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12/4/2021 11:37:00 AM

The parents of the 15-year-old accused of killing four students in a shooting at a Michigan high school were caught early Saturday, several hours after a prosecutor filed involuntary manslaughter charges against them, according to AP.

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AP These two are the answer. Unfortunately, the question was 'what happens when cousins marry?' AP It's weird that you say he's been 'accused.' He did, in fact, murder 4 students & injured 8 others. AP Irresponsible gun ownership. Gun should have been locked up at all times until it’s at the range. AP Now go after the parents of the shooters in Chicago

AP I can’t wait to see how Fox “News” blames this on Karen McDonald, GovWhitmer, JoeBiden and of course AOC AP more charges I hope AP They’re so proud of what they’ve done that they run and hide. Hope they can make the charges stick. Guns don’t kill people, stupid parents who buy their angry son a gun, kill people.

AP Are they cousins? AP They fled while their child sat in jail... no wonder the kid turned out the way he did. Strange we needs a license to own a gun, operate certain machines, or own exotic pets but damn near anyone can have and ruin a child... Grant_Blank_ AP A couple of questions: How many parents go on the run and leave their kid to fend for himself after he’s charged with killing four of his classmates? Okay. That’s just one question but maybe it’s a good one.

AP The school had reasonable cause to search his backpack. Oxford

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AP Good. AP Lock them up AP AP Boy they thought they was slick. AP I'd like to hear what the school district plans to do with the principal. An emergency hospital petition should have been ordered as soon as that drawing was seen. AP I'm nominating them for parents of the year,bought their 15 year old son a gun on black Friday. He brings it to school kills others. Parents hi- tail it try to get to Canada. Leaving 15 year old son behind.Maybe some parents aren't meant to have children.

AP Armed fugitives fleeing law enforcement taken *alive*. Sounds about white. AP You know, the irony is this kid will prolly get it way more harshly than Rittenhouse even tho he was obvi more troubled and in need of help AP Absolute horror. Praying for the Oxford High School community. The NRA no doubt warming up in the wings is infuriating.

AP Boo yah!😆

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesBeing near any airport, naval base, industrial site, almost guaranteed to be *something* Old airbase? PFOA's away is just the start.

AP Is there more to this story beyond the tragedy? Gets more bizarre with every bit of news AP Why not accessory to premeditated homicide and terrorism? AP I’m just spitballin’ here, but shouldn’t they go ahead and arrest people before the press conference announcing they’re going to be arrested? AP Reading this article gives me the shivers. Parents knew son was disturbed. The enabled him by buying a gun. They enabled him by not taking him home. Then they ran when he murdered others. And these are the stand-up family-values trump-supporting crowd?

AP AP Scummy gun culture folks. Getting a gun knowing their kids mindset is criminal. AP So what right wing nut job is going put up bail. Let's roll out the 2nd amendment it worked for Rittenhouse. It just keeps going on and on. AP How long did they think they could be on the run with $4K and a police alert to be on the lookout for them?

AP Good irresponsible don’t deserve the title parent. Just birthing people. AP So another good guy with a gun had a bad day. Weird.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesSend virus to the North Hey why don’t you guys cover anything happening in Australia right now? Does their authoritarian overstep and quarantine camps not fit your narrative? I thought you were supposed to be an unbiased news source that reported on current events?

AP Easier to blame the parents than the failed society AP Yes, parents have a responsibility in this. AP Are these cousins? AP They also need to be charged with negligence by CPS. Looks like their son was signaling a need for help with his mental health. The school told them he needed counseling. They failed him, and in so doing have harmed several other families with the subsequent murder of their kids

AP Time to consider: These are the seeds we’ve sown. AP LFG AP So they didn't turn themselves in like the lawyer said? Had to be captured...damn! AP Wild! I heard Trump airlifted them to Mar-a-Lago to hideout with Kyle Rittenhouse! AP Hell of an escape plan... go halfway across town, park your KIA in public view and hide in a basement. These are quite the MENSA candidates.

AP And now we hope we get a judge who isn't GQP and let's them loose. That's what justice amounts to in the USA. Political judges ruling over us.

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AP This is an example of what Republicans view as family values. AP Be interesting to see how this plays out in court. They would have probably had a good chance since you rarely if ever see parents charged, but they tried to evade capture which doesn't look good. AP good luck AP AP Detroit business owner saw something and said something - that's what made all this happen tonight

AP Why do they look like brother and sister though? Kudos to the parents for being proactive.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesI am glad I will never be living in any one of those stupid states. Congress should codify it into law Time to boycott everything that comes out of those states.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesMikeSirois :( no no no no no This is too upsetting. I'm sickened by us humans.