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1/23/2022 7:02:00 PM

Many Christian nationalists believe that America is Christian, that the government should keep it that way, and that former President Donald Trump was —and is— their best hope to accomplish that.

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SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The United States Senate passed the s0-called Inflation Reduction Act, with a tie breaking vote from Vice President Kamala Harris. The House is set to vote and pass the legislation Friday, sending it to President Biden’s desk, who will sign it into law. Democrat Congresswoman Sara Jacobs joined KUSI’s Jason Austell to discuss the bill, and... Read more >>

You can't be a Christain and a nationalist. Pride is a sin. Taking pride in a government of humans in a world ruled by Satan is antichrist. Not Christain. Christains are citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven, not of earthly nations. It'd be great if these heretics were repudiated. Christian nationalist are no better than the flds.

Even though he is clearly NOT a Christian!! I am confused yet again! I am sure Trump will take office again Take away there tax exemption! He is not a Christian! Funny how suddenly they turn to the devil to lead the crusade when it fits their agenda. “Christian” nationalism and D. Trump have nothing to do with following Jesus.

And this is why the churches should be taxed. Many Christian Nationalists aren't remotely Christ-like. Surprise. Surprise. A bunch of Christians want a Christian nation. Maybe they should review what the founding fathers thought about that since they like to bring them up all the time.

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Says a lot about Christianity in America that Donald is their prophet. Most of this country doesn’t care about your religion of choice. Really, it’s not important at all. No, Christians believe the world belongs to Jesus - “all authority in heaven and earth are mine” - and, yes, that includes kings owing their allegiance to the Son, and, no, I know no one that thinks Donny T is the best hope to accomplish that!

Puke If you don’t believe me - believe NPR! 3/3 That was the true intent of the first amendment but that is the cudgel that everybody is using now to browbeat Christians into accepting that other religions are as paramount in this land that mostly the followers of Christ, both whites and blacks built! 2/3 There were no Hindus or Muslims on the Mayflower or any other ships that colonized this land. It was not the separation of these religions and state that first amendment was written for-it was to prevent the imposition of Presbyterian or Methodist or Calvinism over the other.

This is everything. We are in trouble truly scary. Religion is cancer. Evangelism is performative bullshit. Why even talk about these traitor insurrectionists? If they violated the law or committed a crime, religious or not, lock them up. 👊🏾🇺🇸

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Donald is about as Christian as my car. If you think he believes in any Christian values I have doubts as to whether you are Christian. Holding a Bible in your hand is not the test. If you don’t practice the Christian values then you are Christian in name only. Cino Christian In Name Only. Sounds they need this sermon by Martin Luther King, Jr.

Then they are in the wrong country, our constitution clearly states a separation of church and state. They are totally free to practice their religion, but they want to push it on everybody else and control the freedom of others. NPR....National Pro Russian Radio. As the saying goes, Looks like a cult, quacks like a cult, please don’t call them Christians

That’s so sick, he isn’t even a Christian..false god?!? Obviously, Christians have never wondered what would Jesus do. Hahahaha

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesWhy is anyone who questions the powers that be labeled as “Spreading misinformation” ? Why not ban Justice Sotomayor for her recent misinformation on Covid. Maybe these scientists should go on his show…..Sanjay Gupta did and got shit down. Oh they’re going after Joe!

Christian my A^^. They aren't fooling anybody. Probably just a tax dodge or a way to clean some dark money. I was hated from childhood by these evangelical freaks. This trump bullshit is no surprise to me. I’ve always known they were evil. I’ll stick with older, better, non Abrahamic faiths, thank you.

And decent Americans still outnumber them and we will not allow them to turn this country into a freaking theocracy goddamnit! Christians believe incest is OK (pretty much all lineages in the bible), adultery and murder are cool (King David anyone?), and literally believe Noah gathered all the animals in the world and somehow fed them all for forty days. Of course they believe in Trump.

Those of us who know better are the much, much, much bigger group. A thorough examination of how they define “Christian” would likely reveal that this group defines it the same way colonial settlers did. Spoiler alert: That definition was not the same as what the Bible said and still isn’t. 🤮 They are not too bright, are they

America has bastardized the word Christians to the point that I prefer using Jesus’ followers. I think using Jesus’ followers puts things in perspective. These people are certainly not that and they have no clue about Jesus or God. I hope one of you really is this scared of Christians. God have mercy on your soul

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There is no such thing as evil TFG is as much a Christian as I am a Buddhist. Radicalized. ☝️🤔🙊🙉🙈😵‍💫🤭🤫😔😢We need to keep this in check before never again becomes not again 😔😢 They do realize the only thing he worships is money, right? There never been a less Christian man than Trump! Radical Christian extremists. Yeah, that’s better

Shudder. Talk about a Faustian deal! Radical Christian Terrorists. That's it. Nothing more.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesOmg noooooooo Such A sweet man. RIP LifeWithLouie

and the earth is still center of the universe 🤔🖕 Paying porn actors for sex is very Evangelical. Nearly all of them voted for Trump and never tried to get him to be a better person. So they want to turn the United States into a theocracy and they think the womanizing Trump who led a failed administration and is being investigated for crimes against the our democracy and cheating in his financial dealings is fit to be a leader of Christianity? Really?

But is HE a Christian? Why do so many of these people who claim to be 'American Patriots' and 'stand for the constitution' not understand that in the literal first amendment it says there should be separation between church and state? Hey what happened to separations of State and Church the President is not selected by god

If all U.S. citizens lost their 4A privacy rights, especially to their browser histories and computer files that never existed back in 1787, then I think they'd rethink both assertions: (1) that they're actually Christian, and (2) that America is Christian Can we stop reporting what people believe as if it's a fact? trump continues to feed fear and hate, that's a fact! Report that!

Why wouldn't we follow this guy? He doesn't even know how to hold a bible. That's something you learn as a kindergartner. If he is Christian I'll be the next Pope. (I have 'indoor plumbing', so you know the Catholic church won't allow that.)

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesYou can find me doing everything possible to make sure I never get pregnant. They want more babies to fuel the future capitalistic hellscape that is the United States? NOT ON MY WATCH. NO BABIES FROM ME. This framing is damaging, irresponsible, and factually inaccurate. Headlines like this are doing the work of oppression for the Christian Nationalists so great job. The divide isn't bitter as it is fueled by intellectual dishonesty. You might serve listeners better by exploring this. Roe V Wade did not legalize medically necessary abortions, they have always been legal. What it said was medical necessity was between a patient and doctor.

Many? More like some! Trump’s “golden rule” is to get two coats. NPR, FakeNews-Enemies of the People-irresponsible journalists; note this that there is not such thing of Christians Nationalist, neither President Trump their hope, ONLY JESUS CHRIST IS THE HOPE not only for America 🇺🇸 but all the world nations’ and YES America is Christian

Ironic! Donald Trump is of Jewish ancestry! His family owned and operated a small winery in Germany, served mainly Jewish clientele. So this is really ironic! POTUS nytimes cnnbrk WhiteHouse TexasTribune politico ABC NBCNews Gross. What ever happened to the division on church and state? Honestly I'm tired of both Truth

Defund NPR abbottalynn In my opinion, from the words in red, Jesus was a liberal and a bleeding heart at that. The only time he got very angry was when a bunch of small business owners used The Temple for capitalism. Religion as a weapon None of those people are actually Christian

There’s a portion of the county that wants an all white Christian nation. A utopian if you will😬And that’s why we’re in a dangerous place. And can’t let up fighting this hate. WUGAFM Tax all the churches. All before our Politicians and the Media lined up to lie to us daily and we actually trusted our government and the media.

If NPR were around in Civil War era Pro slavery advocates continue to weigh in on the debate…. Clearly do not understand the first amendment. They are also wrong, wrong, and wrong. There is nothing remotely Christian about these people. TrumpCult exposed As a Christian who detests Christian nationalism, I believe it's important for us to strengthen the voice of true religion as a counter.

Too bad they don’t actually follow Jesus. He died for standing up against the lying, hypocritical leaders of his time. Anybody who can believe that Donald Trump is a Christian should not be allowed to operate a motor vehicle. clearly they have deficiencies in perception of the world around them which would make them irresponsibly dangerous behind the wheel.

I repeat, standing in a church (or in front of a church holding a bible) makes you no more a Christian, than standing in a garage makes you a car! Trump a Christian? Now that's news. Why to white supremacists get neutral framing, when every article about Biden / Dems is dripping with scorn? Whose side are you on, Nationalist Public Radio?

So what? Lot’s of people think lots of things. This is America. Do you advocate thought police? I’m confused why this is on a publicly funded site. Do stuff that benefits the public not disenfranchises 40% of the country. Good day Our founding fathers were adamant about freedom of religion and that there be no government church - separation of church and state. We must keep it that way!!!

Then those Christian nationalists are morons. The guy lives anything but christian values. Multi divorces, NDA’s to silence women, etc. Come to think of it, neither do the nationalists. They spend more time opposing those not just like them then ever living as Jesus did. The shallow, narrow-minded belief of many in our nation confounds me. What good is a basic education if it fails to teach one how to think on their own?

That's hell. Is this a joke? Many Christian nationalists willingly gassed millions of Jews during WW II.

What is Christian nationalism? Never heard of it in any Christian house of worship. Sounds like something NPR made up to get people upset. That being said, the USA was founded by people who held Christian values, so it makes sense that the vast majority hold those values. I don’t think that nationalism and Christianity should be in the same context since if you were really following the principles of Christ you would not be aligned with that group!

The Treaty of Tripoli, signed by John Adams, and like all treaties, the law of the land as stated in Constitution, said “the United States is in no way a Christian nation.” 🎤💥🤯 The gov't should stay outnof religion. JFC LoL; so..this is breaking news…come on…you’ll can do better. Gloom and doom, I mean dum sells, look at CNN’s loss of 90% viewership, if it wasn’t for airports and doctor’s waiting rooms, well you get it. Defund NPR, let the DNC fund it.

The USA is a free nations not a christian nation. When one religion controls there is no freedom. Christian & Nationalist? No.. The 1st is supposed to be about Love Thy Neighbor, the other is about Hate & Oppression. Maybe they should study History. The Founders who established this Nation were Deists. They created a Country based on the Separation of Church & State! 💓🇺🇲

Jesus fucking Christ This is the kind of story that keeps me up at night. Separation of church and state has been a joke since day one.

Talibangelicals Golly Weak people look for a leader who speaks to them with words they choose to hear. I’m sad for them. I was raised to review facts, exercise common sense, leave church at church, and be able to detect misinformation. I’m great with that. Strange that Jesus would pick a country that never mentions him or his book in its guiding document and explicitly excludes him from the government. Perhaps Christian nationalists are full of sh*t.

That thinking goes against everything that Jesus taught!! These people are not Christians. I don’t know what they are You mean Nazis. Because ensuring everyone believes virgin births and talking snakes are the pinnacle of truth, is an important function of government. Absolutely mind-boggling. I used to wonder how, how, how could Christians cling onto Trump and define what is now Trumpism. And one day it became clear. Leader worship. These people learned early how to idolize and not think for themselves

What do they say to all the black Christians that disagree with them. The Bible doesn't mention the U.S. just like our constitution doesn't acknowledge one set religion.

Freedom of religion is not the same as Freedom to religion. Great American Reading Comprehension Civil War. Today’s definition of Christianity 😏 Maga’s golden calf. Right, so a dude who ripped off his own cancer charities, railed pornstars instead of his wife, and is so much of a manchild that his own navy was ordered to coverup the name of a warship lest it trigger him is their deliverance. Jesus.

The Book of Revelation.... Getting strong vibe of this. You know that’s what they want next. No they don't. Its all lies and they like it that way. And these are the people home-schooling their kids…

False profits never work out to well. Donald Trump is the worst person ever. It’s a shame people still like him and think he’s good. He has never displayed any Christian values at all, but I guess he paid the Christian Nationalists enough to follow him instead of Christ. The power of delusional thinking is still mental illness.

The United States desperately wants to cure it’s national character, and our spiritual soul. We have obviously a hunger for Christian values. Trump has proven these values are meaningless unless to promote his influence and power. Nope. You want a theocracy? Move to one. I hear Saudi Arabia is beautiful.

And yet, they hate religious extremists in other countries who force their way of life onto the people. These people are the same as Al Qaeda and they don't even realize it. Absolutely nothing about the former president was, in any way, Christian. Nothing. The baby Jesus was an asylum-seeking refuge who illegally crossed the Egyptian border to flee political violence in his homeland--luckily Mary and Joseph didn't run into a 'wall'🙄 These 'Christians' aren't very Christian. Worshiping Emperor Caligula like he's King David is evil.

Why is this concept so difficult for so many people to grasp? When it's pointed out that Joe Biden is a lifelong Catholic who attends weekly mass, Willis responds, simply, 'No he isn't.'

If they live in fear in our secular nation—with laws that protect all religious beliefs—then maybe it's their beliefs that are failing them. But I suspect it's their lack of knowledge and understanding of our history.

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