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12/4/2021 12:31:00 PM

These Portuguese kids are suing the governments of the 33 most polluting countries in Europe — including their own — to drastically cut down on emissions. They argue that climate change risks their health and future, violating their human rights.

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With Roe in doubt, states act on abortion limits, expansions

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Live updates: Ukraine-Russia border tensions

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov met to discuss escalating tensions on Ukraine-Russia border. Follow here for the latest.

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this is terrible news Whoever's preparing these youngsters to live in the real world is doing a horrible job. and they are right

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesBeing near any airport, naval base, industrial site, almost guaranteed to be *something* Old airbase? PFOA's away is just the start.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesSend virus to the North Hey why don’t you guys cover anything happening in Australia right now? Does their authoritarian overstep and quarantine camps not fit your narrative? I thought you were supposed to be an unbiased news source that reported on current events?

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesI am glad I will never be living in any one of those stupid states. Congress should codify it into law Time to boycott everything that comes out of those states.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesMikeSirois :( no no no no no This is too upsetting. I'm sickened by us humans.