*NSYNC's 'Celebrity' at 20: All the Tracks Ranked From Worst to Best

For the 20th anniversary of *NSYNC's #Celebrity, here are all 13 tracks from ranked from worst to best.

7/24/2021 7:00:00 PM

For the 20th anniversary of *NSYNC's Celebrity , here are all 13 tracks from ranked from worst to best.

From treacly love songs to two-step bangers, here are all 13 tracks from *NSYNC's ' Celebrity ' ranked from worst to best.

ahead of its 2001 release."We also wanted to prove that pop music comes in a lot of different flavors. It's not all bubble-gum."Unlike their forefathers New Kids on the Block's misguided attempt to go street, *NSYNC's quest for authenticity didn't embarrass. In fact, by inadvertently laying the groundwork for Timberlake's solo career, it proved to be too effective – the quintet would never enter the studio together again. But does it still hold up 20 years on? From treacly love songs to two-step bangers, here are its 13 tracks ranked from worst to best.

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13."Selfish"*NSYNC's claims that they were no longer the cliched boy band once masterminded by Lou Pearlman were slightly undermined by the fact that this drippy ballad could have quite comfortably slotted onto their eponymous 1997 debut. You can certainly picture Chasez sincerely grabbing the air while delivering schmaltzy lines like"I would die for you/Cause I don't want to live without you." Produced by Brian McKnight,"Selfish" ultimately sounds more like a 98 Degrees B-side than a pop outfit at the top of their game.

12."Something Like You"Co-written by the group's vocal coach Robin Wiley, the equally slushy"Something Like You" is also guilty of the eyeroll-worthy lyric that now sounds like a parody from the Lonely Island ("Something keeps telling me that you could be my answered prayer/You must be heaven sent, I swear"). It even wastes the album's only guest star, the one and only Stevie Wonder, on a corny harmonica riff, too. But the penultimate number is slightly redeemed by an understated chorus which bears a resemblance to Boyz II Men's final chart-topper"4 Seasons of Loneliness." headtopics.com

11."Do Your Thing"*NSYNC made one last-ditch attempt to prove that they're more interesting than the average boy band with a jittery self-empowering anthem which, like its other bookend, throws an unexpected burst of hip-hop into the mix. Instead of Timberlake beatboxing, this time around we get songwriter J. Moss dropping some quite frankly ridiculous bars ("Gotta hump, gotta bump, never sit on a stump/Never quit from the swell of a lump") over some stuttering electronic beats and that early '00s R&B mainstay, the harpsichord. Yet"Do Your Thing" is more filler than triumphant finale.

10."The Two of Us"Other than Craig David's"Fill Me In," the two-step garage scene that dominated the UK charts during Y2K never really traveled across the Atlantic. So it was a surprise to hear essentially the biggest band in the States adopt the sound not just once but twice. One of three Chasez co-writes with the team behind Eurodance outfit Love Inc.,"The Two of Us" makes the more tentative foray, with its verses taking on the form of a R&B waltz. It's unlikely to have been blared out in Ayia Napa yet it's no disgrace, either.

9."Just Don't Tell Me That"Despite all their experimental talk, *NSYNC didn't entirely abandon the Swedish hitmakers that helped to put them on the map. Cheiron's Kristian Lundin and Andreas Carlsson were called upon for this pure pop stomper which sounds exactly like what you'd expect from the men behind"Bye Bye Bye." That's not a bad thing, of course. But"Just Don't Tell Me That" loses points for the bitterness toward the opposite sex that runs throughout much of the album. Here, it's a fame-seeking girlfriend who spends a little too much time at the Playboy mansion that incurs their wrath.

8."Up Against the Wall"The group's most convincing attempt to introduce America's teenyboppers to the sounds of two-step garage,"Up Against the Wall" also provides the record's raunchiest moment. Chasez would later embrace his inner horndog on the likes of"All Day Long I Dream About Sex" and the slightly problematic"Some Girls (Dance with Women)." But he sowed the seeds on this banger about a"beautiful lady" who takes grinding on the dancefloor to the next level, while the mean and moody middle-eight suggests the group had a hankering to join headtopics.com

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So Solid Crew.7."The Game Is Over"Who knew that *NSYNC were at the forefront of the chiptune revival? Yes, several years before the likes of Anamanaguchi and Unicorn Kid got in on the act, Lance Bass and co. were flirting with the sounds of 8-bit pop by sampling everyone's favorite pellet-eating arcade game,

Pac-Man. Once again, the boys are in spurned lover mode here, blasting another lily-livered, good for nothing with the help of a super-sized earworm chorus. Either the group needed to be pickier with their partners or they recordedCelebrityin a seemingly constant state of paranoia.

6."Tell Me, Tell Me… Baby"Another sign that the group was still slightly concerned about alienating their fanbase. Indeed, the ellipsis alone should tell you this piece of precision-tooled pop comes from the 21st century'smost bankablesongwriter. Assisted by Rami Yacoub, Max Martin was still very much relying on his late '90s bag of tricks here – larger than life beats, swelling strings and choruses bombastic enough to blow the studio doors off."Tell Me, Tell Me… Baby" isn't in the same league as his earlier *NSYNC productions ("It's Gonna Be Me,""Tearin' Up My Heart") but it's the most effective of

Celebrity's blatant throwbacks.5."See Right Through You""Does he freak you the way that I do?" asks Chasez after the entire group have expressed how"pissed off" they are at yet another playa."See Right Through You" was the headtopics.com

Celebritytrack most unlikely to get Tipper Gore's seal of approval. But once you overcome the initial shock of a wholesome boy band uttering a mild curse word (and a British one at that), you're left with an addictive piece of turn-of-the-century R&B/pop. And while Timberlake's solo debut would channel Michael Jackson's

Off the Wall,here it's the pure indignance of theHIStoryera that his vocals evoke.4."Celebrity"Celebrity's title track leans fully into the album's dominant theme – the pitfalls of being a multi-millionaire, globe-trotting pop star. Luckily, such self-pity is masked by one of the prolific Rodney Jerkins' better productions of 2001. No stranger to teen favorites -- having previously worked with Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls and erm, No Authority -- the hitmaker gave *NSYNC a harder-edged R&B makeover, surrounding Timberlake and Chasez's vocal interplay with stop/start beats, squelchy synths and well-placed sound effects. There's another strong Jackson influence, too, although here it's Janet's underrated collaboration with Blackstreet,"Girlfriend/Boyfriend," that seems the obvious reference point.

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who tf r they plss All not good Lily M is coming! ❤️ JYP NEW GIRL GROUP when I saw girlfriend is at 1 I know I can trust you Here goes the actual top 5: 1 Girlfriend 2 Tell Me Tell Me Baby 3 The Two Of Us 4 Just Don't Tell Me That 5 Gone (Btw, BSB could easily have recorded the 2 and the 4 song) The ballads that were cut and used as B sides were the best.

A melhor e mais linda pra sempre minha preferida ❤️

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