NY man gets 19 months in prison for threatening Democrats online

New York man sentenced 19 months for threatening Democrats online

3 hours ago

New York man sentenced 19 months for threatening Democrats online

Noah Goldberg, New York Daily News Court Reporter, joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss Brendan Hunt’s 19-month prison sentence for threatening the lives of Democratic members of Congress in an online video.

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Explain to me why someone who threatened Nancy Pelosi online gets a harsher sentence than those that actually breached the Capitol and attacked officers. Why are the insurrectionists getting such soft charges and sentencing? fbi TheJusticeDept So, we're arresting, convicting, and sentencing all who threaten Democrats online? Where's the indictment for Paul Gosar?

So, Neanderthal Sapiens interbreeding includes recessive traits that emerge on occasion. different political views and stance's should never become so extreme it leads to violence ,the media plays a big part in this instigating hatred and division But Hollywood elites got zero for threatening Trump for 4 years.

A New Part of Thanksgiving Dinner: Bring Your Negative Covid-19 TestSome party hosts are requiring guests to take rapid Covid-19 tests the day of gatherings—and sometimes at the front door—to ensure their guests can safely enjoy the festivities mask-free. “It’s just a way of life at this stage.” Tough Hair Problems?... I GOT YOU! CATCH MY LATEST YOUTUBE VIDEO 'HOW I TAME MY TOUGH NIGERIAN HAIR' LINKED BELOW 👇 PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, THANKS. YouTuber YouTube SmallYouTuber YouTubeBlack lifestyle hair entertainment ad trending viral I don’t really get why anyone would be up in arms about this. If you’re having a gathering and want to do tests for safety, then by all means go ahead. And if you don’t like it, don’t go to their event. Who willingly wants to get COVID? This keeps everyone safe. My relatives are doing this. Test or mask in the house and we are all vaccinated.

How COVID-19 shots for kids can help prevent dangerous new variantsScientists say vaccinating kids should not only slow coronavirus spread but also help prevent dangerous variants from emerging. IDK how i feel about this Great Idea Suuuure 🤣🤣🤣

Covid-19: Four more deaths and 1,931 new coronavirus cases in NIThe total number of coronavirus-linked deaths recorded by the Department of Health is 2,851.

Bestselling Author Don Winslow Has 19 Damning Questions About The Capitol RiotWinslow says these are the answers Republicans are trying to block. horrible Please read, watch & retweet the thread below. NoOneUnscripted Two party garbage continues to divide America. With only the Independent able to see the truth, beyond the left and right wing cabalists grasp on everyone.

Rapid Covid-19 tests in high demand ahead of ThanksgivingCNBC's Meg Tirrell joins 'Squawk Box' to report on the increased demand for Covid-19 tests ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.

COVID-19 live updates: Unvaccinated 14 times more likely to die, CDC saysAs the COVID-19 pandemic has swept the globe, more than 5.1 million people have died from the disease worldwide, including over 771,000 Americans. That's the beauty of creating a virus or disease. They control when and where it spikes at the most convenient of times. One of these exists to every disease known to man.