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12/7/2021 9:52:00 AM

Republican Rep. Thomas Massie is facing intense backlash after posting a holiday photo of his family holding guns — just 4 days after a Michigan teen shot and killed 4 students using a gun his father bought him for Christmas.

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And when the bill comes due,I won't pay ,or care. The cost is all yours. 'It's like a Swiss army knife' I hope the people of his state have reported him to child protective services for child abuse and endangerment. It offends me too so vote that Republican out of office 'Backlash' = free advertising to Republicans.

He owned the Libs so bad that Lauren Boebert had to follow suit. 🙄 FOOLS THAT SHOW OFF THIER SWORDS ON SOCAIL MEDIA. Yolanda07484649 Good! Sense the tone of the nation, Tommy. 🙄

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices

Responsible parent teaching responsible gun handling vs child screaming for help so much the parents bout this child a hand gun, not a hunting rifle, so they checked this kids backpack after a counseling in the office before sending him back to class! 2 different scenarios. Obviously he has never lost any family members to gun violence.

They have sex with their guns! SMDH! “Shares photo celebrating guns” If that isn’t the most American headline... I hope Massie doesn’t piss off his wife or children… Backlash from who? Only the sensible folks. The people of Kentucky did NOT elect Massie to spend all day posting lies, false accusations, propaganda, and this sickening family portrait w/guns that are designed to KILL people (3 days after a mass murder in Michigan).

Cruelty is the point. because a photo of him molesting children would have been in poor taste.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesStop having unprotected sex. Does 'more homeless families' mean total or as a percentage of the total population? With 330mln people, the numbers are going to be high. Anyway, in the world's richest nation, there's really not an excuse why anybody should be homeless. Experts: 580K homeless in USA vs. an estimated 5 million in Russia (So What do you get out of lying to the public?)

And the people in his district loved it. Just like the folks in Marjorie Taylor Greene’s district love the nonsense she does. It’s troubling. Oh and Sarah Huckabee Sanders is in the lead in Arkansas for governor. Another person demonstrates he’s just too damned immature to own firearms. 'Guns kill people' faster than 'abortion kills fetus.'

What about the one where they all held dildos? I really feel sorry for his district, he seems to vote against anything that will benefit them. Remember this in the next election. He needs a mental health evaluation. Can you be more realistic in your reporting? For example, why is 200,000 added jobs under Trump 'robust' but 200,000 jobs under Biden is 'sluggish'? Do you now have media spin masters that tell you what to say? I feel I can't trust you anymore,

If there’s anything we’ve learned, it’s that encouraging your totally stable, completely reliable adolescents who never experience mood swings or bursts of irrational behavior unlimited access to rapid fire highly efficient human killing weapons is completely safe GOP is the enemy of life. Ammosexuals and their weird fetishes.

Guns? I see no guns. 😉

NPR Cookie Consent and Choicesso…he’s white? 😡😡😡 Why is statute of limitation a thing? So I can steal something, rape someone, and whatever else and as long as I run out the clock it doesn't count. I really got to look into how this started.

Wild guess, but his dad probably verbally abused him, constantly telling him to toughen up, getting bullied in locker rooms.. I bet he's still seeking approval and love. He probably just needs some accepting friends and a skilled therapist.. maybe SSRI's No he’s not. Only in NPR mindset. These people...

Lol you’re clowns . Completely out of context .. Let’s Go Brandon 🇺🇸💪🏼 🥱 It is completely insensitive and tone deaf in light of what happened. It's unfortunate that this is the expectation of GOP Massie gop 2ndAmendment Now everyone knows his name. That's what it is about. Good or bad, don't care as long as you talk about him. True narcissism.

“Everyone look at my new penis extension” why does he have a M60? that is not a hunting rifle! I would hope his constituents were paying attention..

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesGREAT story, but why so little about the WI Christmas massacre? The scale has been so uneven for so long. Slight adjustments makes these people feel like you’re taking something away from them smh.

Sick Guns don’t kill I have several non have killed a human The sickest part is he intentionally posted this photo knowing the outrage it would cause. In his demented mind he loves the attention & thinks it makes him look cool. The utter lack of respect for the grieving families is cruel. Kentuckians should be ashamed. Are you proud GOP?

This was not a mistake. This is not a case of failing to understand how callous an act. The 'backlash' was sought. It's the gop playbook. PaulLeeTeeks made it even better 💦🍆 RepThomasMassie Banjo boy, grown up. kenjeong He knew what he was doing. And our electorate knows what he was doing. Go ahead. Have fun. This pathetic display is losing-politics at least on the national level. Even though MAGAts can’t accept the reality, America rejected this grinning-hate in 2020. MAGA failed referendum.

I drove my car the day after Darrell Brooks the black racist intentionally ran over a parade of white people in Wisconsin. 4 days wow I’m sure the focus groups had this figured as a winning strategy in his district, and it just might be so.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesTurn off Fox News. I thought it was because of finals I thought I had seasonal depression in both winter and summer until I realized that’s just called regular depression.

The thing I found most offensive about that photograph was his poor taste in firearms. Getting a Norinco Uzi is almost as bad as socks, and that Volunteer Arms Tommygun knockoff is like last year's fruitcake. Beltfed semi screams smol peener. The HK91 is cool though. I just wanna say a big thank you to Dennismayson9 I was nobody until a friend of mine introduced me into investing with you, Since then it's been nothing but financial 💰 Success for me. I will invite my friends and family into your company Dennismayson9 you are the best💯🤞

It’s not like Republican Rep. Massie was driving an SUV thru a Christmas parade er anything, was it? Are they going hunting with hand guns kenjeong The sad thing is, such people only learn when they undergo the same situation themselves. They don't have empathy and can't learn from examples. 🤷🏽‍♂️ If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that there are a lot of people like him and it's not going to get better anytime soon.

He should have waited 5 days Doubtful that he’ll get the hint. When someone shows who they are, believe them‼ kenjeong and did he not say he would doubledown on it now - lovely compassionate person - real leader There's a family tree that doesn't branch...

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesNo way! And awesome! Sweet dee🙃

Absolutely abhorrent. You can be pro 2nd amendment, but that photo was way beyond that. People like this need help, they have a sickness and a fetish for a machine that is designed to kill people. That's not healthy, it's gross AF. America is so stupid that way. This is the real photo Reloaded Tulammo rounds instead of coal in their stockings.

I think that may have been his point, NPR I saw the photo. It was widely shared by people on Twitter without using proper reference. At least they were well dressed. But the display of guns was not appropriate. Yep, that's about the right size for him. Rather than guns he should spend some money on a good orthodontist.

The face of evil...A smile while you die of a gunshot. A smile while you donate your last dollar to the “needy” pastor. A smile while they give you false medical advice that kills your loved ones. Recognize evil has a face and a smile NationalPropagandaRadio FakeNews Massie's base and supporters love the photo and our enjoying the AltLeft meltdown...

I've seen him... He's an odd feller...