Nuro, Walmart Launch Autonomous Delivery Service In Houston Area

Nuro, the SoftBank-funded robotics company, and Walmart to launch an autonomous vehicle delivery service in the Houston area


Nuro, the SoftBank-funded robotics company, and Walmart to launch an autonomous vehicle delivery service in the Houston area

Nuro, the SoftBank-funded robotics company, and Walmart are launching an autonomous vehicle delivery service n the Houston area.

Initially the service will be offered to a limited number of consumers who opt into the program. Eventually all Walmart customers public in metropolitan Houston will be able to order autonomous delivery.

Nuro is starting a similar service with Domino’s Pizza, also in metropolitan Houston. Nuro also has been delivering groceries with autonomous vehicles in Houston and Scottsdale, Arizona.

Nuro’s R2 vehicle uses sensors and navigational software, similar to that found on self-driving vehicles transporting passengers.

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Sounds like a great idea. hi

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