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12/2/2021 7:15:00 PM

A Michigan prosecutor is considering charges against the parents of the 15-year-old suspect in Tuesday's school shooting.

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duh Considering? Well the father bought the gun for him for Christmas. 15 years old with a dangerous gun. I hope they charge the parents. That'll be two less trumpers to worry about, it'll be a safer planet to live on. I'm glad they charged him with terrorism and I hope they charge his parents too! Like you buy a gun and a few days later your kid uses it to kill people That's not okay. As a parent and gun owner you should be held responsible of your child gets a hold of your weapon.

Considering? That’s not good enough. It’s need to be a definitive. Then your content would be worth reading. 🤦🏻‍♀️ They should consider charging Kyle’s parents too Its difficult to charge a US Citizen Familt with child endangerment or child neglect for their childs possession of a gun because 2nd amendment begins at birth. So guidelines are 12 and up for .22 and pellet rifles or oellet pistols. 16+ for .22 to .32; 18+ for everything else.

absolutely they should be prosecuted Republicans say we will lose a few people from gun violence but it's nothing to get upset about. People need machine guns to protect themselves even if they do hit a few on the side. Apparently here in America, it is okay to sacrifice school children to the Gun Gods each year.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesThe first two omicron cases identified in Canada (Ottawa I believe) had returned from Nigeria! (Fully vaccinated of course) 2 Israeli physicians test positive for Omicron variant and are triple vaccinated with Pfizer. One had travelled from London. This cat has been out of the bag for a while. I'm curious ~ have the vaccines caused the mutations? CMargaronis As contagious as it appears to be it’s probably in every country by now.

bout damn time Apparently his father bought the gun on Black Friday…now his son will stay in prison for the rest of his life…if he is lucky. How much did that gun cost? Just do it. Charge and sue gun manufacturers. They will stop making guns Good. Make examples of these idiot gun owners that don’t take their guns seriously enough to store properly.

'Considering'? Considering charging? How about charging them?! They left a deadly weapon unsecured KNOWING there were behavioral issues with their son. They should be charged with murder too. If that gun were properly secured those 4 kids would be alive today. Improper storage may be their legal liability, but indoctrinating him with their fetish for death engines is why they're responsible.

Now we're getting somewhere. Do it. Time to make irresponsible gun owners face consequences

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices

'Considering' charges... That's Michigan for you. Surrounding supporting communities are now also negatively affected from this senseless action & scum copy cats. A minor has no need for a pistol. I applaud Prosecutor KarenMcDonaldMI and her team for their swift professional action to defend the victims.

About time the parents were also held responsible Hell yeah. How about suing our “do nothing” congress as well. Did they think because he was a minor, they'd get notoriety? To many gun laws in this country it won't stick... Responsible gun owners are responsible for their guns Hold them responsible. If a minor causes harm as a result of using a gun that was unlawfully stored in their parent (or guardian’s) home, parents are considered to be directly liable for the child having access to the firearm, and they might be charged with a serious crime under Michigan law.

What about NRA ... WHEN WILL THEY BE AT FAULT!? Companies constantly producing guns and our laws doing nothing about it. America is a joke... we're the only country that cares more about guns than kids. No need to 'consider'. The law term they are looking for is 'Aided and Abetted'.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesFlints government should have been doing that years ago. They need new Government.

You've gotta throw the dad in jail. Good. They are both responsible for his access to the weapon. I doubt much will become of it. NRA/GOP backed laws largely indemnify gun owners from liability. Related something like 50 Detroit area school districts are closed today following copy-cat threats They should be charged with wreck less manslaughter at the very least. They bought the gun. They did not secure the gun. It was THEIR responsibility to keep that gun safely secured. PERIOD!! 😡😡

They better They bought their son a gun knowing full well that he was having behavior issues in school. I'll have none of this 'considering'. Nothing to consider. Throw the whole book at them. The NRA will tell them no this will be an interesting precedent. Good. All of 'em should go away for a long time


NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesFrom the record highs it will return to…but hey let’s amplify the panic

Yes! Gun owners must keep their guns safe.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesSqueal like a pig buddy if you know what’s good for you. 'cooperate' GOPLeader tell the TRUTH!

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesIt's really not a big deal, the accused are other members of the parliamentary With all those Influential people things will change right? Nope they won’t