrick Garland! You know how important precedence is in law, and the Trump DOJ set a lot of 'John Mitchell' standards very recently with the blessings of Republican Senators. LockHimUp and him and him and him and him. Etc. Barr needs to be subpoenaed immediately SpeakerPelosi by the House.

🙏 Trump has done many blunder mistakes as president. Why he is out scot-free put him in jail 🙏⚖⚖ If the tables were turned, Trump would have used this in a spectacular fashion as proof of a conspiracy against him…..witch-hunt grinningbamE Great idea. Then we can wait for absolutely nothing to come of it. Is there ZERO accountability for all the GOP did/is still doing?

Investigate Pelosi If they had been Dems, then the entire GOP would be going insane with special hearings and commission! But, since all the corruption seems to be coming from them then, all we hear is crickets! Go back to 2009 2013 & 2016 - 2021 Resolve Upmc Hospital and Juvenile courts. Lift the immunity off of family courts.

Go get them.

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He really should be prosecuted. she s 80 years old term limits SCWatt Donald Trump & Bill Barr should be ARRESTED AG Garland better have the balls to clean the DOJ house and prosecute ALL those involved, including Trump and Barr. If not, the US is just a Banana Republicanland. MaddowBlog The DOJ under Trump must be investigated to protect it from being weaponized by presidents like Trump.

MaddowBlog Glenn Greenwald , world defender of freedom from government spies and snooping is infuriated by this and will say so on Tucker tonight If I had to bet they were key logging all of these people's smartphone devices and computers meaning for every stroke on the keyboard or touch screen somebody else had a copy of every single one of their passwords

KuckelmanAshley Only the tip of the iceberg. It would be nice if she would set up a special investigation why her colleagues supported illegal wars say u ericswalwell RepAdamSchiff WhipClyburn RepJeffries & RepJerryNadler sfchronicle latimes fran_chambers politico dailytelegraph Investigate Cuomo

MaddowBlog Unfortunately these are the actions that Putin would do. Other Dictators too. Those responsible must be brought to justice for what they have done. 4 of them are still working at the DoJ and must immediately be fired. VoteBlueIn22 MaddowBlog How about investigating RepAdamSchiff first? Yet we get away with FBI lies and fake dossiers! Cool.

😡 MaddowBlog Nothing ever happens. Same as it ever was……. MaddowBlog I said it earlier this week. Barr’s people burrowed into DOJ and it needs a house cleaning. MaddowBlog All responsible must be held accountable. There is no way one person could accomplish this criminality. During the frm honorable public officials were denigrated, demonized & fired. Time to make this right.

Sooo many investigations!! He willbe dead before all this is over 🙄 How about Nancy investigating Trump for the Bioweapon he intentionally spread. Or the the insurrection. What a joke. The NSA does it to us everyday 😒

Nothing will happen this is just a show congress is a circus both Dems and GOP are laughing to American people intelligence ...Bill Barr was a mobster from day one Dems know that but stayed quiet ..they will investigate find him guilty but nothing will happen An egregious abuse of power. I also would like to know if it was only Democrats’ communications that were seized.

Why does a Newspaper report trigger an investigation in this instance when The NY Post report about Hunter and Joe Biden’s corrupt involvement with foreign governments gets swept under the table and Twitter buried The NY Post tweets about Hunter’s laptop with all the details? Um, legality of such? Ummm jfc

djrothkopf How’s that investigation of the insurrection coming SpeakerPelosi? Hah! Did they ask for Obama to be investigated? Probable cause. Case closed. Legit question: What if Apple had said no, we won't do it. Throw us in jail and everyone will know what you tried to do?

lol trying to deflect shit from themselves again i see Sounds suspiciously like the Democratic members of the Intelligence Committee are running scared for illegally releasing classified information to the press in ANY effort to thwart and hinder the Trump Administration Washington is just a time loop with everything. Yet our money keeps their paychecks flowing consistently.

Will it have the same fate as the 1/6 commission?