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1/16/2022 6:23:00 AM

AT&T, a majority owner of DirecTV, had faced calls to drop OAN for its support of conservative conspiracy theories — such as the falsehood pushed by Trump and many Republicans that the 2020 presidential election was stolen.

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Its always amusing to see major media cheer on media censorship. What goes around comes around. I still am wondering if I was hallucinating this morning (1.17.22) while listening to WKSU’s feed of NPR news from Washington? But I’m afraid I heard what they said: “Republicans are plotting to steal the election!”

Good!! Took this long to take action? No wonder ATT stock stinks Good. Now can we get rid of all the Christian thief channels? “Thou shalt not disagree.” Yet let's cnn spread endless lies and conspiracy theories ATT gives in to fascism. Good. We dropped AT&T bc of this.

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices

Finally!! It's about time! I don't even know how stations like this that spew out lies 24/7 are able to exist in the first place. 👍🏼 And yet AT&T is still a major sponsor of the GOP cult, racism, taking women’s rights and gay rights away and supporting people that have no integrity ethics or morals. At least DIRECTV is doing something right, but I would see AT&T not happy about it

Great now do Fox More censorship from liberals, who used to be the champions of freedom of speech. I thought that was a stewardess for a minute. Why’s there a flight attendant in the picture? Too late AT&T. You are out of my life. Forever. Keep the pressure on. Awesome news.

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices

*Fake Media Guarantee. Real life. “This chaos is because of Biden and the D.C Dems and getting worse daily.” Fake multi media viewer. “What are you talking about. “🙄* Liberals pushing for censorship..... What the hell took so long Good news Fox Next Conservative should never be included in any sentence that describes OAN. They equate to the Globe grocery store rag.

Sooo If we drop stations for conspiracy theories CNN would be the first. Pushed fake Russian story with investigation. They n MSNBC divided this Country by reporting fake story as if it was true. Good

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices

DIRECTV Looks like u need 2 decide between developing some acceptable morals & viewership (aka the dough u use 2 give those execs the giant bonuses). Best get your shi% together & figure out that the RIGHT path leads to your LEFT. It’s about time. OAN is bad news. I hope OAN is bankrupted by the Dominion lawsuit.

It's pretty simple folks OANN simply wasn't bringing in the ratings and revenue that made it worth the hassle. Funny how the same folks championing the power of the markets get so testy when it doesn't play out their way... When someone is straight forward and good at what they do, people will always speak for them, for me I would say give Michael90078 a try and see how good her platform could lead you to success

Falsehoods? 🤣😂🤣 'The key to an informed democracy is shutting down media outlets I disagree with' Journalists, 2022

NPR Cookie Consent and Choicesshe's guilty as hell She could change her last name to Trump. That might help her avoid prosecution. Girl, you better have concrete proof that you’re being targeted. Big brother have been watching you for a long time . Brett Favre took out $1.1 million in welfare funds and he was kindly ask to return that money. No grand jury involved. To my knowledge he still owe most of the💰

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesProtect Ukraine 🇺🇦 This is how the war begins….no ‘talks’ were going to convince him not to invade Ukraine - the world needs to prepare Russians are going to get Chechnya 2.0 and they know it.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesThere goes at least 9 percent of the common sense they had Retiring or being pushed out?